Candy Kisses

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Back when I was 18, I started taking piano lessons. I thought that if I learned to play I could get in a band. I arrived for my first piano lesson at the home of my teacher, Ms. Candy. She was about 40 or so, and had never been married. As I walked in, I noticed that she was a bit on the heavy side and wearing a dress that could do nothing to conceal the size of her ample chest or the fact that her breasts were spilling out of the top.

As I came inside, Ms. Candy could tell that my eyes were immediately drawn to her tits, and I seemed to have trouble dragging them away as she stood aside from the door and invited me in.

“This first lesson is going to be a long one,” she said. “Remember what I told you on the phone?”

I nodded, even though my eyes were still glued to the front of her dress.

Ms. Candy smiled and said, “Good. We don’t want to be rushed on our first lesson. “

She showed me to the piano, where she sat down and patted the bench next to her. I sat down and shifted about in my seat, trying to conceal the raging hardon that was starting to make my shorts look like a tent.

“Look, sweet thing,” she said, “we’re going to have a hard time unless you stop staring at me that way. “

As I blushed and mumbled an apology, Ms. Candy took my hands and examined my fingers. “You’ve got nice long fingers, sweet thing. That’s good. I bet you can play real good with them. “

I shook my head. “I don’t know how to play yet,” I said timidly. “That’s why I’m here; so you can teach me how to play. “

Ms. Candy laughed softly. “I didn’t mean play the piano sweet thing,” she said. “I meant I bet you use those nice long fingers to play with your cock. ”

I couldn’t believe I’d heard her right. “What?” I asked as I looked up at Ms. Candy’s face for the first time. “What did you just say?”

Ms. Candy smiled at him and winked. “I was just joking. I got you to look at my face finally didn’t I? You can look at me all you want. You’re probably so horny you wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the piano lessons anyway. ”

She now took her hands and placed them underneath her huge tits, pushing them upward. She looked me straight in the eyes and asked “Do you like big ones sweet thing?”

My eyes followed Ms. Candy’s hands as she now began to massage them. “They’re size 44 EEE,” she told me proudly. She released her tits, and then slowly put her arm around my shoulder. She said, “Here have a closer look,” as she pulled me towards her so that my face was soon pressed into the cavernous valley between her bodacious breasts. “I have to have all my bras made special because my titties are so big,” she said.

I didn’t know what to do. I was confused and embarrassed by the painful erection that I could feel straining against my pants. I soon realized that Ms. Candy’s big soft breasts smelled of sweet perfume as she now began to move her shoulders so that her breasts rubbed back and forth across my face.

“Oh, that feels so good,” she whispered, and then she brought my face around to the front of her big left tit. I could feel the hard nipple pushing against the fabric of her dress just as my own cock was pressing stiffly against my pants.

“Want to see my big knockers sweet thing?” she asked softly as she pulled back and bursa escort smiled. “Want me to show them to you?”

I was totally mesmerized, with my mouth wide open; all I could do was nod my head up and down.

“I thought so,” she said. “All the boys have a thing for big titties like mine,” she said. “Believe me, I know all about boys. “

Ms. Candy told me to straddle the piano bench and she did the same, facing me from no more than a foot away. “Now watch, honey,” she said as she quickly unbuttoned the front of her dress.

I caught my breath as the huge stitched cups of Ms. Candy’s custom-made bra came into view. I’d never seen such big ones before. Not even in the jackoff books I had stored in the garage at home. Ms. Candy moved her shoulders back and forth as if she was doing a little dance, and slowly pulled her dress open so I could get a really good look at her bra.

I remember thinking to myself, “My God they’re enormous. ” Each of them was so big they jutted out at least a foot. Even though the bra had been made to order for her, Ms. Candy’s breasts bulged out all around the sides and over the top of bullet-shaped cups. Her eyes were glowing as she pulled her shoulders back and thrust her breasts forward so I could get a good long look.

“Take your dick out, honey,” she now said softly. “I want you to jack off while I show you my knockers. “

Immediately my hand went down to my zipper. I had to push my swollen cock down some so that I could slide the zipper down. I paused for a second then, thinking of what Ms. Candy might think of the size of my cock. I’d never even dreamed that something like this would ever really happen to me and I wasn’t quite sure what to do.

“Go on, sweet thing,” she urged. “Take your prick out and let me see you jack off. I’d love to see you stroke your cock for me. I’ll show you my big titties and let you do whatever you want to them. “

“Really?” I asked.

Ms. Candy nodded. “I’ll even show you my pussy. Would you like that?”

I blushed, but nodded. Ms. Candy leaned back a bit and pulled her skirt up so I could just see the place her big, meaty thighs came together. Lacey white panties covered Ms. Candy’s crotch, and I could see that they were so tight her big thighs jutted out around them.

“First things, first sweet thing,” she smiled. “You jack your cock for me. First I’ll show you my titties, then my pussy. That’s the way us girls like it. ”

She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. As soon as she did, the full weight of her enormous breasts pushed the bra off and out they fell. My eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. I caught my breath. They were huge and white, covered with a fine tracery of blue veins, and they hung down and out like big white watermelons. At the end of each big breast was a nipple that was bigger and juicier than any I had ever seen in any magazine. Each brown aureole was at least five inches across, covered with wrinkled ridges and hard little bumps, and in the middle of each was a stiff nipple that stood up over an inch and was puckered at the end.

“Come on now sweet thing, whip that cock out right now and get busy!” she said emphatically.

I could take no more. My cock was now so hard and sore that I quickly opened my pants and slipped bursa escort bayan it out. Ms. Candy’s eyes devoured my six inches of stiff white cock and the swollen pink knob at the end that now glistened with a trace of precum.

“Jack it, baby, jack it. Work that cock for me right now,” she urged as she began rubbing and pulling on her huge breasts as if she was milking herself.

She was obviously very excited by the sight of me masturbating, and soon Ms. Candy was covered with sweat. Her hands slipped smoothly all over the enormous dangling bulk of her titties. She grabbed them and shook them at me and each enormous breast wiggled and jiggled invitingly.

The very size of Ms. Candy’s breasts was startling, and of course the way she played with them was getting me unbelievably hot and excited. My hand jerked up and down on my prick now and it was throbbing under my flying fingers.

“That’s it baby, what a great cock you have, and you jack it so nicely too,” Ms. Candy exclaimed.

I felt like I was gonna cum any second! I think Ms. Candy could tell cause she lifted her huge right tit up and fed the stiffly swollen nipple to my mouth. I moaned and sucked it in, feeling the texture of it with my tongue. Ms. Candy now reached down and replaced my hand with hers, her fingers wrapping around my swollen cock. I know she could feel my cock throbbing as she began to pump up and down the shaft.

“Give it to me baby,” she whispered. “Cum for Ms. Candy,” she cried.

She placed her other hand behind her head, revealing the dark stubble and moist wet expanse of her armpit. “Smell it, honey!” Ms. Candy urged now as she brought her underarm up to my face so that my nose was buried in the of sweaty flesh. It was the smell of her sweat that brought me off immediately, as she knew it would.

My hard cock spasmed under her the touch of fingers and she could feel me begin to squeeze off gob after gob of thick white cum. “Give me your soup, baby,” Ms. Candy said intensely. “I need it so bad,” she begged.

My cock spurted load after load out into her hand, between her fingers, and up over her big sagging tits. “That’s it, honey, give me a nice hot cum bath,” she whispered excitedly. My cock now dribbled the last of my load, but little did I now that Ms. Candy was just getting started.

She bent over slightly allowing her breasts to swing outward so I could get a good look, and began smearing my still warm cum all over her huge tits. Her fingers sank deeply into her huge titties, rubbing my cum into her skin. She spread the stickiness to cover each big breast with sweat and cum. Ms. Candy then pulled and pinched each of her nipples and moaned loudly, looking from her milking fingers up to meet my eyes, then back down. She then slowly began licking her fingers, making sure I was watching as she did.

Despite the fact that the I had just shot a huge load all over her, I began stiffening up again, and Ms. Candy could see that my balls had also swollen up with another load of cream. Her drenched panties were proof to me that she had cum herself from the friction of the panties rubbing hard on her stiff clit.

“How ’bout some of Ms. Candy’s pussy?” she asked.

I couldn’t believe this was really happening to me, but if I was dreaming I never escort bursa wanted to wake up. I nodded my head and smiled at her, suddenly feeling relaxed. How could I have known that this 40 year-old piano teacher was a nympho who was horny all day long and loved nothing better than young cock?

That was all Ms. Candy needed. She lifted her hips and was out of her skirt in a second. No more teasing. She quickly rolled the soaked panties off, tossed them aside. Sitting on the piano bench, she leaned back then opened her legs wide so I could see her entire pussy and ass.

Ms. Candy had a bit of a tummy, but it didn’t disturb me in the least. Her big tits, big ass, yummy pussy, and the wet trail of sweat and juice dripping down into her clean, little puckered hole only made my already stiff cock even stiffer, and painful with the load that was building in my balls.

“Take a good look honey, you ever saw such a hot pussy before?” she asked with a big smile on her face.

Ms. Candy could see how hard my cock had gotten, as she began strumming her clit with her finger. That made her even more ready for me to feed her another load. She began panting and moaning and within a minute she came again. I could actually see her juice dribble out of her pussy and down her crack.

“Come on honey, poke that cock into my big, hot twat this instant,” she urged me as she laid back down on the bench. “Give me a good fucking,” she begged.

She reached down with both hands and grabbed the swollen lips of her pussy and pulled them open so I could see her big, wet hole. She now began rocking her hips backward and forward, so that her pussy opened and closed wetly, with a sucking sound.

“Right now sweet thing, fuck me!” she cried.

It was all I needed. I threw himself toward her, carefully aimed the sorely swollen head my boner at her pussy, inserted it, then jammed it into her hot, wet, box. We both moaned loudly and began to slide against each other with increasing speed and need.

“Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy,” she began to chant hoarsely as I rocked in and out.

I could feel her pussy grab at my prick, squeezing me so tight I felt she was going to milk the cum right out of me. Ms. Candy raised her legs up and wrapped those marvelous thighs around my hips and locked her ankles around me. I was at just the right angle and her pussy sucked me into her all the way.

I plunged my cock into her as hard as I could, faster and faster my hips slapping up against her butt. Ms. Candy moaned loudly and humped her pussy back against me. I could feel her big, sweaty belly rubbing me and that made me even hornier. I was ready to squirt and Ms. Candy kept squeezing my cock so hard.

“Oh fuck,” she screamed, just as my balls were ready to shoot the first big gob of my cum I could feel her body begin to spasm.

She stuck her tongue into my ear and licked it wetly all around, then whispered urgently, “Oh sweet thing, you’ve got such a great cock, fuck me hard, give me all your hot creamy cum. Next time, you can stick it in my mouth and I’ll suck your cock while you give me a nice big load of hot jizz. ”

I wasn’t really sure what she was telling me, but the excitement in her voice and the dirty words got me so excited that my cock began spasming gob after sticky gob of cum into the her hot, wet pussy.

I never knew how much fun playing the piano could be, but I sure looked forward to many, many more wonderful lessons with my new teacher.

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