Call Me the Cunnilinguist

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I have had to change my name on this site due to annoying email password problems too tedious to detail here. But I wrote of some of my experiences under the name Prophet50, called “First Meeting” 1 and 2, and “The Party.” I hope you will check them out. I will now be writing under this handle, and I offer this submission for your consideration. Thank you for your comments and encouragement.

Call Me The Cunnilinguist

That is what the business cards say that were made for me by the lady who owns me sexually. You may remember from my entry, “The Party,” that she had molded me into a very skilled provider of oral pleasure for women. And occasionally, she would share me with her friends who have partners that are lacking in that area. Sometimes she loans me out for evenings or even entire weekend periods to satisfy one or more females who are in need of extended sessions of uncomplicated pleasurings. For a man who honestly loves to eat pussy, it is truly a slice of heaven.

This gave her the idea to make a more organized program of it, advertising the service on various online platforms, vetting the prospective clients, and scheduling my time. Generally, I’ll be sent out twice or three times a week. Certain rules she has put in place and has emphasized my absolute adherence to:

1. No money is discussed, displayed, implied or necessary. There can be no hint of illegality.

2. All activity is between consenting adults. The client agrees that this is a service she desires and can terminate at any moment. I agree to be directed by my mistress.

3. Intercourse is forbidden. My owner reserves that activity to herself.

4. I may refuse no request of a sexual nature from any female at any time. so long as it is not dangerous, illegal or harmful.

Discerning readers will detect the conflict between rules 3 and 4. I have no doubt this is intentional on her part. More on that later. My owner receives requests from the clients and gives me my marching orders. I am writing this to detail what my experience has been like so far.

In most cases, we meet at the client’s residence. A lady will be most comfortable in her own environment and be able to relax fully. Occasionally, we will use a hotel if she does not have the expectation of privacy at home. The client may remove whatever items of clothing she chooses. I am expected to immediately strip as soon as I am in her presence. Again, this enhances the client’s sense of security. She can be dressed however she wants, but I am naked. She controls the entire evening. If she needs time to relax with me first, we may share a glass of wine before I begin to attend to her. Most often, if we have had previous sessions, the client will want to get right to task at hand.

Here is one such recent encounter. This lady is a tall, fit brunette in her early 50s and a frequent client. She is a manager at a local business where she deals with many stressful situations. When we’re together, she likes to start out sitting in a comfortable easy chair in her living room sipping an adult beverage, usually still wearing her clothes from work. I kneel in front of her and massage her legs and feet. Uncrossing her legs is the signal to remove her panties and move my face between her legs. Approaching, I tell her repeatedly how beautiful her pussy is. In truth, all pussies are beautiful, but hers is especially so. She has very light skin and a trimmed, dark bush. I really enjoy when a woman maintains her pubic hair. Against her skin, it offers such a contrast that will then draw my eyes down to her treasure. And this lady truly has a treasure: darker skin around her vulva offsetting the pink within; full inner lips that are perfect for sucking; her pearl of a clitoris straining to emerge from its hiding place.

She spreads her legs wide for me and I lick my way up her thighs. No matter how eager a woman is for your mouth, never dive right in. I work my way up, kissing and licking everywhere between her legs. When I reach her pussy, again, I resist the urge to jump in by rubbing my face in her bush, then licking the spaces between her outer lips and her thighs. Usually at this point, I’m forced to stop and just inhale her scent. To me, the smell of an aroused woman has the same effect as opium to an addict. My head spins, I almost completely blank out. Nothing exists but the overpowering high I experience being so close to female excitement. This lady is familiar with my reaction and chuckles before placing a hand behind my head and pulling my face to her.

I Kuşadası Escort gently kiss her labia, as I continue to swirl in that all-powerful aroma. I kiss the length of her vulva, light kisses, quickly increasing in pressure. I should go slow, but by this time, I am wrapped in my hunger for her pussy. My tongue separates her lips, I dip down to gather the sweet nectar from her vagina. All women taste similar, but each has her own taste and scent.

I continue my kisses down her slit to below her pussy but not all the way to her anus. She will guide me there when the time is right. Back up her vulva, all the way to her clitoral hood. Her inner lips have swelled and caress my cheeks as I journey upwards. Gently, I let my tongue circle over her hood and then, teasingly, I search under for her jewel. Her clitoris has been swelling, too, with her excitement, and she is ready for me to spend time there. I lick all around this bud, touching, not touching, touching again. Now the urgency of her hands holding my head tells me she is ready to climb the stairs to orgasm.

But not yet. I know that, from previous visits with her, she enjoys being teased and edged to her first pleasuring. So I move my tongue down to her vagina, feasting on her sweet fluids. I truly love the taste of pussy and could stay there for as long as she will allow me. But now her hands push me lower, and I kiss my way down to her rosebud. I spend several minutes licking and teasing her tight opening, enjoying the gasps of surprise, the oohs and ahs of encouragement.

Soon the time for teasing is ended, and the time to really perform is now. I kiss my way back up, stopping briefly for another long drink at her love opening. Then I start to suck those magnificent lips into my mouth, careful to keep teeth out of the way. Her breath quickens noticeably at this point. While continuing my sucking of her labia, my tongue reaches her clit. I treat it to a vigorous licking, as I keep working her lips. Usually, she is rocking her hips, gently wiping herself against me. Then her first orgasm hits!

Explosive is the only word I can use to describe female orgasms like hers. It seems to come from nowhere, surprising us both. She is gasping and crying out in what I can only describe as the most beautiful music I could ever hear. Her thighs clamp tightly to my head, dragging me left and right as she seems to lose all control of her movements. I keep licking and sucking, wanting this orgasm to be the one she tells her girlfriends about. I have learned that if she starts to waver in her movements as if the orgasm is ending, that is the time to insert a finger in her vagina and search out her g spot. Also, if I can still reach her there, an anal finger is also a good idea. If I’m lucky and my timing is right, I will be rewarded by a resurgence of her orgasm, even more powerful. Or is it a second orgasm?. I can’t really tell. I’m just hanging on for dear life and trying to keep her pleasure going.

When she comes down, she curls into a ball and seems to be somewhere else entirely. This is my cue to gently kiss around her pussy, being careful to avoid her clit, which is usually too sensitive for more. I lick away the copious fluids all around her pussy and butt.

One important point that I must make clear here: While it may sound like I am boasting of my prowess as an oral expert, that could not be further from the truth. The real honor goes to these amazing women and their astonishing sexual capabilities. Men do not orgasm like this, only women do. With a partner who is willing to help her explore the heights of her erotic capacity, a woman’s skies are unlimited. So perish the thought that I am taking credit. I am merely using the tools and techniques I’ve been trained in by my sexual mistress.

Eventually she returns to earth. As is normal when I visit her, she rests for a while and then leads me to her bedroom. She prefers a round of face-sitting as our encounter continues. I lie on the bed and she mounts me, throwing a leg over my head and settling down. This lady know that face-sitting is a particular favorite of mine and that I am grateful for the chance to indulge myself.

No need for teasing now. She is warmed up and ready to make a night of it. As she sits on me, she spreads her lips to fit my whole nose and mouth between them. Rocking back and forth, she focuses her clitoris on my mustache and begins another round of pleasuring that doesn’t end until we are both completely exhausted.

Needless to Kuşadası Escort Bayan say, my erection is rock-hard and almost painful by now. Sometimes she gives me release with her hand. This night she is so pleasured out that she doesn’t even notice, and I leave her home still fully engorged.

But another of my owner’s rules is that, upon leaving a client, I am to promptly check in with her in person to report on our activities. Our usual routine is as soon as I let myself into her house, I undress and go to the bedroom where she awaits. Oral service for her comes first, of course. Like most women, she has an enormous capacity for multiple orgasms when her pussy is eaten, and I am treated to a generous helping of these special gifts.

When she is satisfied, I lie on my back, and she slides me into her. In this position as she slowly rocks her hips, I make my report. Of course, my penis sheathed in my sexy mistress’s pussy makes communication almost impossible. Her body commands my ejaculation before I have been able to speak more than a half dozen words. But eventually, the tale is told. My owner needs to know that her clients are treating her property with respect. She also is generous enough with me to make sure I don’t object to a return session with any client. I am proud to say that I have never given a negative report about any woman she has sent me to service. I’m lucky to get such a chance to experience so many different pussies.

Once I clean my mistress’s pussy with my mouth and made her come again if she chooses, my night is done, and I am dismissed.

Another memorable encounter was with a beautiful lady who my mistress said is a nurse. She is a slightly full-figured redhead with long hair down to the middle of her back. My owner said she seemed to be somewhat tentative in making the appointment. I would need to move slowly with her in the beginning. When we finally met, I could see the indecision on her face. So we sat and talked for a while. She asked me why I did this, offering oral sex to women I did not know. In an attempt to relax her, I acted as if I was somewhat embarrassed to be telling her about it. That is, of course, not the case. I am completely comfortable explaining to any lady what joy I would take in giving her oral pleasure. I talked about how all five of my senses are completely overwhelmed during cunnilingus. A woman’s body is beautiful, and her pussy is a magnificent sight. Her scent and her taste are over-powering to me, as I have already discussed. The feel of her slick wetness on my face, her thighs holding me in place and squeezing my head, are total joys to me. And her cries of pleasure are so much music to my ears.

I asked her why she had answered my mistress’s ad. She blushed and hesitated, but then she told me a tale I have heard so many times from so many women. None of her previous lovers were interested in her pleasure. If they did go down on her, it was clear they did it only because they felt they had to in order to get her to let them fuck her. They did not know what they were doing down there, and they took no time at it. They only cared for their own satisfaction. She had read in women’s magazines that cunnilingus is the best way to achieve female orgasm. So she finally had screwed up enough courage to try it in an unthreatening, uncomplicated way. I told her I admired her honesty and bravery. I promised I would not fail her, if she elected to continue. A gentle, almost imperceptible nod indicated her assent.

I stood and walked over to her. Clearly, she was counting on me to lead the way. I knelt in front of her and removed her shoes. She was wearing a knee-length skirt, which is what my owner always suggests to clients new to receiving oral. This way they can reveal or conceal themselves as they want. Also, there is minimal tugging and pulling of clothing that could destroy the mood. My mistress is a genius in the mechanics of female service.

I asked her if she wanted me to remove my clothes, and a shy smile and nod gave me permission. When I was in front of her again, I began massaging her feet and calves, running my hands up to just under the hem of her skirt, then back down. Kneeling before a beautiful woman and rubbing her bare legs is something I find very erotic, and my penis began to stir. I saw her glancing at it and her smile seemed to widen. With my hands just under her skirt, I asked, “May I go higher?”

“Oh, yes,” was her whispered reply. I continued my massage on her upper legs, paying special Escort Kuşadası attention to the very smooth skin on the inside of her thighs. In time, my hands brushed against her underwear. I looked up at her with raised eyebrows. Again, that simple nod was my signal to proceed. Slowly sliding my hands up her hips, I grasped the edge of her panties and pulled them down. She raised her hips to assist me.

I felt it was time to get her involved in the process, so I said, “Would you lift your skirt for me?” There was no hesitation, so I took that as a sign she was getting into it.

He pussy was lovely! Pink pubic hair in an attention-getting V on her mound, a sparse ring of fur circling her vulva, droplets of arousal pearling her inner lips. I started to get that aroused-pussy high from her scent, as I began kissing around on her thighs. Occasionally, I heard her sigh and giggle, as if she was surprised that this was happening.

Soon my nose was in her bush, taking in that musky, female odor that I love. I licked her outer lips and then dipped down to insert my tongue into her vagina. I was surprised at that amount of wetness that greeted me. She was definitely getting into this! I hungrily lapped it up.

All this time, she was watching me with an amused, contented smile. But when I stuck my tongue into her as far as I could get it, she let out a sigh and threw her head back, eyes screwed tight shut. Now one hand was gripping my head, urging me upward. The other was pinching her nipples thru her blouse. My tongue found its goal at the top of her pussy, her clitoris, and I gently sucked the emerging pearl into my mouth.

Suddenly, she completely surprised me by ordering me to lay down. She quickly mounted my face, all sense of embarrassment and shyness having disappeared. Now, she began rubbing her entire pussy against my mustache and beard, coating me with a copious flood of vaginal fluids. Each thrust of her hips was accompanied by a grunt. Grunts soon gave way to a high-pitched cry as she came. All during this, I was pinned beneath her thighs with her skirt surrounding us. I did my best to keep my tongue where she could ride herself against it.

When her fever had peaked, she seemed to jump back away from my face. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” she chanted for several breaths. Then she did the most unexpected thing. She slid down my torso and impaled herself on my erection.

“No, no, we can’t do this,” I yelled. “The rules!” I tried to squirm out from under her. But she had me pretty well pinned.

“Fuck the rules,” she hissed in my ear and continued her ride. Primed as she was, her next climax was vigorous and loud and drew the inevitable response from my over-stimulated body. It was all out of me in a flash as she began peaking again. At this point, there was no choice for me but to let her take her pleasure as she wanted. After all, I may not refuse a female her sexual desires!

After she had a few more orgasms, she seemed to be struggling to continue, rubbing and plunging on my cock with no result. I reached up to take her face in my hands, and she relaxed, laying down on me and straightening out her legs. We lay coupled there for a while until her breathing came back to normal and my wilting penis slipped from her.

“Wow! Wow!” was all she could say for several seconds, then she looked at me and said, “I guess I really needed that. I had no idea.”

“Keeping too much inside?” I asked. Her grin said it all.

The rest of the evening was spent in her bed. I cleaned her pussy of my come and licked her to several more orgasms. She had never had her creampie eaten and seemed to revel in, what she called, the nastiness of it. But I suspected that any future lover of hers would be introduced to it.

“I hope we can get together again, even if I made you break her rules,” she said sweetly, as I was leaving. I admitted that it would be up to my mistress, not me. But that I would be happy to service her again.

But now, I would have to report that I had broken one of my owner’s very important commandments. The look on my face when she saw me told her of my guilt. To my great surprise, she began laughing uncontrollably. As I crawled under the bed covers and began eating her, she got the story from me between licks. I wondered if, some how, my distress enhanced her pleasure. When she was finished, she smirked at me and said, “The rules are for you, not for the clients. They can do anything they want. You can’t. You have to follow the rules. They can fuck you. You can’t fuck them. Understood?”

“I understand,” I said, though I’m not sure I do, even now. To make rules which put me in a situation of stress, where no matter what I choose, I have chosen wrong… could it be that she is enforcing who is the one in charge of our relationship? What do you think?

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