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The minute that Clancy Sharpe saw his friend’s grandson, he knew the lad was gay. It was a knack the senior citizen had that had served him well over the years, and while he wasn’t infallible in detecting a man’s sexuality he was right more often than he was wrong.

Young Mike Zeller seemed to be the apple of Clancy’s friend Warren’s eye, as during the 10 minutes Clancy had spent down the hall after dropping off the tool he had borrowed, Warren did nothing but sing his grandson’s praises.

According to his grandfather Mike was a genius, a computer whiz who had made the Dean’s List in his freshman year at State, and as the proud grand-pappy told Clancy all about his grandson the portly lad’s cheeks got redder and redder in response.

“Grandpa?” the chubby kid whined.

“Hey, he’s lucky to have a grandson like you,” Clancy remarked, and as he looked at the burly fellow he asked, “You on the football team?”

“Me? No,” Mike answered. “Not very athletic.”

“Big burly guy like you – you could probably make a million as a lineman in the NFL,” Clancy observed as he looked at the lad who probably packed close to 300 pounds on a 6’2″ frame.

“No. Not good at all when it comes to sports.”

“Too bad. Well, it’s nice you come by here to help your Grandpa out. Picking up groceries and all,” Clancy said. “Wish I had one like you.”

“That’s my boy,” Warren clucked.

“Well, I have to get back home. Nice to meet you Mike,” Clancy said. “You fellows can get back to your visiting.”

“Nice meeting you too Mr. Sharpe,” Mike said as Clancy left, and after Clancy got down to his apartment at the end of the hall he left his door ajar so he could hear when the lad exited.


Clancy wasted no time in getting all of his clothes off, and after slipping on a short silk robe the senior tried to be patient while waiting at his front door’s peephole for his friend’s grandson to end his visit down the hall, idly pulling on his flaccid member while trying to think up something plausible to use on the boy in order to get him into his apartment.

“I could just show you this,” he cackled to himself while looking down at his cock swaying lazily between his ashen thighs, his outrageously long endowment having gotten him more than his share of fellows over the years, and the more he thought about it the more Clancy thought that was a good idea.

That was a funny thing about getting up in years, Clancy mused while peeking out the crack of the door. The older you get, the less you care about what people think about you. Besides, like that Uncle Leo character said once on Seinfeld after getting caught shoplifting and feigning senility, “I’m an old man. I’m confused.”

Thankfully Clancy was far from senile and at 65 his mind wasn’t the old thing that still worked fine, and with that in mind he kept his hand off of his manhood so he didn’t get too excited at the prospect of trying to seduce that chubby cub.

Finally, Clancy heard the lad saying good bye to his grandfather, and as he walked towards the elevator Clancy waited until just the right moment before peeking out the door, startling the plump boy a bit as he passed.

“Say there Mike,” Clancy said, and after apologizing for scaring him asked whether he could help him out.

“There’s a package of light bulbs up there on the top shelf of the cupboard,” Clancy explained after herding Mike into his kitchen. “I was going to climb up on the chair to get them but my knee has been giving me some trouble, and you being such a big fellow and all…”

“No problem Mr. Sharpe,” Mike responded, and the old man stifled a chuckle when he saw where the boy’s eyes went.

Clancy had tried to be subtle in leaving his robe a bit open, not sure şişli escort whether it was too obvious or not, but the bait had worked since the big butterball almost fell over the chair Clancy had put near the cabinet.

“Must be nice to be that tall,” Clancy said as Mike reached up the light bulbs that weren’t needed, and after the lad handed them to him he suggested a reward was in store for his efforts.

“Have a drink with an old man,” Clancy said as he grabbed a couple of glasses and before the lad could protest, had poured a couple of shots of Tullamore Dew for them.

“Skip the gutter,” Clancy said as he handed the boy the glass and clinked them together, and the old man was impressed when the kid sipped it while only wincing a bit as his eyes went back down to the opening of the robe.

“So, does your grandfather know?” Clancy asked.

“Know what sir?”

“That you like fellas,” Clancy replied, almost causing the lad to drop his glass in shock, and as the flustered guy tried to act like nothing was wrong he added, “Relax Mike my boy. They don’t shoot you for that anymore.”


“I’ve got a sixth sense about things like that,” Clancy boasted with a wink. “From experience.”

“Uh – you and my Grandpa – are you two…?”

“No, he’s straight and we’re just friends,” Clancy told him. “Besides, my tastes run more towards fellows your age. Of course, I could understand it if you thought me a bit old for you, but let me assure you of something.”

“There may be snow on the roof,” Clancy quipped before taking a sip and reaching down to part his robe farther to rub his grey pubic hair. “Or in this case, snow in the bush, but I can guarantee there’s still a fire in the furnace.”

“What if my Grandpa…”

“Who would tell him? Surely not me,” Clancy retorted as he shifted his weight to his other foot. “What do you think?”

“Never saw anybody in person with… you know…” Mike managed to say after a moment.

“Speak freely son,” Clancy encouraged the lad, reveling in the way the boy was looking at him.

“Your penis. I mean, it’s so incredibly long,” Mike finally got out.

“Is it?” Clancy said as he reached down and wiggled and stretched the lengthy shank while trying to keep himself from getting fully erect.

“Yeah, I mean mine isn’t nearly…”

“I don’t care much about that son,” Clancy said as he put his hand on Mike’s round shoulder and squeezed. “There’s other things you have that I do care about. Things I find very desirable.”


“Yes son, your ass in particular,” Clancy said as he drew close to the lad and let the hand on his shoulder slide down his back until it reached Mike’s plump buttock. “Do you like it in the ass boy?”


“I thought so,” Clancy said as the kid started stuttering, his bony hand squeezing the meaty ass cheek. “Go ahead. Hold my cock. You know you want to.”

“It’s not fragile Mike,” Clancy told the lad after he took a meek hold of his member, and when the boy gave it a more energetic pull he told him, “That’s more like it.”

“Here son, have a seat,” Clancy told his guest as he pulled out a chair from the kitchen table and had him sit down, and as the senior let his robe slide off his ashen body he offered his cock to Mike by wiggling it in his face. “Here you go.”

Although the lad was clearly nervous and his hands were shaking when he reached out and grabbed the rubbery tube, when he opened his mouth it was clear that this wasn’t the first dick that had been there.

After a tentative start that had the chub looking up for approval as he sucked the rubbery hose, the lad picked up the tempo with his technique improving as Clancy got hard, and soon the boy was holding the mecidiyeköy escort old man’s stiff cock with both hands while licking the glans his fists had exposed.

“Slow down son, you’re good. Way too good,” Clancy told his friend’s grandson as he pulled his throbbing member away, the bulging veins making the spear look angry. “Now let’s see what we have here.”

Clancy helped the portly teen up to his feet and made short work of the shirt buttons, and after peeling the garment off Mike’s rounded shoulders smiled at the chubby boy’s meaty man boobs with very plump red nipples.

“Nice,” Clancy sighed as he squeezed the lad’s chest, and noting the presence of some hair around the nipples and in the center of his chest added, “You’re going to be a hairy one pretty soon, aren’t you?”

“I dunno,” Mike shrugged, giggling when the elderly man lifted his arm and gave a gentle tug to the hair under his arm.

“Bushy armpits already,” Clancy noted as he raked the jungle with his nails before moving downward. “I like that. Now let’s see the best parts.”

With the undoing of the boy’s belt his baggy trousers dropped right to the floor, and after Clancy tugged down the boxers he smiled at the sight of the lad’s dick under his belly, a short thick stub which Mike had tried to make look bigger by shaving the hair around it, something that was a nice try but didn’t work.

“That’s a thick piece of meat you have there son,” Clancy said as he grabbed the dick which didn’t fill his hand but something he couldn’t get his fist completely around, and as Clancy sat where the boy had been he leaned forward and took the bulbous knob in his mouth.

Jawbreaker, Clancy mused as the thick meat stretched his mouth, and as he pressed his hand into the pubic hair which covered the fleshy pillow above his cock, he realized that if the kid ever lost some of the weight around it this cock would be way more than a mouthful.

As his lips made the short journey up and down the squat organ the old man’s hands reached around to grab the lad’s meaty buttocks, the doughy pillows very giving to his kneading, and soon Clancy could wait no more.

“Turn around son,” Clancy instructed, flexing his jaw as he helped Mike rotate so he was facing the table. “Now bend over for me. That’s it. A little further. Let me see that sweet ring.”

Clancy’s fingers spread apart the plump pale pillows to examine the musky smelling crack, and the elderly man realized he would need all of his 9″ to get deep into this chubby ass. The knot was ringed with tiny hairs that Clancy’s tongue flattened as he burrowed his face into the abyss.

“Ooooohhhh!” came the boy’s voice as the old man licked his anus, Mike gripping the table as Clancy rimmed him, even poking the tip of his tongue into the puckered ring before pulling back and licking his finger.

“Oh boy, you’re tight,” Clancy told the lad, ignoring Mike’s howl as he pushed his bony digit deep into the steamy cavity, spinning and probing while rubbing the furry back of his thick thigh with his other hand.

“How many fellas have had the pleasure of taking you anally before me?” Clancy asked while squeezing a second finger into the tan orifice.

“Nobody. Never,” Mike grunted as he gave in to the second digit.

“I thought you said…” Clancy mused aloud, and then realized that he hadn’t given the boy a chance to answer before. “If you would rather not…”

“No. Want to,” the teen grunted.

Clancy spun the fingers while debating what to do, To go to his bedroom for lube that would be needed would take time and also give the chubby bub to change his mind, so Clancy slipped out of the chair and looked into the cabinet.

“Ah” Clancy exclaimed as he pulled istanbul escort his fingers out and jumped up to grab the bottle of olive oil. “Extra virgin too. How fitting.”

“What?” Mike asked as he stayed draped over the table.

“Nothing son,” Clancy told him as he poured the oil liberally over his swollen cock and the spread crack before him, and then he was sidling up between the lad’s spread thighs, easing them apart more as he brought his slick spear to the orifice. “Here we go big fella.”

“Aw geez!” Mike groaned as the tip of the long prong was introduced to the puckered ring, but then the rest of his cock glided in with little effort, although the pudgy teen carried on a bit.

“How’s that feel? You got almost all of it,” Clancy informed him as he rested against him.

“It’s so long it feels like it’s poking out my stomach,’ Mike moaned as Clancy began sliding in and out of the tight ass.

“Want me to stop?” Clancy cackled, not really sure that he could if the answer was no, but Mike said he was fine.

“Good,” the elderly man replied as he held onto the fleshy hips and kept probing slowly and deeply, trying to keep the kitchen table from moving with his thrusts.

“See if you can hold yourself up with your hands so I can get at your goodies,” Clancy requested, and after the chunky teen raised his upper torso off the table the old man reached around.

Clancy couldn’t get at Mike’s cock which was flattened between his body and the table, but he was able to grab the boy boobs and knead them, pinching the nipples and making him moan.

“You like my big dick in your boy pussy, don’t you son?” Clancy asked, getting a grunt in return, and as his fingers slid over the wet flesh to stroke the teen’s soggy armpits he added, “Making you all sweaty is making me want to cum.”

“Oh!” Mike cried out as the elderly man began thrusting faster and harder, the sweat flying off his body and onto Mike’s back.

“Gonna cum soon!” Clancy grunted as he rooted into the boy with all his might, even lifting the jiggling lad’s feet a bit off the floor as the table lurched, and then the old man let out a groan that sounded more animal than human as he spurted his load deep into the boy’s bowels.

“You okay son?” Clancy asked as his rapidly deflating weapon slithered out of the teen.

“Yes sir,” a crimson-faced Mike responded, and after letting the old man help him get upright he looked down at the wooden table and said, “I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to do that.”

“What?” Clancy asked as he looked around the towering teen, and when he saw the puddles of semen on the maple he roared with laughter.

“Sorry? Why be sorry?” Clancy laughed as he grabbed a cloth to clean the mess. “Did it feel good?”

“Well yeah, but…”

“No buts allowed here, except your own that is,” the old man snorted as he pinched the lad’s ass and looked at the cum coated cloth. “That’s one hell of a load you popped there.”

After Mike went to the bathroom and got dressed Clancy walked him to the door, making sure the lad’s grandfather wasn’t in the hall before bidding him adieu.

“If you’re ever in the mood for more,” Clancy offered. “I’m usually here.”



“How about tomorrow night?” Mike asked.

“Whoa. Give me a few days to recover, okay? I’m an old man after all,” Clancy responded

“You didn’t feel old,” Mike winced before turning around and waddling towards the elevator, his plump ass wiggling as he walked.

“Mike?” Clancy said in a stage whisper, and when the boy stopped and turned around the elderly man added, “Tomorrow night? It’s fine by me if you’re free.”

The rosy cheeked lad grinned and nodded, and as he got on the elevator Clancy shook his head as he closed the door.

“You old fool,” he chastised himself. “A sweet ass like that wants it and you’re discouraging him? So your back hurts? It hurts anyway so it might as well be for a good cause.”


Thank you for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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