Cabin Fever Ch. 07

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Kay was in work on the Monday morning relieved that she had told the boys about her vacation experience. To be honest she was glad to get it off her chest. Unburdening herself to someone else was cathartic. She wasn’t sure what would happen between them all but at least they knew the truth. She put this out of her mind and concentrated on work.


There was definitely something going on, something weird at Mr Goodiner’s store. She wasn’t sure what it was but there were little clues. Iona had mentioned Mr Goodiner’s bonus system but never explained how it worked. One of the most surprising things she had learned was how MRS Goodiner was the brains behind the business and not her husband. This was surprising as she seemed so mild and reserved but Iona had explained that she was very different at home and in business than the facade she presented to the outside world.

On her first day Kay had arrived at the store at 8:30 prompt. She wore comfortable camel coloured loafers but also had in a bag a white pair of trainers with deep soles, ready for a day ahead that would probably mean she would be on her feet, none stop. Blue Wrangler jeans and white T-shirt completed her ensemble and underneath she wore a set of pink satin underwear.

She was welcomed as she arrived at the store by Mr Goodiner himself, dressed in a 3 piece, green tweed suit and next to him was a pretty, dark, Italian looking girl called Iona. She was about 28 years old, smaller than Kay, with a prominent bust. She wore a light blue overall. Mr Goodiner introduced her to Iona and said she would handle all Kay’s ‘on-job’ training, after the induction by himself.

He constantly sucked mints to disguise, very poorly, the fact that he smoked cigars. This was evident from the stale sweet smell of his clothing. He showed her once again round the main store area and then down the cellar.

The cellar directly below the store, was quite light and airy, due to the fact that light travelled in from smallish thick glass windows situated all around the edge of the recessed store floor that formed the ceiling to part of the cellar. He still needed to switch on a light to show her the storeroom; a large room with shelves on all sides which had a large table in the centre. The cellar had several brilliant strip lights in the centre aisle that ran along to the next building, the butcher shop also owned by the Goodiner’s. These were usually kept switched off ‘to conserve energy’ he said but Iona said it was because Mrs Goodiner was mean. The light for the aisle or tunnel was usually supplied by some low-energy wall lights which were not particularly bright. The walls were made of brick, forming a sort of tunnel with several arched supports equidistant from each other. Further down the cellar there was a locker room built of MDF for changing and storing the staff’s outdoor clothes, and personal affects. Mr Goodiner provided uniforms.

The uniform was little more than an overall, of light blue cotton material with the name ‘Goodiner’ on the pocket. It had a button down front with narrow lapels and a foot long split up the back, to make stretching and movement easier. The overall had a single button at the bottom of the split to retain some modesty for the wearer but this defeated the object and so often it was left undone. Kay’s freshly cleaned uniform was hung on a wire coat hanger in a polythene wrapper next to her locker. Inside were 5 more, folded neatly and wrapped likewise. “One for each working day of the week.” He had said. “We like our staff smartly dressed at all times.” She was informed that it was the staff member’s responsibility to clean each uniform before next use. Her locker was such that all her uniforms could be hung in it, at the start of the week.

Mr Goodiner left her to get changed and said he would meet her near the storeroom.

She closed the locker room door and opened the metal locker. She undid the laces on her loafers and removed them while sitting on an old brown wooden chair. Next the brown leather belt was unclasped and after unzipping her jeans she pushed them to the ground. There was a long mirror on the locker room door and she caught sight of her reflection standing in white T shirt, pink satin panties and white cotton ankle socks. She turned slightly looking at her behind and legs checking the definition of her calves.

Her hair was now much shorter and more manageable since having it styled into a bob on vacation. She pulled the T-shirt over her head, before finally getting into the overall and buttoning it up. She sat and pulled on her trainers, displaying her panties as she crossed her legs while tying the laces.

She looked about the room to see a couple more grey metal lockers stood by her own and a few posters on the walls. She noticed a row of windows high up and as she turned her head back out the corner of her eye, thought she saw movement. She looked back but it was nothing, however it was enough to give her the creeps and she made for the door.

Unknown to almanbahis adres Kay, Mr Goodiner could see the whole scene and performance as he stood outside of the locker room. He watched through a window high up on the wall by standing on a chair. He enjoyed her slim, but physically strong body being shown to him bit by bit as she stripped down to the pink coloured satin underwear. It fed his lust. He drank in the rounded, pink peach of her panty clad ass as she bent to remove her jeans. The sight of her, stretching her hands above her head to remove the T-shirt, exposing all of her lightly bronzed lithe body and the contrast with the pink and white of her clothes, made him rub his cock through his trousers. Her breasts sat up looking perky cupped by her pink bra. It was all Mr Goodiner could do to resist pulling out his cock and playing with it. As she had made to put on the uniform he quietly moved away to the storeroom, their agreed rendezvous.

The main thing she liked about the overall was that it was cool to wear (temperature-wise not fashion-wise) and it was about mid-thigh in length. She anticipated that it would become extremely hot in the store and the loose fitting nature of the garment meant that cool air would be able to circulate between it and her skin.

She made for the storeroom, were Mr Goodiner waited.

“Oh that looks so good on you, made for you, made for you.” His smile glowed with genuine pleasure. “I think you’re ready for the customers now.”

He led her to the stairs and being a gentleman ushered Kay first. She was conscious of what the overall might reveal especially with the spilt up the back and as she stepped up she held her hand across the bottom, climbing in a knock-kneed fashion.

Once into the brighter store she saw Iona dealing with a customer. Mr Goodiner greeted the lady and continued helping Kay familiarise herself with the inventory on the shelves. Strangely she was aware that she ended up in what uncannily was the same spot she had been in when interviewed, as he showed her the various items. She realised she was probably situated over the brass plate reflecting a view of her pink satin panties, but she didn’t want to miss a thing and listened ardently, while crossing her legs.

As Mr Goodiner talked he made genuinely funny little quips, not racy or vulgar, but humorous and she found herself liking him, even if she was starting to think him a bit perverted for looking up her skirt. The customer left and he left Kay in the hands of Iona, as he needed to attend his butchers shop.

“So you’re Kay — he ain’t talked about nothing else for weeks, singing your praises.” She said in a friendly way but without a great deal of respect for Mr Goodiner. Even so Kay felt quite flattered that she had been talked about in such glowing terms but concerned she may not live up to his high opinion of her.

Iona had dark colouring very Italian looking. She was small with large breasts and wore the uniform of overall and trainers. She was very relaxed and had an air of tough, confidence. She gave the distinct impression though small she would not be pushed around. Her accent placed her from outside the town, from somewhere north.

“I hope he’s not expecting a great deal at first?” Said Kay, as she was apprehensive, this being her first ‘real’ job and not wanting to muck it up.

“Oh don’t worry. He’s a good boss a fair payer and extremely patient.” She paused looked Kay up and down then added. “…. especially when you’re a looker, like yourself.”

Kay felt quite flattered again even though she wasn’t certain how to take the final comment. Iona changed the subject.

“Have you met his wife?”

“Oh yes.” Kay nodded.

“What do you think of her?” Iona asked this in such a way it made Kay feel as if it was a trick question.

“I don’t know really she’s very quiet, keeps herself to herself.” Kay shrugged.

“Hmmm! I thought you might say that.” Iona looked at her steadily. “You’re in for a surprise.”

She paused and Kay didn’t know what to say.

“She can be an old witch.” Iona nodded to deflect any unspoken doubts Kay might have. “I don’t know why he puts up with her.”

Kay was genuinely shocked.

“I only see her at church. She’s a timid little thing.”

“Well you’ll find out when you hear her in the store.” Iona nodded as Kay shook her head in disbelief. “She has a voice that could cut glass.”

Kay couldn’t believe how she had come to have such a dramatically different picture of Mrs Goodiner, than Iona. She would have to tell the boys, when they get back.

Later on Kay discovered Iona was in a, if not unhappy, then an indifferent marriage. She said her husband cared more about cars, football and booze than he did about her and they held a healthy mutual disrespect for each other.


Days later Iona was chatting to Kay about the Goodiner’s.

“Oh he’s alright, quite a good laugh in his own way. His wife is a harridan as I’ve told you.” She leaned back almanbahis adresi against the counter, scratching the back of her leg with her foot. “Always on at him. Keeps a tight rein on the purse strings as well.”

Another time she was talking about them.

“They’ve no kids she couldn’t have them.” She grinned. “Not that I think they’ve had sex for a long, long time.”

She grimaced at Kay.

“Oh please!” Kay wrinkled her nose, with distaste. “I should think not.”

Iona raised an eyebrow.

“I know. But he’s quite a nice guy really.” Iona showed her tender side. “I feel kind of sorry for him.”

Kay was surprised at Iona’s kindly response — maybe she herself was just being prejudiced because he was old.

Days went by with Iona revealing more about the store. She again surprised Kay, though she had had her suspicions.

“Have you not seen the old man looking through the glass from the cellar?” She pointed to the windows on the floor. “Well I have and it’s mainly at your legs or up your skirt maybe.”

“No!” Kay was shocked. She had never noticed.

“Oh dear you are innocent aren’t you?” Iona smiled. “Don’t let it worry you he’s ok. He looks but doesn’t touch.”

Kay was determined to pay more attention in future. She hadn’t actually caught him red-handed but had no reason to doubt Iona. She had found him at the bottom of a ladder occasionally, having crept up behind her. He never did anything or even said anything sexual but it was a bit creepy she felt.

She found that though he was ‘pervy’ as Donny had suggested, he was the opposite to what Donny and Matt thought of him in personality. He wasn’t harsh or strict. In fact he was really quite sweet in his own way, apart from his tendency to be lecherous.


So here she was two weeks later.

She arrived at work on time and was now familiar with the routines and pretty much knew where all the inventory was stored.

Iona was in already looking smart in her overall, in a clean sharp creased nurse sort of a way.

“Hi Kay had a good weekend?” She smiled.

“Yes it was nice.”

“Weren’t your fella’s returning this weekend?”

“Yes they got back safe and we had a night out.”

“Good for you. I guess you have to make your own fun.” She said this with a twinkle in her eye. “There’s not much to do in this town for a good time.”

“Oh I don’t know.” Kay replied not wanting to go into much detail. “But we were mainly catching up, talking about our vacations.”

One thing Kay had found was how tired she felt on an evening when she got home following work; particularly as she practised her swimming first thing in the morning. Having this job would probably curtail what social life she shared with the boys until the weekends.

“Just talking huh?” Iona said this with some disbelief. “Well as long as you enjoyed yourself.”

Several customers came through the doors as Kay opened up. They had a fairly busy time until about 10:30 when it eased off.

“Phew!” Iona said, as she sat down on a bar stool near the counter. “Don’t know about you but my feet are killing me.”

She lifted each leg and rubbed her feet, through her trainers.

Kay was the other side of the store behind a counter and made her way across to Iona.

“No I’m actually ok.”

“‘Must be your youth or your fitness.” She looked Kay up and down as she approached. “You certainly have one hell of a body on you babe.”

“Why thank you.” Kay curtsied fanning out her overall at the sides. “You’re very attractive yourself.”

Iona curtsied.

“Likewise I’m sure.” She said in an attempt at an affected accent. She turned and flicked the back of her overall up revealing briefly her white panty clad butt.

They laughed together.

Mr Goodiner entered via the front door, accompanied by his wife causing the revelry to stop. Iona glanced seriously at Kay signalling for her to busy herself.

“Good morning ladies.” Mrs Goodiner said and although polite it had an edge to it. “How’s business?”

She stood in the doorway overshadowed by Mr Goodiner but there was no doubt where the power lay. Her face was serious her mouth small, lips narrow and pursed. Her clothes were so dated though smart and she clutched a handbag through her arm. She looked matronly. The way she spoke was so unlike the lady that went to church on Sunday, Kay observed. The discussion mainly with Iona continued.

Eventually she acknowledged Kay and asked her how she was getting on. The conversation was short and to the point. When she had finished she rounded on her husband.

“Make sure you check for that stock Richard.” It was a command with no less authority in her voice than perhaps the Emperor Napoleon on the field of battle. “Today!”

She turned and left leaving Mr Goodiner behind, looking after her. More to ensure she had gone than for any other reason.

There was a silence in the store crying out for somebody to break it. Mr Goodiner almanbahis adres did so and the mood in the store lifted.

“We got off fairly lightly there.” He said to Iona, as he sucked a peppermint “Must be in a good mood.”

He added and they both laughed.

He turned to Kay. Looking her up and down.

“And how are you on this glorious day?”

He was lecherous but pleasant and as Iona had said he kept his hands to himself.

“Very well thank you, Mr Goodiner.”

“Good! Good!” He looked thoughtful, his finger tapping at his mouth. “I must go downstairs to check some stock for my good lady, as you no doubt heard her whisper.”

He smiled emphasising his sarcasm then continued.

“Iona can you assist me please?”

She agreed. He turned to Kay.

“Will you be ok on your own?”

“Oh yes. No problem.” Kay responded.

“Good! Good!” He proceeded to the door which led to the cellar, Iona followed.


After about 15 minutes Iona and Mr Goodiner returned. He carried a small brown bag with him. He rubbed his hands together looking very pleased with himself. Iona followed smiling.

“Right that’s good. All sorted. Mrs Goodiner will be pleased.” He said this looking at Kay’s legs for slightly longer than was necessary and added absently. “Very good! Very good!”

He snapped out of it and left, wishing them both well.

“What was all that about?” Kay asked.

“Oh he needed to find the stock she accused him of losing. I knew where it was as soon as she mentioned it. I should have said something really.” She looked at Kay. “I wanted you to hear what a bitch she was.”

Iona tidied the counter at the far side of the room as Kay rearranged some of the shelves opposite.

Kay decided to change the subject.

“Well you certainly looked pleased with yourself.”

“Oh that was because he sorted my bonus out.” Iona explained.

“What bonus?” Kay asked. Iona had mentioned it previously but it seemed a mystery as to how it was acquired. Although Kay wasn’t particularly concerned about the money she felt she should be in a position to get a bonus if there was one. She decided to ask again. “How do you get this bonus?”

“Look honey. From what you tell me you don’t need it and believe me you won’t want to earn it.” She used her superior position for the first time. “Anyway you’ve not been here long enough to qualify.”

Kay was now intrigued and tried to prise more information out of her but to no avail. So in order to keep the peace Kay let it drop but was determined to find out more about this bonus.

The rest of the day was pretty busy too, which made it pass quickly.


On the Monday night Matt rang her to see if Kay was coming to the cabin but she declined as she was tired. She had just started her period but also wanted some time away from the boys following the vacation revelation.

Tuesday was fairly straight forward but busy and this time Donny rang to ask her to come to the cabin but again she said she was exhausted and would give it a miss.

On Wednesday afternoon the delivery man came to the store.

Each week a delivery truck came with supplies of stock, from out of town. The driver was a young man named Larn. Named after John M. Larn – Vigilante, Outlaw and Lawman or so he claimed.

He was Italian looking with dark colouring. He always wore a black sweatshirt and jeans. He was slim and muscled, probably as a result of his job, shifting containers and cartons from the van. He was carrying a box which he placed on the counter. He never missed an opportunity to flex his muscles in Kay’s face but he wasn’t particular, any woman would do, even Mrs Goodiner, who would stare back contemptuously. He had a high forehead, high cheekbones and black droopy moustache.

As he entered, he looked Kay up and down slowly. He oozed sexuality with the confidence and arrogance only the ignorance of youth can provide.

“Stop it Larn.” Iona shouted calling him to order. It was obvious that Iona knew him well. He must have been delivering weekly for some time and they had built up a relationship, Kay thought.

He touched his forehead as if tipping a Stetson to Kay which caused her to shiver involuntarily. Something about him frightened and even disgusted her but she didn’t know what. It was so unusual for her to have such a violent reaction to someone she had just met and she was ashamed of herself. He turned to Iona.

“Hi honey how can I be of service today?” He said this as he leered at her.

“You know how. It’s on the order form.” Iona pointed to the cellar door. “Now get your ass down there.”

Larn picked up the box from the counter as Iona opened the cellar door.

“Happy to be of service ma’am.” He smiled in his arrogant way.

“I’ll need to go to the cellar to update the stock, Kay.” Iona said standing at the open cellar door. “Will you be OK with the store?”

Kay gave her assent a little aggrieved that people didn’t give her more credit.

There was a steady trickle of customers which Kay dealt with easily and the time flew passed. She hardly noticed that she had been alone for 45 minutes until the cellar door opened and she checked the store clock.

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