Can’t Wait

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I felt wild. Flashing lights and loud music pounded through me and I moved with the beat, as if my body was divorced from my mind and only the music controlled my actions. My senses were fuzzy, like I was drunk or high but I wasn’t, I was only intoxicated by the music, by the dark, by the rhythm of my own body. Crowds of people danced and writhed on either side of me, all around me, and I felt like the rest of the world was separate from this place, from the pulsing crowds, from the darkness, from the music.

I was so entranced with the motion of my dancing I barely noticed a body separate itself from the surrounding crush and begin to move with me. He placed his hands on my hips, gently at first, then gripping me tighter as I ground against him. I raised my arms up, twining them around my head and his as we moved our bodies in tandem, feeling the beat of the music coursing through the both of us. His hands began to wander, one staying firmly on my hip as the other crept higher to circle my waist. Bold, driven by the power of the rhythm and the darkness I grabbed his hand and guided it beneath the hem of my shirt so I could feel his palms against my bare skin. I felt rather than heard the sharp intake of his gasp as he touched the curves of my hips without the obstruction of fabric. He bent his head slightly to breathe into my ear and my lips curved in a subconscious smile of pleasure as began to kiss my neck. My hands reached down to grab his and I twined my fingers through his and gripped tightly.

He suddenly spun me around to face him, his arms encircling Gaziantep Escort my back to hold me closer. I pressed my whole body against him and raised my face to kiss him, my tongue sliding between his lips as his mouth opened to meet mine. He ran his fingers through my hair and grabbed tightly, pulling, as I bit gently on his lower lip. I felt him get hard as I kept grinding against him to the pulsing rhythm of the music, our mouths still open wide with urgency as we kissed as hard we could. One hand moved forward from my back to caress my breasts, and as I wasn’t wearing a bra my nipples immediately got hard. I felt him smile against my lips in response and he gave me a little pinch that sent tremors through my whole body; I rubbed more intensely against his erection as I felt myself grow more wet and excited.

“Want to get out of here?” I panted into his ear, the only thing I said to him all night.

“I can’t wait,” he replied, and I suddenly felt the wall against me; he had guided us to the back of the club and pushed me into a corner. I gasped, even more excited at the prospect of what we were going to do now. He kissed me, deeply, his hands still pulling on my hair with intensity. My hands slid under his arms and up to rest on his shoulders, and I gripped him as hard as I could to pull him closer. He broke off the kiss to move his lips to my neck, and I groaned out loud with the new flood of desire that left me practically senseless. With one hand he pulled down the neckline of my shirt to expose one breast; he lowered Gaziantep Escort Bayan his lips and began to tease, breathing and licking around my nipples without actually touching the sensitive tips. There was a part of my mind that was aware of the fact that we were in a crowded club, that we might in fact have witnesses, but the thought made me bolder, made me want him even more. I pressed his head against me and he took the hint. He took my nipple into my mouth and began to suck it, hard, his tongue rippling back and forth. I threw my head back and moaned, which only encouraged him, causing him to grip my breast hard with his hand and bite down lightly on the nipple.

I took his other hand and pulled it down to reach up my skirt. The conscious part of my mind thanked me for choosing to wear a miniskirt today as I guided his hand under my panties. I felt his groan as he spread apart the lips to reach inside me, to feel my hot wetness. As he touched me, gently, I reached out and unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I slipped my hand inside his boxers to grip his erection, causing him to let out another moan of pleasure.

The feel of my hand surrounding him seemed to push him over the edge. He pushed his body harder against me until I was pressed between him and the wall. He slipped one finger inside of me and began rubbing, adding a second finger and then a third. I began rubbing him harder as he touched his fingers to my g-spot, and then lost all thought at all as his thumb came up to brush against Escort Gaziantep my clit. His mouth came up to meet mine and he kissed me fiercely, biting my bottom lip as the pressure built inside of me. My panting became shallower, faster, and he read my signals and began pulsing pressure against my g-spot harder and faster, rubbing my clit more intently until I felt the shuddering, pulsating waves of my orgasm overcome me.

Before the feeling could begin to fade, I reached a hand around to press on the small of his back, to force him closer, to enter me. He pushed my panties aside and we moaned simultaneously as he pushed forward to fill me, as I surrounded him.

I stretched one leg up to encircle his waist and his hands came down to grab my ass, lift me up so that he could enter me more easily. I moved my hips against him, and he moved his against me, to follow the pulsing beat of the music, still compelling both of us. My other leg came up to twine around him, and he grabbed me and held me up, pushing me up against the wall. I gripped his shoulders tightly, my nails digging into his muscles as he pumped rhythmically in and out of me, driving my pleasure higher, bringing me to the brink of another orgasm. I moaned into his ears as I felt again the full-body tremors of pleasure coursing through my veins. I felt at the same time his movements grow faster, more urgent. He gasped, his breathing coming more and more quickly, until his head collapsed on my shoulder and I could feel the pulsing of his orgasm inside of me.

We remained that way for a moment; my legs around his waist, his hands gripping my ass and holding me off the ground, him inside of me. Then I began to stir, and he let me down. I reached up to run my fingers through his hair, to kiss him one more time. Then I broke off the kiss and slipped back into the crowd, to rejoin the dancers and the music.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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