Caitlyn’s Reunion Union

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“Laura, my God, don’t walk through here topless. The blinds are open.”

“Not bothering me, so it shouldn’t bother you.”

She stopped in front of the window, looking around as though everything was normal. The trouble was, for Laura, this was normal. I certainly wasn’t a prude–far from it. But I seemed to have limits my sister didn’t share.

“I just don’t need to have the neighbors wondering what sort of people are living here.”

“You’ve been here for a while, so they know you. It’s just me they’ll wonder about.” She was still standing in front of the window, the bright sun highlighting her very ample breasts, a big smile on her face.

“Humor me, Laura. Put on a top.” I hated to plead with her–it seemed so degrading, but I knew that Laura enjoyed it in her own sisterly way.

“Do you have a folding chair?” she asked with a giggle. “The front porch looks inviting.”

She was eying the porch to taunt me, but I was looking the other direction.

“You’d better hurry, so you can take the package from the UPS guy coming up the walk.”

I thought she’d dive for cover, but she stood there just long enough for him to wonder if he’d seen them or just imagined it. Of course, now I’d have to answer the door, and he was sure to wonder if it was my boobs he’d seen. And since I couldn’t keep from blushing, he’d be sure it was me.

I gritted my teeth, determined not to blush as he rang the bell. Laura, still topless, crouched behind a chair, laughing. I opened the door, the smile on the rather handsome face causing my cheeks to heat. When I opened the screen door, he handed me the small box. There was nothing for me to sign, so I knew he was at the door simply to get a better look at, hopefully, bare breasts.

I felt a breeze and heard running footsteps behind me. The UPS guy’s eyes quickly left mine and looked over my shoulder. His smile broadened. I got a wink, and he turned and jogged to his truck.

“Thought I’d bail you out and let him know it wasn’t your tits he’d seen.”

“Laura, you didn’t.”

“I kept one covered, Cait. He was a good-looking guy, though. I almost went to the door with you.”

All I could do was shake my head. We were sisters, and not total opposites, but enough different that it was easy to wonder if we’d grown up in the same family. Our older brother never did learn to deal with us differently, thus receiving much abuse from both of us due to his fumblings.

“Are you dressed yet?” I called toward the bedroom.

Laura appeared in the hallway, nipples at attention. “Getting there,” she said, tank top in hand. I owed her one, so when she pulled the tank top over her head, I gave one nipple a sharp twist.

“Ouch, you bitch,” she squealed, bumping the hallway walls as she scrambled away.

I ran into the living room and waited, knowing retribution would be quickly forthcoming. I watched her emerge from the hallway and go into the kitchen. When I saw her again, she was headed toward me, a large wooden spoon in her hand. I was trapped.

“Laura, come on. That thing hurts like hell.” I was backing up, but there was nowhere to go.

“It’s the spoon or your nipple,” she added, a fiendish grin on her face. No way was I going to bare anything and, as I turned to run, I heard a loud “thwack” and felt a searing pain in my left buttock.

“Shit, Laura. That’s going to leave a nasty red welt.” My butt was burning from the whack I’d gotten from my sister.

“We’re even now, so let’s go get something to eat. And, maybe if you let a boob pop out once in a while, you wouldn’t still be a virgin.”

I felt like smacking the big smile off her face, but maybe she was right. We were even…and I was hungry, and she might be right about the boobs thing, too. I just wasn’t sure that should be the first step in losing my virginity. It was just one more of her jabs at what I liked to think of as my “purity.”

“Maybe if you’d show your boobs to the UPS guy, you could have grabbed hold of him.”

“Worked for you, didn’t it,” I said a little snidely.

“Ohhh, that was cruel,” Laura shot back, “even if it is true,” she added with a giggle.

Laura had always been able to get the guys…get them, but keeping them seemed to be the problem. She’s three years older, and I used to love it when she brought her dates home. I’d drool over them and couldn’t wait till I was old enough to bring my own dates home. When the time came, I discovered that how they looked was only half the story. I seemed to be much fussier than Laura was about that second part, and it showed in the number of boyfriends I’d had.

“Pizza Hut?” Laura asked, straightening her tank top.

Of course, tank tops aren’t designed for undergarments, and it was readily apparent that Laura wasn’t wearing any. I often wondered how two people with shared DNA and raised by the same parents could be so different. I suppose I should be used to it by now, but it didn’t seem that easy. I guess we were both hard-headed-ly set in our ways and were unwilling to bend, while at the same time being bonus veren siteler unwilling to accept the lack of change in the other.

At Pizza Hut, Laura got her share of hungry looks, which she enjoyed, and some of them seemed to bounce off her and land on me, which, I have to admit, I enjoyed. We didn’t look that much different; it was how we acted and reacted that was so dissimilar.

We found a table, ordered and quickly had our drinks served. I was hungry and ready for some pizza.

“So,” Laura said, “I guess we’re going to Mom and Dad’s for Christmas.”

“Yep,” I answered with a sigh.

“And you’re going to that five-year reunion thing?”

“I said I’d be there. Hasn’t been that long, but should be fun to see what people are up to.”

“Is it a dinner, or what?”

“They’re calling it a Christmas prom reunion, and it’s a dinner too.”

“So, are you going to get a date for the prom?” Laura asked, not able to stifle her laugh.

“I don’t think there’s anyone in my class I’d want to have a date with, pardon my grammar.”

“Not even, oh what was his name?” Laura was thinking, and I wasn’t about to give her any help. “Kirk Fischer, wasn’t it?” A triumphant grin on her face.

Damn, I’d hoped she wouldn’t remember because I certainly did remember. It seemed like more than five years ago that I thought Kirk Fischer was the hottest male I’d ever seen. Laura had no idea I’d “borrowed” her little vibrator to enjoy my fantasies with Kirk Fischer. I’d found an unopened bag of attachments and “stolen” one of them for my use. All of that was my secret. I curled my lip.

“I’d forgotten about him,” I sneered.

“You never were good at lying. I bet you thought Kirk was hot as hell. I did the few times I saw him.”

I hated it when Laura saw through my facade, which she often did.

“Hotter than Benny?”

Benny was her long-time live-in, who’d eventually thrown her out, and I probably shouldn’t have mentioned him, but she handled it well.

“I didn’t know Kirk like I knew Benny, so… Are you anxious to see him?”

“It’ll be fun to see everyone, I guess. I hope they all show up.”

“Well, whatever, but wear something tight that shows off your cute butt, let a little bit of tit hang out, and you might link up with Kirk.”

“Laura, you’re disgusting, and that’s not going to happen.” It wasn’t going to happen, even though it had been one of my fantasies, and I was afraid my cheeks were going to betray me. I looked at Laura, and her smile told me I was right.

“Uh-huh. I’ve got a couple of dresses that should fit you and a couple of other things too,” she added with a leering grin.

“Laura, no way.” That’s what my brain was saying, but another part of me was picturing my fantasy becoming reality. That was a stretch based on my past experience. During my freshman year of college, one good-looking guy had talked me into letting him squeeze a tit and then put his finger where it didn’t belong. It was interesting, but I was so nervous, I couldn’t enjoy it. I guess it was supposed to be exciting, but it wasn’t. My fantasies and the vibrator were much more fulfilling.

“You’re going to do it, Cait. You don’t see any of those people around here, so you’re free to show them what you’ve become.”

“Um, that’s not what I’ve become, sis.”

“They don’t know that, and especially, Kirk doesn’t know that.”

“Will you drop this Kirk thing? I don’t think he ever looked at me unless he had to. Plus, I’m sure some hot babe has gotten hold of him and become his wife.”

“Possible, but lots of hot guys are more interested in just staying hot guys.”

Freaking Laura was making me think. I’d mentioned before that we were almost identical in body size and shape. Maybe we both had the same thoughts–I admit that not all my thoughts were angelic and pure–but, somehow, Laura put her thoughts into action while I turned mine into fantasies. Laura had her guys, and I had…

Sometimes she shared her experiences accompanied by my scarlet cheeks and rolling eyes. But I remembered them all, and they tweaked my curiosity over and over, making me wonder. What would it be like to experience those things personally? And now, she was encouraging me to do just that. Or at least to put myself in a position that would encourage it to happen. Still, the change in physical appearance had to be combined with a change of mind in order for it to happen. I needed to work on that mind if I wanted it to happen.


Christmas with the parents was palatable, with me being the usual Caitlin and Laura being much more Caitlin-esque than usual. It worked much better that way, eliminating most disagreements and arguments. Mom and Dad had a small apartment above their garage where Grandma Louise had lived for the last five years of her heart attack shortened life. It was only thirty miles from my apartment, but Mom and Dad liked for us to stay for a few days at Christmas. Laura and I were staying in the apartment, which gave us a little privacy and a place to talk bedava bahis about things we didn’t want to share with the parents–things that hadn’t happened yet.

I had brought the clothing that I would normally wear to an event like the reunion-prom, knowing that Laura had packed the things she was convinced I’d actually be wearing. She kept reminding me, encouraging me, cajoling me endlessly, shaming me into stifling my inherent tendencies in order to convert my fantasies into reality–at the reunion-prom. She kept mentioning Kirk Fischer, which renewed memories of those several erotic times I’d had…all by myself.

At last, prom night was here. Or, at least, prom day. When I went to the apartment to begin preparations, Laura was there with the clothes she had brought for me to wear. My doubts had nearly dissipated in the past few days, and I was anxious to see what she’d brought.

I showered, and she gave me a manicure, adding a covering of brilliant red polish to fingers and toes. She carefully styled my hair, applied a bit of subtle makeup, which, I had to admit, enhanced my looks dramatically. Satisfied with what she’d accomplished, she went to her suitcase. She returned with the smallest pair of underwear I’d ever seen, except on some porn sites I’d checked. A few strings and a tiny triangle of gauzy material was all there was.

“Laura, my God, I might as well not wear anything.” My heart was already pounding, and I was surprised when she tossed them back on the suitcase.

“That’s even better,” she said, smiling.

I think my eyes were about to exit my head, and I turned toward my own things.

“No, no,” she called quickly. “These or nothing.”

I eyed her warily.

“I don’t think I’m quite ready to go commando, Laura.”

“Then wear this,” she said, retrieving the thong.

The difference between the two options was almost non-existent, but I was committed to doing this, so… I slipped off my robe, ready to don the strings and gauze.

“Whoa, what’s this?” Laura said, laughing one more time.

I knew what she was seeing.

“I’ve gotten so I hate hair,” I said. “I get rid of it.” I shrugged. I didn’t like the smile on Laura’s face since I knew what she was thinking, but I slipped on the thong, its black color contrasting with my pale skin.

“I wish I had a picture of that so you’d remember.”

I could see myself in the full-length mirror, and I wouldn’t forget it. Despite everything, I couldn’t believe how hot I looked standing there nearly naked.

“Well, here ya go,” Laura said, holding a red dress made of some type of material that almost looked wet.

“Wait, aren’t I missing something?”

“Right. It’ll be easier to put your thigh-highs on before you put on the dress.”

“No, no,” I said, gesturing to my breasts.

“The dress will cover them,” she assured me.

“I’m used to having a little more than a dress covering them.”

“Cait, you’ve got a nice set of hooters there, and you need to learn to flaunt them.”

Flaunt my “hooters.” That would be something new for me. Laura held up the dress so I could see the whole thing.

“Front,” she said, then turned it. “Back, and see, it doesn’t lend itself to wearing a bra.”

Now, there was an understatement.

“Laura, in the front, they’ll be able to see my navel, and in the back, they’ll see the string of this thong-thing I’m wearing.”

“Don’t be silly. Just put it on, and you’ll see.”

The only times I’d ever gone braless was when I was in my bathing suit. But Laura was trying to change a modest young girl into what our mother would call a “brazen hussy.” Unfortunately, I was committed to this path and would just have to see what would happen. I took the dress from her.

“Wait, it has a slit up the side, too?”

“You have a nice left leg. Might as well show a little of it, particularly since you’ve shaved it so carefully.”

I glared at her. I knew the hair thing was going to haunt me, at least for a while.

I stepped into it, pulled it up until the small straps were over my shoulders, and turned to let Laura zip it up.

“Is that just a zipper,” I asked, trepidation in my voice. I wasn’t anxious to accidentally moon my fellow prom-goers.

“There’s a hook and loop here…for safety,” she added, giggling. “Here are your heels. Put them on and take a look at yourself.”

I put the heels on, which jacked me up about four inches. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and turned toward the mirror. Slowly I opened my eyes, trying to see myself objectively, not from the shy and timid place I was coming from.

“Whatcha think?”

I was almost afraid to say what I was thinking since what I was seeing was so far from what I’d ever seen before.

“You’re a freaking babe, aren’t you?” Lauren filled in for me.

The v-neck showed cleavage and enough breast that there was no doubt what was there. When I moved, the edges of the slit parted, and a shapely leg was very visible, at least halfway up my thigh. I knew if I took a step, deneme bonus a little more leg would be visible. Laura then offered her “comforting” thought.

“You probably don’t want your nipple bumps to show, and I think the material is thick enough to keep that from happening.”

Who was this standing here thinking about nipple bumps showing? I turned so I could see my back…and that’s what I saw, bare back. A bra would be very inappropriate for sure.

“Kirk whatever-his-name is going to want your body, Cait.”

I knew I looked hot, but I wasn’t quite ready for Kirk Fischer to be “wanting my body,” although, as the thought went through my head, I couldn’t keep from recalling my fantasies. They seemed very vivid.

“Cait, what the hell are you thinking? Despite the cloth, I can suddenly see nipple bumps.”

I’m sure my cheeks nearly matched the dress color.

“We can put bandaids on them if you think they’re going to be a problem.” Laura was working hard to keep from laughing.

I glared at her once more. “I’m not using bandaids,” I grumbled, wondering if the same thing could happen at the prom.

“We need to sneak you out, so Mom doesn’t get a look. She might have a heart attack.”

“Let me make sure I have my car keys,” I said, grabbing the little clutch purse I’d be carrying.

“Forget the car keys,” Laura said, taking them from my hand. “I’m driving you there, and you’re going to have a good time. And you’re going to drink a little and get a good buzz just to see what might happen.”

“What might happen?” I questioned, a little shocked at what I knew she was thinking.

“Yeah, what might happen. If you’re ready to come home, give me a call and I’ll come and get you. If you’re going home with someone else,” she giggled, “just send me a text.”

“My God, Laura, I won’t be going home with someone else.”

“Who knows,” she replied. “Things happen.”

“Well, that’s something that’s never happened, and it isn’t going to happen tonight, either.” The thought of that happening made me shiver.

“Wait a minute. Just because it’s never happened doesn’t mean it can’t happen.”

I could hardly stand the look I was getting from Laura, half-grin, half-smirk.

“Just let it happen. Don’t hold back this time.” She just couldn’t resist teasing me over and over, always like i was purposely holding back. Maybe I was, but it was getting annoying.

“Guh,” was my only reply.

“Didn’t say it was wrong, just unusual.” She’d opened that eye and was just looking at me now.

I realized that dressed the way I was, I didn’t look much like a virgin, but it was true, and I had no plans to change that status in the near future.

I laughed. “So you’ve dressed me like this and are sending me off to get drunk and lose that status. Is that your plan?”

“Not my plan, but if it happens, you might enjoy it.”

I couldn’t help remembering my time with the vibrator, and I’d read that actual sex is way better than a vibrator. Would I really enjoy it?

“I’m not sure exactly what you keep thinking, but there are two bumps on the front of your dress again. Bandaids?”

“Guh.” I glanced down, and they were definitely there. That was twice, just standing here talking to my sister, that it had happened. I guess I needed to steel myself to the probability that it would happen later and just deal with whatever happened.

As I went to pick up my purse, I glanced in the mirror. With each step I took, my breasts swung from side to side, not big swings, but enough to let people know nothing was constraining them. This was undoubtedly going to be an experience for me.

We pulled on our coats and, as we went out the door, I said to Laura, “You’re responsible for whatever happens tonight.”

She laughed.

“You’ll either smack me or thank me.”


Laura dropped me at the door of the Masonic lodge where the reunion/prom was being held. Lurking in the back of my mind was the urge to text my sister right away to come get me. I was struggling with another urge that Laura had created with her talk and the way she had me dress. I took a deep breath and vowed to let Laura’s way win, no matter what…and that made me tremble as I went through the door.

I checked my coat, took a second deep breath, and followed the signs to the ballroom.

“Oh my gosh, is that you, Caitlyn?” Eileen Beresford, one of my best friends from high school days, stood, arms spread, eyes wide, and smiling.

“It’s me, Leeny,” I answered, returning her smile.

“You’re looking good, she replied, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Thanks. This is my sister’s work.”

“Well, the face and body I’m seeing isn’t your sister’s work.”

I knew I was blushing, probably the first of many times this evening.

“Thanks again,” I said as humbly as I could.

“You here with anyone?”


“Let’s grab a table and sit together so I can enjoy all the guys who stop by to drool over you,” Eileen said, chuckling.

“I’m not going to sit with you if you’re going to keep teasing me,” I said, laughing. Leeny and I had teased each other mercilessly during our high school years, and it seemed to be continuing despite the five-year interruption. We had somehow missed each other on Facebook, but I was excited to see her again.

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