Carmen teaches

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Carmen and I watched as Amber went into the bathroom and then I looked at Carmen.
“She needs to learn more” I said to her
“I’ll teach her first then you can take over” Carmen replied.
We both got up and went into the bedroom and when Amber came out of the bathroom
“Amber please come in here” Carmen called out to Amber.
When Amber came into the bedroom I was sitting on the chair next to her vanity while Carmen was sitting on the edge of the bed,
“Sit here” Carmen told Amber as she patted a spot on the bed. Once sitting Carmen looked at Amber,
“Did you like sucking and fucking Joe’s cock and sucking on my cunt?” she asked Amber
“Yes” was her reply
Carmen softly slapped her face a couple of times,
“You need to answer better than that” she told Amber
“And you need to learn about being punished” she added
“Get on your hands and knees” Carmen told Amber as she pointed to the middle of the bed.
When Amber was in place Carmen moved up to her side,
“Now my dear” she said as she started to spank Amber’s bare behind. After a few paddles she place her hand on Amber’s cunt and began to caress it and after a minute or so, stuck her fingers in Amber’s cunt and began to finger fuck her. I watched as Amber now began to moan softly at Carmen’s fucking her cunt with her fingers.
“Does that feel good slut?” Carmen asked Amber
“Yes, yes it feels good” was Amber’s reply.
Carmen removed her hand and now spanked Amber’s ass harder. I watched as she reached under Amber and taking hold of one of Amber’s tit, began to squeeze and twist it hard.
“Wrong answer you fuckin’ whore” Carmen told Amber and with that she stopped and got off the bed and over to the dresser she went and in one drawer took out a multi-lashed whip and moved back on the bed.
“You need to learn to answer better than that whore” she told Amber.
“Put your fingers in your cunt and start playing with yourself” Carmen ordered Amber.
When she did so, Carmen moved off to one side and began to whip Amber’s back and ass with mild strokes. After a few minutes of this Carmen moved up to Amber’ head and grabbing a hand full of hair, pulled up head back and began to kiss Amber. When she stopped,
“On your back whore” Carmen ordered Amber. Amber turned and laid down on her back. Carmen then returned back down to Amber’s lower body and once again began to whip Amber’s cunt and tits with mild strokes.
“I want to hear how much you like this whore” Carmen told Amber as she continued to whip her.
“I like it” Amber replied.
Down harder on her tits Carmen whipped Amber,
“Not good enough whore” Carmen said sternly
“I fuckin’ like it ” Amber then said
Once more Carmen increased the lashes across Amber’s cunt and tits.
“Try again whore” Carmen told Amber.
I was beaming as I watched Carmen whip Amber and with my cock now hard, I began to jerk on it.
“This fuckin whore likes being whipped mistress” Amber finally said and I knew she had finally gotten the message. Carmen stopped and moved back up near Amber’s head, leaned down and began to kiss Amber very passionately. When she finally broke off,
“You answered well love” Carmen told Amber.
While Amber laid still Carmen got up and went back to the dresser and came out with a strap on dildo and putting it on, climbed back onto the bed at Amber’s feet.
“Spread your legs whore” Carmen ordered and Amber did so. Carmen moved up in between her legs and with Amber’s cunt still wet, positioned the dildo up next to her cunt,
“Beg for it whore” Carmen said to Amber. Amber looked down and seeing Carmen was ready to fuck her
“Please mistress” she began
“Please fuck my cunt” she added.
“Get nastier whore” Carmen ordered. Taking her cue,
“Please please fuck my worthless shitty cunt” Amber cried out more loudly and with that Carmen lifted up Amber’s legs, moved in more and rammed the dildo into Amber’s cunt and started fucking her. After a few minutes Carmen was able to lean down and kiss Amber while she continued to fuck her. When she broke off,
“Fuck me” Amber cried,
“Fuck me hard” she added
“Fuck my fuckin’ shitty cunt” as Carmen increased her rhythm.
I watched as Amber grew more and more aroused at Carmen fucking her cunt. I then got up and moved to the bed,
“My turn baby” I said to Carmen as I touched her shoulder. She stopped and looking at me,
“All yours baby” she said as she backed away and pulled the dildo out of Amber’s cunt. As she climbed off the bed I moved up near Amber’s head and grabbing a handful of hair, I pulled up and sent several hard slaps across her face,
“Did you like that you fuckin’ whore?” I asked Amber
“Yes, yes this fuckin’ whore like being whipped and fucked” she replied
“Good, good” I said
“You’re learning quite well” I added as I now jerked her to her knees and pulled her along as I climbed off the bed.
“On your fuckin’ knees whore” I demanded and watched as Amber did so. Still holding her hair, I slapped her several times more across her face,
“You’ll like having your face slapped” I said to her.
“Yes , yes this fuckin’ whore likes having her face slapped. I now reached down for her tits.
Amber cried out in pain as I slapped and punched at her tits hard,
“You like that you fuckin’ whore?” I asked,
With tears now streaking down her cheeks,
“Yes , yes this fuckin’ worthless whore likes you beating my tits”
“Suck my cock bitch” I then demanded and into her mouth it went. I rotated from fucking her mouth hard to holding my cock deep in her mouth, making her gag to slapping her cheeks with my cock and then hand as I taught her the pleasure of a man’s cock in her mouth. I was able to reach down and squeeze and twist her tit and pull hard on her nipples as I taught her the meaning of pain. I soon pulled my cock away,
“Get on the bed whore and get on your stomach” I ordered. As she did so I got behind her and lifted her butt up a little, spread her legs apart and when I was near her back end, moistened her bunt hole and rammed my cock into her bunt hole and started fucking her hard. Amber cried out in pain as I rammed my cock into her, but soon relaxed and took my fucking her ass with a bit more pleasure. After fucking her foe a while I felt ready to come and pulling out of her, I swiftly moved around to her head,
“Suck my cock you fuckin’ shit” I ordered and into her mouth it went. I pumped her mouth for a minute or so and this time the urge won over and I pulled my cock out of her mouth and shot my load of cum over her face. Carmen had been watching and when I exploded over Amber’s face, she quickly moved in and as I backed away, moved up to Amber and began to lick my cum off Amber and kiss her now and then. I sat back and watched as the two women kissed each other while caressing each others cunts.
Carmen whispered to Amber,
“Suck my cunt whore” and without hesitation, Amber went down on Carmen and sucked and licked and bit Carmen’s cunt until Carmen cried out in sheer delight. The two then rested on the bed as I came over,
“Well Amber” I started,
“Did you enjoy your lesson?” I asked
. Looking at me and then at Carmen,
“Oh fuck yeah” she replied
“Did I ever”

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