Captured Girl Lawyers for Sale–part 1

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It might help to understand this story if you have already read my first effort—Slave Nurses for Sale. If you enjoy these stories, please give me high marks. I’m new at this kind of thing, but I would love for you to leave comments of what you would like to read and how I can improve my writing. I’m just a lonely girl with big natural boobs, who fantasizes about having some of the same experiences of the girls I write about.

Michael, Charles, and William had just become extremely wealthy men, having sold 3 nurses as slaves to some very rich people who traded in the human traffic market. Now the men were doing their research to find 3 more beautiful women who would meet their demands for the next sell.

They had decided to abduct three women lawyers this time, and they each did separate detective work to determine who these women would be. New York City and Philadelphia would be the places for their exploration as they soon began to narrow their choices to the final three.

Again, they followed a meticulous plan in locating the girls who would fit their paradigm. The girls would all by nature be intelligent, having gone through law school and passed the bar exam. They would also be required to fall within the physical requirements—medium height, large breasts, beautiful clear skin, and weigh between 110 and 130 pounds. They could actually weigh a little more than 130 if they met the other requirements, since captivity would include a reducing program if needed. Hair color was not a necessary condition of selection, but William favored red hair. The girls would need to be single, but they did not have to be virgins—although if they were, that would definitely be a bonus.

The relocation position for this captivity would be a small island in the Mediterranean. Charles had spent some time finding this place, and the three men had been able to negotiate the purchase of the whole island. It had a large beachfront and as Michael flew the other two men over the island in his helicopter, they noticed rich foliage, a beautiful lagoon and waterfall, and several different places to build an exotic hideaway which could not easily be discovered from the air.

Once the choices were made, the method of the girls’ separate captures was also decided.
Michael’s choice was Patricia, a 23-year-old brunette who was easily taken as she worked late at the law firm for which she was employed. The building in which she worked had a service elevator which led to an underground parking garage. One small tranquilizer dart from Michael’s dart gun, and she was out like a light. He wrapped her body in a quilt used by moving companies, and he took her down the elevator to her car. Having taken her purse and car keys, he simply dumped her body in the trunk and drove off to the dock where his yacht was moored. The other two men met him and helped him secure the girl with plastic and duct tape after they had gotten her body on board the boat. They also put a ball gag in her mouth and gave her an injection of a sleeping solution that would keep her knocked out for several hours.

Charles had chosen a 22-year-old blonde named Cindy. She had only recently passed her bar exam and worked in the D.A.’s office. She lived in a two-bedroom apartment with another girl who was also a co-worker. When Charles eased into the apartment at night, he put one tranquilizer dart into the roommate and another into Cindy. He was able to carry her out to his van parked in the alley behind her house, and drive to the boat. Her body was processed in the same manner as Patricia’s.

Elizabeth was a gorgeous 21-year-old redhead who worked as a paralegal for a small law firm. William had called her, indicating that he was about to deploy to Afghanistan, and needed to set an appointment to make a will. He knew Elizabeth would be alone in the office at the scheduled time, and one well-placed tranquilizer dart gave him his prey. The office was in a strip mall on a little-traveled street, and all the other stores had closed. He simply held one of her arms around his shoulder, put his other arm around her waist, and walked her out to the van in which the other two men had been waiting.

When the group arrived at the boat, they gave Elizabeth the same treatment the other girls had received. Since all three of the girls had been sleeping since their captivity began, they never noticed that they were moving through the waters of the Atlantic on the way to a new life.

Chapter 2

The large yacht had several bedrooms and baths. Each of the rooms was equipped with lambs wool-lined leather handcuffs that strapped to the girl’s wrists and ankles. Each of the girls had been unwrapped and undressed completely when the boat had gotten out to sea. The girls also now had I.V.’s filled with the same designer drug the men had used on the nurses they had taken captive earlier. The I.V. bags also contained electrolytes to nourish the girls. As they slept, each girl unknowingly was developing a heightened sex drive and the same Stockholm syndrome that had worked so successfully on the nurses. Each man took turns observing his own naked treasure while she slept as the boat slipped quickly through quiet seas toward the special island.

Michael probed Patricia’s vagina and found her young hymen still intact even at her age. He straddled her sleeping body and began to lick her pussy, pushing his tongue inside and tasting her sweet vaginal juices. Then he sucked and sucked her clitoris, bringing soft moans from the sleeping girl. He moved off her and leaned over her generous bosom, kissing and sucking the large nipples on each breast. The drug had already brought Ankara bayan escort about a new sensitivity to the tits that was not there before, and the young lawyer again moaned softly as she continued to sleep. Michael found it hard to wait for the time when this girl would obey his every wish. But now it was time for Charles to enjoy his prey, so Michael left his naked angel sleeping and returned to the deck.

Cindy was dreaming of a picnic in the park with her special guy making love to her as Charles caressed the blonde girl’s large breasts and pinched and twisted her soft pink nipples. He took each one in turn into his mouth and sucked and chewed gently on it before moving to its partner. He spent several minutes making love to Cindy’s tits, evoking the same soft moans as Michael had gotten from Patricia. The sleeping solution, coupled with the other drugs, kept Cindy from waking as Charles continued his exploration of her young body. When he gently pulled the labia of her bald pussy apart, he was pleasantly surprised that she also had an intact hymen. He then spent several more minutes kissing, licking, and sucking her beautiful genitals. The soft moans continued as the sleeping girl’s dream began to take on a life of its own.

William’s turn below with his red-haired beauty was a long awaited treat. During his high school years, he had lusted after a girl with red hair and an ample young bosom. She sat next to him in two of his classes, and her school locker was next to his just outside their homeroom. Now this naked vision of loveliness with long red hair was lying asleep right in front of him. Elizabeth seemed not to have an ounce of fat on her whole body. Her large, firm breasts stood proudly with their pink nipples and silver dollar-sized auburn aureolae. Her flaming bush had been nicely trimmed with just a small patch of hair on her mons, pointing the way to her shaved pussy. As William peered into the depths of her vagina, he discovered that her hymen had been broken. His discovery would be both good and bad news to him—she would not bring as much money as the other two girls, but he would be able to fuck her as much as he wished.

Chapter 3

The boat had been at sea for over a day when the girls began to wake up. Each one struggled against her restraints for a while, and cried out for someone to help her. When no help came, the girls finally gave up and surrendered to their captivity—at least for the time being. All the girls immediately saw that they were naked, and as the men began to visit their bedrooms, they all immediately also were clothed with shame at not being able to hide their naked beauty from their male visitors.

Cindy was first to awaken, and as she cried out, Charles knew he would need to minister to her basic needs before long. When she stopped her screams of panic, and began to weep that she needed to pee, Charles moved into her room. She was at the same time glad and frightened to see the man who had kidnapped her.

“I really need to pee, sir. Please let me out of these restraints.”

“I need to put something on you first,” said Charles. He attached the belt around her waist and locked it into place, then he released the restraints and allowed her to stand. The waterproof belt was designed to give the wearer a mild electric shock when the audio chip inside heard a trigger spoken only with the voice pattern belonging to one of the captors.

Charles decided to give it a test. “Rumpelstiltskin,” said Charles with a soft voice. Cindy jumped and squealed.

“What was that?” she asked.

“Just our way of keeping you in line. The word is special word. It will only work if I, or one of my shipmates speaks it, and the severity of the shock depends on the volume of our voice when we say the word. You will find that your captivity will be an extremely enjoyable one if you give us no trouble. At the first sign of trouble, we will trigger the shock. If we say the word too loud, the shock will be a fatal one, so please don’t push your luck.”

At the mention of the words “captivity” and “fatal,” Cindy knew that she should step lightly and do everything she was told until she could find a safe way to escape. In the meantime, she was extremely grateful to be able to use the bathroom.

After her morning oblations (she found a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, conditioner, disposable razor, hairbrush, comb, bathrobe, and slippers—all of which she put to good use), Cindy approached Charles and asked, “May I please have this I.V. needle removed now, sir.”

“Of course, you may. I appreciate the respect you’re showing also. By the way, your attitude will unquestionably determine the manner in which you will be treated by us.” He then removed the needle and disposed of it by tossing it overboard. He placed a band-aid on the puncture mark, and led Cindy above decks to meet the other men.

Michael and William were already seated around a table and were having breakfast when Cindy came up.

“Hello, Cindy, my name is Michael.” “And mine is William, good morning, Cindy. You must be starved. Won’t you join us for breakfast?”

“I’d love to have something to eat. I believe I could eat a horse.”

Michael said, jokingly, “Well, that’s about the only thing we don’t have on the menu. Would you settle for bacon, eggs, and wheat toast with orange juice and coffee?”

“Oh my God, that sounds wonderful right now!” Cindy replied. Charles was gone for a few minutes to the galley and returned with a plate filled with Cindy’s order. He then poured her juice and coffee, and sat down next to her as she began to eat.

“We know you have many questions,” said Charles, “but they will need to wait until two other girls, whom Escort bayan Ankara you’ve not met, wake up and have their breakfast also.” It shouldn’t be long now.

Chapter 4

In fact, as Cindy was enjoying her breakfast, the same screams she had made began coming from the other two cabins. In a short time, all the girls had met each other and were eating their meal as if they were condemned prisoners—each of the girls was unknowingly ingesting crushed drugs with their eggs. All I.V.’s had been removed and all three girls were dressed alike. Each belt had a distinctive trigger word (all three words were different—“Cinderella” for Patricia and “Rapunzel” for Elizabeth—and all had been tested, producing the same effect as it had on Cindy).

“Girls, we are on a route to a beautiful island. We will be living there for quite a while, but believe us when we say that your lives as you knew them are no longer. To state it bluntly, you are now our slaves. You will do exactly as we tell you, or you will be punished. If you do as you are told, and exactly as you are told, you will find life extremely enjoyable.” Charles was expecting more of a verbal resistance after this little speech, but none was forthcoming. He wondered if the drug, which had been administered by way of I.V. rather than by daily injection. had produced a quicker effect of Stockholm syndrome than it had done previously.

“We have told you our names, but we prefer that you refer to us as “master” or “sir,” said Michael. “Once we feel that we can trust you, we will allow you to call us by whatever terms of endearment you wish to use.”

“Sir,” Patricia asked of Michael, “I know I should feel desperate and be making plans to escape from this situation, but the only thing I feel desperate about at this time is the desperation to have sex with you. Is that something I should mention?”

Michael laughed. “Absolutely, sweetie! My stateroom is awaiting our pleasure right now! Patricia and Michael then immediately excused themselves from the others and went to his cabin. His swimsuit was left on the floor as was Patricia’s robe when they jumped hurriedly into his bed and into each other’s arms. Their tongues engaged as their mouths locked in a lover’s kiss while his hands squeezed her large breasts and her hand stroked his large penis. After a several minutes, Michael changed positions so that he was on bottom with his mouth at her pussy and her mouth was sucking on his cock. Michael could not believe his good fortune as he lapped the juices that gushed from her pussy. When his mouth began sucking her clitoris, her moans became immediately louder and her back arched as her first orgasm washed over her. When she came down from her high, she began to suck on his cock, licking the helmet, the vein underneath, and his balls. Then she took the whole length of his cock into her throat, allowing him to fuck her face in the same manner as if he were going to creampie her pussy. In a few minutes Michael shot several ropes of sperm down Patricia’s throat, and she swallowed them all as if they were pieces of ambrosia from the gods.

The two then fell into each other’s arms, and Patricia said, “Is it okay if I say that I love you, master?”

Michael’s response was somewhat predictable, “That would be just fine, sweetie.”

“I love you master. I love you so much.” Patricia lay quietly next to Michael, gently caressing his chest, kissing his nipples, and stroking his cock to a new hardness.

Not unexpectingly, the two of them would have sex again and again. For several minutes he enjoyed sucking her large tits, bringing their nipples to a rock hardness. He would introduce her to anal sex, and they would share oral sex, but he did not fuck her pussy (at least not yet—he was still thinking about the extra money from selling a virgin—later on he might start thinking with his cock instead of his brain).

Chapter 5

The seas remained quiet as the activity in William’s cabin seemed to be shaking the whole boat. Elizabeth had followed Patricia’s lead and had convinced William to have sex with her below. The two of them once there had quickly shed their clothes and began to attack each other’s body—William feasting on Elizabeth’s soaking wet pussy while she swallowed his cock as if it were a gourmet delicacy. Both took less than 5 minutes to arrive at a mind-blowing orgasm which filled William’s mouth with delicious vaginal juices and Elizabeth’s with several large spurts of thick sperm. Both of them swallowed their tasty treats and then changed body positions so that they were head to head. As they kissed their tongues exchanged the tastes of each other, bringing Williams cock to another hard-as-steel erection and Elizabeth’s cunt to a drenched dwelling place for him to place it. With her legs spread wide, she felt his rigid organ sliding inside her labia and accepted his stiff cock inside her hot pussy. They fucked each other for over an hour, switching from missionary, to doggy, to cowgirl, to reverse cowgirl, to spoon, then back to missionary. In this last position, William unloaded shot after shot of semen into the girl as she reached another huge orgasm at the same time. When he had finished, Elizabeth took his flaccid cock in her mouth and sucked their combined juices off of it.
Then they both lay together in the after glow of the whole experience.

“Oh, master, where have you been all my life? I never could have dreamed a slave’s life could be so wonderful! I really believe that I love you, and I’ll always do exactly what you tell me.”

William enjoyed hearing these things Elizabeth had to say, but he would be putting this apparent love and loyalty to the test pretty soon.

Chapter 6.

When Michael and William Bayan escort Ankara had finished having sex with Patricia and Elizabeth, they took the girls up to the deck so that they could sunbathe in the nude while their two captors could navigate the boat. This move freed up Charles to take an eager Cindy to his cabin for a round of hot sex.

Cindy had quickly succumbed to the effect of the drugs that had coursed through her body from the time of captivity up to the time her I.V. was removed. Both the sex arousal drugs and the Stockholm syndrome drugs had achieved their maximum effects on her young body, and she was ready to have loads of sex. She dropped her robe on deck and had jumped on his back before she ever started for Charles’ cabin. She made a point of rubbing her large breasts into his back and humping the backs of his legs with her hot, wet pussy as they moved below deck. When they arrived at his stateroom, she jumped on the bed and assumed a spread-eagle position.

“C’mon, master, I need your body right now, please. I don’t think I can go another second without your big dick inside my soaking wet pussy.”

“You’ll have to wait a while, Cindy. My big dick, as you called it, has not gotten hard enough to drill you the way I want to.”

“Oh, my darling master, I can fix that in just a few minutes,” she said, as she took his cock in her mouth and began to suck, lick, and kiss it. He stood beside the bed, watching her work her magic on his flaccid cock. True to her word, she had it standing stiff and erect in less than a minute.

“We have time for you to satisfy me when you want, master. Right now, I just want to feel your hard cock, moving in and out of my wet cunt. I want to feel you pump loads of hot sperm inside my pussy. I want to feel you sucking the stiff nipples on my big titties. I want to French kiss you again and again. I just want to be used and abused, master. After all, I am your slave girl.”

“Yes, you are little C, and don’t you ever forget it! Now move over here to the side of the bed on you hands and knees. I’m going to bust your cherries both front and back before I’m finished with you. Spread your legs and reach back and spread your labia. This is going to hurt to begin with, but it will soon feel better.”

Charles (Big C) had already made up his mind, along with his other partners, that the bonus money they would receive from delivering virgins to their clients was not worth giving up the opportunity for vaginal sex. They had also recently planned to treat themselves to double penetration with the girls, as well as using all 3 girls interchangeably. The trip to the island would be fabulous.

Big C fucked little C several times in the next couple of hours, bringing her to orgasm over half a dozen times, feasting on her mouth, tits, and pussy, and filling her mouth, pussy, and ass with several loads of sperm. None of the men feared for unwanted pregnancies since birth control pills were crushed up into each girl’s food every day.

After their long bout of sex, Charles and Cindy were very sleepy, and they slept for over an hour in each other’s arms. When they awoke, they were starved, so they slipped into their robes and moved above board for lunch.

Chapter 7

While Michael was navigating the yacht, and Patricia and Elizabeth (Now Patty and Beth) were sunbathing, William was catching a number of ahi ahi tuna and one sizable grouper for their lunch and dinner. The girls, as well as the men, would need to adapt to a steady fare of food from the sea. And today William was extremely fortunate to catch the delicious bounty that he had caught. He would even be able to freeze most of it for future meals. William had decided to filet the grouper and make grilled steaks for lunch along with grilled asparagus and glazed carrots. Two bottles of pinot noir had been placed in the fridge at the same time the cooking had begun. Lunch would prove quite an aphrodisiac to the girls since their meals always included the drugs that brought about a sexual arousal and a desire to stay with their captors—whom the girls now all considered their masters.

Life was indeed good on the seas for Michael, Charles, and William. The girls felt as if they had won a vacation package, and they were all in love with the men who had taken them out of court and into their boat. Lunch was delicious; and it was at lunch that the men had decided to change the pairings as a test for the women,

“Do you like the food?” William asked.

“Yes, master!” all three girls spoke with one voice,

“How about the wine?”

“It was delicious master!”spoke Patty.

Well, your masters have a surprise for you now. When we return to our cabins, Little C will be going with Michael, Patty will be going with William, and Beth will take Big C.
The look that the girls exchanged indicated that this test would be no test at all. All the girls immediately dropped their robes, and took the hand of their new partner. They all began to hug, kiss, and rub their ample bosoms and cunts against their partners as well. The three men could not have asked for a better response. With the boat’s helm set for the proper course, and sonar showing no obstructions for miles, the three new couples began to engage in sex right there on deck. Tits and dicks were licked and sucked. Mouths and tongues mashed against each other. Hands sought out all kinds of body parts. And fucking, moaning, and orgasms were heard through the afternoon air—and then all was still.

More swapping and congenial sex was part of the cruise to the Mediterranean island. As the girls would have their periods, threesomes became part of the daily regimen as well.
The virginity bonus had long been forgotten by the men, and the girls’ pussies and asses had been well used for several days. On one of these days, land was spotted. The latitude and longitude reading was unmistakable—it was their island!

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