Camilla Ch. 017

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Matotek drove Camilla home at about 7:30 the next morning. She insisted on going nude even after he offered her a T-shirt and shorts of his own; one must remember how he and Mr. Rudolph had torn her dress off the night before. He dropped her off in the basement parking lot by the elevator and drove away. She took her cell-phone out of her purse and called Candice.

“Hello?” said Candice.

“Hi, it’s me,” said Camilla. “Are you with your boyfriend?”

“No, he didn’t come over. I’m going to his apartment tonight, so you can have the place all to yourself and Grisham, or with whoever. Were you with him last night?”

“No, I slept with someone else. Grisham stood me up. Anyway, I’m home and getting on the elevator. I’m also naked. Can you get the door for me? Bye.” Camilla hung up and got in the elevator.

When Camilla got to her floor and got out of the elevator, she casually walked down the hall to her apartment with only high heels and bright makeup on. Her next-door neighbour, in the apartment after hers on the same side of the hall, was a man in his late thirties; he was watching her through the crack of his slightly-ajar door. She smiled and waved at him while Candice opened their door to let her in.


At school later that morning, neither Camilla nor the other girls wore their uniforms because now the regular school days had ended, and it was final test time. (The principal decided to be nice during these last few days of the school year, and he let the girls dress however they pleased.) Camilla wore a tight yellow T-shirt that her nipples poked out of (no bra), and denim Daisy Duke shorts. Already low-cut enough to show some buttock cleavage, they had a small triangle cut at the back centre where her anal cleft was, thereby exposing even more buttock cleavage, or ‘bleavage’, as Camilla liked to call it (she wasn’t wearing panties, either). To avoid getting into trouble, for most of the day she had her shirt tucked into her shorts, but when it was safe, and a teacher she liked was near, she pulled the shirt up and tied the bottom material of it to expose her midriff and ‘bleavage’.

It was her turn to do her French oral test with Mr. Leroy, and she went into his classroom. He had to leave the room temporarily, so she was alone there for the moment. She raised and tied her shirt to expose her tempting areas. She sat on her chair next to his chair and desk; she put the back of the chair to her left so he could see the ‘bleavage’ as she sat with her torso bent forward. She looked on the desk where his paper of questions for her lay. They were obviously prepared only for her, for antalya escort these were the questions:

Ou sont tes seins? (‘Where are your breasts?’)

Est-ce que tes cheveux pubiens sont longs ou coupes? (‘Is your pubic hair long or trimmed?’)

Est-ce que ton vagin est entre tes jambes? (‘Is your vagina between your legs?’)

Ou est ton trou de cul? (‘Where is your asshole?’)

Laissez-moi te toucher. (‘Let me touch you.’)

Trouvez mon pénis. (‘Find my penis.’)

Caressez-le. (‘Fondle it.’)

He came into the classroom quietly and closed and locked the door as silently as he could. She heard him coming, but pretended not to hear. Admiring her two inches of exposed ‘bleavage’, he got behind her and scooped her breasts in his greedy hands. She, of course, allowed him to.

“Oh, hi sir,” she said in ‘Dolly’s’ voice as she turned her head to see him. She acted as though he were a gentleman tipping his hat to greet her. As he continued fondling her breasts, she asked, “How are you?”

“Tres bien,” he said as he squeezed her breasts gently. He let go of them and sat down. “Let’s begin.” She started giggling ‘in embarrassment’. “Why are you giggling?” he asked.

She got up, blushed, and fidgeted like a little girl. “You know what I look like bare-naked.” She giggled some more.

“Yes, I do,” he said while touching her behind, feeling for her anal cleft. “You sure showed me everything last night at Luvlee’s.” Rubbing his finger along her anal cleft, he said, “This is really nice.”

“Thank you,” she said, and turned around to show off her buttock cleavage. “I thought you would like it. I know you like my bum.” She bent over, and he opened her buttocks at the top to get a look at her anus. “I saw your questions,” she said. “To answer them right, I’d better take my clothes off.” She straightened up, turned around, and unzipped her shorts, acting as if all of this were a standard part of a school test.

“Yes, you should undress,” he said as her shorts started sliding down her hips. She swayed from left to right while removing her shirt, which came off as her shorts touched the floor. Now nude, she kicked off her high heels. “Ou sont tes seins?” he asked.

“Ils sont ici (They are here),” she answered while fondling her breasts. When he asked the second question, about whether her pubic hair was long or trimmed, she answered, “Recemment coupes (Recently trimmed),” while running her fingers through her pubic hair. As he asked the third question, about if her vagina was between her legs, she got on his desk and spread her legs. “Oui,” she answered as she opened her vagina lara escort for his hungry eyes. She looked back at those eyes with an ‘innocent’ expression on her face, as if she were simply showing him her homework.

“Ou est ton trou de cul?” was his next question. She got up on all fours on his desk with her behind pointing at his face. Opening her buttocks wide so he could see her anus, she said, “Ici, entre mes fesses (Here, between my buttocks).”

“Laissez-moi te toucher,” he said while fingering her vagina and anus.

“Pas de problème (No problem),” she said in sighs.

“Trouvez mon pénis,” he said in pants. “Caressez-le.” She got off the desk, stayed bent over before him with her legs wide open so he could see her anus and vulva, and unzipped his pants. She put her hand in, slipped it under his underwear, and stroked his half-erect penis.

After a few minutes of pleasurable petting, and Leroy’s tongue dancing on her vagina and anus to the point of near orgasm, suddenly someone was heard trying to open the locked door to Leroy’s classroom.

“Why’s this oral test taking so long? There are other students waiting,” Ms. Callahan demanded to know. “Why’s the door locked?”

“It isn’t,” Leroy said while zipping up his pants. Camilla reached for her clothes. “Something’s wrong with it; it’s hard to open sometimes.”

“Nonsense,” Callahan said. The sound of tinkling keys was heard. “I’ve never had a problem with this door.”

Camilla frantically put her T-shirt on. Leroy held her shorts for her as she put each leg in them.

A key was heard slipping in the keyhole as Camilla was pulling up her shorts. The door was thrown open quickly. When Ms. Callahan finally saw what was going on, Camilla was dressed, except she was zipping up her shorts. Her shoes weren’t on, either.

“Getting dressed, Camilla?” Callahan asked.

“No, just adjusting my zipper,” Camilla said indignantly as she started putting her shoes on.

“Why aren’t your shoes on?” Callahan inquired with smile of suspicion.

“My feet were sore, so I took ’em off,” Camilla said, even more defensively. “Do you mind?” Camilla stormed out the the classroom in a huff. Bitch, she thought. Callahan just smiled as she let the next boy in Leroy’s room for his oral test. “Carry on, Monsieur Leroy.” She, still smiling, closed the door and walked away. Leroy just shook in his seat.


That afternoon between tests, Camilla met Leroy in the hall. “That was a closer shave than my pubes,” ‘Dolly’ said of Callahan with a giggle. side escort

“Yes, it was,” he said. “We should meet tonight. Come to my place. I’ll cook dinner for you.”

“You come to my place,” she said. “I’ll cook for you. My roommate won’t be there, and I can be bare-naked for you the whole time.”

“Sounds great,” he said. “I can be there around ten. Where do you live?”

She gave him her Luvlee’s card. “My address and phone number are on the back. I’ll see you tonight at ten.” She left him, and went to Mr. Pierce’s office. When she told Candice on her cell-phone that she was going to his office, Candice said she would be late; she was told to do something that would take a while–she didn’t know how long. Candice said she’d already checked the shower area for new hidden cameras–there were none–and that Mr. Pierce had been kept busy helping Candice doing what she had to do. They would both get to his office later for his ‘sexual penance’: Camilla would have to wait for both of them. They hung up.

She opened Pierce’s office with Candice’s skeleton key. She went in, and looked around his desk for any new burned DVDs of showering girls. There were none.

She’d been waiting for about three minutes before the door opened; it wasn’t, however, Candice and Pierce.

It was Ms. Callahan.

The drama teacher walked in and closed the door behind her.

“What are you doing here?” Camilla asked nervously.

“What are you doing here, I think, is the relevant question,” Callahan said.

“Waiting for Mr. Pierce,” Camilla said. “He needs me to…do something for him.”

“I’m sure you do plan to…do something with him.”

“You got a problem with that?”

“Yes, I do, actually,” Callahan said, locking the door. “I know what you’ve been dong with the male teachers here. I have proof of your slutting around with them. I have pictures of you with Mr. Hanson at Lehar’s and in a park–naked. I have MP3 recordings of intimate conversations of you with Mr. Grisham, and of you, Mr. Pierce, and your best friend Candice…’doing something’. It’s not fair, Camilla.”

Camilla started crying. “What do you want?” she asked.

“It’d be a shame if you and Candice had to be expelled and put in some kind of reform school,” Callahan said while approaching the sobbing Camilla. “So soon before graduating, and with such potential in you, Camilla, as a future university student, with your excellent academic record. It’s all so unfair.” Callahan put her hand on Camilla’s shoulder.

“What do you want?” Camilla sobbed.

“I don’t want you to get in trouble,” Callahan said ‘comfortingly’ with her arm around Camilla. “I don’t want to stop your little set-up with your teachers; I want to get in on it. It’s only fair.”

“What do you mean?” Camilla asked with growing suspicion.

“Call this ‘ironic punishment’,” Callahan said. “Undress for me.”

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