Caleb 20 Back to School

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Authors note:

Many thanks once again to Neuroparenthetical, my most amazing editor who relentlessly teases out what I hope is a decent story from the half baked drivel I send to him

As always – I’ve fiddled with it, so any errors left are mine, and deliberate attempts to get you to leave comments if only to complain.

Having said that – on with the show.

Caleb 20 – Back to School

Josh and Louise came back Sunday afternoon. They had had an enjoyable time with her parents, but since her parents were a little ‘old fashioned’ they had not been allowed to sleep together, nor had they had enough alone time to meet their needs.

They walked through the door and straight into their bedroom. The noises emanating from therein indicated that they were making up for lost time. After a couple of hours, they showered and joined the rest of us. I could tell that although they had taken the edge off, neither of them was completely sated.

Louise looked at me, a question in her eyes, and I looked across at Josh. He also was looking in my direction, his need evident on his face.

“Josh and Louise want to play,” I sent to my girls. “Are you all up for it?” Amanda and Mary smiled, and even Jules showed a little interest. After her experience with Daisy and chatting with Amanda and Mary, she was less nervous about sex during her period. She indicated that she would be okay with Louise, but she was not yet ready to think about any kind of sexual contact with another man.

I sent them what I had in mind, and they agreed. Jules darted off for a quick shower first. She was still a little self-conscious.

I spoke directly to Josh and Louise. “One hour,” I stated. “Same conditions as last time. Do you agree?”

They both nodded.

“Say it!” I ordered.

“We agree,” they said simultaneously.

I compelled them to kneel on the floor in the living room and wait. Already, I could see Louise trembling with need. Had they not just come from their room, I thought Louise might have come already. Josh too, was tenting his trousers. Amanda, Mary, and I went and got changed into more appropriate clothing, then we returned to the living room and took our seats. Jules joined us a moment later. We turned on the television and began to watch. All four of us silently agreed not to share intensely through our bond; we didn’t want our two submissives having too easy a time at anything. Ever the irony with power play, the next hour really was more about Josh and Louise than any of us.

For the next five minutes, I ignored the pair, letting them know that they were not important. I could feel the anticipation building in them, but they were unable to move from the position I had left them in.

I sat between Jules and Amanda, with Mary on Jules’s other side.

I sent Louise to Mary, and Josh to Amanda. I Compelled them to approach, and beg to be able to offer oral relief. Once permission was granted, they were only allowed to use their mouths to complete their task. Then they would have to clean them up, again only using their mouths. Once done, they would move on to the next person in line. If, and only, if they managed to bring all four of us to completion within the hour, they themselves would assume a sixty-nine, in full view of us all, and bring each other relief. If not, they would not be allowed to cum until the next day. I also Compelled that neither of them was able to come until their mutual oral session.

Louise whimpered, and crawled across to Mary.

“Please mistress,” she said. I hadn’t Compelled her to use that term, but I guess she was embellishing. “Might I be allowed to give you pleasure?”

Mary, herself normally more sub than dom, looked down at her imperiously for a second before agreeing. Louise lifted the flowing skirt that Mary had changed into, and was delighted to find that she was not wearing panties. Louise gently spread Mary’s legs, and, leading with her tongue, began to lap and slurp at her slit. Mary sighed in appreciation.

“Dog,” I sent her. “Play it up a little bit. She’s a total freak. I honestly don’t think anything dominant would be too far.”

I could see Mary mulling it over for second before giving a shrug and a humorous ‘okay, why not?’ expression. She reached her hand down and began petting Louise’s head. “That’s a good little bitch,” she said. “Get my scent on all over your cute little face. Good girl. Lap me up.”

Louise’s aura flared purple, and she moaned in complete surrender, redoubling her efforts on the delicious peach in front of her. Mary may not have been much of a sexual dominant, but there was something about the tone of her voice that really worked. It was smooth, seductive, stern, and gracious all at once. Jules was surprised by the sudden turn, but Amanda was practically cheering her twin on in her head.

Josh, by that time, had crawled to Amanda. Having heard Louise ask Mary for permission, he did the same for his first mistress of the day. Amanda playfully let him sweat for a moment, but granted it. She did make him burrow beneath her dress – without the benefit of his hands, per our rules – making him look even more like a hungry, curious dog than his girlfriend did. He finally found his prize and did his best to burrow into it, much to her obvious pleasure. Amanda, much more naturally dominant than her sister, firmly took Josh by the head and gyrated her hips, rubbing her pussy all over his face and coating it with her juices. What Mary had mostly accomplished with words, Amanda quickly and effectively accomplished with action. Josh’s aura flared purple, just like Louise’s had moments before.

I realized, given our seating positions, that it was likely I would end up with Josh sucking my cock, since Louise would have to finish Mary off, and then Jules, before she could get to me. It was a complicated situation. I didn’t know how long Mary or Amanda would stretch things out, and I also knew that Jules was on a hair trigger. Louise had a chance, I felt – not a great one, but a chance nevertheless.

I was also watching the clock. I contemplated cheating a little and controlling the timing of orgasms, but I decided against it. I would leave it up to the group dynamics, plus our submissive couple’s own skills, to determine who got to play with me.

Ten minutes in and both the twins were showing signs of getting closer. Both were holding the heads of their slave tightly against their pussies and were grinding hard. I could see Josh’s hands twitching, wanting to both ease his own arousal, and supplement his oral attention. I checked in on them, finding that Louise was in her element. Being used as nothing more than a sex toy was driving her insane, and had I not Compelled her not to come, she would have had at least a couple of orgasms already.

Josh was less wound up. He wouldn’t have had a hands-free orgasm as Louise would have. I did hear the thought that he was hoping he would get to me before Louise did. He was using everything he knew to get Amanda off – which made his inability to use his hands and fingers all the more frustrating for him. The race was on.

Mary broke first. With a cry of “Yes!” she arched her back, holding Louise’s face in place as she rode out her climax. Louise had been clever, placing her mouth over Mary’s pussy to catch any girlcum she shot out, thus lessening her cleanup afterward. Sadly, she hadn’t accounted for the volume that Mary came when she was wound up. For some reason, this exercise had gotten her very excited.

While I was obviously paying attention to pretty much everything – the clock most of all – Jules and I kept pretending to watch the television. I knew Jules was too horny to be genuinely engrossed by whatever show was on, but somehow she understood her part to play. She was suffering through it a bit, though. She was panting, and her nipples were standing out through her T-shirt.

Josh was still working on Amanda. She was proving to be a little more stubborn than Mary, although she was enjoying his oral skills immensely.

Mary sighed as Louise lapped at her legs and pussy, gently cleaning all of her cum away. When she was done, she placed a gentle kiss on her mons and pulled her skirt down using her teeth.

“Thank you, mistress,” she said.

“You’re welcome, puppy-girl,” Mary said, giving her a few last scritches on her head. “Maybe I’ll have more treats for you later.”

Louise practically whined. She desperately wanted to come, and Mary’s willingness to play along would’ve gotten her there all over again.

“Nice!” I sent to her.

“Cliche,” she sent back, “but rather fun regardless.”

When Louise moved to Jules, she once again assumed a sub position on the floor in front of her and asked if she might give her pleasure.

I watched Louise carefully. She would find out in a second that Jules was on her period and had a tampon in. If the thought of going down on someone in that condition repulsed her, I wouldn’t force it. I’d allow Louise to move directly onto me, and I’d ask either Mary or Amanda to take care of Jules.

It didn’t faze Louise at all. She noted the tell-tale string and dove straight for Jules’ clit.

I looked down at Louise, feverishly lapping at Jules, and seeing Jules reaction realized that this wouldn’t last long.

“Slowly!” I commanded, “You must make her last at least ten minutes.”

I felt Louise’s frustration at that because she was hoping to get Jules off quickly, but I wanted Jules to start being able to experience more than just immediate orgasms.

“Bitch, you think this is about you?” I shot at her. “Her pleasure is all that matters so make it good.” I swatted her ass with TK just to make the point.

Louise panted for a couple of seconds. Had the compulsion not been in place, that would have made her cum again. She regrouped and with a “I’m sorry, mistress,” began again.

Jules sighed as Louise gently manipulated her button. Louise’s tongue described small, light circles on it, and I could see that if she kept that up, she wouldn’t make the ten minutes. Louise also realized that and decided to try a different approach.

Louise nudged and whined at Jules. Jules looked down at her, confused. I took Louise’s intentions directly from her mind, and it brought a wicked smile to my face. I leaned over and whispered in Jules’ ear.

“Can I help?” I asked. “You can still tell us to stop any time you want.”

Jules looked at me. She was suddenly nervous, but still incredibly horny. Horniness got the better of her, and she nodded at me, her big, brown eyes pleading with me to be gentle. I used my TK to keep Louise at bay for just a moment while also using it to change Jules’ position on the couch. I drew her forward on the seat, then eased her legs upward, providing plenty of support so that she wouldn’t get sore or pull a muscle. I reversed my TK on Louise, nudging her forward with invisible pats to her butt. She moaned again, clearly preferring not to use human words unless she had to. Slowly and lovingly, she approached her new target. She and Jules locked eyes. Something truly intense happened between them without any words or noises at all. Louise begged and promised. Jules gave her her trust. With great care, Louise began to circle Jules’ anus with the tip of her tongue.

Jules’ eyes widened with the pleasurable sensations of having her asshole rimmed, warring in her mind with the ‘taboo’ she had about it. I watched them both for a second, ready to redirect Louise if it became uncomfortable for Jules, but after the initial shock, she seemed to relax into it and began to enjoy Louise’s oral ministrations.

A scream from my other side announced that Josh had finally conquered Amanda. She currently had his head trapped between her thighs as her back arched. I could see her juices running down her legs and also onto the seat. It was fortunate we had a leather suite. She held him there for another minute as she came down while he gently manipulated her pussy with his tongue and lips, trying to extend her pleasure. I gave him extra credit in my own mind for that. Despite wanting to move on, he was determined to give her the most pleasure he could. That hadn’t been part of the Compulsion.

He then began working on the cleanup, lapping up her juices both from her and from the seat beneath. Since a good amount of her cum had run down her ass, he ended up spending a few minutes lapping around her butthole, which, had he continued much longer, would have probably resulted in a second orgasm for Amanda. Finally satisfied Amanda was clean, he released her.

Meanwhile, her ten minutes almost up, Louise had moved back to sucking on Jules’s clit. In under a minute, the smaller girl reached her peak.

Since there would be no cleanup with Jules, Louise merely kissed her mons gently, nudged and mouthed her skirt down, once again thanked her. I eased my girl back into a regular sitting position. She was a bit out of it, but I bumped her gently, shoulder to shoulder. She got the message. She reached a hand out to Louise’s head and patted it, though without much confidence.

“Thank you – uh, I mean, you’re welcome? Good girl?”

She didn’t produce many purple streaks in Louise’s aura, but I could tell that Louise appreciated the effort. She rubbed her face lovingly against Jules’ bare thigh and gave it a parting kiss.

Both Josh and Louise arrived at me simultaneously. I looked at the clock. There were thirty minutes left.

“Please master, might we give you pleasure?” they asked in unison.

I ignored them for a moment, my attention apparently fixed on the television. They waited, unmoving.

I noticed that Jules and Mary were kissing. We had found that Jules liked to kiss and cuddle for a while after sex. Mary was more than happy to facilitate. Poor Amanda was left out a little, especially since Josh had started her off on a new climb when he had been cleaning her ass. I decided to help out, and set a TK tongue lapping at her asshole. She squeaked in surprise at first, but quickly figured out the score. She moaned in delight and brought her heels up onto the edge of her seat. She opened her legs wide and began to masturbate, enhancing her experience.

Mary and Jules both looked across at Amanda and decided to go help their ‘sister’ out.

I looked down at Josh and Louise, who were both kneeling in front of me, waiting.

“Oh, I suppose,” I exhaled, rolling my eyes.

I expected that they would dive on me, but they didn’t. Louise took my waistband in her teeth and tugged at my shorts. I’d chosen the right pair to minimize her frustration, and was generous enough to lift my ass up off the seat too. Once they were off, Josh leaned forward, bringing his face to within an inch of my rampant erection, and inhaled. I was reminded of Jules on the deck. He also apparently liked my pheromones.

Louise took up station on my other side and also brought her face close in. Together they ran their tongues from the base of my cock to the very tip, trapping it between them, before kissing around it. The sensation of what they were doing, combined with that visual, would have been my undoing had I not been able to block my own orgasm. I would have lasted less than ten seconds.

They released me from their joint hold, and Josh was the first to take me into his mouth. For a second he swirled his tongue gently around my head, before slowly but inexorably taking my full length into him. While his lips were pressed tight to my base, he swallowed, using his throat to stimulate my glans. Louise began lapping at my balls and then took one into her mouth, sucking gently.

Josh retreated, allowing me to slip from between his lips, and Louise was there. She moved, and this time it was her tight throat I was embedded in. She also swallowed while Josh nuzzled and lapped at my balls. Backward and forward they passed my cock, each time deepthroating me, and holding me there while the other would slather my ballsack with their tongues. I controlled my orgasm, but it was difficult – not in the sense that it took much power, but more in the sense that I steadily just didn’t want to hold things off any more.

I looked at the clock. They had fifteen minutes of their hour left.

I decided to allow them to make me come, and then get their own pleasure. I looked up to see Amanda enjoying Jules kisses while Mary was between her legs, sucking at her clit. My TK tongue was still squirming in her ass. I didn’t think she would last much longer either.

Josh and Louise were still taking turns deepthroating me and then handing me off to the other – well, as well as they could without hands. I was reminded of the ‘pass the parcel’ game with Daisy and I was starting to allow the build towards my climax.

I heard Amanda moan as she came once again, and that sound pushed me closer to my own release. My cock swelled even more and my balls tightened. Louise sensed the change, as she had my cock down her throat, and pulled back. I had no idea how Josh knew that this time was different from all the others, but he did. Once again, they trapped the head of my cock between them and kissed.

The feeling of their two tongues writhing around my crown finally sent me over, and I groaned as the first spurt jetted from me. Josh was the lucky recipient of that first shot, but they continued to shift, and skillfully kept one of their mouths over my slit for each of the spurts that followed.

Once I was completely drained, they separated, each swallowing their share of my load before spending a few minutes cleaning me – not that they had actually missed anything. I remembered to stop the TK tongue working on Amanda’s ass, as she was coming down from her own orgasm.

“Thank you, Master,” Josh and Louise intoned. I gave them permission to use their hands to help me redress; post-orgasm, the idea of them fumbling around with their mouths just seemed silly, not sexy. I checked the clock again. There were five minutes left of the hour.

“You may now pleasure each other,” I said.

They shed their clothes like they were on fire, neither showing the slightest hint of embarrassment. Josh laid down on the rug and Louise climbed aboard, ramming her pussy, which was already streaming with her arousal, onto his eager mouth. She hilted his cock down her throat, pulling him into her as though she wanted to swallow him whole.

Neither of them was going to last, and with mutual muffled shouts, they both came. Louise kept Josh buried in her throat. From my angle, I could see his balls writhing and twitching as he pumped his load of spunk straight into her stomach. His hands were on the back of her head, holding her in place as he jerked and writhed, trying to force himself deeper into her.

She, in turn, was grinding his head into the floor, mashing her pussy onto his face as she spasmed. Neither had had the chance to do anything other than bring their mouths to bear.

For a long time, they both just lay there, and I was starting to become worried that Louise would suffocate on his cock. She finally drew back, though, allowing his softening meat to escape her throat, and she pulled in a deep breath. I dropped the Compulsion, and she rolled off and laid on the floor next to him. Neither seemed embarrassed to be naked in front of the rest of us. Amanda had redressed, and Mary and Jules had retaken their seats. I Edirne Escort enjoyed a few minutes of kissing with Jules before deciding that I was hungry. It was time for dinner.

“You guys okay?” I asked.

Josh lifted his head slightly to look at me. “I think so,” he said.

“Lou?” I asked.

“That was amazing,” she said. “Thank you, all of you. Jules, you have the cutest asshole.”

Jules went scarlet, but then looked at me, put her arm around my neck, and said, “He is rather cute, isn’t he?”

Everyone laughed while I glowered at her. She grinned at me.

“I’ll get you for that,” I said to her and then turned back to the two naked people on the floor. “Dinner in twenty minutes,” I told them. “You don’t have to ‘dress’ for dinner, but you do have to be wearing some clothes.”

I went into the kitchen to begin cooking.

Josh and Louise were equally amazed at my newfound culinary skill, although they didn’t know how bad I’d been before. My plans to start a hypnotherapy service at the college were intriguing to them. They both had friends that they thought would be interested – some to stop smoking, others to lose weight.

“I would go and speak to the counsellor before you start,” Josh said. “She might be pissed at you stepping on her toes, and also, you might need her help if you come across anything too deep for you to deal with. You never know, though. If you get on her good side, you might even get referrals from her.”

That made sense, and I sent her an email, asking for an appointment to see her the following day. I included my proposal for providing a hypnotherapy service. Despite it being Sunday night, she replied within a few minutes, saying she had a slot at eight thirty in the morning.

Maggie had also sent back her thoughts on the documents that we had sent her, and we created a new set based on her recommendations. I also made some flyers to put on notice boards. That left the question of where to set up shop. I didn’t know if I could rent a space from the university, or if perhaps just doing it at the house was the better idea.

Mary broached the subject of how many sessions per client I should aim for.

“Well, ideally, it’d just be the one,” I said. “If I screw something up, then of course I’d give them another, free of charge.”

“Wait, what?” Mary asked. She seemed both surprised and a little concerned. “Don’t you need to refresh the Compulsions for a little while, at least? Most smokers have strong cravings for months, even if things are going well.”

“Ah,” I said. “No, James and have been working on that. He taught me how to lock them in. It wasn’t something I could simply imagine, so it took some doing. It felt a lot like fighting with another powered user, except doing it to a Norm instead – or maybe to my own powers? It only works on powers themselves, you see, so I-“

She held up her hand. “A fascinating topic for another time, babe,” she said. “Let’s split the baby and say that a few sessions are to avoid blowing your cover. For smokers, I’d say at least two or three, spaced out however you like. They do some interesting things these days with radical aversion, so you could pass off your hypnosis as that – making them hate the smell and taste so much they literally can’t light up. Weight loss, I think once a month until the target, then at least one more to stabilize.”

“That’s a lot of extra money,” I said. I felt a little bad about it.

“You’re selling the real deal for a song,” she answered. “People would pay thousands if they knew for a fact that they could lose weight by magic and feel happy about the process to boot. You’re going to be saving the smokers more money than they end up spending on your sessions, too. A pack costs something like eight bucks. Even casual smokers will come out ahead a few years down the road.”

I mulled it over. She’d made a good case. The psychology, the math, and the need to exercise at least a little bit of discretion were all in her favor. I shrugged my concession. Mary patted my leg.

“Everything is a test, babe,” she said. “You don’t want to become world-famous overnight for fixing everybody’s problems… uh, overnight. Maggie and all the rest would take notice, and not in a good way.”

I had everything ready by mid-evening, and the girls had finished tidying the kitchen after dinner. They had insisted, since I had cooked. At the same time, though, I found I was starting to sympathize with Ness’s perspective. I imagined that Daisy may have rubbed off on me too. The more I cooked, the more I felt that the kitchen was mine, and that I ought to be in charge of everything. It wasn’t so much about enjoying the cleanup as knowing that everything was going to be done exactly how I wanted it.

We enjoyed what was left of the evening watching television. There was a slight interruption when I got a feeling of discomfort from Ness.

“Ness?” I sent.

“It’s starting again,” she sent.

It was much more difficult from such a great distance, but I was able to successfully isolate and block the pain signals once again.

“How’s that?” I queried.

“Much better, thank you,” she responded.

The next morning, I was out on the deck at four, working my way through the katas and feeling really good. A good hour of training my Compulsion last night had made a difference. I guessed that you made the fastest progress initially, but then it became an exercise in diminishing returns as you did more and more training. My TK wasn’t really improving that much, and I was holding the hot tub for at least three to four hours every day while I did something else. I needed to stretch myself there. Wragge’s ‘napkin math’ involving his former squadmate suggested I hadn’t come close to my limit.

I asked James about it when he arrived just after six, and we discussed how I might improve my TK even further. When James told me I would have to look for bigger and heavier things to lift, I was reminded of the montage from The Incredibles where Mr. Incredible was bench-pressing a railroad car.

For a fleeting instant, I caught a glimmer of a poisonous green in his aura. That felt to me like deception. I made a mental bet with myself that he was going to ask me to drop my shields on some pretext, and then pull me into an illusion. I found myself wondering what I should do. I was much more confident in my ability to shrug off anything he threw at me, which then raised the question of whether playing along for a while might be more beneficial in the long run.

I decided to play it straight. Deceiving him about my capabilities felt like the beginning of a very exhausting gambit that I didn’t want to have to commit to for months or even years.

“Jeevan asked me to give you some anatomy memories,” he said. “He said it will save you a lot of reading.”

I nodded and dropped my shield. I reached out and grabbed the memories he was offering, and was about to reraise my shields when the back door opened, and the little girl once again appeared.

I jumped out of the illusion, checked my tells, and raised my shields.

“What?” he said. “How did you know?”

“Come on!” I said. “Every time you ask me to drop my shields, you try it. Every single time. If you got any more obvious, you might as well just tell me you were going to do it. Also, I saw it in your aura just before you asked me.”

“You did?” he asked, and I showed him the memory of the flash of poisonous green. He grimaced.

“I’m kind of running out of things to teach you,” he said.

“One thing you haven’t taught me,” I replied, “is how to generate illusions, and pull people in.”

He bit the corner of his mouth as he regarded me.

“I’m not supposed to,” he said. “Only a favored few are supposed to have that skill, for obvious reasons.”

I wasn’t quite sure what those obvious reasons were, but I didn’t argue.

“Okay,” I said. “I guess I’ll just have to figure it out myself.”

He grimaced even harder.

“Let me ask first, at least?” he offered, obviously more confident in my ability to do so than I was. I had been bluffing, and it seemed to have worked.

“You want some breakfast?” I asked. “I’m about the make the girls theirs.”

“What you making?” he asked.

“Probably something simple,” I said. “Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and croissants.”

“Sure,” he said.

I went in and grabbed a quick shower while he waited in the kitchen. When I came back, Mary, Amanda, and Jules were all sitting at the table. I grinned.

I was halfway through making the eggs when Louise walked in… totally naked. James’ eyes nearly fell out of his head.

“Morning Lou,” I said. “We have a guest for breakfast this morning.”

She glanced at James, totally unperturbed. “Oh, hey,” she said, “nice to meet you.” She grabbed two glasses of juice before heading back toward their room.

“Do you want some breakfast?” I asked.

“No thanks,” she said. “Josh and I are going in late, so we’ll eat in the cafeteria.”

James looked around the table, seeing no reaction from us to Lou walking around naked. It wasn’t as if she did it all the time, but it didn’t bother us in the slightest. He decided not to comment, and dug in to his breakfast when I placed it in front of him.

After eating, I checked the time. It was just after eight; I needed to get moving. The girls generously offered to clean up, and I thanked him. ‘My’ kitchen was just one item on a list of priorities and obligations that just seemed to keep growing. I got my things together and made my way to campus, to my meeting with the counsellor.

I knocked on her door on the stroke of eight thirty.

“Come in,” she shouted, and I entered her office.

I had met the counsellor on two previous occasions. The first time was when we had just talked Jules down from the roof, and then had come here to use her office to speak to Dianna. The second was when I had been hauled in and accused of cheating less than two weeks ago.

She was a small woman, somewhere in her mid-thirties, with a fuller figure and a matronly bust. She exuded confidence, but I noticed that she bit her nails.

“Caleb,” she said, “I read through your proposal and checked your state license. You know as well as I do that that means nothing at all with regard to your actual competence. However, I also know that you were very effective in talking Jules down off that roof, and I heard that you also provided emergency and immediate counselling to Bob and Angela after what happened at that party last term.

“Dr. Everson was very complimentary about your approach, and how effective and yet restrained your intervention had been. She said you left the way clear for someone more qualified to continue the work, without having to undo damage that you had caused.

“Can I ask, though, why the sudden interest in hypnotherapy?”

“You know I went on this intensive memory training course in the summer?” I asked, and she nodded.

“A large part of it was auto-induced hypnosis,” I said, shamelessly pushing a half-truth. “Basically, we hypnotised ourselves into working out ways of cataloguing our own memories. Some used mind palaces or journeys; others had other tools. They showed us many, but it was about finding your own way rather than trying to use someone else’s.

“We also worked on hypnotising each other, and I found I was very good at being able to induce a suggestive state. I don’t like the term ‘hypnotic trance.’ Once I had people in that state, I found I could give them suggestions that then carried through to their waking mind.

“Of course we had some fun with each other,” I said with a grin, “all previously agreed to and overseen by the instructors. I was a chicken more than once.”

She smiled at that.

“But it did give me an interest,” I said, “and, given my field of study, I wondered at the efficacy of being able to use hypnosis in helping victims or witnesses remember details of events more accurately.”

“My concern,” she said, “is that you will take on something that you have neither the experience or training to deal with. Smoking, dieting… stuff like that is fine, although you might have to be more cautious if you discover the patient has an eating disorder. I want to be certain that if you come across something that is above your ability to deal with, that you will refer them to someone with real qualifications, rather than trying to take it on yourself.”

I considered that for a moment.

“I can’t promise to refer on directly,” I said. “I know I’m not a doctor, but I take privacy very seriously. I can promise that I’ll strongly encourage them to seek out a real professional, though, and that your name will definitely be on that list.”

“Surely you understand the exceptions for imminent threats, though?” she prodded. “I’m not trying to downplay what you did for that young woman, but luck runs out. A lot of people in crisis become very good liars in the moment, too.”

I nodded. “Of course. I’ll even call nine-one-one myself if I think it’s necessary.”

She nodded back. “I guess that’s fair,” she said. “Where will you be ‘practicing?’”

“I haven’t located a space yet,” I said. “I will probably use my house, or even go to the person’s home or dorm room. If it’s a female, I’ll be asking them to bring a friend to chaperone. I did initially think of videotaping the sessions for safety, but I decided against it for confidentiality reasons.”

“Well,” she said, standing up to indicate our time was up, “thanks for coming in. It shows that you are serious that you made the effort to come and talk to me about it. I look forward to seeing if you make a difference. Who knows? If I hear good things, I might even refer you a client or two. One piece of advice: keep notes. Document everything. You never know when something might come back to bite you. Also, if one of yours does end up seeing someone else, then having proper notes will help in that transition.”

I nodded; it made sense. I would speak to Jules about putting together some kind of a secure digital repository. She knew far more about computers than I did, so it made sense to draw on her knowledge. I wasn’t worried about being able to remember everything I’d need to commit, but I knew I couldn’t go around giving memory dumps to Norm counselors and doctors.

I went to the cafeteria to meet up with the girls, putting up some flyers on noticeboards on the way. I ran into Sue and Gordon.

“Where the fuck did you disappear to?” she asked, almost pinning me up against a wall.

“I had a family disagreement,” I said. “Needed some space.”

“You could have said goodbye,” she pouted, and then noticed the flyers I had in my hand.

“May I?” she asked, and I handed them to her. She snorted. “Seriously?”

I looked at her levelly. “Have you ever known me to be anything else?” I asked.

“I tried all this,” she said. “It never worked.”

“Then you tried the wrong therapist,” I said confidently.

“You think you could get me to lose weight?” she asked skeptically.

“Definitely,” I said, “although personally I think you look beautiful exactly as you are.”

She grinned. “You already lost your ‘V,’” she said. “You’re out of luck.”

“I’m serious,” I said. “But, if you do want to lose some weight, then I can help. What’s the harm?”

“The harm is fifty bucks,” she said. I had decided that would be my session rate.

“I’m hurt,” I said. “Do you really think I would charge you?”

“Maybe you just want to get me all sleepy,” she suggested, “so you can have your wicked way with me.”

“Susan,” I said. I hardly ever called her that. “Give me an hour of your time, and I guarantee that within thirty days, you will lose at least fifteen pounds. Not only that, but you will enjoy the process.”

“If you make me lose fifteen pounds in a month,” she said, “I will suck your cock in the main hall.”

I looked up at George. “Wouldn’t George have something to say about that?” I asked her.

He grinned. “I think she is beautiful the way she is too,” he began, “but with the amount she moans about her weight, if you can help, one public blowjob seems fair enough.”

“Deal,” I said holding out my hand, “although I think I’d prefer some privacy.”

“What’s a deal?” she asked.

“You give me an hour,” I said, “then I make you lose fifteen pounds in a month. If I succeed, then you give me a blowjob.”

“I didn’t…” she began, looking at George. I looked up at him.

“It sounded like she did to me,” I said. “What about you?”

“Sounded like that to me too,” he agreed, grinning at her.

She looked back and forth between us. “Bastards,” she said. “Okay then, but if you fail, you BOTH have to spend an evening eating my pussy!”

I looked at George. He didn’t seem too displeased with that either.

“I don’t know,” I said coyly. “How do I know this isn’t all a diabolical chess game just to get your pussy eaten by two guys at once? I can picture you smugly downing a tub of ice cream while we’re lapping away down there.”

She snorted again, and rolled her eyes. She put her hand up like some kind of scout – boy or girl, I couldn’t recall. “Fine,” she said. “I do solemnly swear on our friendship, and my relationship with George, that I will really try to work with you to lose those fifteen pounds in a month, even though it means I might have to give you a blowjob.”

“Good enough for me,” I said. “When are we going to do this?”

“Tonight, after class,” she said, “You come to my room.”

“George needs to be there too,” I said. “Or someone else you trust.”

“My roomie Brenda will be there,” she said. “We’ll do a weigh-in, and then you’ll have an hour to convince me that you are not just full of piss and wind.”

We separated, and I continued to put flyers up until I met up with the girls at the cafeteria.

Since it had been at least an hour since I’d eaten, I had a quick snack while filling them in about Sue before we all went to our classes.

At lunchtime, I asked Jules about keeping computerized records safe and secure. She showed me how to set up an encrypted drive that would automatically upload to the cloud. That way, if I lost my computer, not only would the records not be accessible to anyone, but I also wouldn’t lose the data either.

“Ordinarily I’d give a lecture about remembering your password, too,” she said, “but I have a feeling Mr. Super Mind will be able to memorize some squirrel text just fine. Just remember that special characters are great, but absolutely nothing beats length.”

I was going to say something dirty, but she was ahead of me. “Don’t,” she said with mock-seriousness, “or I’ll have it tattooed on you down there.”

“You’re right,” I said. “I will definitely be able to remember some very long, very weird password without having to painfully etch it anywhere.”

She shook her head. “You have no idea how lucky you are sometimes, Caleb.”

I kissed her, and she sighed happily. “Lucky to know and love you,” I said.

She waved me off. “Okay, okay, fine, you’re off the hook. The universe isn’t, but you are.”

I left her grumbling about ‘saving some superpowers for the rest of us,’ and headed to my next class.

After all my afternoon classes were done, I made my way to Sue’s room. Edirne Escort Bayan Sue and Brenda were waiting for me.

I took out my laptop, and made Sue read and electronically sign my waiver. I told her that the counsellor had told me that I would lose my state license if I didn’t get that document for each person.

She weighed in at one-hundred sixty-five pounds in her underwear. She was remarkably blasé about stripping off in front of me.

“How tall are you?” I asked.

“Five-six,” she answered, and I looked up the weight table.

“According to this,” I said, “your ideal weight is about one-thirty, but should we aim for one-forty at first?”

“I thought you said fifteen pounds?” she said.

I smiled at her. “I want you to get to where you feel good about your weight,” I said. “I’ll be collecting on my blowjob if we hit fifteen, never fear, but I’m not content to stop there. When you reach the size you want to be, then we’ll move on to keeping you there.”

Brenda stared at me. “Blowjob?” she asked. I grinned and explained the bet. She laughed. “Can I watch when you and George have to pay your dues?”

“Are you betting against me?” I asked. She nodded. I looked at Sue.

“How about this, then,” I suggested. “If I lose, you can watch, but if I win, you blow George while Sue blows me.”

“That’s not fair,” she said. “I’d only be watching. If I’m giving a blowjob if I lose, I want something more if I win.”

“Then whoever is not eating my pussy,” said Sue, “will be eating yours.” She offered me an evil grin. “Do you have the stones for it?”

“Deal,” I said, “although you will have to explain to George.”

“Okay,” she said. “Stop stalling. Let’s get this done.”

I got Sue to sit in her desk chair, her back to Brenda. I sat on the edge of her bed.

“I want you to count back slowly from one hundred” I told her. I made my voice as smooth and deep as I could. It did not impress her, but she played along. She’d promised.

“One hundred,” she began, and as she counted, I told her she would be feeling sleepier and falling into nice, restful state – all the standard stuff you hear on the television shows. While I was doing that, I slid a tendril into her mind. I Compelled her to sleep, but to stay upright. After the number eighty seven barely, lazily slipped out of her mouth, she was out. I was sure she wouldn’t remember anything that happened out in the real world until I Compelled her to wake up again.

“Can you make her bark like a dog?” asked Brenda when she saw that Sue was out.

“I could,” I said, “but I’m not going to. She trusted me, and I won’t abuse that.”

“Spoilsport,” she said.

I spent a few minutes probing her mind and memories, trying to figure out why she was overweight. It was simple. She liked to eat, and didn’t like to exercise. Her favourite quote was that one by Oscar Wilde: “I can resist anything except temptation.” She loved chocolate and candy, and all the wrong kinds of foods. George had tried to get her to go to the gym with him, but she had refused. She much preferred to sit in her room and wait for him to get back. Even during sex she was lazy, wanting to do nothing more than lie back and be serviced.

I tried putting some Compulsions in place – well, a lot of them, actually. While I didn’t feel as though they taxed my power all that much, I found myself struggling with how my Compulsion manifested. I recalled Jeevan saying that my ‘dreamer’ technique was ideal for healing; I realized, while working on Sue, that it was not ideal for implanting commands, patterns, routines, and reactions into a subject.

I struggled to ‘imagine’ longer-term situations and habits. I thought about clock hands spinning, calendars flipping, and even seasons changing. I tried to keep that in my mind as a background visual while in the foreground imagining what I wanted Sue to do – and not do – on a regular basis.

“So uh…” Brenda interjected after a few long moments of awkward silence.

“Shhh!” I snapped. I sighed, losing the visuals. “Sorry,” I said. “I’m trying to figure out the precise wording. I don’t want her accidentally eating six tons of celery or anything. That would be bad.”

“Um, what?” she asked. “You make it sound like brainwashing.”

I shook my head. I had made it sound that way. “She likes to eat,” I said bluntly. “I’m not judging. It’s just a fact. If I’m imprecise and tell her to just eat healthier, she may decide to chow down on stuff that’s technically healthier all day long. I need to suggest portion control, healthier foods, and some exercise too. It’s a lifestyle change. It’s complicated.”

“Geez,” Brenda said. “Sorry. I’ll just sit here in awkward silence, then.”

I gave her an apologetic look. “If you think Sue’s in danger at any point, you can absolutely cut in. If not, though, I really would appreciate the time and silence to work this out properly. For her.”

She shrugged. “Okay, dude,” she said. “Honestly, I’m more worried right now that you seem to have drunk your own Kool-Aid, but as long as you don’t start getting super weird about it, I can give you your hour.”

“Thanks,” I said. I tried not to sound too annoyed.

I closed my eyes and returned to the task at hand. I resummoned the visuals indicating that time was passing. I then conjured up the image of Sue. I put her through a series of what I decided to call ‘examples.’

First, I imagined her eating exactly one piece of candy or sweet on a given day, and still enjoying it. Then, as the clock hands spun, I pictured her looking upon more of them with mild disgust, feeling as though she’d had enough. For good measure, when the clock had spun enough to mark a new day, I repeated the little scene.

That felt right, somehow. I almost felt something click in Sue’s mind.

With a bit more confidence, I constructed similar visuals for the remainder of my planned Compulsions. I imagined her eating small portions of other foods she enjoyed, but then preferring healthier options for the rest of the day. I conjured up calorie counts floating ethereally above her head, and imagined her being able to roughly sense when she’d had enough food overall for the day. I further imagined new affinities for water, tea, and black coffee, and a mild, general aversion for the sugary drinks she’d been slugging almost constantly. She’d stay properly hydrated, and would veer more towards just water as each day came to a close – with the possible exception of one hot cup of tea before bedtime. Throughout all the visuals, I maintained one constant: healthy decisions would make her feel good about herself. I pictured her smiling when she chose healthy foods over the usual snacks, taking a deep breath of crisp, clean air, and sighing in contentment. She’d get that instant bump of positive reinforcement that was so sorely lacking from most good habits.

After that, I moved on to exercise. That was easier, because I could already imagine it as more of a story that unfolded over days and weeks. I imagined her getting motivated to start walking, and feeling restless if she didn’t get at least four or five miles in every day. Then I imagined her dropping some weight and getting fitter as the days passed. Eventually, she’d express an interest in joining George at the gym, and would take his advice on which machines to use and how. She’d balance that with her walking, and find the new overall routine quite enjoyable.

Finally, my discipline broke. With a wicked grin, I imagined one more part of her routine. Every week, she’d weigh herself privately. If she’d found she’d lost four pounds or more, she she’d have a tremendous orgasm. I contemplated blocking her suspicions that the horniness and orgasms had anything to do with me, but then I remembered that Sue was Sue. I figured she’d be cool with it, and I did want to flex on her a bit.

I was sorely tempted to tweak her ‘pillow princess’ attitude, too, but I felt that that would be one step too far. I hoped that all the other changes might spill over to her sex life. I supposed it would be interesting to find out, if she or George chose to tell me.

After the hard work was done, I opened my eyes. Brenda was sitting on her bed, bouncing her crossed leg, somehow being quiet and patient in an incredibly bitchy way. She noticed the change in my posture, and we made eye contact.

“Okay,” I exhaled. “I think I’ve got it down.”

Knowing I had an audience, I made my voice smooth, low, gentle, and dominant again. I leaned in close to Sue, and began reciting my litany of ‘hypnotic suggestions.’

Brenda remained interested the whole time, though I could sense her disappointment that I didn’t add anything silly. I certainly felt silly. I was putting on a show when all the work was already done. I briefly wondered if I should invest in a fake beard and a stupid headdress.

When I was satisfied that I’d uttered aloud basically everything I’d already implanted – save for those orgasmic weekly rewards – I roused Sue from her slumber.

She looked at me. “Is that it?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Did he do anything weird to me?” she called over to Brenda.

“This whole thing is weird,” Brenda replied, “but no, I guess not how you mean.”

Sue snorted and opened the drawer of her bedside table, pulling out a large chocolate bar. She opened it and snapped off the full top row of segments. Changing her mind, she snapped off a single segment from that row and popped it into her mouth. Then she placed the rest back in the wrapper and put it away.

Brenda gasped.

“What?” asked Sue.

“I have never seen you put away chocolate before,” she said.

“I’m just not in the mood,” Sue said.

“Holy shit…” Brenda muttered. The look she gave me was something else. Her aura was a mix of pretty much every color in the rainbow – but not purple. I was almost taken aback by its absence, given how the rest of my life had been going, but decided that it was for the best. Brenda hadn’t made the greatest of first impressions on me.

I bade them both goodnight and went home.

I picked up a couple more ‘clients’ through the week, both of whom wanted to stop smoking. Compared to my session with Sue, I found those Compulsions to be easy to imagine and implant. I set images of them outright hating everything about smoking against clocks spinning at full tilt and calendars tearing off into infinity. It was a little more difficult to imagine them not suffering from withdrawal symptoms. In the end, I availed of cartoon imagery. First, I imagined a version of them suffering in a comical, exaggerated way inside of a thought or dream bubble, and then imagined a big red ‘X’ striking through those images – all while a smug, confident version of them stood alongside, with those thought-bubble dots connecting them to their exed-out counterpart, shaking their heads and saying things like, “Nope, not me! I’m fine!”

It was gratifying to see good results immediately. Both of them stopped smoking the very day of their appointments, and the next, they excitedly reported to me that they weren’t feeling any cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

The following Monday, I got a text from Sue.

_You bastard what did you do to me?

I grinned.


¬_I weighed myself just now. I’ve lost five pounds. Then I came!!!

_I told you that you would enjoy the process

¬¬_Is that going to happen every week?

_If you lose enough weight that week, yes!


She followed that last with a row of grinning face emojis.

News of the success of my sessions spread quickly, and I was starting to attract more business. The next week I stopped seven people from smoking and set another four on the path to a healthier way of life. Aside from the training, that was an extra five hundred and fifty bucks in my account. My bank balance was starting to move in the right direction – though my food budget did increase a little bit more too.

My phone beeped on the following Monday.

_Another four pounds. This was followed by another row of grinning face emojis.

I ran into Sue and George in the Hall later that day. She was looking good. George was grinning widely.

“Where are you two off to?” I asked.

“Sue is coming to the gym with me,” George said. “She started on Saturday. She seems to like the treadmill.”

I snorted. “She likes gawking at all those buff men,” I said.

Sue grinned. “I don’t know why I never thought of going before.”

“Six pounds left,” I shouted after her, but she just waved me off.

The next week was disappointing.


I didn’t reply. She was only three pounds from my initial target, and she would easily make it. I saw her in the Cafeteria at lunch and checked that my Compulsions were still in place. They had been locked off, as James had taught me, and they were still rock solid. They would would last until I, or someone as powerful as me, removed them. Quietly, I decreased her desire for candy to zero, and increased her walking distance by a couple of miles on her non-gym days. I also planted the Compulsion that if on her next weigh in she had made the total of fifteen pounds loss, she would be treated to another powerful orgasm.

On the Wednesday of that week, Jules showed me a poster that had been put up on one of the notice boards. A show hypnotist was on tour and would be playing the university that Friday night. She told me that she had seen him many times before and that his show was really funny. He made people do all the usual silly things. Since she wanted to go see him again, we decided we would all go.

Jules got us good seats. We were not on the front row, but about four rows back, and had a clear view of the stage. She was excited, and I loved seeing that. She was a little girl again, having a treat, and it was wonderful to watch. I hadn’t realised how big a fan of his she actually was.

Finally, the lights went down, and he was introduced.

A middle-aged man strode onto the stage, beaming at the audience. He went straight into his routine, spouting about how hypnotism was an art and that no matter what people thought, they couldn’t be made to do anything they wouldn’t normally do.

I wasn’t listening. I was watching.

He started recruiting people to the stage, asking for volunteers. I could see Jules was torn, wanting both to watch the show, and also be a part of it. I hated what I was about to do.

“Stay put,” I sent to her. “He’s not a hypnotist. He has Compulsion. I won’t let him control you.”

She looked at me, eyes and mouth wide.

I took out my phone and began to send a text. I sent it to Dianna and cc’d Maggie.

¬¬_At hypnotists show at the uni. Guy called Paul Newton. He has power and is using Compulsion in his act. Pls Advise.

Since I had turned my phone to silent, I was notified of the answer by a vibration in my hand.

¬¬_Do nothing. Observe. Protect innocents against abuse, but don’t interrupt the show unless someone is going to suffer real harm – Dianna and Agents enroute. Maggie

I watched the show. It could have been entertaining, had I not known what I knew. He had people doing all kinds of funny things: barking like dogs, eating onions thinking they were apples, all the standard stuff. Pre-powers me would have found it all hilarious. Now, I could only watch grimly, my appreciation of how easily someone with powers could abuse Norms making me shudder in horror. He wasn’t hurting anyone, but the potential scared me. At the end of the show, he removed all his Compulsion from his volunteers. I checked each one. He had left nothing behind in any of them.

He thanked them all and then left the stage to thunderous applause.

My phone buzzed again.

¬_Meet us backstage.

The girls and I went to the stage door, where a security guard was reluctant to let us through until I showed him my ID. He knew that the FBI was already there, having shown them in moments before.

I met them outside the dressing rooms – Dianna, and another agent whom I recognized but had never met before: Agent Sachs. He had been the one in my first illusion who had been tased and buggered by his partner. I wondered idly if he had heard about it.

“We’ll do introductions later,” said Dianna. “Let’s go speak to him. Girls, would you wait out here please?”

She knocked on the door, and the performer answered. “Yes?” he said.

Dianna identified herself and us, and we all went inside.

“Mr. Newton?” Dianna said.

“Yes?” he responded, clearly stunned by his dressing room being invaded by the FBI.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush,” said Dianna. “I work for a division of the FBI that monitors and polices those who have powers such as yours.”

“Powers?” he said. “I don’t understand. I’m just a hypnotist.”

“No,” she said, “you are not. You are a power user, and the power you have is Compulsion. We both know that, and the sooner we stop playing games and start being honest, the better it will be for everyone.”

“I want a lawyer,” he said.

“Why,” I asked. “What laws did you break?”

“Mr. Newton,” Dianna said, indicating a chair and taking the one opposite when he sat down. Agent Sachs and I stood back. “Having power is not illegal. You might just as easily make having blue eyes or blonde hair illegal. However, there are those with power who use it to break the law. It’s our job to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have a registry of power users, so when we become aware of one that was previously unknown to us, we come and talk to them. Many think that they are the only ones and that nobody knows about them or what they can do. Some think that because of that, they can get away with breaking the law and committing horrendous crimes against others. We need to know that you haven’t done that.

“If, as I sense, you haven’t, then you have nothing to fear from us.”

He looked from Dianna to Agent Sachs, and then to me.

“And if I have?”

“Have you?” I asked gently. I saw a flash of a little girl’s panties in his memories and a feeling of revulsion and self-loathing.

“Tell me about Deborah,” I said.

His eyes widened.

“Compulsion is not the only power,” Dianna said.

His eyes moved back to me, and he deflated.

He recounted how he had come into his power aged about six during an argument with his brother. After initially fearing its consequences he had figured out how to use his power to increase his own popularity, not by demanding it, but by entertaining people. By the end of his schooling, despite not being academically great, he had become one of the ‘cool’ guys.

It was a suggestion from a friend that had set him on the path of becoming a show hypnotist, and it made him a good living, although he had avoided becoming too high profile. He had feared exactly what was happening now, coming to pass.

Both Dianna and I had been watching him closely. We could see he was telling the truth, but also that he was stalling.

“Deborah?” I asked again.

He blushed, and recounted his most guilty secret. He confessed that aged ten, he had used his power to compel his then crush, to show him her panties. I could feel the wave of self loathing and disgust that memory Escort Edirne engendered in him, and I remembered my own, similar, feelings when I had realised I could use my powers to compel sex. It appeared we were not too dissimilar.

Once again, we both could see he was being truthful. Dianna looked at me. I decided to ask a question.

“Other than Deborah Foye,” I began, “what use of your power still makes you cringe when you think back to it?”

I knew that, like me, he had a strong sense of right and wrong. I knew that if he had ever abused someone with his power, it would be a source of shame to him.

He grimaced.

“I was getting bullied,” he said. “There are just some people, who, no matter who you are, because they are physically bigger or stronger, use that to intimidate you. He was like that.”

“What did you do?” I asked.

“I made him go give himself a swirly,” he said, his eyes downcast.

“You made him go flush his own head down a toilet?” I asked.

He nodded shamefacedly.

“Kids do stuff like that,” I said.

“I was thirty-seven years old.”

I couldn’t hold it in and burst out laughing.

“When you say you were getting bullied?” asked Dianna.

“We were in a bar, and he was making moves on my wife,” he replied. “When I told him to back off, he threatened to beat me down. He was a big guy and, well.” He indicated himself.

I looked at Dianna, and her at me.

“Mr. Newton,” she said, “as I said, it’s our job to make sure that people with power don’t abuse that power to the detriment of those who don’t. There are some who have done some very bad things, and it’s our job to stop them.

“From everything you have told us so far,” she continued, “I don’t think that you have done that. You seem to be a genuine guy, making a living with what abilities he has. Not really hurting anyone. The volunteers in your show are consenting adults. They agree to be controlled, albeit they don’t understand the true method.

“I am going to ask you to come to our office tomorrow. We do need to do a full interview and review how you have used your power since you discovered it. We’re not interested in prosecuting you, only to see that you haven’t seriously hurt anyone. If what you told us is true – and believe me, we’ll know if it isn’t -you will be fine.”

“And after?” he asked. “What happens then?”

“When we are satisfied,” she said, “you go on your way and live your life. Now that you’re on our radar and we’re on yours, you’ll need to be on your best behavior. Other than that, you can just carry on.”

“So, I can still do my show?” he asked, looking surprised.

“Of course,” she said. “It’s entertaining, and people like to watch other people being humiliated. What’s stranger to me is that some people enjoy being humiliated in front of others, but it’s not for me to dictate people’s tastes. You seem to have been able to control your urges. As long as you continue to do so, and nobody gets hurt, then have at it. You’re not breaking any laws, but for obvious reasons, we like to know who has power, and what they are doing with it.

“We will be checking in with you from time to time, both to make sure you aren’t straying, and also to ensure that you yourself haven’t been targeted by a more powerful user. There are some users who like to ‘recruit’ weaker users, either by Compulsion or coercion. Your skills would be both very powerful and very damaging in the wrong hands.”

“Nobody could make me do something like that,” he said, and Dianna looked at me and raised her eyebrow.

The next thing he knew, he was on the floor bleating like a lamb. I kept him there for about ten seconds before releasing him.

He got to his feet shakily.

“I apologize,” I said, “but you needed to know that even you are as vulnerable to Compulsion by a more powerful user as your ‘volunteers’ are to you. You may not want to do it, but you may be left with no choice. With the greatest of respect, your power is relatively weak. It’s not just about monitoring you. It’s about protecting you, too.”

Dianna gave him her card. “Please come in tomorrow,” she said. “Would ten in the morning suit you?”

He nodded. He still looked nervous.

She put her hand on his shoulder, using her power to soothe his nerves. “You will be fine,” she said. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” She turned to leave.

“One more thing,” I said, and they both looked at me.

“My girlfriend is a fan,” I said. “Any chance she can have a picture with you?”

Dianna rolled her eyes.

Jules was pleased to get a picture with the Hypnotist, but I think she wasn’t quite as much of a fan as she had been at the start of the evening. His being a power user seemed to have diminshed him in some way.


“Big day tomorrow,” said Mary to me on Sunday night.

“Really?” I asked. “Why?”

“You finally get the blowjob from Sue,” she said with a grin.

I grimaced. “To be honest,” I said, “I’m not really looking forward to it. Sue and I have been close friends since I got here. Before I met you guys, she was my closest friend. She still is a very good friend, and I don’t want to spoil the relationship we have.”

“Have you spoken to her about it?” asked Jules.

“No,” I said. “I’m scared to lose her friendship. Whichever way I turn, I could lose. If we go ahead, it could ruin it, and if I say I don’t want to, she could feel rejected, and once again it’s ruined. I wish I had kept my big mouth shut.”

“If I remember correctly,” said Jules, “it was her that said she would suck your cock. As much as she protests, she wants at least a taste of you.”

“Would you like us to talk to her for you?” offered Amanda.

I shook my head. “That could look worse. She has issues with her weight. Having my three perfect girlfriends rubbed in her face might not help.”

“Aww,” said Amanda, “you say the sweetest things.”

The next morning, I was dreading the text. She had been weighing herself at exactly eight in the morning. But today she was late. It was nearly ten after and nothing.

Then my phone beeped


¬¬_Are you okay?

¬_I came so hard I passed out!!! Get your ass over here straight after class tonight. I’m going to suck your balls out of the end of your cock!!!!!

Immediately after I got another text. This time from George.

¬_Sue says if you are not at hers straight after class – I’m to come to get you.

“I guess that answers that,” said Jules, looking over my shoulder. She kissed my cheek. “Don’t overthink it. For once, be a typical guy. Go enjoy getting some free head.”

I was nervous for the entire day. Several times I pulled out my phone to text Sue and cry off on some pretext or another. When I came out of my last class, George was waiting for me.

“Seriously?” I said, and he laughed.

“I thought we could talk,” he said, “before we see Sue.”

We started walking.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I let my mouth run away with me…”

“Caleb,” he said, “Sue has wanted to get into your pants since the day you met. Why do you think she kept offering to take your ‘V’ card?”

“But she said…”

“I know what she said,” he said. “She was scared that she’d frighten you off – that she’d lose you as a friend, because believe it or not, she values your friendship more than she wants your dick.”

“But what about you?” I asked.

“I don’t want your dick,” he said flatly, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“You know what I mean,” I said.

“I know that Sue and I are good,” he said. “So good that she had no qualms with allowing Brenda to give me a blowjob while she does you – thanks for that, by the way. Sue knew exactly what she was doing when she made that bet, because she knows you. She knows that you wouldn’t say you could do something unless you were certain. It was a win-win for her. She got to lose the weight she had always wanted to, and also get a chance at you, guilt-free.”

“How is it guilt-free if everyone knows it was a setup?” I asked.

“Because Sue doesn’t know that I’m talking to you,” he said. “She sent me here to make sure you don’t cry off. I love Sue, and she loves me, but she needs this. She could fuck the entire football team for all I care, as long as she came home. Please, Caleb, give her this?”

Having guys beg me to have sex with their girlfriends, wives, and daughters was getting weirder every time it happened, not less. Reflexively, I checked for illusion, and then Compulsion on him. Of course, there was none.

“Now,” he said, a half-smile on his face, “is the condemned man going to go willingly, or am I going to have to carry him?”

“Just you try,” I growled at him, grinning to show I wasn’t serious. “Muscles or no, it would be a mistake taking on the school wrestling champion.”

“Pah, wrestling!” he said. “It’s just an excuse to stick your face into each other’s crotches. You’re only there for the grab ass.”

“If you think that,” I said, “maybe you and I should get in the ring one afternoon.”

He grinned. “If you want a grope, just ask. No need to get all aggressive about it.”

“Are you flirting with me?” I asked. Sue obviously knew my sexuality, and I guessed from this conversation that George did too.

“Nah,” he said with a grin, “just diverting.”

I realized what he meant when I saw where we were. We had arrived at Sue’s dorm, and I had been too preoccupied with the conversation to note our location.

“I thought you muscleheads were supposed to be dumb,” I grumbled, and he laughed.

“Just get in there and get your dick sucked,” he said, “or whatever else she has in mind.”

“What…” I began, but it was too late. He had opened the door and pushed me inside.

Sue and Brenda were waiting, each wearing just their bathrobes.

George followed me, closing the door and leaning against it. There was no escape.

“Am I that scary?” asked Sue.

“You are not scary,” I said, “but I am a little scared that I might be about to lose one of the best friends I ever had.”

She smiled at me gently. “Caleb. Look what you did.”

She opened her robe and dropped it to the floor. Naked, she walked toward me. Sue was by no means skinny – still about twenty pounds over her ideal weight – but her month of walking, going to the gym, and eating better had all come together quite beautifully.

“I didn’t do that,” I said. “That was all you.”

She smiled. “You know, I think that is the first lie you have ever told me.”

“It was all you,” I said. “I just gave you a little bit of help. You did all the hard work.”

“And now I am going to do all the hard work again,” she said, taking my hands and pulling me toward her bed.

“Sue,” I began, but she put her finger to my lips.

“You and I,” she said, “will never be together. You have your harem, and I have my big muscle man. But we will always, always be friends.” She guided me onto her bed and undid my pants. By some weird sleight of hand she got me naked from the waist down before I even touched the sheets.

I still had doubts, but my ‘little friend’ was definitely interested in what was going on.

I looked across at Brenda. She already had George fully naked and was straddling his face while she suckled on his impressive eight inches.

“Sue,” I said, “I have a condition.”

She stopped trying to take off my shirt and looked at me.

“Go on?” she said.

I glanced meaningfully over at George and Brenda, and Sue looked over. When she turned her face back, it wore a broad grin.


Sue leaned in to give me only the second kiss we had ever shared. Her lips still tasted of cherry, but this was no gentle peck. Her tongue demanded entrance and wouldn’t be denied. I braced myself to be mouthraped by her, but once she got access she was incredibly gentle, exploring with a light touch and creating some wonderful sensations against my own tongue.

We parted and she began to kiss down my body, lapping at my nipples before moving further south and tracing the outline of my abs with the tip of her tongue. It dipped briefly into my navel before continuing the quest for my center.

She bypassed my cock entirely before settling between my legs and lapping at my balls. She pushed her face into them and took a deep breath, then shuddered.

“God you smell good,” she said, going back to her bathing of my ballsack and the skin behind it. I let her continue for a few minutes before I put my hand on her arm and tugged slightly, reminding her of the deal. I saw her face emerge over the spectre of my straining cock and she grinned.

“If I must,” she said, with the air of someone being asked to do an arduous chore.

In a very short time I was seeing an aspect of Sue I’d thought I would never get to experience. My face was mere inches from her pussy as she straddled me and got to work on my manhood.

She gripped me tightly in her hand and began giving my glans a tongue bath. Because of how tightly she was holding me – just short of it being painful – my cockhead was even more swollen and sensitive than it normally would be. She took advantage, teasing every millimeter of it before dipping the tip of her tongue into my slit. Then she took my head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it again. She had serious talent.

I decided I needed a distraction, or else I would be delivering up the goods far too early. I started to work on her pussy.

Sue didn’t shave, and had quite the ‘lady-garden’ going on, but even so I could see the meaty outer lips engorged with blood, proving her arousal. Already I saw dew collecting on them as her pussy leaked in anticipation.

I pushed her legs slightly further apart, bringing her pussy down onto my face, and tasted her. Her flavour was musky and tart – not unpleasantly so, but the only de***********ion I could think of to fit her flavour would be umami. I slithered my tongue the length of her slit, locating all the landmarks: her outer lips, inner lips, opening and finally her clit, which was the largest one had come across – excuse the pun – so far.

I suckled it into my mouth and began to give it a gentle tongue lashing, almost copying her movements on my cock. She moaned a little and pushed her hips forward, revelling in the feelings I was giving her.

Then it became a competition.

She pushed down, taking my cock to the back of her throat in one easy thrust. That didn’t really surprise me. I figured if she could deal with George’s eight inches then my ‘little chap’ wasn’t going to be a problem for her. I felt her throat flex as she swallowed, making lightning shoot up my spine and my balls tighten.

I sucked her clit completely into my mouth and trapped it there, using suction to make sure it was fully engorged with blood. I began a soft rhythm against it with my tongue. Judging from her reaction, I needed to be much more forceful. I upped both the pace and the pressure of my attack. Soon I was treating it like a boxer’s speed bag. I could feel her juices dripping onto my face. She began to wriggle her hips as I felt her start her climb toward orgasm.

She had lifted her head off my cock when I had started, but was still massaging my meat with a slow, deliberate beat.

Suddenly, she pulled her clit out of my mouth.

“Not yet, fucker,” she said, and plunged her mouth over my cock once again. This time she started sucking me, bobbing her head up and down at a moderate pace. She allowed her drool to leak out around my cock, and it ran down onto my belly and balls, soaking them. On each outstroke, she increased the suction and wrapped her tongue around my head for a moment before pushing deep again.

She tugged and stroked at my scrotum with one hand, and then I felt the other snake behind and begin to massage my taint. Once again, my balls started to rise, and I knew that if I didn’t do something soon, I was lost.

I ran my tongue the length of her slit, taking a quick lap at her clitoris, before traversing all the way to the other end and circling her butthole. She twitched at that. I noted it as a potential weak spot, but decided to hold off for the moment.

My tongue wandered away from her ass and into her pussy, sliding inside her. I pushed deep, then cheated. I used my TK tongue to cram her pussy full, pressing out in all directions and putting an undulating pressure on her G-spot.

“JESUS FUCK!!!! How big is your tongue?” she asked, throwing her head back at the sudden invasion and rush of sensations. I pulled out a little and thrust in again before relentlessly fucking her with my tongue, making sure to find and hit all the pleasure centres within her pussy.

She began to wriggle on top of me as her orgasm continued to build, my cock now forgotten in her hand as she rode my face toward her ultimate goal. I slid my hands between our bodies until I found her amazing breasts, kneading and palming them until I could find her nipples and begin my attack there too.

Sue had lost the battle. All she could do was hang on as I pushed her higher and higher, keeping my TK-enhanced tongue writhing inside her while my chin, lubricated by her copious juices and my own spit, rubbed and ground at her clit.

I had her on the very edge of the precipice, and decided I would use my power to hold her there for a short while. I wanted to give her a special memory, as I expected that this would be our only time together.

Sue was keening, all thought of me banished from her mind, as she searched for the elusive trigger that would tip her over the edge. But for my power, she had already surpassed her limit minutes before. She was Wile E. Coyote, having run off a cliff, standing in mid-air, eyes blinking and waiting to fall into the chasm below.

I queued up another TK tongue, knowing full well that in the melee of sensations she would have no idea where any stimulation was coming from. I simultaneously released her orgasm and shoved it deep into her asshole.

Sue screamed, her body locking up in a rictus of pleasure. Her face plunged forward onto my cock and she began frantically sucking at me as her orgasm wracked her. The action was so surprising that I had no defence and I arched my own back, shouting out as my climax hit me and I began shooting thick ropes of spunk down her throat.

I kind of lost track of what was going on after that. I wasn’t sure if it was the orgasm, or the lack of oxygen from having Sue’s pussy clamped down over my face. I may have even blacked out for a second. I released all my TK powers, so the pummelling of her pussy and ass ceased. When I next knew what was happening, Sue had climbed off me and we were lay side by side, top to toe on her bed, both panting heavily. Sue was turned to the wall, her back to me.

I turned my head slightly and could see George and Brenda sat side by side on her bed. They had either finished before us, or we had interrupted them. Judging by the mess around Georges cock, it had been the former. They both stared.

“Sue?” I enquired.

“Huh?” was all the response I got.

“You okay?”

“I am,” she said, “but you need to go now.”

It was as I had feared. I had broken our friendship. Sadly, I climbed off the bed and located my clothes. Neither George nor Brenda said anything to me as I dressed.

“Caleb,” Sue said as I got to her door. She was still laid on the bed, in the position she had been when she had climbed off me, facing the wall. “Call me tomorrow, kay? We need to talk.”

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