Camping Fun

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Joe and Karyn decided to take a long weekend camping at a nearby State Park. After breakfast, the drive went by quickly and they arrived at the campground in the early afternoon. The campground was sparsely occupied with motorhomes and trailers. After they checked in, Joe drove to the space assigned next to a large motorhome, the kind of luxury that Winnebago owners probably dream of someday owning.

“Wow, looks like we’re the poor folks on this block,” Joe laughed.

It took only a few minutes to set up the camper and hook up an extension cord for electricity. Since they had never been here, Karyn suggested they explore the camp and surroundings.

The couple strolled to the lake. The trees were casting shadows on the beach and there was one last couple remaining in the last spot of sun. The air was still pleasantly warm. As they were looking at the amenities, Joe was attracted to a path along the back of the beach. Just a short distance later the path turned onto a small secluded sandy beach area that was empty, a small break in the trees allowed the sun to continue warming this area.

Karyn sat on the sand facing the water, Joe sat behind her and stretched his legs on either side of her. She leaned back and Joe began kissing her on the neck. He slipped his hands under Karyn’s blouse. sliding her bra from her tits, using his fingers to immediately start massaging her nipples while continuing to kiss her neck. Karyn’s nipples responded, immediately rising to the pinching fingers.

Karyn looked around to be sure they were alone before she pushed back into Joe’s chest. She could feel his rock hard cock pressing against her. “Wow, that’s pretty hard. It feels like you’ve got a gun to my back, you thinking of robbing me baby?”

Karyn moved her hand behind her and began rubbing Joe’s cock. She felt the shaft and rubbed her fingers in the groove of the head. She was getting hotter as Joe continued pulling her nipples and massaging her tits in gentle circles. She got up and turned around to face him. Sitting in Joe’s lap, she placed her legs over his and started to kiss him deeply with hot, french kisses.

Joe unbuttoned her blouse. “Holy cow honey, your nipples are so freaking hard.” This prompted Karyn to open her blouse fully. She began to rub her hard nipples back and forth across Joe’s bare chest. Karyn then reached down, stroking Joe’s hard cock and pulling it out of the leg of his shorts. She rubbed the hard shaft against the bare skin of her thigh as they rocked back and forth on the warm sand.

Joe started working a finger inside Karyn’s shorts and panties, finding her moist slit waiting, impatiently. Karyn’s legs were still spread wide around Joe’s waist, giving him no trouble in accessing her hot hole. Joe slid a finger into the hot, wet tunnel. Karyn shivered and whispered that she wanted his cock inside her.

“I want you, let’s fuck now… here…on the beach.”

“Really? Here? You’re getting to be a pretty bold girl.”

Karyn took another look around. There was no one in sight, so she slipped off her shorts, and then helped pull off Joe’s. She then resumed her position sitting on Joe’s lap, facing him. She reached down and began to rub the hard cock against her clit.

“Oh yeah, much better. Suck my tits.”

Joe bent down and started to suck Karyn’s tits, flicking her nipples with the tip of his tongue. Joe alternated the sensations by alternately sucking and tugging her nipples with his mouth and tongue. Karyn shuddered and shoved Joe’s head onto her chest, pressing her tits against Joe, momentarily distracting from her play with Joe’s hard and ready cock.

Suddenly, with a sense of urgency and need, Karyn slid forward and guided Joe’s cock to enter her hot cunt. She began riding his cock slowly while resuming kissing him deeply. She got more and more excited thinking about the possibility that someone might come upon them while they fucked. She started to focus on the possibility that someone might be watching. Instead of getting nervous and ruining the mood, Karyn began to realize that she WANTED to be caught. She WANTED to be watched. The idea made her hotter and hotter.

“I wonder if anybody’s around. I wonder if someone’s watching.”

“Wow, aren’t you my horny little tramp today? Do you want someone to watch?”

“I dunno. It’s kind of scary, but I do, I really do, I want someone to watch me fuck you here.”

The tempo of their lovemaking increased as Karyn got more and more excited. She started ramming her pussy furiously back and forth along her husband’s slick shaft. She ground her pussy into Joe, noticing the feel of his cock, further stiffening in anticipation.

“Uhh uhh uhh…fuck it…damn you’re so hard…ohh yeah!”

As Joe felt his balls squeeze, ready to shoot their load, He pulled Karyn closer and rammed his cock upwards into her, as deep as possible in this position.

“I’m gonna cum hun…I’m cummmming! Crap!”

Karyn could feel the burst of cum shooting deep into her sopping wet pussy. Their juices mixed and mingled before they dripped out of her hot slit. Joe halkalı escort could feel the warm cum and pussy juice draining from her wet pussy. The liquid ran down over his balls, dripping into her lap and down into the sand.

Staying coupled, they tumbled over onto the sand, still in an embrace. They lay there until the sun dropped below the hills. Then, standing up, they pulled up their shorts, and began to walk back. Karyn decided then and there that this would be their special spot.

As they walked back to the camper, Joe noticed a couple sitting outside the motorhome next door. Karyn continued on into the camper and lay down. Meanwhile, neighbors waved over to Joe, who walked over to chat. The man got up, retrieved a folding chair, inviting Joe to sit.

“Hi, I’m Fred and this is my wife Debbie. We came up from Concord. Where you folks from?”

“We’re from New York. I’m Joe. That was my wife Karyn. Looks like a pretty quiet campground.”

“Yup. Pretty pleasant this time of year, no people and great weather. We came up Wednesday with another couple but they had to go home this morning. Mostly retired folks with time during the week.”

Fred and Debbie didn’t look to be old enough to be retired. After a couple of questions, Joe discovered that Fred was semi-retired and was fifty-five. Debbie was forty-eight and they had been married thirty years. As they talked about nothing in particular, Joe’s mind wandered, pondering how his new friends’ sex life was after thirty years. After all, Fred was just 5 years older. Joe looked for clues, not so much to figure their story, but to imagine what his and Karyn’s sex life would be in five years.

Fred was about 5′ 10″ tall and appeared to have a slight pot belly although he was not fat. He had short dark hair that was clearly showing signs of grey. Debbie appeared to be about 5′ 4″ and was a little bit on the heavy side. She had immense breasts for her size. Her hair was short and blond, bleached. She had sparkling eyes and an infectious laugh. She seemed to have a sexy, flirtatious quality.

As they talked, Joe noticed that they touched each other a lot. Debbie frequently rubbed Fred’s leg on the inside of the thigh. Fred would often return the favor. It seemed to happen whenever the conversation took a turn toward anything sexual. At one point Joe was sure he saw the end of Fred’s cock poking out of the leg of his shorts as Debbie rubbed his thigh.

For some reason, Joe found himself getting a hard-on as they talked, wondering whether these new friends noticed the lump forming in his shorts. Getting a bit self-conscious, Joe switched the conversation back to the motorhome. Fred rolled along with all the particulars, it was a custom diesel made in Oregon and they’d had it for two years. In typical campground etiquette, Fred asked if Joe would like a tour.

As Joe got up to take the tour, Fred asked his wife to show Joe the inside. As Debbie stood up, Joe got his first good look at her. She was not fat at all, but very solid looking. As she stretched, he could see her shapely legs and full hips curving into a modest waist. Like Fred, she had a slight pot belly but it was sort of erotic. And her breasts were definitely in the melon category.

Joe followed Debbie into the motorhome, feeling a little uneasy because his cock began to get hard again after contemplating her enormous tits. Debbie showed Joe the front of the motorhome which was like a luxury living room with two couches and soft carpet on the floor. In the center of the coach was a dining area and kitchen the rival of any small apartment. As Debbie showed Joe around, he realized that she was constantly touching. She was one of those people who have to put their hand on you every time they talk to you. Joe’s cock had now become a prominent bulge in his thin shorts. He was sure that she saw it. He was also pretty sure that he caught her checking him out.

Moving to the back of the RV, they headed through a narrow hallway. Debbie pointed out the bathroom and then the bedroom. When she turned in the walkway, her lavish breasts rubbed against Joe’s still bare chest. As they approached the end of the hall and the door leading to the bedroom, Debbie told Joe to open the door.

After having some difficulty, Debbie told Joe that the latch always sticks. She then pressed herself into the small area and wiggled the door latch. As she did this, her breasts were pressed against Joe’s chest. When she moved, Joe realized that she was not wearing a bra. He could feel her nipples through her top. Finally, the door opened and Debbie went in and showed Joe a good sized room dominated by a king size bed. As she turned to face him, Joe’s eyes were suddenly riveted on her chest. Her nipples were clearly poking out through the material. His cock was now just throbbing, uncomfortably stuck in the shorts.

“Now Joey baby, just because a girl shows you her bedroom, there’s no reason to get all excited.” she laughed.

As she walked out of the room, she gave the hard bulge in Joe’s pants a soft pat as she pressed past şirinevler escort him. He was horny, shocked and confused. Was she just treating him like a horny little boy or was she actually interested? Did she cheat on Fred?

The next morning, Fred and Debbie were up early. Fred called over to see if Karyn and Joe wanted to go with them on their excursion. After a quick discussion, they decided that it would be fun. Karyn and Joe agreed that they would be interested in Fred and Debbie if they sensed any interest.

The morning went by quickly. The foursome went to a ghost town that was more of a tourist trap than a historical sight. Fred and Debbie both had a wonderful sense of humor and they all found themselves laughing a lot.

The group headed to lunch next where they continued talking, occasionally turning to sexual matters. Debbie confessed that she had been very inhibited when she was younger. She had been raised to think that sex and the body are necessary evils. Taught that if something felt good it, was probably bad for her. Then about ten years ago she and Fred found out that their best friends were swingers. They broke off the friendship temporarily, but Debbie felt badly because they had been so close. Debbie and Fred got up the nerve to talk to them about their feelings. Their friends understood completely. They told them that they never approached Fred and Debbie because they knew the life style is not for everyone.

After that, Debbie began to think of sex differently. Her friend helped her see that enjoying sex was not necessarily a bad thing and that the many varieties of sexual gratification each had a place. After several months, Debbie admitted that she had always been attracted to her friend’s husband and felt guilty. Not long after that, Debbie had sex with the second man in her life, the start of the opening of their own marriage.

Afterwards, the new friends headed back to the campground. Each couple ate dinner before reconvening in the RV afterwards. After soaking in the camp hot tub, the group all slipped on short summer robes. Karyn and Joe sat on the couch opposite Fred and Debbie. As they talked, it became clear that Fred and Debbie were basically flashing their new friends. It wasn’t clear if it was purposeful, but over time, the hosts’ robes slipped open more and more. Karyn and Joe now had a view of Fred’s cock, poking through, it looked really big. Looking over, they then noticed they had a clear shot of Debbie’s shaved pussy. The short robes were quite revealing.

Suddenly becoming self-conscious about the robes, Karyn and Joe tried to stay covered up, not wanting to afford Fred and Debbie a similar view in case their ‘exhibitionism’ was not intentional. At first Karyn kept her legs together. After a while though, she started wondering if the other couple even cared to see her. She remembered how yesterday she had wanted to be watched. Was this her chance?

On an impulse she sat back and spread her legs. She quickly realized that Fred was taking notice of the new view. Karyn liked being watched, she could feel her juices start to flow and wanted more.

The stereo was playing soft music in the background and Debbie snuggled into Fred and occasionally kissed his cheek. They looked to be a very romantic couple. Debbie ran her hand inside Fred’s robe and idly stroked his chest. Karyn decided to follow suit and snuggled into Joe. She reached over, grabbed Joe’s hand, and pulled his arm around her. They watched as Debbie paused the conversation to give Fred a long kiss. Fred’s hand slid under Debbie’s robe, the material on the robe moving as his hand caressed her breast. As Joe watched, his cock came to life and stiffened as thoughts of sex and Debbie’s big tits ran through Joe’s mind.

Joe found his hand was on Karyn’s tit outside the robe, gently squeezing it. He wondered if Karyn would pull the hand away. Instead, she turned and kissed Joe deeply. Debbie broke off her kiss and continued chatting. She was happy to see Joe’s cock standing at attention. As he caught her looking, Joe spread his legs, just a bit. Joe enjoyed the idea of Debbie and Fred watching.

“Hmmm,” Debbie whispered. “He’s caught on to the game.”

Fred smiled before Debbie resumed kissing him. She was also looking over to her guests. Joe decided to pull Karyn’s robe away from her tit and massaged her bare breast, careful to expose her nipple, pinching and pulling it, always making sure to keep it in view for Fred and Debbie.

Debbie smiled and brought one leg up onto the couch. This spread her pussy wide open and she rocked her leg back and forth seductively. Her bare cunt opened and closed with the movement of Debbie’s leg. Joe’s cock was now as hard as a rock. He checked back and looked at Fred’s cock but it just lay there, big and still soft. Joe wondered how Fred could not be hard.

Joe kissed Karyn with several deep, passionate, longing french kisses. He pinched her nipples and knew that she was hot from the attention to her breasts. Karyn spread her legs wide, both to give Fred and Debbie a good escort istanbul view, but also to allow Joe to begin fingering her hot, juicy pussy. As he rubbed Karyn’s willing cunt, the big cock across the way stirred to life. Joe spread Karyn’s lips wide open for all to see, the bright pink pussy admired by all.

As Fred’s huge cock grew to life, Karyn kept her gaze fixed upon it, she had never seen an uncut cock in person. She made no effort to hide her interest. She desperately wanted to see that monster grow to full size. Debbie said to Fred for all to hear, “Oh baby, is that the prettiest pink pussy you have ever seen?” Fred’s cock slowly rose from within the robe. As it got harder, the head of the cock emerged slightly from the foreskin. Karyn absentmindedly licked her lips looking at the big stiff pole swaying across from her.

Debbie reached down and grasped the shaft. Her fingers only went about half way round the thick member. Debbie stroked the shaft pulling the foreskin back to reveal a high crowned head. She rolled the skin forward, hiding the head from view then pulled the skin back again. With the skin back she squeezed the head causing the hole in the end to open and close.

Karyn was getting very hot, perhaps hotter than she had ever been. She bent down and took Joe’s cock into her mouth. At first she started sucking him furiously before finally slowing down. She began playing with Joe’s cock, alternating licking , sucking, and deep throating it, looking to see if Fred and Debbie were enjoying the show. They were. She remembered fucking on the beach and wondering if anyone had seen them. Now she knew for sure that she wanted someone to see. She was getting off because she had an audience. An audience that she could both perform for and watch. Joe was getting the best blow job that she had ever given. Karyn spent a lot of time licking the hard meat and firm balls knowing that Fred and Debbie probably liked seeing his cock while she attended to it. She imagined Joe’s cock being replaced by Fred’s massive staff. She looked at Debbie swinging the big cock around.

Debbie stood up and placed herself over Fred’s cock. She faced Karyn and Joe. Fred reached around and spread her pussy wide as Debbie rubbed the big head against her clit. Karyn could see Debbie’s oversized clit and felt for her own. Joe began pumping his cock slowly up and down as he watched. Soon Debbie began feeding the large cock into her outstretched pussy.

Karyn got on the floor by the couch doggy style. She put one leg up on the couch to give Fred and Debbie a good view of her ass and pussy. Joe moved behind her and began rubbing his cock all over his wife’s wet pussy. Fred and Debbie were now fucking at a steady rhythm and watching Joe slide his tool up and down the wet slit across the way. Suddenly, Karyn forced her pussy back against the hard dick and it slipped easily it into her wet hole. The two couples began fucking faster and faster. Each turned on by watching the performances of the other.

As Joe was nearing the breaking point, Debbie pulled Fred’s cock from her pussy and dropped to her knees. Stroking the big dick, she licked the head. Fred groaned and his balls twitched as warm cum shot out of his cock into Debbie’s waiting mouth. Joe too let out a grunt as he felt his balls ready to burst. Just as he was about to send a load of cum into Karyn’s pussy, he felt her tighten.

“Fuck yeah! Baby, I’m cumming,” she cried out. As she slumped down, Joe drained an absolutely huge load, deep within her.

The four then collapsed for a few minutes without saying a word.

Debbie took Karyn into the bathroom and the two women washed up and talked. They brought out warm damp washcloths and each wiped their husbands cocks clean of the drying love juice. Afterwards, Joe and Karyn returned to our site and discussed the evening, still totally excited.

The next day, the new friends had separate plans for most of the day. Fred and Debbie went shopping to restock while Karyn and Joe went to ‘their’ private beach to sunbathe. The secluded beach was again deserted. No one else had discovered its privacy and late afternoon sun.

The day was coming to a close. When they walked back, finding Fred and Debbie dinner cooking for everyone in the motorhome. After showering and eating, they all once again sat in the living room area wearing the short robes that Fred and Debbie had supplied.

Tonight Debbie had sat on the couch next to Joe, leaving Karyn to sit next to Fred. The music was playing in the background again as they talked. Karyn noticed a massage book on the bookshelf. Debbie said that she and Fred had taken a massage class a couple of years ago. Debbie suggested that Karyn have Fred give her a massage. Fred began by rubbing her neck and shoulders.

Fred and Karyn moved to the bedroom where she removed her robe and lay face down on the bed. Fred got some oil from a drawer and began working on her shoulders and arms. He worked down her back and massaged her ass then her legs. Karyn rolled over onto her back and Fred began at her shoulders. As he worked on her shoulders, Karyn noticed his big cock hanging next to her. She extended her arm and let the heavy shaft drag against it as Fred worked. Fred moved so his shaft was inches from her face. Karyn reached up and took the big cock in her hand, she held it close and examined it as she pulled the foreskin back.

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