Buttons and Beaus

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I knew that her nipples would look like buttons even before I saw them. She always wore a bra but most of the time the outline showed through. The first time I saw her completely naked we were at a summer bungalow colony for a week. We had been swimming at the lake and my mother and father had gone back to shower before me. When I approached the shower stall that was just inside the rear entrance I didn’t hear the water running so I took off my suit and threw the curtain aside. My mother yelled “Hey” but not before we both had an eyeful. I stood there jacklighted until she said in exasperation, “BEAU…get lost.” I always hated that name. My father is also Beau, so I was Beau Jr. or sometimes B.J.; I hated that even more.

My mother Aileen is almost an Amazon. Only three inches shorter than me at 5’11, she was always athletic and supple. Her body was…well it seemed so perfectly proportioned that nothing called attention to itself. Her legs were long, her breasts were full and her ass was nicely rounded but you only noticed them if you thought about it afterwards. I was eighteen, full of hormones and inclinations and I thought about it…for the next two days whatever she wore, I saw her naked. Of course she had seen me naked too. That it mattered would have surprised me then.

That was to be our last vacation together before I went to apprentice for my uncle Mike in the Bermuda. He was building condos there and I was going to learn to be part of his business. My sister Grace, who is two years older than I am, didn’t join us; that wasn’t surprising. She and mom had been going at it for as long as I could remember. They were as different as two people could be. The short version is that mom was hard, cold, calculating and selfish; Grace wasn’t.

Grace might have been sweet to me but that doesn’t mean she didn’t give my mother a run for money when we were kids; she never missed an opportunity to contradict, disobey and otherwise vex my mother. But mom was in charge…dad was along for the ride.

I understood all this later on. Grace and I were always close and I used to ask her all the time why she gave mom such a hard time and her answers always were something like, “You just don’t know her; you follow her around like a puppy waiting to be kicked, I’m not going to let her use me anymore…I went through it…one day you’ll understand.” One day I did.

During the vacation, my father had to go back to the city. He said that he had received a call from his boss that all hell was breaking loose at his company. You probably think this is where something sexual happens between my mother and me. In this case you would be right.

Before my mother, I had only one woman but she was worth the experience of a dozen girls. She was a thirty-year-old waitress that worked at a diner a few blocks from school. I got to know her very well…almost every afternoon (and sometimes night) for ten months. You can learn a lot in ten months. But I still wasn’t prepared for mom.

It was the first evening after my father left and we were sitting by the fire with the lights out. Mom challenged me to an arm wrestle. She always did things like that to show how strong she was – and she was. Even if I would beat her at something ten times in a row she would just keep coming. She would make me do it until she would wear me down and start winning.

After playing around a while she said, “I have an idea. Did you ever see the movie Women in Love?” I said I didn’t think so and she said, “Okay it doesn’t matter…we’re going to really wrestle…” She started unbuttoning her shirt and said…take off your shirt and pants.” She stood in her bra and panties, with her hands on her hips and when I just stood there she said, “Come on…don’t tell me you’re shy…we’ve seen each other in a lot less than this.”

I stripped to my briefs and felt awkward but I still joked to her, “Maybe we should be in thongs for this.” Without a word she went to into the bedroom and came out in a thong that was the mate to her bra. Her ass looked amazing.

“Well…where’s yours?” she asked.

“I laughed, embarrassed, “You won’t catch me in one of those things.”

She said, “That’s too bad; I think your butt would look very cute in one.”

Her body was glowing with the oranges and yellows from the flames and the lights bounced off her angles and curves. We started and there was more laughing and teasing and tickling than wrestling going on. Finally when she had exhausted me, she was on top and had me pinned. She got a serious look on her face and began rubbing her pubes against the bulge in my briefs.

I was shocked and all I could say was, “Mom what…?”

She kept rubbing and said, “It’s fine…just relax…we’re going to see what you have little man.” She kissed me and then got off. I thought it was over and I started nişantaşı escort getting up. She forcefully pushed me back and said, “Just stay put now or I’ll have to punish you.” I obeyed as I usually did.

She pulled off my briefs and took me in hand. As she slowly rubbed me into a fierce erection I said, “Mom, what about dad…what if…”

She gave a little dismissive laugh through her nose and said, “Why do you think I sent him away? Don’t worry he’s a big boy…he knows the score.”

She took her thong off and straddled me. She put my cock into her pussy. She rode me and said, “Don’t you come until I tell you…if you think you’re going to, tell me.” She rode me slow as if assessing my cock and what it did for her. I reached for her tits and wanted to pull the bra down so I could see and touch them as she moved up and down on me. She slapped my hand and said, “Don’t distract me.”

She stayed impaled and soon I felt the cum rising in me. I only said “Mom…” and she was off me. She watched my cock and when I didn’t come she smiled.

“Good boy” she said. “You did well for the first time.”

She gave me a minute and then re-mounted the still stiff rod. I told her that it wasn’t my first time and she laughed and said, “First time with me little man…that’s all that counts.” She moved herself on me leaning in different directions so that the angle of my cock changed inside her. I started getting crazy not being able to move freely and I tried to turn her over so I could have her. She wouldn’t let me. What she said was, “Hang on…I’ll let you come soon.”

After getting off me and getting back on one more time, my mother started rubbing her clit and bouncing hard. I could see that she was about to come and I wanted to also but when she kept repeating, “Don’t come…don’t you come you bastard…” she actually kept me from coming. Why did she call me a bastard when I loved her…or so I thought?

When she finished she got off me and said, “Okay little Beau, you can come now.”

I looked at her uncomprehendingly. I said, “Can I be inside you?” She looked at me as if I were insane.

She said, “You come…I’ll watch.” I was …everything… including confused, frustrated, angry, and horny. And I needed to come. I stroked my self as my mother watched and just went at it non-stop until the first stream let fly. My eyes were closed so I couldn’t see where it went but I heard my mother say, “Whoa, that was impressive.” Then unexpectedly I felt her hand over mine and she jerked me until I had nothing left to release. I didn’t know what the hell to think after it was all over.

The next day mom acted as if nothing had happened. When I got hot looking at her doing the morning dishes I went over to her and kissed her neck, wrapping my arms around her breasts. She turned her neck and with a little shove and a quizzical look said the most devastating thing I had ever heard, “Beau, don’t be silly.”

When we got home I went to Grace’s thinking I just wanted to be near the person that always looked out for me but later I realized I wanted to tell her. Throughout our childhood, Grace was always the one who fussed over me. Where my mother would say “Oh Beau stop it.” Grace would say, “Honey, everything is going to be okay, or Beau take a sweater it’s cold…sweetheart please be careful.” In other words, Grace was the one who ‘mothered’ me.

Grace asked me how things went at the bungalow. It took me a while but I finally told her most of what happened. I guess I was focused on her once more; I wanted things from my mother that she just wouldn’t give. Those things really had nothing to do with sex.

Grace got angry and I could see tears well as her fury took hold. “That bitch…that slut…now she does it to you. Listen to me Beau, don’t waste another minute feeling bad over her. She’s heartless; don’t you see? She’ll never do anything good for you…or give you…believe me I know. I tried to love her and no matter what I did for her…she…she…screw her, we don’t need that pain…honey I’m telling you…we don’t need her.

Grace came over and held me and we both felt better. She often hugged me and I felt the comforting soft full breasts in my chest again. She said, “I’ve always loved you sweet Beau…just love me…you don’t need her…I promise. You’re the only one that cares about me…”

I said, “That’s not true; you have lot’s of people…so many boys like you and…”

“Oh sure” she said. “They like my tits…they all like my tits…that’s all.”

I tried to lighten things up and pulled back from our embrace and said, “Well they are nice tits…I do have to say that.”

She laughed and slapped my chest saying, “You…” She then went back to arms and kissed me on the lips. She said, “Beau stay here tonight. Lets talk late like we used to and we’ll get some pizza and stay up all şişli escort night and…”

Her eyes were bright with excitement and I said, “Sure Gracie, sure.” I gave her back her kiss.

We ordered the food and we sat on the living room floor like we used to with our backs against the sofa. She put her arm around my shoulder and said, “Do you think you’ll be happy in Bermuda baby brother? You know I’m going to miss you don’t you?”

I said, “We can talk and e-mail and it’s not a long flight from Charleston…” Before I finished the sentence, Grace was kissing me, a hungry kiss full of passion. I welcomed her tongue into my mouth and for the second time that night, I gave my sister back her kiss. But that one was a far cry from the first.

We made out for a long time and her arms stayed around my neck. I lifted her tee shirt and unhooked her bra. I took one of the big breasts in my hand and thought ‘no wonder all the boys liked them’. They were much bigger and softer than my mother’s but the button nipples were the same. As my fingers circled the rising tips the bell rang. Grace pulled her shirt down and I paid for the pizza.

When I came back she was standing. I figured that the spell had been broken and probably one of would soon apologize. Instead Grace took the tee completely off and dropped her bra on the floor. She took my hand and said, “Come on honey.”

We went to her bedroom and she resumed the long kiss that had been interrupted. This time she put her hand over my cock and gently massaged. I put my hand between her legs and did the same for her. We undressed each other without words and stood in naked admiration. I said, “Grace you are beautiful.”

She went into the game most siblings probably play in one form or another, “No Beau you’re beautiful.” We laughed and did that back and forth about ten times until she came back into my arms and kissed me seriously again saying…love me Beau…love me…”

I made love that night for the first time in my life. Up until then I didn’t know there was a difference. My entry into my sister was sweet and velvety and wet. She wrapped her legs around me. She wrapped her arms around me. I felt safe; I felt loved. We moved together as if we had been lovers for a lifetime and indeed we had. There weren’t many words besides our names that passed between us. I know that with every insertion into my sweet sister’s pussy, and with every utterance of “Gracie”, I was saying, “I love you.”

I reached back to feel and stroke the smooth globes of my sister’s ass. The skin was satiny as her breasts. That first time was quick for both of us. The climb was vertical and steep. Before we went over Grace locked her mouth onto mine and didn’t stop the kiss until we came. She made crying noises that were muffled and I probably moaned a lot too but I got ‘lost’ as I came in her. As we held each other she said, “I’ve been waiting to be loved like that my whole life…and I’ve been waiting to come like that my whole life.”

I said, “No, I’ve been…” She laughed.

Later when we started making love again I asked Gracie to come with me to Bermuda. I said, “You can get a job and we’ll get a place together. Uncle Mike’s going to leave in three months and then we’ll have the whole island to ourselves…nobody knows us…we’ll be together…you and me Gracie…just you and me Gracie…” I felt like I was asking my sister to marry me. She accepted my proposal.

I was so happy that I wanted to make her feel as good as she had made me feel. I went between her legs and took my sister’s pussy into my mouth. I licked the lips and traced the opening with my tongue. When I released her I went to the swollen clit. She thrashed on the bed and said, “Oh God beau…God.” I circled and teased the nub for a while and then Grace turned herself on the bed so she could suck me too.

Grace ended up straddled over me with my cock in her mouth and her pussy in my face. We stayed like that until her creamy juices were all over my lips and chin. She was a bit lost between her inexperience and focusing on the pleasure she felt in her pussy but it was wonderful anyway; wonderful to be loved in my sister’s mouth. She stopped and said, “Beau…am I doing it alright…I want to be good for you…is it?”

I said, “Gracie honey…just feeling you loving me makes it all great…just do what feels good to you…we’re going to have lots of time to practice.”

She said, “Yes darling…we are.” She let her concerns go and her mouth and tongue went into a frenzied sucking. I licked and pressed her clit hoping to make her cum as I did. As it turned out she came first and because she was saying, “Beau…yes…I’m coming baby…I’m coming”, she took me out of her mouth. When she finished she almost swallowed me in an effort to make me come. It didn’t take long but the actual ejaculation seemed mecidiyeköy escort to go on forever. I poured into my sister’s mouth and most of it surprisingly didn’t end up on the bed. She was still sucking and swallowing when there was only her own saliva left on my dick.

Gracie and I did end up staying all night, almost equally from excitement about planning to go to Bermuda together and excitement about making love again. She told me things about my parents that I never knew, like mom bringing home other men and other women and my father sometimes being asked to join and sometimes not.

She started telling me about how mom came on to her but I could see that it was causing anxiety and I said, “Honey, it doesn’t matter. None of it matters because we’re just going to love each other and the rest of the world can like it or not. They can take their crystallized knot of fear and call it what they want to. We’re going to cut the knot and be free…aren’t we Gracie?”

“Yes honey…we’re going to be free.” She gave me the tenderest kiss and my mouth filled with her soft pink tongue. The next day we made our plans. When I told my mother and father, my mom gave me a funny look and just shrugged.

My father took me aside and in one of the few ‘father-son’ moments we ever had he said with a conspiratorial smile, “You’ll probably take good care of those girls on that Island but don’t let them snare you.” He winked and said, “Your mom tells me you’re well equipped for the job.” He went on a bit and I wanted to punch him in his face. I didn’t even answer because I knew that Gracie and I would be gone in two days.

The flight over was so exhilarating to both of us; we smiled at each other between little kisses the whole way over. In other times we might have joined the ‘mile high’ club but between security and everyone watching everyone else we were satisfied just to talk about sharing our lives together. We made up for it at the Reefs Hotel where we stayed for the night until we could move into our rental apartment.

In the excitement and unease of being in a new country to start a new life we turned to each other…and turned each other on. By then we knew enough not to order pizza before we had enough of each other. We never did get to that point that night.

Gracie told me how much she loved me and I took my sister in my arms inhaling the fragrance of her soft skin. She smelled like love. We were grimy from the trip and got into the shower together. I drank the water off her slippery lips and the large shiny breasts I could fondle all day.

My sister’s hand made me hard and then she lifted her leg to my waist. I held her leg up to give me continued access to her pussy. She tried to get me inside her and finally did when I bent my legs and then rose pushing the aching head into her opening. She stood against the white tile and the pinks of her lips and nipples were evident. I lifted into my sister’s pussy as warm water beat on my back. With each stroke a relieved “Ahhh…” left her lips.

I came out of her and turned her around. I looked at the perfect ass that jutted toward my cock as she flexed at waist. I put my finger on the pinkish pucker and inserted my finger. Grace made the same sounds as if my cock were in her. She was tight on my finger and I resisted my urge to put myself up into her ass. Without lubrication I knew it would be painful for Gracie and I wasn’t willing to take that chance. I also knew that one day my cock would be filling that tight channel.

I was more than happy to return my cock into her pussy. As she took all of me up into her, I pressed myself against the globes of soft meat. It felt like I reached the end of her and Gracie said, “Sweet Beau…you’re so deep in me this way…I can feel you filling me…darling…darling…you do love me don’t you?”

As our rhythm took us both closer to orgasm I told her, “I’m going to love you forever Gracie…forever…forever…” Each word took me in and out of my sister’s pussy until I couldn’t keep up with the pumping. Her “Ahhhs…” turned to “Ohhhs” and I took her breasts in both hands and started to fill her. Her orgasm hit as she pushed her ass back into me and started grinding taking the last drops of cum into her. I was hard until she finished and felt hard even after coming out of her.

I closed the water and Grace turned around laughing as she slumped down into the tub. “Oh baby brother…that was good.” She brought her mouth to my cock and sucked off the little of our mixed juices that remained. She closed her eyes and put her face on my thigh and said, “Your Gracie loves you.” She spent the first night of our new life showing me how much.

Plato said that everything in this world is an imperfect example of the ideal that exists ‘out there’ somewhere. I have to disagree. Being with Grace that night was perfect. Being in love with her and being inside of her was perfect.

I don’t hear from my mother much these days but I don’t care. With my sister I’ve found love that’s real; I know I’m way ahead of the game.

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