Caribbean on Vacation Ch. 01

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As is our custom, my wife Linda and I take vacation in the Caribbean each fall in order to rest up and have some fun. This year was no exception and we had invited ny wife’s sister Kate and her husband Bob to join us. Well the trip was the best I have had in some time but I must say it took both my wife and I by surprise.

To start off her sister showed up the night before we were to leave without her husband, Bob couldn’t come because of pressing business or so she said. Kate was determined to go without him so I figured she would be able to pair up with one of the other singles once we reached the club.

We arrived in Jamaica to find out that there were no rooms left for a single and would not be for the entire week. After a little discussion we agreed that Kate could share our room as it was one of the special deluxe rooms and had a king size bed. I wondered to myself just how far our sharing was going to go and had my hopes up all the way to our room. This club has a fantastic nude beach which we had all talked about and were all set to enjoy and as I had long hoped to see Linda’s sister naked I had a secret lust going for me since we had made the travel arrangements.

It was a very hot day and the long trip from the airport had us all dripping with sweat. Linda said she wanted to shower before we did anything else and went into the bathroom, which had no bathtub but rather a large shower area with two shower heads, which was completely tiled. With Linda in the shower, her sister Kate and I sat and talked a bit, complaining about the heat and discussing the nude beach.

Kate complained that the room was hot even though I had turned on the air conditioner as soon as we had entered the room. I suggested to her that she get out of her clothes and make herself as cool as possible. Kate was a bit shy about stripping in front of me so I started to undress myself all the while telling her that it really didn’t matter as we would soon be on the nude beach together and I would have ample opportunity to see her in the buff. By this time I was pulling my pants off and my now hard cock sprang out. I could tell Kate was surprised by my thick 7 inches, she commented on my aroused state saying that Linda had never told her how big I was. With that Kate started to undress and I could tell this was going to be an interesting trip.

Kate was wearing a loose fitting blouse and a short wrap skirt which tied in the back. Once she Hatay Escort had her blouse undone she asked me to help her with her bra which I gratefully did and after unhooking her bra I moved my hands around to cup her full firm tits pressing my stiff cock against her ass. Kate just stood there allowing me to fondle her full firm tits as I began to gently pull on her erect pink nipples she began to move her ass against my stiff rod. Sensing that the time was ripe I turned her around and pulled her tightly to me rubbing her full warm globes into my chest while I undid her skirt. Once her skirt was loose, I moved down and sucked her tits as I pushed her skirt to the floor.

Kate was committed by now and I caressed the firm flesh of her ass as I moved down her taught belly kissing and licking her hot body. I slowly pulled her panties down exposing her full blond bush and lightly kissed her hot mound as I worked her panties down her silky legs and threw them on the chair. I licked my way back up her legs paying special attention to her inner thighs as I pulled her ass cheeks apart and moved my hand into the crack of her firm ass. As my fingers passed over her hot ass pucker Kate let out a low moan which was just barely audible. I pressed my fingers against her sensitive anal ring as I pulled her moist cunt lips apart exposing her now erect clit, and pink inner pussy lips. Holding my fingers firmly against her asshole I bent my head and began to lick her rather large erect clit.

Kate responded to my mouth and tongue by placing one hand at the back of my head and forcing me against her slick pussy while she continued to play with her tits with the other hand. Seeing her desire I pressed two fingers into her now slippery cunt probing the depths of her pussy as I continued to lick and suck her swollen clit. Kate was moaning quite loud now and as my finger slipped up her ass I could feel her convulse with orgasm. I continued to lick her sweet clit while I probed her hot holes until she came down from her orgasm and she wet my face with her slippery juices in the process. Once Kate had come back to earth she dropped down and took my cock deep into her throat as she massaged my balls and fingered my ass. I told her I was going to cum in her mouth and she pulled me deeper into her throat so I let go and filled her mouth and throat with my sperm ramming my cock down her tight throat as I pumped squirt after squirt of my hot seed Hatay Escort Bayan into her mouth and throat. Once I had stopped feeding her my load Kate stood up and kissed me giving me a taste of my sperm as she continued to slowly stroke her fingers in and out of my ass.

My excitement was so great that I never lost my erection. I told her we should go into the shower together and try to get Linda to join in so there would be no problem later as I wanted this relationship to continue throughout the vacation and beyond if possible. Kate agreed and we decided not to tell Linda what had already transpired until we were sure of the outcome. I knew Linda would not be suspicious if I walked in with a still hard dick as she would never suspect I had just drained my balls in her sisters mouth.

Kate and I walked into the bathroom and surprised Linda who was almost done with her shower she looked at both of us and had a slight frown on her face. I moved to Linda and pulled her to me making sure to rub my hot stiff cock into her belly. I told her Kate and I had gotten tired of waiting for her to finish and since we all planned to go to the nude beach together I saw no reason why we shouldn’t strip and shower with her. Linda was still a bit suspicious but the fact that my stiff cock was pressed up against her taught belly convinced her that nothing had gone on.

Linda pulled back and asked me to soap her up again, I grabbed the soap and rubbed it into her full tits noticing that her nipples had hardened even before I started to fondle her tits. I turned her around to face her sister Kate who had turned on the other shower head and was wetting herself down. Kate looked on with lust as I rubbed Linda’s tits with the soap and ground my hard cock into her firm ass cheeks. I rubbed down her belly and moved in between her legs making sure to spread them so her sister would see Linda’s nicely shaved pink lips. I could tell Kate was getting excited again as her nipples began to harden even under the hot water following over her smooth firm breasts. I worked Linda’s pussy until I sensed that she was very worked up and then turned her around to face me and kissed her while I rubbed her firm ass cheeks soaping them and spreading them open so Kate could get a good look at her sisters ass. Linda was beginning to really get hot now and she reached down and pushed my cock between her legs forcing my prick to saw back and forth Escort Hatay between her slippery pussy lips.

Kate licked her lips and reaching between her legs slipped two fingers into her own pussy and started to masturbate. Sensing that Linda was ready for a good fucking I turned her around and placed her hands on the wall as I pressed against her slippery ass and fondled her full firm tits. She looked over and saw her sister Kate fingering herself and began to wiggle her ass letting me know that she wanted me to fuck her. I grabbed Linda’s hips and pulled her into position, spreading her ass cheeks I forced my stiff cock into her hot wet pussy as her sister watched and finger fucked her own hot vagina. I began to pump Linda in earnest now and her moans and squeals filled the shower as her passion grew with each of my deep hard thrusts. The lather was running between Linda’s ass cheeks and her rear was good and wet so I pressed my thumb up her ass to further stimulate her lust.

Linda never took her eyes off her sister even as she began to climax. As her first orgasm was finishing up I motioned to Kate to join us and Kate came over and rubbed her crotch into my leg as I continued to stroke in and out of my wifes hot pussy. I grabbed Kate’s hand and placed it on Linda’s tit and Linda moaned deeply then begged her sister to lick and suck her tits. While I was a bit surprised at her sudden lust for her sister I was too turned on to do much except fuck Linda’s cunt harder. Kate quickly began to suck Linda’s firm tits and reached between Linda’s legs to finger her stiff clit as I continued to ram my throbbing meat into Linda’s slick pussy. Kate got on her knees and pressed her face into her sisters cunt licking Linda’s clit while I probed her cunt with my long stiff cock. This combination made Linda climax again and her pussy convulsed around my cock milking my sperm into her hot twitching vagina. Kate licked up our overflow and got up and kissed her sister sharing the juices she had licked up as I gently ground my cock into my wife’s cunt and fondled her tits.

Linda looked at Kate and I and thanked us for a fabulous fucking, and pushed Kate to me telling me she wanted to see her sister get her share. I turned Kate to face my wife and put my arms around her rubbing her tits and pulling on Kate’s stiff nipples as I pressed my cock into Kate’s firm ass cheeks. My wife Linda watched as I rubbed her sisters tits and spread her legs and began to rub her pussy opening her lips and rubbing her erect clit. As I slipped my fingers into Kate’s wet hot slit Linda began to finger fuck her own cum slickened cunt. Kate who had been silent up to now began to moan as I probed her hot wet slit and rubbed her stiff clit.

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