Camilla Ch. 019

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On Friday night, Camilla and Candice went out to a club called ‘NRG’ to dance. Both girls were wearing cleavage-revealing dresses that went down just a few inches below their crotches; they were hoping to find a man both of them thought would be appealing enough to share as a lover in a threesome. Their compromise would have been a man in his late thirties: they never found such a man that night, though plenty of undesirable men had tried to pick them up, and failed miserably. The girls had never been forced to say, “Fuck off”, so many times in one night.

“Well, another day of tests is done,” Candice shouted over the thundering techno. “And Monday is the last test day. Then it’s graduation in a week and a half, then summer vacation. Woo-hoo!”

“Well, I’ll still have to do one summer school class so I have enough credits to start university this fall,” Camilla said. “Trigonometry–ugh! But there is some good news: all my Monday tests will be easy–art, history, and phys ed. I barely need to study any of them, since my photographic memory will get me through them. In other news, remember that video I filmed of Callahan going down on me?”

“Dirty Harriet and her electric tongue?” Candice asked.

“Yeah,” Camilla answered. “I e-mailed the bitch, and added the video as an attachment so she’d know I have evidence of what she made me do in Pierce’s office. I told her to leave me and my men alone if she doesn’t want her job to be in danger. I don’t think we need to worry about her jeopardizing our graduation anymore. Still, if she wants to give me head again, I won’t mind, since she’s great at pussy-lapping.”

Candice pretended not to hear that last sentence. She said, “Yeah. Pierce sure enjoyed doing his sexual penance yesterday, didn’t he? The spanking you gave him turned his butt-cheeks into a pair of tomatoes! But what about Leroy? What a pervert, eh?”

“Yeah! Can you believe he actually has a shit fetish? Callahan’s a lesbian, Pierce likes sexual spankings, and Leroy’s into coprophilia. I gotta say, Candice, yesterday was the weirdest fuckin’ day of my whole life. Crapping in front of him really tested my insecurities about my body.”

“I didn’t think you had insecurities about your body, Camilla.”

“Well, last night I learned that I do.” Just then, Camilla noticed one of their fellow graduates-to-be walking around the club between her and the washroom. Like Akemi, the grade-twelve student was one of the girls who would frequently take furtive glances at nude Camilla in the shower area during gym class. She was a pretty girl, and Camilla in her awakening bisexuality was interested; so she made sure she yelled loudly enough so the girl would hear: “Speaking of toilets, I gotta pee!”

“I’ll tell the six o’clock news if you like,” Candice joked as Camilla walked in the direction of the ladies’ room. The other girl followed Camilla in.

Out of the corner of Camilla’s eye, she saw the girl follow her into the washroom. Camilla went into the nearest stall and closed the door without locking it; she hoped the girl would know the door wasn’t locked. She pulled up her dress, pulled down her white panties and sat on the toilet. “C’mon, pee. Hurry up,” she whispered, hoping the girl would know she was only urinating, not defecating. Camilla figured the girl wouldn’t have Leroy’s coprophilia, and that Camilla’s peeing probably wouldn’t turn her off.

The girl waited to hear the sound kaş escort of Camilla’s urine pour into the water of the toilet. Having drunk a lot of beer, the normally-shy girl was bold, and wanted to make known how she felt about her beautiful classmate. Camilla was simply waiting for her to open the door.

As soon as Camilla’s urine was heard splashing in the toilet water, the girl pulled the door open. Camilla’s legs were wide open so the line of yellow was clearly seen coming from her urethra; also clearly visible was Camilla’s labia minora. Camilla casually looked up at the girl and grinned at her as if they’d bumped into each other in a supermarket.

“Tina! Hi!” Camilla said in feigned surprise. “I didn’t know you were here.” Looking down at herself in the middle of her urination, Camilla then looked back up at Tina without a molecule of embarrassment on her face, and with a friendly smile said, “I’m sorry–I’m just about done.” Tina looked down at half-naked Camilla and admired her labia minora, pink curtains Camilla had opened up with her hand to display her urinary performance. Camilla finished with a few last squirts, squealing ‘Ooh!” with each little spray, then giggling. She took some toilet paper, wiped her vulva dry, got up and flushed the toilet. Leaving her dress rolled up for Tina’s viewing pleasure, Camilla then took a perfumed wet napkin from her purse and wiped her vulva, which was moist not only from urine. “I hate it when my pussy smells,” she said with a giggle, always pretending nothing sexual was happening. “Sorry to keep you waiting. I know you wanna pee.”

“I can wait,” Tina said; then she closed the stall door, and in her passion forgetting to lock it, she took Camilla’s head and brought it up to her face. Camilla allowed Tina to sink her tongue into Camilla’s mouth. They continued French kissing as Tina put her other hand on Camilla’s bare bottom, and Camilla dropped the used wet napkin in the toilet bowl. Camilla put her arms around Tina while Tina started fingering Camilla’s hardening clitoris. Both girls started audibly moaning. Tina pulled her tongue out of Camilla’s mouth and started kissing her cheeks. “Oh, Camilla…,” Tina sighed between kisses, “I’ve always wanted you…”

Suddenly the stall door was opened. The surprised girls saw Candice’s jealous face. “I should’ve known I’d not be your only girl, Camilla,” Candice growled, then stormed out of the washroom, with Camilla frantically pulling her panties up and her dress down as she chased after her hurt roommate. Tina just stayed there, in a confused daze for half a minute, before finally pulling up her dress, removing her panties, sitting on the toilet, and urinating.

Camilla couldn’t see Candice anywhere in the packed dance club, and she assumed Candice had gone outside; so Camilla went out to look for her. Not seeing Candice anywhere on the streets either, Camilla worriedly went to the parking lot where she hoped Candice’s car still was. She saw Candice driving away, too far away to hear Camilla shouting at her to stop the car. Camilla now would have to walk home or get a taxi, for it was already past 1:30 in the morning, and there were no buses.

Camilla, sulking, walked several blocks in the direction of her apartment, which was on the other side of town. She impatiently waited for a taxi to appear, but none ever came. She didn’t know any phone numbers for taxi services. Part gündoğmuş escort of her didn’t even want to take a taxi home, though: she still wanted a male lover, or two, or maybe even three…

Her wish, for good or ill, was about to come true. She was approaching a pub, across the street from which was an old, condemned building, when who fortuitously came walking out of the pub? Mr. Williams, her chemistry teacher; Mr. Johnson, her biology teacher; Mr. Burgess, her physics teacher; Mr. Langella, her art teacher, and Mr. Knowles, another art teacher who knew of her notoriety at their school. Though the lecherous men had had enough whiskey to provoke the desire, none had had so much as to take away the performance! They took one look at the provocatively-dressed girl, and, their inhibitions submerged under a euphoric ocean of liquor, they threw all self-control away.

“It’s Camilla,” a wide-eyed Williams growled with lust.

“All tarted up for our viewing pleasure,” Johnson said with a lascivious grin.

“Sing us that Trampauline song, Camilla,” Langella said as he ogled her breasts and thighs, wondering what treats lay hidden inside. “You know you want to.”

“OK,” Camilla said with an even mixture of fear and desire. “But where do you wanna do it? Whose home…?”

“Right over there!” Williams interrupted as he ran up to her, pointing to the condemned building. He picked her up, her screaming with fear and sexual excitement, and using a fireman’s carry, he took her across the road and into the old building. The other four tipsy teachers eagerly followed right behind them, that modern-day Zeus with his Io.

Conveniently for all of them, there was an old mattress lying on the floor inside the building. It was right by one of the windows, illuminated from outside by a nearby street light. They took her there and started taking off her clothes. She giggled with titillation and screamed in a combination of fear and arousal. Her vagina was a glass filled to the brim with lubrication. None of the five men knew what she looked like naked, and they were anxious to discover what sexual treasures she had under that dress.

“Guys, maybe we shouldn’t do this here, OK?” Camilla said with a nervous giggle, futilely (and half-reluctantly) trying to stop them from undressing her. Langella removed her high heels, and Williams unzipped her dress at the back while Burgess held her arms and Johnson and Knowles held her legs. “Let’s go to one of you guys’ homes instead,” she suggested, half-pleadingly. Her heart was pounding with terror, but her soaking-wet vagina was quivering with lustful expectation.

“No way,” Williams growled. “It’s happening here or nowhere.” He laughed as they got her dress off, revealing her lovely white lace brassiere and panties. “Check out those lovely undies!”

“Yeah!” Johnson said as he reached for her panties to pull them down. “Sensational!”

Burgess frenziedly got his hands on her bra clip, but his spastic, shaking hands made it difficult to undo. “C’mon!” he said in frustration. “I gotta see what those tits look like!” He finally unclipped her bra, and when Williams pulled it off her shoulders, her breasts shook with their new, revelatory freedom. “Ta da! There they are! Look at those two beauties!” Burgess shouted in victory.

Johnson pulled down her panties to reveal her pubic hair, still short from the shaving ibradi escort almost a week ago. “Look at that terrific tuft!” he said.

Knowles pulled her feet through the leg holes of her panties. He held them to his face and sniffed the wet spot. “Sweeter than all the perfumes of Arabia,” he said.

Putting the now-completely naked girl on the mattress, they turned her over to see her buttocks. “Gluteus marvellous!” the biology teacher noted. “Boys, choose that part of her anatomy you want to penetrate.” He opened her buttocks to see what her anus looked like: a swirling mixture of brown and pink, the orifice mirrored the puckered, full lips of an African princess. “Beautiful!” Johnson said, then kissed it passionately for several seconds. “I want her pretty anus.”

They laid her on her back on the mattress, and pulled her legs up and wide open in the shape of a fat V so both anus and vagina were exposed to the salivating quintet of lechers. Unzipping his pants, Langella licked his lips at the sight of those opening liquorice curtains between her legs. “Her vagina’s mine…all mine!” he panted as he pulled out his hardening penis.

“I’ve got her mouth,” said Williams, whose fully-erect phallus was already sticking out of his opened zipper. “Her red lipstick is a sign welcoming my cock.”

“I’m fuckin’ them titties,” said Burgess as he placed his phallus between them. “The biggest and softest pillows ever!”

“What about me?” asked Knowles in annoyance that all the best spots had already been claimed.

“Pick an armpit and fuck that,” said Williams as he brought his phallus down to Camilla’s receptive mouth. Knowles shrugged and chose her left armpit.

“Please be gentle,” Camilla pleaded, extremely frightened yet also extremely sexually excited. “Don’t hurt me. There’s anal lube in my purse, Mr. John…” Williams’s entering erection stopped her mouth.

“Oh, good,” said Johnston, who frantically reached for her purse. He got the lube out and thoroughly lubricated her rectum and his erection while the other men entered her. As soon as she felt the tip of Langella’s rock-hard penis touch her vaginal opening, she exploded in her first of what seemed an uninterrupted, seamless series of powerful orgasms. All of her screams were in the whistle register. A lake of vaginal fluid was foaming up the mattress and Langella’s crotch as he slowly slid his phallus all the way inside her. Williams, Burgess, and Langella now all thrusted together in a perfectly coordinated rhythm, going back and forth all in synchronized movements. Johnson, now ready, entered her rectum, timing his penetration with the other men’s forward thrusts. Together, they looked like an engine in use.

When Langella found his penis drowning in Camilla’s copious come, he suggested, “Let’s finish her off with bukkake; she’s already had more than her share of the fun, if you’ll notice the ooze of cooze down here.”

“Good idea,” said Knowles. The men all pulled out of her, got up, crowded around her in a circle, and started masturbating. This had been the most thrilling fuck she’d had yet, so she was perfectly content to receive their collective waterfall. Soon, her face was drenched with their almost simultaneous ejaculations. When they finished, her face and hair were veiled in a white sheet of come. She was shaking with fright and ecstasy at the same time.

Suddenly, they all could hear applause from the other side of the room. Four teenage boys–a gang of punks–had been watching. Now that the men had gotten off of Camilla, the boys could see her delicious nakedness; indeed, they were drooling at the sight of her large breasts and pubic hair. The boys’ leader said, “Now it’s our turn to have the bitch.”

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