Car Buff Ch. 02

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This is the next installment of the Car Buff series, and I recommend reading the first chapter in order not to be lost. I will be working on the third chapter shortly, and hope you enjoy this in the mean time. I would like to again thank MissZ for all her hard work editing this chapter. Please feel free the write a comment about the story, and don’t forget to vote.


My mind whirled wondering why the police needed to ask me questions. My brain could only come to one conclusion–Mr. Gruzin. I knew he threatened to hit me up on vandalism, but I didn’t change his damn sign, and the cameras would prove that. Unless he could somehow charge me of doing something else…my mind quickly raced back to Kat.

“Son, are you okay because we need to ask you some questions,” the police officer on the right repeated.

“Ummm… yeah, I am okay, just a little shaken up I guess,” I quietly replied as my heart started to race. “Can I ask what this is about?”

“Yes. You see when you entered or got admitted to the hospital we were notified of a possible assault and battery by the hospital, and it is standard practice for us to check it out,” the officer on the left piped up as he shifted his weight onto his right foot.

My heart rate dropped a little when I found out Mr. Gruzin didn’t call the cops on me, at least not yet. The only question left was what were they going to ask me and what was I going to say to them. Should I tell them that Mr. Gruzin assaulted me? If I did they would surely ask why, and then I would have to tell them about Kat and me. I decided that would be to embarrassing to my family and me.

“So could you state your full name for us,” the officer on the left asked.

“My name is Justice Ronald Williams,” I replied in a monotone voice trying everything in my power to stay calm.

“Mr. Williams, could you please tell us how you sustained your injuries,” the officer continued.

“Yeah, I suppose…. I…. Well, it was an accident,” I hesitantly stated.

“Was your dad or your mom involved in this accident son?”

I was about to answer the question when I finally realized that the hospital probably called the police because they figured my parents assaulted me. Anger now started to build up in me as these two cops tried to judge my family. I was ready to blurt out that Mr. Gruzin was the one who had assaulted me and why, when the officers’ radio went off.

“Unit 22, Unit 22 please respond,” called out a voice from the other end of the police radio.

“Unit 22 here. What do you need dispatch,” the officer on the right replied.

“Unit 22 be advised that Justice Williams was just reported for vandalism and theft. I repeat that Justice William was just reported for vandalism and theft,” the dispatcher articulated.

Both officers looked at me as if what the dispatcher stated was fact and I was indeed guilty of those crimes. The officer who was asking all the questions moved towards me while reaching for his handcuffs. Just then my mom came into the room to see what was taking me so long.

“What is going on here? Why are you approaching my son,” my mom yelled at the cops.

“Ma’am, if you will calm down we will explain everything on the way to the station,” the other officer explained while cutting off the path from my mom to me.

“What do you mean to the station we are not going anywhere until someone explains to me what is going on,” my mom shouted back while trying to sidestep the officer.

“Mom, don’t worry they were just…” I started to explain while getting up to console my mother when I was viciously slammed against the doctor’s table turned around and handcuffed.

“You have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do can and will be held against you in the court of law,” the officer spat at me while applying pressure to my head while he finished handcuffing me.

The officer finished reading me my Miranda rights as my mom screamed in the background crying while being restrained by the other officer. With all the shouting and moving going on in the room two nurses ran in to see what was causing all the commotion. They quickly assessed the scene unfolding as one headed over to my mom, and the other to check on me. When the officer who was handcuffing me flipped me over she let out a little gasp.

“What did you do to him, we just set that nose,” the nurse roared.

My mom locked up again as the other nurse tried to sooth her, and she just started to sob harder. I realized then my nose was just rebroken, and warm blood was again running down my face. The nurse moved in to try to redress and set my nose, but the officer just pushed her aside while jerking me to a more upright position. The officer than twisted the handcuffs so that they were digging into my wrists.

“He was resisting arrest so we had to use some force. He can be treated by the infirmary after he is booked and put into the system at the county jail,” the officer rudely stated Maltepe Escort to the nurse.

“I must say it will only take a minute to reset,” the nurse pleaded.

However, the officer paid her no more attention as he twisted the cuffs harder still and marched me out the door. As we walked down the hospital corridor I felt everyone’s eyes on me judging me for something I didn’t even do or they even knew about. For the first time in my life I truly felt ashamed, and worthless. The cop slowed me down every time there was a large crowd, and allowed them to stare and judge me, as he made random degrading comments about me as we passed by.

Once outside he directed me towards his squad car, and picked up the pace once more. He quickly opened the door to the squad car and shoved me in. As I fell into the car I again slammed my head causing pain to shoot throughout my body. The officer just scoffed, and closed the door waiting for his partner to come. About one minute later his partner arrived, and we headed towards the station.

The same officer who had thrown me down to cuff me, and pushed me into the squad car now gently helped me out of the car. As I stepped out ofthe car I instantly noticed the camera pointed right at us. I figured this guy was covering his own ass by not doing anything on film. Again he twisted the cuffs and pushed forward making sure his body was blocking the camera as he did this. We proceeded to the station were I was booked and processed. I quickly was pushed into a cell with a rather large black man who was sitting on his bunk starring right at me. As I moved to sit down his eyes followed me looking up and down trying to figure something out. What that was I had no idea, nor did I want to find out. I quickly sat on a bed opposite of the man as I felt the back of my head.

When I lifted my hand off my head some sticky residue came with it. I had felt it all along where my head had hit the car. It was all matted in my hair, and figured it must have been grease from the door. Upon looking at the substance I knew immediately it was not grease, but rather my own blood. Just then the two officers that arrested me came by and opened up the cell door.

“Come with us Justice we have a few questions to ask you,” the aggressive officer demanded as he motioned me out of the cell.

“When are my wounds going to get treated? You said at the hospital after I was processed I would be treated,” I replied as my hand went back to feel the matted blood in my hair.

“My mistake. I forgot today was Sunday, and our nurse only has a half day today and already left. Maybe early tomorrow someone will see you,” the officer chuckled as he pulled me out of the cell.

The black man in the cell followed me with his eyes never saying a word. As we started to leave the cop hit the bars of the cells trying to get some response out of the man. The man didn’t even flinch when the cop hit the bars he remained fixed on me as we walked away. Even though I hated walking with these two crooked officers I was a little relieved as that man freaked me out, and from what I heard about prison I wanted nothing to do with other prisoners. We walked all the way down the corridor till we stopped outside a door, which the one officer in front of me opened. It was the first time I was able to catch a glimpse of his badge. ‘Officer Walton’ the badge on his uniform gleamed in the light as he swung open the door.

He walked in and quickly moved to the back wall and leaned against it. His partner pushed me in and sat me down in a chair facing a large metal table. He roughly pushed me close to the cold table where I saw a file opened with a picture of me starring back. Next to the file were a piece of paper and a pen.

“Now I hope you make this really simple for yourself Mr. Williams. All that you have to do is sign your name on that confession to vandalism and theft, and we will let you go till your scheduled court date. However, if you don’t we can always put you back in that cell till the court date. It’s a pretty easy case too far as we can see, Mr. Gruzin has already provided a statement, and states he is going to provide video evidence,” the officer coolly stated facing towards me with his face blocked in the darkness behind the powerful light.

I had seen this before I thought to myself; it was the good cop bad cop routine trying to get me to crack. I knew that I had nothing to gain by playing their game, because I knew Mr. Gruzin was lying and that he had no video evidence–at least not real video evidence. They waited a few moments to let me dwell on my thoughts, and then Officer Walton came into view.

“Son, make this easy on your family they have been through enough. You saw the grief you put your mother through today don’t put her through anymore. Just sign the statement and go home with her tonight so she isn’t worrying about you,” Officer Walton calmly pleaded to me.

He moved from my side and uncuffed my Anadolu Yakası Escort hands. He then pushed the statement and pen towards me motioning me to sign it. He stand in stood in the light looking at me as if he was the path to freedom and hope while his partner was still masked by the darkness cast by the light. Both stayed still trying to amplify the effect of the good cop, band cop routine. I almost laughed at the scene, but didn’t as I realized the seriousness of the situation I was currently in. After a few minutes of waiting the other officer leaned forward toward the metal table so only his face and upper body was clearly visible where I was sitting. It was then that I caught a glance of his name badge, Officer Polwalski.

“Thinking that you can get off easy, and beat the system like the movies, kid? Is that what’s going through your mind right now, well think again. You are just another poor, screwed-up kid that is going to get straightened out by the system. I think we are going to show you how the system works, and put you back in the cell with Bubba so he can have some fun with you,” sneered Officer Polwalski.

Officer Polwalski quickly bolted upright so he was again hidden by the shadow of the light, while Officer Walton remained fixed starring at me. He shrugged his shoulders implying that it was out of his hands unless I signed the confession. My eyes went to the piece of paper, and then back to Officer Walton. I finally decided to tell the truth about yesterday’s events, and Mr. Gruzin’s assault on me. I started to explain that my injuries were not an accident and in fact it was Mr. Gruzin who had assaulted me. This did not sit well with either officer as Officer Polwalski grabbed the back of my neck.

“Don’t lie to us Mr. Williams we know what you did and we will have our evidence to prove it,” Polwalski spat into my ear as he finally let go of my neck by pushing my head forward. “Looks like you will get to keep Bubba company all night then.”

With that Officer Polwalski grabbed my arm, and pulled me out of the chair. I was quickly whisked out of the room, and lead down the hallway to the cell I had just come out of. The large black man was still in the cell, and as I approached he again fixed his gaze upon me. Officer Polwalski pushed me into the cell as soon as Walton had opened it, and then slammed the cell door behind me.

“You two get comfy in there now, and play nice tonight,” Polwalski crackled as he banged his baton against the cell door.

I quickly sat back on the bed I was at before rubbing my neck where Officer Polwalski had pushed it. I sat there nervously starring at my feet wondering what was going to happen. Finally after a few minutes I gathered up the nerve to look up, and the man was still starring intently at me, which made my stomach flip-flop. I started to think that maybe I should have lie and signed that statement. At least then I knew I would be safe. The black man than stood up making him even larger than he first appeared. He walked over towards me, and stopped right in front of me still starring intently at me.

“What’s your name, son,” the large black man asked me still vividly watching me as if he was calculating or evaluating something.

“Justice Williams,” I stated quietly shaking a little not sure what to expect from the man.

“Well, Justice, how old are you exactly,” the man asked with a hint of a growl in his voice.

“I’m seventeen, almost eighteen Mr. Bubba, I mean sir,” I weakly replied choking trying to get some breath of air in my new visibly shaking body.

The man boomed with a quick fit of laughter, and then quickly regained his composure and stare. He survived me a couple more times, and then started walking up toward the bars of the cell. He quickly looked toward the right and then the left seeing if anyone was in view. The man then looked back at me, and moved back in front of me towering over my body. He quickly extended his hand in front of me.

“Well don’t be rude now, and shake my hand,” he spoke in a lowered tone. “Name’s Jake Robinson it’s nice to meet you. So what are you in here for, son?”

I quickly shook the man’s hand not sure what to make of this situation. Puzzled by Mr. Robinson, I figured I had nothing to lose so I quickly started on what happened earlier that day. Mr. Robinson intently listened, and just shook his head up and down while he listened. After I finished explaining the day’s events Mr. Robinson sat back down on his bed and looked down at his clasped hands.

“So now that you know what I am in here Mr. Robinson do you mind telling me why you are here,” I managed to ask starting to feel a little easier.

“Stolen car,” Mr. Robinson replied leaving it at that in a matter of fact tone. “So the cops told you my name was Bubba, and I was going to have some fun with you tonight huh?”

“Yeah, something like that,” I replied while waiting with my hands on my knees for some kind of laugh İstanbul Escort or something reassurance from him.

Time just passed as Mr. Robinson gave me no reassurances that the officers were incorrect. Instead he just sat there starring at his clasped hands. We waited like this not saying a word for another hour till Officer Walton came by, and opened the cell door.

“Justice, follow me, your parents are here to bail you out,” Officer Walton state while starring me down.

We walked up the corridor to the front of the police station where Officer Walton than directed me to sit on a bench. I could see both my mom and dad talking to Officer Polwalski then pointed towards me, and they turned to look at me. I felt even more ashamed as my father looked down upon me. My mom quickly walked over to me surveying my condition. My dad walked out of the station not saying a word as we followed.

My mom looked at me her eyes welling up at the site of my mangled face. I saw a single tear fall onto her cheek as she brushed it away trying to hold back the others that were sure to follow.

“Where was the nurse that was supposed to fix your nose Justice? You look awful,” my mother cried.

“Bill we have to stop back at the hospital to have his nose fixed by the doctor,” my mother called out to my dad.

“And exactly how are we to pay for that,” my dad snapped. “Everyone in the car NOW.”

The drive home was uneventful as no one talked. I kept seeing my dad look back at me through the rearview mirror, but he never spoke. It didn’t matter though for his eyes stated everything. He believed every word of the “truth” Officer Polwalski told him, and was now ashamed to be my father. When we pulled up into the garage he simply turned off the car and went inside leaving my mom and me alone. I kept my eyes peeled on my shoes not able to look her in the eyes.

“Honey, what happened,” she quietly asked me while brushing my cheek with her left hand holding back tears.

It was then that I looked up into her eyes. As I did she lost control and started to weep. At first softly gradually getting louder until she was sobbing on my shoulder. Again I lost heart and sunk my head on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry, mom…. This is all my fault,” I started to explain as my mover moved away to look at me placing her hands on my face.

It was then that I noticed my mom’s left hand was missing her engagement ring and wedding band. I grabbed her hand pulling it closer to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. She loved that engagement ring, and often said it was the only nice item she ever owned. She never took off her ring and now it was missing.

“Mom your ring where is it…. What happened,” I asked.

She quickly pulled back her hand, and began to sob even harder than before. It was then I heard my dad come up behind me. I turned to face him, and was greeted with a look of great distain.

“We had to pawn the rings to get your sorry ass out of jail. Theft and vandalism, Justice. What were you thinking? Your mother and I raised you better than that. I know we don’t have much, but we have worked hard to get everything we have,” my dad roared.

My dad was turning bright red trying to control his anger while clutching his hands into fists. On the rare occasion I saw my dad he was never angry with me, but rather always telling me to work hard in school, get an education, and a better life so this was quite a shock seeing him like this. My mother just kept weeping as my dad continued to billow in anger starring me down.

“I’m sorry…. I truly am, but I didn’t do those things dad. Don’t you believe me?” I chocked out while looking into his grimacing face.

My dad just stood there in silence looking back at me with a look of noncompassion. I took this as he had no faith or trust in me. My heart sank at the loss of respect that Mr. Gruzin had caused. My body could not take any more this situation, and my legs took over as I first walked and than ran out the door past my dad. I ran for miles until my legs could not support my weight anymore and I collapsed.

I was physically and mentally drained from the day’s events, and broke down. Lost in my thoughts the time just passed by as day turned to night. With the loss of light, I picked myself up and started my walk back…to where I had no idea. As I walked down the dimly lit street I looked into the windows, which reflected my image. Even though I looked the same on the inside I knew I had changed. As my reflection swam in the window fronts as I slowly continued down the street it disappeared for one business was still open. Looking in the window I noticed it was till open as people were bustling about. Drifting out of consciousness again I didn’t hear the door open.

“Come on in, son, I want to talk to you,” a man’s voice called out.

Turning to look at the man I instantly recognized his face from earlier that day, Mr. Robinson. He must have set bail too, and was awaiting trial. Though Mr. Robinson looked different for he was extremely well dressed in a suit and tie with black wingtip shoes. Speechless he motioned me into the building, and upon entering I finally read the title on the door, which read Robinson & Robinson Attorneys.

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