CaroleX: more Naturist adventures

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This is a continuation of the previous blog and so new readers might want to check that one out first.

We met Karen and Jake during the Naturist ‘fun night’ and hit it off straight away. It was quite obvious they had the same dirty minds as us and it was only a matter of time before our friendship got more, shall we say, intimate.

The body painting session was the start of things getting steamy with Karen taking every opportunity to touch the guys up in the saucy games and although she had to leave the beach earlier than the rest of us Jake didn’t miss any opportunity to continue the flirting.

When we paired off to paint each other Karen got to paint Keith and I saw on more than one occasion her artwork bringing about an erection which she seemed to enjoy as much as Keith.

Jake got to do me and his brushstrokes (and fingering) were nicely received by me.

After Karen left we set about washing the paint off and Jake insisted that he wash my paint off in the sea and I got well and truly groped in his determined effort to scrub every part of my naked body – not that I was complaining.

The more intimate session came a few days later back at their apartment after an afternoon of sun bathing.

They had booked into a 2nd floor apartment which had a balcony overlooking the main square. The apartments at Cap d’Agde are all nestled around each other and most people walk around the village naked.

So we all walked back to their apartment in the nude and settled down on their balcony stark naked with a bottle of wine (or 4) for company.

The banter during the evening was very bawdy with each of us telling our most outrageous sexual experiences. Eventually Karen remembered they had brought a sex game with them which meant that you had to carry out a saucy dare indicated by a card decided on a roll of a dice. The typical command was to “kiss on the lips the third person on your right” etc. As the game progresses the dares, of course, get more explicit and X rated. It was an adult sex game after all.

We all agreed to carry the dare out to the letter, which worried Keith and Jake (they are both most definitely heterosexuals with no bi curiosities). But the tasks presented no problems for me and Karen (as we who would have no difficulty in carrying out any request).

We also agreed that we would carry out the dares on the balcony in full sight of the village square below albeit that our activities would be partially hidden by the balcony structure.

As it happened the guys got off quite lightly with just a kiss on the lips, a squeeze of the bum and a ten second wank all that they had to perform on each other.

Karen and I had a bit more girl on girl action and our ten second kisses probably lasted five minutes as we got stuck in to each other’s pussies.

The boys had to grope and suck the girls tits and play with their private parts, which everyone loved, especially when it involved the wrong partner carrying out the deed.

At the end of session Jake had me leaning over the balcony, with my tits on show to the square below and was tasked with inserting his cock inside me and gently rock back and forth for 2 minutes. The suggestion being enough for us to both get aroused but without an ejaculation.

This, of course, didn’t occur and with the occasional glance and wave from the people below Jake could not hold back and on pulling his cock out emptied the contents of his balls down my thighs.

Not wanting to be outdone the climax of the evening had Karen giving Keith a blow job until he shot his load and his cum dribbled down her chin.

I got to have more fun with Karen later in the week but that’s another story…

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