Careful What You Wish For – Day 06

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This a work of pure fiction, all sprouted from my overactive horny brain. It contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts, that some may find disturbing. So, if you are still going to read it, after having been warned, then enjoy!

I write as a hobby and a distraction in this difficult COVID-19 era. Feel free to comment, but keep it civil please, I’m not trying to win a prize or get published!

Stay safe and share some extra love with those who need it most in these challenging times!


Careful what you wish for — Day 6: Tuesday

It had quickly become a familiar experience for Joan, when she woke up in the morning. Chris’ side of the bed was empty and had not been slept on. She sighed. She knew she had only herself to blame. Like yesterday for example! Chris had been home early and had prepared a nice dinner for the family. Every wife with a job would have told her she had the perfect husband! Hell, even every wife without a job, for that matter! And she had! There was nothing she could blame Chris for. He had never cheated on her as far as she knew, he was willing to work on their relationship and marriage, he was a perfect stepdad to Allie, he knew how to handle himself in bed, shit, he really was the perfect husband! Then why did she screw it all up? She didn’t know. Sex with Ulan was fucking amazing, but did she really want to jeopardize her marriage for it? Every time she was alone and thought about it, she knew what she was doing was stupid and wrong! But every time she found herself in another horny situation that Ulan had created for her, she totally lost control over herself and turned into a cock craving cum slut! ‘Maybe I need help?’, she thought. She decided she would talk to Caitlin about it, before talking with Chris.

Joan got out of bed, took a shower and got dressed for another day at school. She went downstairs for breakfast and saw that Chris and Allie had already had breakfast. Allie was probably getting dressed. Chris had apparently already left for the office. Starting earlier made it possible for him to be home in time for dinner, she realized. Another effort on his part. Shit!

She was drinking her coffee, when her phone buzzed. Her heart skipped a beat. Was that another message from Ulan, telling her to meet him somewhere today for another exciting fuck? She hesitated to look at it. What if it was another fuck movie? She knew that if she watched it, she would be horny and wet again and not able to resist meeting Ulan. Better not look then? ‘Fuck’, she thought and looked at her phone. It was a message from Chris!

[Look in your schoolbag. Use it!]

Joan’s heart raced in her chest. What was going on? Why did Chris send her a message like that? It looked similar to the type of messages Ulan had sent her! Did he find out about them? OMG, did he know she was cheating on him? Joan ran upstairs and grabbed her bag from the floor and opened it. In it she found a small gift back with a card attached. She felt totally confused. She read the card.

Hi baby,

I know the last year hasn’t been the best in our marriage and at the moment we’re going through what is probably the worst period in our relationship. We’ve both been busy with our work and other things, which has caused us to grow apart completely. I have deliberately slept on the couch these past few days, to give myself some time to focus on the love I feel in my heart! And in my own small way, I’ve started to make the necessary changes to move forward again. Being home earlier and more often e.g., has proven to be a lot more fun and rewarding, than I initially would have thought possible! I very much would like to end this bad period and focus on the future! Please join me for dinner at Maxim’s tonight, 6 pm.


Joan’s eyes glazed over and she started crying. Chris’ effort to save their marriage and his loving words, were like an arrow of love, aimed at her heart! She felt such a bad person for having cheated on him! Such a stupid idiot, for risking her marriage with this wonderful man, who clearly still deeply loved her!

When she put the card back in the bag, she noticed something black in the bag. She took it out and looked at it. It was a tiny black leather pair of panties! ‘Owww my god, that is such a sexy gift!’, she thought. It was clear to Joan that Chris wanted to let her know, he still wanted her! Joan felt a surge of love for her husband! Maybe, just maybe, they could find their way out of this mess she had created! She could hardly wait to meet Chris at Maxime’s and show him how much she loved him! She would wear his gift and make sure he had a chance to inspect it himself! Maybe she could take him to the washrooms and let him fuck her there! She took her phone and typed her message to Chris.

[Looking forward to tonight! Will be wearing my gift!]


When Chris received Joan’s message, he looked at it with a blank face. Although he had accepted Allie’s suggestion for this romantic dinner with Joan, he felt it wouldn’t make much of a difference anymore.

When he had lain on the couch in the dark last night, he had spent more than escort gaziantep bayan reklamları an hour telling himself that Joan’s story for her being late, was a valid excuse for her absence and her not responding to their messages. But deep inside he knew it wasn’t. Any school board calling a last-minute meeting at the end of a school day, regardless of the cause, would understand that the participants of that meeting would have to inform their families they would probably be home late. So why hadn’t she? Why had her phone been completely off for hours? Would a meeting like the one Joan had described when she finally had gotten home, taken that long anyway? The longer Chris had thought about it, the more convinced he had become that there hadn’t been an emergency meeting at school at all. So why would Joan lie about a thing like that? Why lie about where she had been for all those hours? Combined with the fact that she had been avoiding to have sex with him for so long now, he could only come to a single conclusion: Joan was having an affair! Although he had no evidence, an affair would explain everything! He had felt no anger towards Joan for her infidelity, just an immense sadness that their relationship apparently had come to an end. The trust they once had in each other, was apparently no more.

To complicate things even further, he had fallen head over heels in love with Allie in just a matter of days! Just thinking of her made him smile and his heart feel as light as a feather! He knew she was much younger than him, but she was more mature than a lot of people he knew that were his age! She was always fun to be with, smart and had a big heart. She had even suggested this romantic dinner with Joan! And on top of that, she was so beautiful and sexy! In a couple of days, she would be 21 and he wanted her to have a very special birthday! Laying there in the dark on the couch, he had decided that he wanted to be with Allie! He had to tell Joan sometime soon about his decision. He knew the weeks after that announcement would be brutal and ugly, but it had to be done!

So, he had given the text on the card a lot of thought. He didn’t want to lie to Joan, but he also couldn’t tell her the full truth. So, he had chosen his words carefully. He hoped that Joan would read them as an attempt on his part, to save their marriage. But to Chris the words described his personal experiences, his feelings and in particular the love he felt for Allie. Based on her message, Joan had clearly read it the way he had intended for her.

He would be polite and understanding towards Joan tonight, but after all the developments in the previous weekend, he knew this dinner was a station he had already passed. He wondered why he didn’t just cancel it? But deep inside the prospect of a divorce, of having to admit that his relationship with Joan was over, caused so many doubts, that he just couldn’t cut all ties with Joan immediately. He remembered a saying: you don’t realize what you have, until it’s gone! What if that was the case with his relationship with Joan? What if he was wrong about all of this, about Joan’s affair, about his love for Allie and he would only realize that, once Joan was gone? He had to make sure he was doing the right thing and tonight he hoped to find the answers to his lingering doubts. Maybe the gift would soften up Joan just enough to get the truth out of her.


Joan’s day at school had been uneventful. She had taught Allie’s class, but Ulan had been absent! He hadn’t sent her any messages either. Although Joan felt a slight disappointment that she wouldn’t be fucking Ulan’s massive black dick today, she also felt relieved. Without the distraction of Ulan, she could completely focus on the upcoming talk with Chris.

Once she had finished her program of the day at 4 pm, she went to the washrooms, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down. She had brought a small package of wet refreshing towels and used them to clean her pussy. She then took Chris’ gift out of her bag and put it on. The black leather felt so smooth on her pussy! She put her other panties in her bag, applied some makeup and left. She walked to her car and headed in the direction of downtown.

The light for the left turn was red, so Joan had to stop at the intersection next to the gas station at the mall. Her phone buzzed. She looked at the screen, expecting it to be another message from Chris. It wasn’t!

[Meet me tonight, 5 pm, same location! — U]

A couple of seconds after she finished reading, her phone buzzed again and a new message appeared on the screen. This time it was the familiar link to a video file. Joan tapped it. The video was a compilation of her fucking Ulan in the Bell’s Club and getting DP-ed by Ulan and the black boy in the hotel room. Even just looking at the video and hearing herself use all that dirty language, made her wet! But tonight, she had no time for Ulan. She was on her way to meet Chris.

[Cannot meet tonight]

Seconds later her phone buzzed again.

[Meet me tonight, or video link will be sent to your husband!]

Ulan’s escort gaziantep resimleri message took Joan’s breath away. She was shocked! Ulan had never before threatened to expose her infidelity! If Chris saw that video, her marriage was over! She felt a tight knot in her belly and she almost panicked! ‘This has to end’, she thought. Tonight! She looked on her watch. 4:30 pm. That would leave her just enough time to swing by the hotel and make an end to all of this! She would tell Ulan that blackmailing her, was unacceptable! It had been fun for as long as it lasted, but this was getting out of control! Summoning her on every hour of the day, like she was some sort of slutty whore! Shocked, she suddenly understood! To him, she WAS his slutty whore, his white slutty whore! He had told her so himself, multiple times! Fuck role-playing, he hadn’t been role-playing at all, he had always intended to make her his white whore! ‘OMG, what a fucking idiot have I been!’, she thought. Determined to end this affair right now, she headed downtown when the traffic light turned green.


Mia knocked on the door of the hotel room. She had a first appointment with a new John tonight. She felt the usual tension she always felt with a first appointment. You never knew who would open that door. The door opened and a good-looking man in his mid-thirties, dressed in a business suite, smiled at her.

“Izzy?”, he asked.

“Yes, hello, I’m Izzy”, Mia smiled back.

“Hello, I’m Dan, please come in!”, he said as he stepped aside and opened the door further.

“Thank you, Dan, nice to meet you”, Mia said and entered the room.

Dan closed the door behind her.

“Wow, Izzy, you look absolutely stunning”, Dan said.

“Thank you, Dan. You look really hot in that suit too. I like a man in a nice suit”, Mia lied.


Joan parked her car in front of the hotel and went inside. She took the elevator to the second floor. She took her phone out of her bag and switched it completely off. She didn’t want anybody disturbing her while she talked to Ulan. The elevator arrived at the seconds floor and she walked to room 215. She knocked on the door. Ulan opened the door, completely naked, his cock already hard and standing upright. He wore a lace mystery mask over his face and smiled at her.

“Please come in Joan”, he said.

The mystery mask, his hard massive black cock and the soothing voice, had an instant effect on Joan! She let her guard down, smiled at him and stepped inside. The moment she passed Ulan and could see the rest of the room, she heard the door close behind her. Her mouth fell open and she looked wide-eyed at the six naked boys standing in front of her in the middle of the room. 3 black and 3 white. They all wore the same lace mystery mask Ulan was wearing. Each of them had an above average sized cock and each of them was rock hard!

Before she could say or do anything, Ulan scooped her of the floor into his arms, like she was a bride who was about to be carried over the threshold. He stepped towards the bed and laid her down on her back. Immediately all the boys climbed on the bed and started touching her! One of the white boys kissed her on the lips and pushed his tongue into her mouth. She felt her hands being taken by boys and placed on their hard cocks! Automatically she grabbed each cock. The boys placed their hand over her hand, grabbed her hand in theirs and started jerking themselves off with her hand! She automatically followed the motion and then took over, jerking them off on her own. Joan was getting horny really quick! She opened her mouth and started kissing back the boy who was kissing her and licking and softly biting her lips.

She felt hands kneading her tits, other hands sliding over her legs under her dress and two hands between her legs! One was rubbing her pussy through the leather panties she was wearing and the other massaged her thighs! With all the boys simultaneously touching the sensitive parts of her body, Joan was experiencing a sensory overload! She arched her back from the bed, bent her head backwards and started moaning! All these boys using her body felt so fucking good!

The boy stopped kissing her and seconds later she felt his cockhead against her lips. She automatically opened her mouth and started sucking his cock. When she felt a second cock slide over her face, she pulled her head back to let the boy’s cock slip from her mouth, turned her head and eagerly took the new cock in her mouth. Meanwhile, she was still jerking off two cocks with her hands.

She felt her dress being pushed up and someone removed her leather panties! Her legs were pushed apart and seconds later she felt a boy position himself between her legs. She knew what was coming next! A large cockhead rubbed between her pussy lips and then she felt it being pushed inside her! It was a big cock and felt really good, but she could tell it wasn’t Ulan’s cock!

The boy immediately started fucking her hard and deep and Joan knew she was going to come soon! Suddenly she felt the cock in her mouth twitching and escort gaziantep bayan sitesi getting extra hard. A second later a huge cumload flooded her mouth! Joan swallowed it all and felt super horny! The boy pulled his cock from her mouth and stepped away, only to be replaced immediately by another boy who stuck his cock in Joan’s mouth!

Suddenly the boys stopped and Joan felt herself pushed over on her belly while simultaneously she was pushed on top of a black boy. She felt how the boy’s cock was immediately placed against the entrance of her cunt and with a single movement of his hips the boy pushed his cock deep in her cunt!

She felt liquid being poured over her bum and seconds later a second boy positioned himself behind her and pushed his cock inside her asshole! The boys started fucking her simultaneously and Joan moaned from sheer pleasure! Another boy sat on his knees in front of her and pushed his cockhead against her lips. Again, she opened her mouth and started sucking the third cock of the evening! The boys were really pounding their cocks into her and her whole body shook from the impacts! Other boys took her hands again and she continued jerking off two other cocks. ‘HOLY FUCK, I HAVE THREE COCKS IN ME AND TWO IN MY HANDS!’, she thought. She was so excited that she had completely forgotten why she had come to the hotel. Seconds later Joan climaxed and her whole body shivered as she came!

The boy behind her who was fucking her in her ass, suddenly started moaning and Joan felt a hot cumload being sprayed inside her bowels! Then the boy she was laying on quickened the pace and finally rammed his cock into her cunt as deep as he could. He yelled and his cock started spurting a huge cumload into Joan’s pussy! Then the boy in front of her grabbed her head and pushed his cock down her throat and came! All Joan could do was swallow as fast as she could! Joan grabbed his cock and prevented him from pulling out. She kept sucking on it, trying to get every single drop of his delicious cum!

When she let go of his cock, he pulled it out and Joan was again pushed over. This time she ended on her back on top of a boy! She felt a hand placing his cock against her asshole and the boy pushed his cock into her and immediately started fucking her. Another boy sat between her legs and pushed his cock into her cunt. Left and right of her head cocks appeared and she turned her head to suck them. Her hands were placed on two more cocks and she started jerking them off!

Joan had never experienced anything like this! She felt she was in sex heaven! Everywhere she looked there were huge hard cocks surrounding her! When a cock spurted cum inside one of her orifices, it was immediately replaced by another one! She felt the cock in her cunt blow another cumload into her pussy! Joan came a second time herself! Soon afterwards the cocks in her ass and mouth also deposited their hot cumload into her. Joan was losing track of how many cumloads she had swallowed or had been dumped in her cunt and ass. Lots!

Suddenly the boys withdrew and she was laid on her back on the bed. A boy appeared between her legs and another one stood over her belly. Two more boys appeared on either side of her beside her hips. The boys lifted her bum from the bed and pulled it up. Joan leaned on her shoulders, with her bum and pussy straight up in the air, her legs hanging to either side, wide apart.

Another boy squirted what looked like half a bottle of lube all over her pussy and ass! Then the boy standing between her legs pushed his cockhead into her asshole. One of the boys standing beside her on the bed, stepped between her legs across her body. He lowered his hips and pushed his cockhead beside the first one in her asshole! Initially Joan thought she was going to pass out from the pain, but quickly her ass stretched enough to accommodate both cockheads! It felt wonderful!

Then the boy standing over her belly lowered himself and slid his cockhead into her pussy. Finally, the last boy also stepped across her body, lowered his hips and pushed his cock into her cunt! Joan couldn’t believe it! She had a total of four cocks in her cunt and ass! It felt like she was giving birth simultaneously through both canals!

When the boys slowly started fucking her, another boy pushed his cock between her lips to suck it. She immediately recognized this cockhead! It was Ulan’s! Eagerly she started sucking him, as if she was saying thank you for this insane fuck session! Finally, two cocks were placed in her hands again to jerk off! She was working on seven cocks simultaneously now and Joan reached her third orgasm in just a matter of seconds!

“OWWWWW FUUUUUUUCCKKKK…..I’M CUMMINGE……this feels so fucking good…..owww god, you guys fuck me so good…..oh yessss…..keep fucking me like this…..fuck me all night…..use me any way you like, I’m your slutty cum whore…..just don’t stop…..fuck me all night….OWWW YESSSSS…..fuck me….fuck me…..AHHHHHH….oh shit, you fuck me so much better than my husband ever did……he’s such a pathetic fucker compared to you boys…..ooooo yesssss……ooh shit…..i’ve got four cocks in my ass and cunt, two to jerk off and a massive black cock in my mouth…..owww fuck, I wished you could see your slutty wife now, honey!……ahhhhh….keep fucking that ass…..ohhhh yessss…..this is so fucking insanely hot!…..keep pounding my slutty holes you bastards…..keep fucking me….I want to come again….and again….and again….owwww yessss….and then swallow all your cum……keep fucking me!”

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