Can I Borrow Your Wife? 2

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As everyday progressed closer to the weekend it seemed as Amiee got more and more excited. She was fucking my brains out like 3 times a day. We would both come home for lunch everyday and fucking for an hour and go back to work. Let me tell you I love fucking her in the middle of the day. I always make sure that I cum in her ass or pussy and make her put her panties on right away so that she can sit in cum all day. 90 percent of the time we didn’t even make it into the bedroom, I would come home right after her and she would be standing in the kitchen bent over the counter, legs spread and panties in a ball on the floor just wait for me to walk up behind her and fuck her. She would still be in her work closes, normally black skirt, black thigh highs and heels.

Well Friday rolled around and Amiee took the day off to “Get Ready”. I went to work and around noon I got a call from Tom.

“Hey Tom whats up everything cool?”
“Ya everything is good, will be better when my life leaves.”
“So what can I do for you?”
“I was just wondering what are Amiee’s or your limits.”
“No limits man, go crazy, just don’t send her home beat up”
“OHHH NO of course not, I was more talking about ass, threesome, how rough I can get with her”
“Well you can fuck her in the ass, she will fuck anyone you tell her to, and as far as rough, the rougher you get the better she likes it”
“Awesome, just wanted to make sure and not cross any lines.”
“No worries man, you do whatever you want”
“I will make sure I fuck her a couple times in the office so you can watch”
I laugh “Thanks man, alright back to work, talk to you later”
“Thank you, see you later”

I arrive home a little later and Amiee was packing. She had three suitcases out. One for normal clothes (the smallest suitcase), one for sex clothes, and one for all her toys (the largest one).

“Hey baby, almost ready?”
“Ya i have everything packed and I just noticed the bitch just left”
“I got a call from Tom today asking how crazy he could go on you”
“Hope you told him as crazy as he wants”
“Ya i told him to do whatever he wanted, so what you bringing?”
“Everything that isn’t nailed down, he is going to want a divorce when I am done with him”
“Well have fun”
“I plan on it”

Amiee leaves and walks over to Toms house. I call up a couple of friends and invite them over for poker.

((The remainder of this story is what Amiee told me happened over the weekend, all the facts and is told in Amiee’s voice))

I arrive at Tom’s house and ring the doorbell. The bell doesn’t even finish it ring and door swings open. Guess he was waiting for me.

“Hey Tom, I am here at your service.”
“Hey Amiee, come in, let me take those bag from you”

I walk into the house and it looks exactly like my house but decorated different. I would have to say that Susan has to worst taste in the world. I walk around the house and check things out, finding interesting place to screw Tom. Since it is pretty much exactly like my house there isn’t really any new places to fuck.

“Hey Amiee do you want anything, drink, alcohol, weed”
“Well first off, do you want me to be Amiee or would you like me to be someone else? I can be your wife if you want, just a really good version of her.”
“hmm that might be interesting, like I would call you Susan?”
“If you want to, then you can take your frustration out on your “Wife””
“I think that might be a good start.”
“So are we doing dinner?”
“Ya we can do dinner, what do you want, do you want to go out or do you want to stay here?”
“I say lets stay here and order in”
“Sounds good to me. I have to use the restroom. I will be back”

I grab my bags and walk to the bathroom. I think to myself I want to start this weekend off right, i need some cock and I am going to get it. I get undressed and go into my suit case and pull out a pair of 8 inch clear hooker shoes, white stockings, white thong and bra. I put everything on and look in the mirror. I look good. I walk out of the bathroom and Tom’s is sitting on the couch with the phone in his hand.

“Damn you look good.”
“Thank you, did you order food?”
“No I was wondering what you wanted”
“I am feeling Chinese and they deliver”
“Sounds good to me”

Tom starts to dial and I walk over to him and kneel in between his legs. I unbutton his pants and pull them down to his ankles and I pull his boxers down with them. His cock is pretty big nothing I can’t handle, I would say around 9 inches and about an inch and half around. His cock is hard already and I start to lick the head while he dials the phone. He starts to speak the the restaurant and I take his whole cock in my mouth down to the base. His voice cracks kocaeli escort bayan on the phone. He continues to try and place the order and I continue to sucks his cock up and down. I see him getting a little bit better at it and I look up at him and say

“Fuck my throat, make me gag, make me your slut”
“Ya and a quart of ….”

I take his entire cock in my mouth again and he lunges his hips upward and gets a little but more in my throat. Over acting for the restaurants benefit and gag really loudly. He places his hand on the back of my head

“Ya chicken and broccoli sounds good”

he lunges forward and pushes my head down and pushes into my throat as far as his cock will go. He starts to fuck my mouth and with ever thrust i gag louder. Impaling my throat with every thrust. He hangs up the phone and grabs the back of my head, my hair, with both his hands and slams my face repeated into his cock.

“I wish Susan was a slut like this”
I pull up and look at him and say
“I am Susan”

He pulls my head back down hard on his cock and I take the entire length into my mouth. He he pushing his hips up and down and pushing his cock in and out of my throat.

“I am going to Cum”

I pull back so only his head is in my mouth and he spews like 5 loads into my waiting mouth. I keep my lips tight around the head until he finishes cumming and then I pull his cock out of my mouth. I open my mouth and show him the cum and he smiles. I swallow it all down.

“Damn you are great”
“Do you want me to change or do you want me to stay in this”
“I think you should stay in that for now”
“I have a question for you, Do you want me to call you Tom, or Master or …..”
“I like Master, ya you will call me master from now on”
“Yes Master”

I stood up and sat next to him on the couch and we watched TV while we waited for the delivery guy. While we sat there Tom pushed my panties to the side and played with my pussy putting two fingers in and pulling them out and making me lick off my pussy juice. Just as I was getting into him finger fucking me the door bell rang. Tom grabbed the front of my bra and pulled it down so my tits were stick out. He pulled my panties off and said

“Go get the door”
“Yes Master”

I walked to the door, opened it and a little Asian kid was standing there. He look up and start to say forty fiv…… and his jaw hit the floor.

“Come in I have to get money”

The kid walked in and followed me into the living room. He looked at Tom and said forty-five dollars. Tom pulls out his wallet and pulls out a fifty and says

“OK, so you can either take this fifty or fuck her in any hole you want.”
“ummm I’ll fuck that pussy”
“Done, Susan go fuck him.”
“Yes Master’

I walk over to the little kid and his pants are already down to his ankles. He has a small cock and is already hard. I bend over and grab my ankles and present my pussy to the kid. He lines up his cock and slowly pushes it in. I push back hard onto him and his whole cock goes into me. I can’t feel it though. He is fucking me as hard as he can, but his cock is just to small for me to feel a thing. Tom see my boredom and stands up and walks to my face. He places his cock on my lips and I open my mouth and take his cock into my mouth. I bob my head up and down on his cock my this small dick idiot is fucking my pussy.

“Can I cum on her face”
“Ya sure man”

He pulls out of my pussy i think and Tom moves off to the side. I spin around and get my knees and and the kid jerks off and spews a small amount of cum on my face. Tom says

“Be a good girl and clean his cock off”

I take his tiny member into my mouth and licked it around and cleaned off my pussy juice and a little bit of cum that was left. The kid said thanks and pulled up his pants and walked out of the house. I stood there completely unsatisfied, but this weekend wasn’t about me it was about Tom.

“Let go eat Susan”
“OK Master”

We sit down and eat and have small talk like we are neighbors. We finish up and I say

“I am going to go take a shower.”
“OK have fun, put on something else to I have some friends coming over”
“Yes Master”
“Bring some of your toys to, they should be here when you get out”
“Yes Master”

I go take a shower and get out and go back into the suit case and pull out the schoolgirl clothes that I bought for him (Red plaid skirt, white button down shirt, white ankle socks and black closed toe shoes with a strap over the top). I put out the biggest dildo I have (foot and a half long, double sided, 3 inches around, I use it when I want to be abused), a smaller dildo( 8 inches and kinda skinny), the ball gag and izmit escort handcuffs. I put my hair in pig tails to finish off the look.

I walk out of the bathroom and there are 4 guys sitting in the living room drink beers. Tom stands and says

“Everyone this is Susan. Susan this is Pete, Joe, Aaron, and Ken”
“Hi guys, you all here to teach me something (said in my schoolgirl voice)”
“Susan come over here and show what what you brought”

I walk over to the guys holding all the toys

“Well I brought my big dildo that I can stick in my pussy and suck at the same time, a small dildo, a ball gag for when you want me to shut up and these handcuffs”
“Very nice, I told everyone that you are here to do whatever they want, they can do whatever they want to you. I told them to be rough and treat you like the whore you are.”
“OK Master”

All the guys stand up and walk over to me. Joe grabs me by the hair and pulls me to the ground, I am on knees at this point with four cocks in my face. Aaron picks up the big dildo and puts it to my lips. I immediately open my mouth and he starts feeding it to me. I can only get a couple of inches in. Ken walks behind me and grabs hold of both my pig tails and pulls my head back. He moves his head closer to me and our noses are only inches apart.

“You are going to take more of this cock in your mouth”
“Yes Sir”

He pushes my head forward and Aaron is hold this cock to my mouth. I open up and ken pushes the back of my head while Aaron push the cock into my mouth. I get more of it in this time and I feel Ken start to move my head back and forth. I hear

“Look at this slut take this cock”, “Suck it bitch”, “Lets put it in her pussy”

I sit down on my ass with the knees bent and spread as wide as I get them. Aaron takes the fake cock and lines it up with my dripping wet pussy. I need this cock in my pussy, I haven’t had anything in me yet. Aaron is being gentle trying to get it in.

“Shove it in me!”

Aaron pushes it roughly and impales me. I scream as this fake cock stretch my pussy open. Ken says

“Shut the fuck up whore”

I am pushing up and down on this fake cock. Aaron angles it up and I put it in my mouth. I suck on the dildo while it fucks my pussy. I love this. I love being abused. Pete has just been sitting on the couch jerking off watching these men abuse me. I see him stand out of the corner of my eye and he walks over to my face. Ken pulls my head back by my hair and Pete comes right up to my face and blows a huge load all over my forehead and mouth. Before I could even wipe my face clean my head gets pushed back down on the fake cock. I have a dildo in my ass and mouth and cum all over my face. I feel like a dirty whore and I love it.

I feel someone grab my hands and handcuff them together. I am completely immobile. As soon as I hear the last click of the cuffs I huge orgasm releases. I feel my cum squirt out from the sides of the dildo. Aaron pulls it out of my now gaping pussy.

“Lick your pussy juice off of this”

I lick the dildo clean and it gets thrown on the floor next to me. I keep thinking what is going to happen next. The ball gag gets picked up by Tom and he places the ball in my mouth and latches it closed.

“I love to hear the sound a bitch moaning while she is gaged”

Ken picks me up by my hair and I stand, he pushes me so I bend over at the waist. I feel my ass getting spread open and Ken spits right in my asshole. He starts to feel around my ass pushing two fingers in. I moan out but it is muffled from the gag. He pulls his fingers out of me and stands and grabs my hips. He lines his cock up with my ass and plunges in. I moan louder, and louder with every thrust of his cock in my ass. He lets go of my hips and grabs hold of the chain the is holding my wrists together. He is pulling me back onto his cock with the handcuff chain. The cum is starting to dry on my face and get tight. Ken pulls me backwards and he sits in a chair that is behind him. He keeps his cock in my ass the entire time. I lean back on him and he grabs my legs and pulls them up. My gapping pussy is in plain view for someone to come stick their cock in. It takes all of 3 seconds and Tom is right there and pushes his cock in my pussy. I am moaning like a complete whore now and Tom is loving it. He rips my shirt open and my tits fall out. He starts to slap them and they start turning red. A he slaps them he is saying

“You like that bitch, you like getting treated like a whore Susan, you want some more”

I shake my head yes and he starts slapping my tits leaving hand prints. Tom pushes into me hard and I feel his cum squirt deep in my pussy. Ken is still fucking escort bayan my ass raw. Tom pulls out and Joe immediately replaces him. I feel ken pushing harder into my ass. He wraps his arms around my body and grabs hold of my nipples and squeezes and pulls on them really hard. I didn’t think my nipples could pulled that long. I am screaming in pain, but this only make Ken push harder into my ass. I feel a warm liquid in my ass and I know that Ken has cummed. I love cum in my ass. I love when it drips out. Both cocks are taken out of me and i get pushed to the floor. The ball gag is taken out of my mouth and Joe places his cock by my mouth and says

“Clean all the cum off of this for me”

I open my mouth and lick all the cum off. Someone grabs me by the hair and picks me up and walks me over to the couch. I get pushed over the arm of the couch so my ass is sticking in the air with cum dripping out of it. Joe moves around to my back and shoves his cock into my ass. Aaron puts his cock to my mouth and I start to suck on it. Joe helps me suck on Aaron cock my grabbing my hair and pushing and pull on my head. Now Aarons cock is huge, not think but extremely long. I have never had a cock down my throat that far. My throat is getting fucked deeper then any other cock I have ever had. I am gagging with ever thrust. Joe slaps my ass really hard and the sting sends me into another orgasm. I feel my juices mix with Toms and i start dripping all over the floor. Joe pushes in deep and I feel him cum like 3 or 4 times into my ass.

Pete walks up behind me and grabs my ankles and pulls my feet off the of the floor. All my weight is on the arm of the couch. He pierces into my pussy with his huge cock. I am really helpless to move now. I have no control over my legs and no control over my arms. Aaron pulls out of my mouth and shots load after load into my face. I am lapping at the air trying to catch some in my mouth. I get a little but not as much as I wanted. Pete is ramming my pussy hard. He is going for broke. Ken walks up in front of me and says

“Beg for me to fuck your mouth slut”
“Please fuck my mouth, show me how much you can make me gag, fuck my throat, I need that big fat cock in my throat.”

I think I might have excited Ken a little too much, cause he shoved his cock down my throat in one thrust. My mouth became his fuck hole. The more I gag the hard Ken pushes into my mouth. I feel another slap on my ass and I push back on Petes cock. I focus my attention on on Pete and just keep my mouth open for Ken to fuck. I feel something probing around my asshole, something big. IT can’t be the big dildo, they can’t think they are sticking that in my ass. I have never had that in my ass. I try to speak, but the cock in my throat prevents it. My asshole starts to stretch open as the dildo gets pushed in. It is cold, they must have put some type of lube on there. My ass is stretching wider and wider. When is this going to stop? I don’t think my ass can get any wider. Suddenly it pops in and I am at the widest point and my ass didn’t tear. I feel it start to move deeper and get pulled back. It is going in rhythm with the cock in my pussy. The cock in my ass starts to feel good, really good actually. I am stretched to the limit and have every hole being fucked. I push back onto the two cocks behind me. I take as much in as available. I feel Pete start to fuck me harder and faster then before. I feel the fake cock in my ass get pushed in till to stops. I feel like it is going to come out of my mouth. Pete pushes hard into me and lets loose load after load of cumm in my waiting pussy. He pulls out and I feel the cum drip down the inside of my leg.

I feel him fumbling around with the dildo in my ass. I can’t figure out what he is doing. If he was going to pull it out it would be out already. I feel my ass stretching more and more and the other end of the dildo gets shoved into my used pussy.

“I just gave this bitch a U-turn”

They all laugh and Petes slaps my ass and walks to the couch to sit down. Ken is still fucking the shit out of my mouth. I think the cock in my ass and pussy pushed him over the edge. I keep hearing “You stupid slut, you stupid bitch suck my cock” He grabs hold of my hair and thrusts harder into my mouth.

“I want to see my cum in your mouth before you swallow it.”

He spews a couple of loads into my mouth. Not a lot. He must be spent from the fuck fest. Ken pulls out of my mouth and I open up and stick out my tongue. It is coated with his cum. He shakes his head and I swallow his load. Everyone is done with me. They couldn’t cum anymore even if they tried. I am so tired I don’t even know who untied me, but I know that Tom picked me up and brought me over to a hot bath he had drawn. He took off my clothes and said

“That was amazing”
“Thank you”
“Get in the tub and regain your energy, You still have to screw me before bed”
“Of course, I already planned on it”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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