Camping With My Step-sis

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Big Dick

“Okay, we got the tent all up now,” she said, before peeking over my shoulder. “Our parents are still trying to get their’s up now,” she added, before grabbing my hands. “So, we worked together, would you like to kiss to celebrate, Paul?”

“No, Mary, they might be busy, but they’re still just right there, like fifty feet away,” he whined, peeking at them.

“Oh, come on, they’re not even paying attention to us. I could get down on my knees and give you head right now, and they’d have no idea,” she added, feeling my crotch. “Your stiff wood likes the idea, so kiss me.”

I sighed, but kissed her a few seconds later. “Happy?”

“No, we’re both nineteen now, had two pregnancy scares, and our parents have no idea we’re together. I understand why we need to hide our relationship, but we have to push ourselves to tell them. What would we tell them if I did get pregnant?”

“Okay, I’m sorry,” I spoke, before placing my hands on her neck and kissing her again.

That time we got in twenty seconds before I parted my lips. “I love you, step-sis.”

“I love you too, step-bro.”

“You’re a stunning black woman, just like your mom, and there’s almost nothing I won’t do for you.”

“So, you’re not ready to come out yet?”

“I guess not, but I promise, I’m committed to you. I haven’t even thought about seeing someone else, I swear.”

“I never suggested you weren’t committed, Paul. I know I’m just your step-sister, but I know how much you love me,” she muttered, undoing my shorts.

“No, that’s too risky.”

“Come on, live a little,” she implored me, lowering herself to her knees. “Look around, the only other people in this campsite is our parents, now just keep an eye out for them. Their tent is bigger, and let’s face it, both of our parents are stubborn, so they’ll be a few more minutes. That’s enough time for me to get your white stuff out of your white dick,” she whispered, before taking my schlong into her mouth.

I immediately felt my body tense up, and the pleasure came at me like a wave. I did my best to stay standing, and I had to glance at our parents. Mary was right, they were taking longer, so I looked back at Mary and relished the pleasure she wanted to give me.

“Oh, I love you, but you’re one big handful, Mary,” I moaned, caressing her head. “I love you.”

She slowly released it. “I love you too, now cum all over my black face,” she ordered me, before sucking it again.

I kept my shorts up, so it’d still look less suspicious if someone viewed my back, but someone might still notice her down on her knees in front of me. I fondled her head and kept eye contact as she let her lips thrust ever so slowly on my dick.

I made sure not to moan too much because it was still slightly quiet out there, so there was no telling how much our parents could hear if it were loud enough. She didn’t make any slurping sounds, but made us both breathe heavily.

With every passing thrust of her lips, I felt the wave hitting me becoming stronger, so I needed to put up the most prominent front I could. Nevertheless, I wanted her to push me once I had my cock in her mouth.

The taboo thrills were more than gratifying and just flat out amazing every time I felt them. We both still understood that it’d be bad if it got out, but the real taboo substance of it was sexually revealing as the best sex I ever had.

I pulled her long black hair a few times, but nothing and no one short of our parents were gonna slow her down. She pressed her lips down on my pecker hard, but not too hard to make me cum too early.

All the while, she kept her hands at the base of my rod, too, so she could hold me tight. Needless to say, as we were out there in nature as well, it added an extra sexy element to it make everything sexier than ever.

I felt the breeze hitting me nonstop, and the sex enriched that sensation too. Even out there is somewhat cool air, I felt drops of sweat rapidly going down my body, but I knew our parents had a lot to do with that too.

“Oh, I swear, I loved you like a lover like ten seconds after your lips met mine for the first time. Shit, this is messed up, but oh so, great too. It’s too bad it’s frowned upon because if it weren’t, I would’ve put a ring on your finger already.”

She smiled at me the best she could and calmly let my prick out. “Would you like me to pull my tits out, Paul?”

“No, your mouth is more than enough, Mary; besides, we’re still outside, remember?”

“Fine, party-pooper,” she groaned, before blowing me again.

I brought my hands to my sides and clenched my fists too. I knew Mary wanted something more, but she pushed me to get something more, and I was all but certain she would get it considering how good she was making me feel.

By then, it had been a few minutes, but I hadn’t looked at our parents. I swiftly moved my head, but didn’t see them. I bit down on my bottom lip, but I still wasn’t about to stop her. We looked at each other again, but said nothing.

As she saw me licking Bakırköy Escort my lips after I had to break eye contact, she got the message. I felt my body vibrating nonstop, and with all the other elements coming into my mind, I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

Nevertheless, she proved to be one amazing woman, and I’d never want to disappoint her, so I rubbed my face, shook around, and did whatever else I needed to do to make myself last for as long as possible.

If she did let her breasts out as well, then I’d have to unload way too quickly. Judging by the look in her eye, I wasn’t even sure if she’d see that as good or bad. I made the call for myself, I guess, and it was too much to let out then with the risk.

After five minutes, she made it to about two-hundred thrusts or so; she laid down most of the groundwork and built up a load so big, I thought I’d make her fall back when she felt it. Whether or not I’d make her fall back, I’d find out soon.

I gently pulled my pecker out. “Oh, I’ve never been with a black woman, Mary, but I’m so happy you’re my first. You’re a ravishing woman in every sense of the word, I swear,” I moaned, rubbing the head on her tongue.

“You’re not my first white guy, though, that doesn’t upset you, right?”

“No, I love you anyway.”

She let her mouth back on my johnson and pushed her lips down on it. I wasn’t sure how long it was, but she had no issue taking most of it into her mouth. Needless to say, she upped the sensation by taking more of it in her mouth.

I pulled her hair again, but she didn’t seem to mind. I heard her breathing even harder, so I knew she was going in for the kill. Not that I thought she abruptly wanted it to end, but felt the need for my seed.

“Oh, just like that, step-sis, deep throat your step-brother, you horny, young woman. I fucking love you; you’re like a sexual goddess. I’d never do anything to mess that up because you’re one in a million.”

“I know,” she moaned, letting my pecker out. “Now give me that white stuff,” she commanded me, stroking it.

A few seconds later, I twitched and let my first stream out to her face. Once again, it had been a couple of minutes since I checked on our parents, but I let my load loose on her face like a fire hose. I delivered six shots as she moved my schlong around and let it submerge her face.

“Fuck yes, step-sis, you’re awesome.”

“I know,” she added, rising with me. “Now prove to me how much you love me and kiss me.”

“I do, but you still suck, Mary,” I whined, before kissing her for a few seconds.

“I know, I was just sucking on something, but I don’t remember what,” she joked, stroking my pecker. “Crap, our parents are coming over here.”

I quickly put my wood away, and she wiped her face. Luckily, we hid our relationship again, and then we all ate dinner. A few hours later, we found ourselves in our tent again, but we weren’t using both sleeping bags.

We cuddled and kissed each other for a little while, but then I got on top of her. “I love you, Mary.”

“I love you too, but are you trying to say you want to make love to me?”

“Yes, but not in here, though.”

“What, you want to have sex out there?”

“Yes, maybe you’re right, we need to push ourselves, so let’s get naked and have sex outside. It’s after midnight by now, so our parents should be out too.”

“You better not be teasing me. You actually want to have sex outdoors now?”

“Yes, but only for you; I wouldn’t do it for anyone else.”

She kissed me again and unzipped the sleeping bag. I got off her and unzipped our tent too. We both quietly got out and pulled out our sleeping bag also.

I laid it out for a few seconds and then peeked up at her again. “Wow, you’re just beautiful, if not more so in the moonlight, Mary.”

“I know, but you haven’t seen me naked in the moonlight yet, sweet white man,” she whispered, bringing her hands to my boxers. “I love you,” she added, before kissing me.

“I love you too,” I muttered, bringing my hands to my back.

I undid her bra and calmly took it off her. She took the liberty of pulling out my schlong and letting me see her tits in the dim light. I couldn’t resist, but to shake like mad because she upped the thrills even more then.

“I’m giving you a shit ton of points for originality, even if I had to push you to get it.”

“Then let’s not waste any more time talking,” I suggested, before pushing down my boxers too.

She gently lied down and invited me down with her. I had to admire her beauty for a moment, even with her panties still on. I never saw her in that light, but of course, it wasn’t the lack of light that made it sexy, but the whole atmosphere there.

After a moment, I calmly moved towards her crotch on my knees and grabbed her underwear. I gently pulled them off her and left her naked in front of me. I got to see her bush as well, and it made me shake like a tree in a storm.

I Başakşehir Escort didn’t make her wait for me, even though she clearly enjoyed seeing me turned on by the whole thing. I grabbed my pecker and aligned it with her twat. Before I pushed it in, I looked into her eyes again and blew her a kiss.

“Just make love to me already; we don’t have to be all lovey-dovey just because we’re step-siblings.”

“Fair enough,” I moaned, before pushing my pecker into her pussy. “Does that feel better?” I asked, dropping to her and kissing her.

“Yes, now make love to your black step-sister whom you claim to love so much.”

“Yes, lovely lady,” I let out, letting my dick in and out ever so slowly.

We stayed close, though, and let her melons rubbed on my chest. I wasn’t very hairy, so I got to feel her perfectly. Once again, the romantic element of doing it outside under the moon was invigorating, to say the least.

I kept our lips within a couple of inches of hers, and we kissed from time to time too, but we let the lovemaking do all the talking. I kept my hands set on her arms and held them somewhat tightly. She kept her hands down on my lower back and even felt my butt a bit too.

I kept my thrusts small, but pressed my wood into her the most I could in that position. We maintained constant eye contact as well and didn’t speak at all. We let the whole situation scream for us because I could we both wanted to indeed.

I loved it so much that I even had to shed a tear. My step-sister cheesed at that and even felt my cheeks too. She didn’t speak to that, but kissed me a few times. She certainly what the tears were all about to relish them.

Unlike when she blew me, I felt my load building up even more, but again, the amazing romantic element, I didn’t know what to expect. Nevertheless, it seemed to work out and meant everything to her in the right context.

I also made sure to kiss her from time to time as well and make it crystal clear that she was loved. Not that I needed to prove it to her, but I felt better that way. I felt my dick going nuts and wanting to shoot already, but once again, I fought like hell not to shoot.

I felt too much intimacy and love to sacrifice it. Mary massaged my lower back and butt nonstop all the while; she wouldn’t take her eyes off mine to save her life. She was indebted to me; it seemed so paid me all the attention she could.

She understood it was a different story with me because a dick was much different from a pussy. Nevertheless, I still treated her as the woman she was and praised her as that. I not only kissed her lips, but her cheeks and neck as well.

All the while, I kept my wood moving ever so slowly. I had no idea how much her twat could take, but judging by the look on her face, she had no issues taking it. She slathered her lips nonstop and just seemed eager for more.

I still wasn’t gonna pretend I could read her, but I went with my gut a moment later and arched my back. I grabbed her thighs and got another look at her figure in the moonlight. I rewashed my lips and had her blowing me a kiss too.

I blew her several before I began moving my pecker in and out slightly faster. I held her thighs for leverage and let her slick cherry keep my cock rather lubed, therefore very easy to thrust it. She meant more to me than life itself, but I still had to break eye contact to look at her tits.

I saw them jiggling around and surely hypnotizing me, but I made sure to pay her eyes attention as well. I let mine go back and forth frequently, and her hands stayed down on my butt by then. She rubbed it hard, but didn’t speak to me, checking out her jugs.

They were big, but not too big, so perfect for me. I saw Mary’s blacker nipples on her black melons once again, but I had to picture my white cum all over them too. So, she had me somewhat satisfied with pictures in my head of what was to come indeed, so it was no wonder I was committed.

With every thrust I gave her, my load felt like she was poking at it with a needle. We kept getting reminded of being outside, too, because we did have some bugs around us as well. They didn’t bother us too much, but made it clear where we were.

“No one said you had to make sweet love to me, so this is rather sexy, step-bro. Don’t hold your load forever; you’ll explode.”

“Well, you’re not just some random chick, you’re splendid step-sister, and I want to please you for as long as possible. Holy shit, don’t you ever look at yourself naked in the mirror?”

“Yes, but I can’t see it through your eyes, though.”

“Too bad,” I moaned, dropping to her again. “Because through mine, your figure is to die for, Mary,” I mumbled, before kissing her. “I know we have to get back to sleep soon, but I wouldn’t mind having sex with you all night long.”

“Well, pace yourself again and spread out your white stuff so you can find out how long you can go, fair enough?”

“I’ll give it to you in due Bebek Escort time,” I made clear, slanting my body.

“My cherry is doing fine, thanks for asking.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, step-sis,” I apologized, starting to pull out.

She grabbed my thighs. “I was kidding.”

“Oh, you’re funny,” I mentioned, before I had to pull out. “You hit my load and funny bone at the same time, Mary,” I said, stroking my dick.

She cheesed and waited for me to need to shoot again. After a few seconds, I unloaded my first stream to her melons and three more to follow within twenty seconds. Each one made me twitch again, but I still made sure all my seed got on the hottest woman on the planet.

With the added elements again, my heart felt like it wanted to jump out of my chest. Knowing that someone could see us only made me loved the pleasure even more. We fucked each other in the wild and had fun doing it too.

“Thank you, Paul,” she said, rubbing it in her bosoms.

“Your welcome.”

She rose to me and kissed me again with her palms on my cheeks. She had me sit down, and she grabbed my rod. She aligned it up with my slit, let it slide right back in there.

“I’m down to fuck again, thanks for asking.”

“Don’t steal my material, now lie down,” she ordered me, before gently pushing me.

Her hands landed on my stomach, and she began riding me. “Grab my melons now; you can watch them flop in a bit; right now, I want you to feel them.”

I did just that for her and felt her pussy sucking my cock hard. She clenched her crotch to intensify the pleasure to the max and put us in trouble as I wanted to scream. I jerked back and forth quite a bit, but didn’t throw her off her game.

She let her twat thrust off my pecker correctly, and I didn’t even need to help her out. She did all the work herself and proved that she got off, making me feel good all by herself. I clutched her tits hard, but not too hard.

She held my hands as I kept mine on her melons. So, I got an even bigger feel for them. I felt her so many times before, but yet at that moment, the feelings were like on steroids. She made several kissing faces at me, but neither of us talked for a while.

We both had to look at our parent’s tents regularly too, but never heard anything from them. So, we were still good to go and reveled in each other’s company. I stayed down on my back and let her woo how she wanted indeed.

She kept her torso moving so much; she proved to have a much stronger body than I thought. I felt her drenched twat suck in my entire cock by then, which made me jolt around even more. I clutched her moneymakers and even made her lean her head back.

I wasn’t sure how cherry was actually doing by then; she was going strong, though. After a few more minutes, she let go of my hands and blew me a kiss. Whether she knew it or not, she made me love her so much more, and that was a good thing.

“This might have been your idea, but I’m the leader here, got it?”

“Yes,” I answered, rising with her. “Women have the right to take over just like men; I do not deny you that,” I made clear, wrapping my arms around her neck. “Take over as much as you want, step-sis.”

“I’ll do that for you, but only you,” she added, doing the same. “I’m glad on the pill now because I think I might keep you up most of the night now.”

“Sounds good,” I added, before kissing her and heading down to her bosoms.

I grabbed onto both of them and began licking her left nipple immediately.

“And you know how to take care of me too, so we’re a match made in taboo hell. Step-siblings aren’t supposed to hook up, but we’re doing it. All because we love each other and can certainly please each other too. So, what’s wrong with that if it’s completely consensual?”

“I have no idea, but it does make it hotter,” I replied, taking a break and going to her other boob.

“Fair enough, and again, you look so much sexier in the moonlight while pleasing my nipples. We should do this more often; we do have a backyard and even easy access to it from my window too.”

“Again, it sounds good, Mary.”

“Give me another kiss.”

I did just that and grabbed her butt cheeks. Once again, I made sure not to hurt her, but to make the point clear. That time, her hands stayed down at her sides and took in all the pleasure from me instead of trying to add her own.

I felt my cock going insane, but I still didn’t want to cum inside her. I desired to get every drop I could go here because we both got off seeing my white cum all over her black skin. In only a couple of minutes, my mouth and tongue got a little tired, but I kept going on her.

Once again, it couldn’t have been more obvious we came across sexual nirvana out there, so we had to milk it for all it was worth. I sucked the life out of both of her nipples and felt her shake like she was having a seizure.

I also tried to move my crotch as much as possible to keep my dick slowly thrusting. I also used my hands to lift a tad as well, so I could still add a small thrill for her down there too. Nevertheless, I knew my mouth was the real scene-stealer at the moment.

I had her rubbing my head as if her arms and legs were actual scrubs. That told me that I was getting the best of her as well. Even just on our sleeping bag on the ground, the sex kept us relatively comfortable too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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