Candace and the Frat Boys Ch. 07

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Candace and the Frat Boys (Chapter 7)

Kathryn M. Burke

The bedroom Josh used to occupy was still empty, so he settled Mona and himself there, placing her on the bed and then slipping into it himself. He figured a little chaste cuddling wouldn’t do any harm, so he held her in his arms as she almost fell asleep on top of him.

But she did manage to say, “You know, Josh, I could have gone on a bit longer.”

“Oh, Mona,” he cried, “you looked so tired! Like a flower that’s been plucked and then thrown aside!”

She smiled at that. “I’m not quite so delicate as you and my daughter seem to think. I’ve—” She cut herself off abruptly.

Josh instinctively sensed what she had planned to say, although he could hardly believe it. “You—you’ve done this before?” Maybe decades ago?

“No, not exactly,” she said carefully.

“But—maybe two? Two at a time?”

It took Mona a full minute to say, “Yes.”

Even this admission stunned Josh into momentarily silence. At last he said, “Was it before you were married?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Was—was Frank involved?”

“He was.”

“Who was the other guy?”

Mona lifted up her head and gazed into Josh’s face. “I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anyone, not even Candace. I hope you respect my privacy and keep this to yourself.”

“Of course.” He was itching to know the truth.

Mona heaved a sigh. “I first got involved with Frank during senior year of college. At the time his best friend was a guy named Curtis—Curtis Mayhew, as I recall. He was something of a playboy and seemed to like boasting of his ‘conquests’ with women—claimed to have slept with dozens, even hundreds of girls over his college career. I’m not sure I believed that, but clearly he had an eye for female flesh. And yet, I couldn’t help liking him—he seemed more like a mischievous little scamp rather than any kind of predator. Anyway, there was no shortage of women ready to bed down with him. Even though Boston College is a Jesuit school, that doesn’t mean we students didn’t like sex! Quite the opposite, in fact: it was clear that a lot of the students had grown up in somewhat repressed Catholic families, and this was the first time they were alone—and in the presence of lots of other members of the opposite sex.

“Anyway, almost from the moment Frank and I began to go out, Curtis seemed fixated on me—and so he made the outrageous suggestion that Frank should let him ‘have a taste of me’! Under ordinary circumstances, this might have been something that would have led Frank to punch a guy in the face—but Curtis was such an infectiously genial fellow that we just passed it off as ‘Curtis being Curtis.’ We really didn’t take it seriously.

“But Curtis kept on pressing, and pretty soon we found out that he really did mean it seriously. Of course, the idea that I would sleep with him was absurd; I liked him, but I wasn’t that sort of girl, and I’d certainly never betray Frank by doing it behind his back.

“Then Curtis came up with another idea—a threesome.

“Here too, at first we just dismissed this idea as ludicrous. But remember, this was the mid-1970s, and things were pretty crazy then—wife-swapping, orgies, that sort of thing. So Curtis’s suggestion wasn’t all that far-fetched. And I could tell that, although Frank had initially ridiculed the idea, he was constantly thinking about it.

“Finally, just before our midterm exams that spring semester, Frank came out and said: ‘Say, Mona, would it really be so bad if we did it?’

“I tried to put off the matter by saying, ‘Did what, dear?’

“‘You know,’ he said, obviously uncomfortable. ‘What Curtis wants.’

“I remember just closing my eyes and feeling my heart drop to the pit of my stomach. Somehow I knew this day would come. Both Frank and I had been among those whose families had been fairly prudish where sex was concerned—and that made us both ashamed at the idea of such an irregular practice but also secretly enticed by it. And given that a new wave of feminism was taking off at the time, I felt that the very notion was disgraceful and degrading—but, from another perspective, it could be considered liberating. A nose-thumbing of monogamy and bourgeois convention!

“And so we agreed to it.

“All three of us were having to stick around campus during spring break, since we all had work we needed to get done. The idea that other classmates were gallivanting off to Florida or wherever to have fun while we were stuck in chilly Boston hitting the books—that may have contributed to our decision. We wanted to have a little fun, after all!

“We decided to do it on Saturday night, the day after our last midterm exams. We actually went out to dinner, but I for one didn’t say much: it was pretty unnerving how Curtis was looking me over every chance he got, as if he were saying, ‘Gee, I can’t wait to get access to your body!’ He wanted alanya escort to start right after dinner was over, but we managed to put him off for an hour or so. Not good to jump into bed on a full stomach!

“But finally Curtis just couldn’t control himself, and right in the middle of a conversation at our apartment (Frank and I had moved in together in a cheap place near campus) he just started undressing, in the middle of the living room. Frank gave me this sheepish smile and stripped to his underwear—then, with a kind of nervous defiance, took his briefs off also. So here were two guys, totally naked and with erections that were growing by the minute; and all I could do was sit and watch.

“I let out a sigh and said, ‘I’m not doing this out here. I’ll meet you guys in the bedroom.’ And I marched off to our tiny bedroom. There, I got my skirt and blouse and socks off and was standing in my bra and panties when Frank and Curtis marched in. Their hard-ons seemed immense to me, although probably they were only about six or seven inches each. But remember, I’d never seen two cocks at the same time before! I just gaped at them, and Frank had to come over and take off my underwear—which he did with a kind of silent apology.

“Naturally, they wanted me to get on my knees and suck them, just for foreplay. I rolled my eyes at the idea of being in such a submissive position, but that was what was expected of me, so I obliged. I started with Frank, but Curtis was all but hitting my cheek with his cock, he was so anxious for this first actual sexual contact with me; so I gave him an exasperated look and stuck his thing in my mouth. He expelled this immense sigh, as if he’d just entered heaven, and actually began thrusting into my mouth, holding my head with both of his hands. I didn’t like that—he sometimes went in too far, causing me to gag—and I pulled away from him and gave him an angry look.

“But he didn’t care. This cocksucking lasted only a few minutes, because Curtis was in such a hurry to get to the next stage of the proceedings. No one really knew exactly what we were supposed to do, but it became clear that Curtis wanted to get into my vagina in the worst way. So, while I lay on my back and Frank lay down next to me, kissing me and squeezing my breasts, Frank squatted between my legs—and watched himself enter me. I saw his eyes fixated on his own cock as it went in, inch by inch, and I have to confess I was tickled by the look of radiant ecstasy that dawned on his face as he gazed at the culmination of this months-long fantasy of getting into my pants.

“He actually didn’t get on top of me in the usual missionary position, just remaining squatting there as he thrust into me deeper and harder. He first grabbed my hips, then slid his hands down to my bottom. Frank was also watching his friend with rapt attention; the actual reality of another guy screwing his girlfriend, after all this talk about it, seemed to hypnotize him.

“The funny thing was that Curtis was so keyed up with anticipation that he didn’t last more than about five minutes. I saw his eyes widen, seeming both startled and alarmed, and then he shot his wad into me—crying out in a sort of bitter irony, as if he were thinking, Omigod, I came way too fast! Frank watched with awe as his friend poured his seed into me. Curtis tried to prolong the sensation by staying in me after he’d finished, but eventually he had no recourse but to come out, as he’d gotten soft.

“My first thought was, Is this it? All this preparation and we’re already done? But of course we weren’t done. Frank was now so hot that he just plunged into me, shoving his friend away from me and lying on top of me as he usually did. It was now Curtis’s turn to watch, and at times he seemed like some kind of sports fan, urging his favorite team on as it drove for the winning touchdown. Once he even put his hand on Frank’s bottom as if to propel him deeper inside me. At least he had the good taste not to say something crude like, ‘Attaboy, Frank! Go on and plow into her!’ I think a certain residual respect for the intimacy of the sex act kept him more or less quiet.

“Well, Frank came, and then rolled off me. Curtis couldn’t help looking at the double discharge that was leaking out of my vagina. Neither of them seemed at all interested in whether I was enjoying the whole experience, until I finally said to both of them tartly, ‘You know, I like to come, too!’

“It was funny how they both sprang into action. This time it was Curtis who kissed me all over my face, neck, and shoulders while massaging my breasts, while Frank used his fingers to stimulate my sex. Usually he liked to lick me until I came, but I could see that he was a bit squeamish putting his mouth where all that come was trickling out; but I think he got a kick out of feeling his juices, Frank’s, and mine. I have to say that I did like the attention of two guys servicing me—and I did have a pretty satisfying aksu escort climax. Curtis just gazed at me while I thrashed around, saying afterwards that he thought I looked especially beautiful when I came.

“‘You’re such a flatterer,’ I said between gasping breaths.

“Once again, we weren’t quite clear what the next stage of operations would be—or, at least, Frank and I didn’t. Almost as soon as my orgasm had subsided, Curtis leaped off the bed and trotted out of the bedroom toward the bathroom. We assumed that maybe he had to pee or something, but he came back seconds later holding a little blue jar in his hands.

“A little shiver went through me.

“Frank, bless his naïve heart, didn’t know what Curtis had in mind. I had taken Frank’s virginity less than a year before, so he’d never had any other girl but me. Our lovemaking was reasonably satisfying, but it wasn’t exactly adventurous. So Frank looked utterly befuddled when he saw that jar of cold cream—he quite literally couldn’t imagine what it was for.

“But I did. And when Frank said, ‘Can you roll over, darling?’ I didn’t do anything for several seconds.

“‘Wh-what’s going on?’ Frank said in pathetic confusion.

“‘She knows,’ Curtis said with a smirk.

“I licked my lips. ‘Curtis, I’ve never done that before.’

“‘Done what?’ Frank cried.

“Curtis’s smirk broadened into a grin. ‘Really? That’s fabulous! I love doing virgins!’

“Frank frowned at his friend. ‘Jesus, Curtis, she’s no virgin.’

“‘She’s an anal virgin, you dummy!’ Curtis said with a crude guffaw.

“I think all the blood drained from Frank’s face when it finally dawned upon him what Curtis wanted to do. He gave me this harried look, as if to say, You don’t really have to do this. But I gazed back at him, saying silently, It’s okay, I don’t mind. I mean, I’d signed up for a threesome, so I might as well go the whole hog.

“I wanted to apply the lube myself, but Curtis held the jar out of my reach, saying, ‘Oh, I can reach it better.’ The thought of him putting his fingers there made me a little nauseous, but I flounced onto my stomach and buried my face in the pillow, rather like a little girl unwillingly getting a suppository from a doctor she didn’t like very much. Curtis put a fair amount of the stuff in and around my anus, and I could see Frank again watching him raptly, and a little queasily, as he did so.

“Curtis made it clear that this was to be a genuine double penetration—something he had never participated in himself. Both of the guys were pretty much ready to go again by this point. Curtis had Frank lie down on his back, and I got on top of him, face down. Frank first put his cock into my vagina, and then Curtis got behind me and got ready to go in that way. At first he just rubbed his cock up and down the crack of my bottom, almost as if teasing me; then, as Frank began pumping away at me, he managed to stick his cock into me about an inch.

“Even that much made me cry out—it was almost a scream. It wasn’t so much the pain—although it was painful—as the very idea of two cocks in me at the same time. All of a sudden the utter depravity of what we were doing overwhelmed me, and if I could have fled the room—and the house—I would have. But of course I was now pinned down by two cocks, and Curtis was watching his own member enter my anus inch by inch. A strange sort of choking sound came out of my throat as I felt filled as never before. Frank tried to comfort me by stroking my back and shoulders gently, but that didn’t help much. Somehow it felt as if both guys had shoved their entire bodies into me. I could actually feel their two cocks rubbing against each other between the thin membrane separating them.

“After a while I just lost all sense of time, and even of sensation; I felt weirdly numb. Frank was pounding me with thrusts of his hips, while Curtis was banging me hard while holding onto my hips, at times reaching down to squeeze my breasts. I’m not even sure I felt like a living entity anymore; I was just a toy being manipulated by these two men, who were slaking their lust without the slightest concern for me. Maybe that was unfair, but I certainly felt as if neither of them was paying much attention to what I was feeling, either physically or emotionally.

“Curtis came first—understandably, since he was in the tighter orifice; but his climax seemed to inspire Frank, who came with an animalistic grunt that I hadn’t heard before. Both of them remained firmly lodged in me for minutes after they’d finished, until I finally had to tell Curtis, ‘Can you come out of me, please?’

“His incoherent grunt suggested that he wasn’t much inclined to do that, and might even have been thinking of going another round without even pulling out. But his cock was already softening, and so he slipped out—not without a final jolt of pain when the tip came out. I then crawled off of Frank and fell onto my back, utterly akseki escort spent. I hadn’t come, but I was dizzy and blear-eyed and a little sick to my stomach.”

As Mona lapsed into a moody silence, Josh said, “Is that why you told me a while back that you hadn’t, um, done that for forty-five years?”

“Yes,” she said. “Even after watching Curtis—or perhaps especially after watching Curtis—he decided that anal sex wasn’t for him, and we never did it in all the decades we were married. That didn’t bother me a bit: it wasn’t the most pleasant experience, although”—and here she stroked Josh’s face affectionately—”I like it when you do it.”

“Really? You’re not just saying that?”

“No, I’m not. Okay, it took me a little while to get used to it, but it’s quite nice now.”

“I’m not sure ‘nice’ is the right word!”

“Well, you know what I mean. Anyway, back to the threesome. I figured the guys were perhaps finished by now, both having come twice. I don’t believe Frank had ever come more than twice with me alone, and he looked pretty done in. But I felt obliged to make myself available to them, if only for cuddling; so I lay between them on my back, and they both paid a lot of attention to my breasts and stomach and thighs and bottom—and Curtis had no compunction going down on me and licking my pussy—and all the stuff that was dripping out of it—and getting me to come that way. I think he even gave my anus a few licks, which made me squeal in surprise.

“But he wasn’t finished. After about half an hour he mounted me again in the missionary position. Frank just lay there watching him. Curtis totally possessed me, wrapping me closely in his arms, kissing me all over, and grinding his hips into me. He must have been in me for twenty or thirty minutes—and when he came, I saw this expression of both pleasure and pain on his face. He was determined to get the most out of this experience, even if it hurt him a little.

“Then he flopped over on the other side of me and almost immediately went to sleep.

“Frank and I followed his lead, since we were pretty exhausted by then also. I didn’t like the idea of sleeping naked between these two guys, and would have preferred to get up and put on a nightgown; but I was just too tired. So I just lay there and dropped off.”

“Wow,” Josh said. “That was some experience. Did you ever—?”

“Do it again? Well, yes.”

“You did?”

“Yes. We did it twice more during that spring break. After that, and especially once classes resumed, I said, ‘Okay, that’s it—no more of this foolishness.’ Curtis again pleaded with Frank to let him have me by himself—as if I had no say in the matter! But Frank said, ‘If Mona wants it, fine, but I don’t think she does.’ And I told Curtis that in no uncertain terms.

“Anyway, we were too busy with the studying we had to do before we graduated to engage in anything of that sort. And it didn’t help matters that a month or two later I discovered I was pregnant.”

That simple statement jolted Josh more than anything Mona had said before. “What? You were pregnant? But I figured you must have been, um, protected . . .”

“I was—or thought I was. I’m no dummy: I was on the Pill. But it’s not foolproof. Maybe I forgot to take it or something. Anyway, there I was, really and truly pregnant.”

“So what did you do?”

“Well, of course I was going to keep the child. Frank and I had danced around the subject of marriage, knowing that we wanted to get our degrees before doing anything like that. But now we’d be graduating in a month or so, and we figured we might as well go ahead and tie the knot.”

“You—never thought of Curtis?”

Mona laughed derisively. “Not on your life! I mean, Frank was my boyfriend, for heaven’s sake! Curtis was—well, I don’t know what he was, but I just couldn’t envision a life with him. I could easily imagine him cheating on me with every woman he could persuade to get into bed with him, or just dumping me and leaving me alone with my baby. Frank was steady and reliable—and, as a matter of fact, I loved him and he loved me. So there really was no other decision I could make.

“So we married a few months after graduating, in late summer. And toward the end of the year I gave birth to Candace. And that’s how it was.”

She lapsed into silence again. Josh was clearly uncomfortable bringing up the subject that was clearly in the forefront of both their minds, but at last he did so.

“Did it never occur to you that Curtis might be . . .?” He trailed off.

“Might be Candace’s biological father?” Mona finished. “Of course I thought of that. God knows what happened when his seed and Frank’s were battling it out in my vagina during those sessions! But in all honesty it didn’t matter to me. Frank, as it turned out, was Candace’s true father—if by that you mean the person who actually loved her and cherished her and took care of her, and me, all his life. So what difference does it make now?”

It was becoming clear to Josh that Mona didn’t want to talk any more about this whole sordid business, so he said, “I think it’s time to go to sleep.” He wasn’t at all certain how well Mona would sleep after what she’d gone through—but he was pleased to note that she dropped off almost at once.

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