Carnal Desire Ch. 04

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Monday August 31st


Coming down from the feeling of euphoria after our passion and lust filled session on the couch, I went into the kitchen to get Jordan and I something to drink. I decided to make us both some lemonade. As I set the glasses down on the kitchen island, Jordan came walking in, still completely naked from only moments ago. I loved that about her, where others would shy away from such an act, especially someone with her amazing condition, she embraced it. She was bold and didn’t care what others thought or said about her. I admired that about her.

To me, Jordan was different than most 18-year-olds. She didn’t act her age. Admittedly, there have been times in our relationship that she has acted more mature than I did. The age difference between us has never been an issue for me, at least not when it comes to her.

Jordan’s intellectual capacity knows no bounds and to me that is one of the sexiest things about her. Her constant thirst for knowledge and the conversations that she wields is astounding. It is safe to say that I have never met anyone like her.

Like I said, Jordan isn’t your typical 18-year-old. When we first met, judging by the way she dressed and the way she expressed herself, I thought she was in college or was at least interning at some mega corporate company. The one major thing about Jordan that I quickly came to notice was that she didn’t lie about who she was or is as a person. She told me she was going to be a senior in high school. I was surprised at first, but when I found out she was of age, a sudden feeling of relief ran through me.

The more I was able to get to know her and learn about her, the more I became infatuated with her as a person. The sex between us is just a bonus really. That need for each other’s bodies goes deeper than just wanting to rip our clothes off whenever we get a chance. I’m not going to lie and say that that doesn’t happen every time were together, because 9 times out of 10 it does. Give us time alone and were worse than bunnies.

Even though I am in love with the beautiful woman who stands before me, I still can’t bring myself to tell her about the one thing in my past that haunts me. It’s not that I’m afraid that she’ll leave or anything like that. On the contrary, it’s the exact opposite. I’m afraid of what she’ll do once I tell her. I don’t want her to do anything stupid.

The one time I had planned on telling her, which was around the time we first met, an incident occurred on that particular night and seeing what she can do, made me want to take a different approach. I wasn’t afraid that she would hurt me or anything as horrendous as that, I just didn’t want her to worry about me more than she needed to. And here we are 3 months later standing in my kitchen and I still haven’t been able to bring it up.

But in my defense as of right now, it’s a little difficult to bring it up when you have a sexy naked woman walking into your kitchen. A woman who can do things to my body that I never dreamed possible.

I could feel Jordan’s hands wrap around my waist as I poured the lemonade into each glass. Her member stiffened against my lower back. I felt the arousal between my thighs begin to awaken again, the familiar ache of desire quickened. When I finished my task, I handed Jordan her glass, she drank it in one drink then set the glass off to the side, while I took my time. Jordan lightly pressed herself against me. Sensing her frustration, I put my glass to the side, next to hers. And as soon as I did, Jordan effortlessly picked me up and put me on the island. Grabbing both of my hips to steady me.

She centered the tip of her erection against my core and then began gliding her tip against my hardening bud causing me to moan with anticipation. She then pressed her shaft against my folds and continued to rub her elongated member back and forth between my thighs, teasing me by bringing the tip of her cock to my entrance, but not putting it inside of me, by now, my every nerve ending was now on high alert, seeking release. But I knew better, I knew she wasn’t going to give me what I wanted just yet.

Teasing me, making me want her as she increased her speed with such intensity and just as I was brought to reach the peak of ecstasy, she slowed her movements. She did this, 2 more times and just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, Jordan rammed her cock into my dripping wet core, elevating the pleasure to a whole new form of ecstasy. I tilted my head back, then put one hand on the counter-top in an effort to steady myself and the other on Jordan’s shoulder to keep her from stopping as she vigorously thrusted herself into me. Her hard member sliding in and out of me with swift and careful movements.

Her rigid cock filling me completely as the walls of my core tightened, gripping her as if it were a lifeline. I didn’t want her to stop her rhythmic movements as I slammed myself hard onto her pulsating member over and over. We were one in the moment, partners who couldn’t satiate our desires for one another. maltepe escort I was hers and she was mine.

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the sound of our bodies hitting one another, and the exchange of bodily fluids that could be heard echoing throughout the kitchen. Jordan started grunting as she plunged her long thick cock into my pussy, causing me to moan in pleasure, “Oh, yes baby! Right there, don’t stop.” I said into her ear, my voice almost a whisper as I brought her body closer to me. “Ooohh, that feels so fuckin’ good baby!” I encouraged, savoring the ecstasy she was causing to illuminate throughout my entire body.

“I’m not gonna stop baby!” Jordan whispered back hoarsely. “I’m never gonna stop! I love this pussy too much to stop!” I wrapped my other arm around her shoulder and when I did, Jordan picked me up off the counter-top and continued her assault on my insides standing up with my legs wrapped around her hips. The simple movement caused her to go deeper inside me. The tension building with tremendous velocity.

“Oh, yes baby! This pussy loves you too! You own this fuckin’ pussy baby!” I practically screamed as she hit every part that was inside of me with such intensity that the pleasure was almost too much to bear. I wanted to give myself to her in every possible way with every stroke and thrust as she repeatedly hit the core of my desire.

“Oh, fuck baby! You’re so fuckin’ sexy! You own this fuckin’ dick baby!” Hearing those words alone were enough to make me come undone. Knowing that she was mine, just as much as I was hers unleashed the volcanic eruption inside of me that I could no longer contain.

“Ooooohhh FUCK!! JOOORRRDAANN!!!” I screamed loud enough that the neighbors could hear as I felt Jordan’s thick creamy liquid fill me while my own juices covered her long thick still throbbing member. My body twitched as Jordan and I stayed in place, slowly penetrating me as we came down from our state of euphoria for the second time in an hour.

Only Jordan did this to my body, to me entirely. Only Jordan brought out this side of me that I never knew existed.

Tuesday September 1st

I laid in bed thinking about the events that happened throughout the night. Jordan and I didn’t fall asleep until 4 in the morning. I smiled at the thought of the many positions and places that Jordan penetrated me. I could feel the heat between my legs rise at the mere thought of it. Sadness took over at the realization that Jordan wasn’t here to ease the ache between my legs, but I knew she had to get leave early in order to not cause suspicion.

I climbed out of bed deciding that a cold shower would have to do for now. I hastily took a shower, I dried myself off when I was done, put on my black silk bathrobe. I brushed my teeth and then brushed out my hair and put it into a curled waterfall braid.

I walked into my bedroom and sat at my vanity to contour my makeup. After 2 hours of getting it just the way I like it, I went into my walk-in closet. I decided to wear my light blue pleated skirt with the same color see through sweater with a white halter top underneath. Today I decided to wear my dark blue strapless Louie Vuitton high heels. I put on the pendant that was given to me as a gift this past summer.

Taking one last look in the vanity mirror, I put on my Apple watch and grabbed my phone and left the confines of my bedroom and went downstairs into the kitchen. I didn’t have enough time to make myself a huge breakfast, so I had to settle for a piece of toast and strawberry jam. I made myself a cup of coffee and sipped on it while I read the paper.

Looking at the time I got up and put away my coffee mug in the sink and cleaned the small I mess I made. I grabbed my purse and bag then walked out the front door, making sure to lock it before I left. I got into my car and made my way towards the school.

By the time I made it to the school the sun was out. I parked my car in the employee parking lot and then casually walked towards the building. Once I walked in, I went to the office and saw Mr. Wallace talking with one of the teachers, not wanting him to notice me I hastily made my way back into the hallway and headed to my classroom to put my things away. I didn’t want to be anywhere near him. Something about the man made my skin crawl, I couldn’t quite place it but there was an uneasiness about him that made me want to puke.

Before I knew it, students were starting to wonder the halls, chatter could be heard as I sat at my desk. A yawn escaped me, I figured I should go to the teachers’ lounge to get myself another cup of coffee. I needed to make copies of today’s assignment and as much as I didn’t want to run into Mr. Wallace, my students come first. I would have to grin and bear it. I mustered up the courage and exited the safety of my classroom.

I walked into the office and only seen Joyce sitting at the front desk. We exchanged pleasantries and then I went to the copier and printed out todays lesson. Feeling relieved that I didn’t see Mr. Wallace, I escort maltepe left the office and went into the teachers’ lounge. Much to my dismay, my relief was short lived, Jackson was talking to another staff member who I haven’t had the chance to meet yet. But luckily for me, they were so engrossed in their discussion that he didn’t even notice that I entered the teachers’ lounge.

I walked to the counter where the coffee pot was located and poured myself my second cup of the day. I wasn’t trying to distance myself from the other staff members by any means, I just wanted to avoid just the one. Luck was on my side this morning. I was able to make it the way I liked it and slip out of there unnoticed.

My first 4 period classes went by smoothly, hardly any disruptions from anyone. The only disruption was a welcomed one as thoughts of Jordan swarmed through my mind. I had to unwillingly push thoughts of her aside throughout each lesson.

As I was walking to the office, my thoughts were enthralled with yesterday. I was going to see her at the end of the day, and I could hardly wait. With that thought in mind, I became excited with glee at the thought of seeing her that I couldn’t contain the smile that spread across my face. Caught up in the moment, I didn’t notice Mr. Wallace as he approached me. He stopped me in my tracks as I bumped into him.

“Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Wallace. Excuse me, I didn’t see you there.” I apologized with one of my half-hearted smiles.

“That’s quite alright Ms. Vaughn, no need to apologize. I don’t mind at all.” He gave a smile that didn’t sit right with me, if he was trying to be charming, it didn’t work. It was more menacing than anything, it gave me an uneasy feeling at the pit of my stomach. I did my best to mask the discomfort I felt.

“Well, all the same. Sorry for bumping into you.” I said as I tried to move around him, but he stopped me by putting his hand on my shoulder which instantly made me want to flinch away in utter disgust.

“Ms. Vaughn, I’m glad I ran into you, or rather, you ran into me I should say.” I gave a slight chuckle and another smile just to be polite to hide my true feelings. I raised an eyebrow questioningly, waiting for him to continue. “Well, I was wondering if you could help me, it has to do with one of the students.” As he said this worry swept across my face for the student in question. I noticed his hand move down my arm.

“Oh really? What seems to be the problem?” I took a step back in an attempt to distance myself from him.

“Well. I may be over stepping my bounds but this particular student has been in many altercations in the past, as I am told by the former guidance counselor and a few of the other teachers. This student has been a victim of bullying and I was hoping you could maybe excuse them from your class the rest of the week and if there are any assignments, maybe you could give them to her, so she doesn’t fail.” He stated as a look of concern formed on his face.

“Well of course. What’s the students name and what time would you need them by?” I may not have liked the man standing before me, but I did want to help the kids of this school. I refused to let Jackson Wallace stand in the way of that.

“Her name is Embry Cassio. If you could give them to the receptionists by the end of the day that would be much appreciated.” He put his hands together in a gesture that re-enforced his appreciation.

“Yes, of course.” I said as I turned to leave.

“Thank you very much, Ms. Vaughn.” Something about the way he looked at me just then confirmed the uncomfortable feeling I had when I was around him. It was like he knew something I didn’t, like I was a part of a joke that I wasn’t in on. Granted that this was only second encounter with him, but something in my gut was telling me to stay away from him. A feeling that was only increasing with each moment that I was left alone with him.

“You’re welcome.” I said as I walked away in a hurry towards the main office, putting as much distance as I could between us.

5th and 6th period went by rather quickly, in my free time during class I managed to put together the assignments needed and was able to explain in detail what I expected for each assignment. I had just finished when the bell rang, signaling the end of 6th period. I grabbed the assignments and walked to the main office.

I entered the office and was greeted by the receptionists Ms. Coleman. She was a lady presumably in her late 30s maybe early 40s, she was a stout woman, a little on the heavy side yet still appealing to the eye with curly honey blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was a nice as they came. “Good afternoon Ms. Vaughn.” She said peering over the counter to look up in my direction. Her smile was delightfully warm, and her kind eyes revealed her kind nature.

“Good afternoon Ms. Coleman. How is your day so far?” I asked her as I put the assignments on the receptionist counter that came about a foot and a half above my waistline.

“Oh well, it’s been interesting to say the least, but maltepe escort bayan it’s nothing that we can’t handle.” She gave me a reassuring smile. “Enough about me. What is it I can do for you Ms. Vaughn?” She asked with a lace of seriousness in her tone.

“Well, I was told to stop by to give these to you.” I said as I handed her the packet of assignments. “It’s homework for a student who’s taking the rest of the week off to unforeseen circumstances.”

“Ah, yes. Okay, I’ll take those. Thank you, Ms. Vaughn.” She took the paperwork and put them next to her computer.

“You’re welcome. I’ll see you later Ms. Coleman.” I said as I gently tapped on the counter and turned around.

“Yes. See you later Ms. Vaughn.” I heard her say to my back. I looked at my watch and noticed the bell was about to ring. I excused myself from our short conversation and walked to my classroom.

I walked in just as the bell rang. I closed the door and made my way to my desk. I glanced around the classroom to make sure the students were all siting in their seats, some of them were preparing themselves for today’s lesson. My gaze landed on the person I’ve been thinking about all day, she winked at me and I blushed at the thought of yesterday then turned away to hide it from the rest of the class.

I composed myself and my thoughts as much as I could and continued with the lecture. But every time I would look in Jordan’s direction, she caused my heart to flutter and the feeling of heat to rise between my thighs. She was baiting me and there was nothing I could do about it now. I had to control myself, something that was hard for me to do with her around.

When I finished explaining the assignment, I left the students to their work. I stared at my computer screen, feeling eyes on me the entire time, I did everything in my power to stay focused on my work, but I couldn’t help but to steal a glance in Jordan’s direction.

I peered into her honey-colored eyes, she licked her lips seductively and glanced at my desk, I followed her gaze and felt the heat rise once again as I remembered the scene that unfolded yesterday. I crossed my legs, situated myself so that the wetness between my thighs didn’t run down my legs. I bit my bottom lip in anticipation. ‘Control yourself Sydney.’ I thought to myself. I had to focus. I couldn’t afford to lose myself in flights of fantasy even though every part of me wanted to. I forcefully looked at my computer screen.

A few minutes passed, I heard someone get up from their desk. Not bothering to see who was, I continued my work. Moments later I heard an all too familiar voice.

“Um…Ms. Vaughn?” She queried in disguised innocent voice. I peered into her now onyx-colored eyes, I knew what the underlying change in those eyes meant, I knew she was thinking of me. Composing myself yet again I looked at with a look of curiosity.

“Yes, Ms. Hawkins?” I asked trying to sound calm but, on the inside,, I was nervous as the sweet smell of lavender and coconut from her shampoo and body wash wafted through the air around me, I wanted nothing more than to take her here and now.

“I was just wondering what you meant by question 3?” She asked moving her paper closer for me to see which question she was referring to and as she did, Jordan lightly caressed my hand with her index finger in the process, sending little electrical shivers throughout my body. I could feel myself practically dripping with anticipation. I had to compose myself yet again.

I glanced at her paper; she had already finished the assignment, but I decided to play along with her rouse.

“Well, if you read the passage carefully, it explains why the character Iago did what he did. What you’re trying to do is find the underlying interpretation of what Shakespeare is trying to convey.” I explained.

“Okay, thank you Ms. Vaughn.” Jordan whispered and then winked at me, causing me to bite my bottom lip. I saw the bulge in her pants grow a little from my reaction. Jordan knew what she was doing to me throughout the entire period and for that, I would have to get her back.

I thought about what I would do to Jordan as the end of the school day came to a close. The final bell rang, and I couldn’t have been happier. The students started to file out of the classroom.

“You coming?” I overheard Jordan’s friend Kennedy say. With my head facing the computer, I looked at them at the corner of my eye.

“Yeah, just give me 10 minutes, I wanna finish this real quick.” I heard Jordan say, I knew it was just an excuse for her to stay longer, seeing as that she already completed todays assignment before coming to my desk earlier. One thing was for certain, she would definitely be longer than 10 minutes. They continue to exchange words as I typed on my computer, finishing up with tomorrows lesson. A moment later, from my peripheral vision I watch as Kennedy exits the classroom.

I hear Jordan put her pencil down. I get up from my chair, walk to the door and close it. I gently lock the door. I take my time as I walk over to Jordan’s desk in the back of the classroom. I watch as she licks her lips then bites down on her bottom one, sending an internal quiver throughout my body heating up my core. Jordan repositions her legs so they’re out in the aisle.

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