Caroline and Sarah Ch. 01

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This story is the first in a series about a friend of mine, Caroline, and her fiancè Sarah. They have given me permission to write about them using actual details of some of the sex they’ve had. I hope the readers enjoy the story but most of all I hope you will enjoy it, Caroline and Sarah.


Sarah woke up slowly, lips brushing against her neck. Caroline, she thought with a smile. She turned slowly to look upon Caroline’s gorgeous face. Her long honey blonde hair, blue eyes, small breasts, flat stomach and long legs made her perfect: the most beautiful girl in the world to Sarah. That isn’t to say only Sarah thought Caroline was beautiful. Both were the type of girl that all eyes went to wherever they went. They were two of the most sought-after girls. Together, the effect was only doubled.

According to Caroline, Sarah was the more attractive of the two. She also had blonde hair, though not quite as long as Caroline’s and more golden, and blue eyes. Sarah’s complexion was a bit lighter and her breasts much larger. She had shapely legs, not long like Caroline’s, but incredibly curvy. Sarah kept in shape through cheerleading, swimming and other athletic pursuits. Many would have assumed Sarah was the stronger of the two, should the question ever have arisen. In fact it was Caroline that was the dominant one in the relationship and was physically stronger than Sarah, though displays of this were rare.

Caroline and Sarah shared a tender kiss then smiled at one another.

“Good morning my love,” Caroline whispered, kissing Sarah’s neck again.

“Mmm, hey baby,” Sarah replied.

The two girls got up from the bed, both naked after a night of passion. They showered together but kept the touching to a minimum. They both had high sex drives so there was always plenty to do without the need of spicing things up during a shower. After drying each other off they proceeded to the kitchen. Breakfast was quick; just various fruits as they were eager to have sex again. Caroline opened the fridge and got several chocolate pudding cups out.

“Hehe, it’s kinda funny that we’re having pudding so early,” Sarah giggled.

“Yeah but we have such a better way of eating it,” Caroline pointed out.

“True. Don’t worry about a mess, baby. I’ll happily clean it up later,” Sarah promised.

She leaned against the table as Caroline poured two cups of pudding down Sarah’s breasts. Sarah gasped at the sudden coolness on her body then started moaning as Caroline licked her breasts and the pudding. She took her time, even adding some more pudding. This time it cascaded down Sarah’s breasts and onto her sexy little abs. Caroline licked it all Burdur Escort up, making sure to let her tongue linger repeatedly. Once Caroline stood up she kissed Sarah deeply and lifted her onto the table.

Their kiss lasted about two minutes before Caroline pulled away. Sarah couldn’t help but pout even though she knew more fun was seconds away. She sat on the table waiting while Caroline poured more pudding down both legs. It ran down to cover Sarah’s adorable size 4 feet that Caroline enjoyed as much as the rest of Sarah’s body. Caroline licked along Sarah’s thighs, again taking her time. They had all day after all. There was no need to rush anything.

Caroline had to kneel down in order to lick the rest of Sarah’s legs, which she did without any hesitation. Once Sarah’s legs were clean she stretched them out. Caroline licked the pudding from Sarah’s little feet and kept going. She licked repeatedly from the heels to Sarah’s toes and then sucked and nibbled on each toe individually. When she was finally done the two girls kissed once again. Then Sarah hopped off the table and Caroline leaned against it.

Sarah retrieved some more pudding from the fridge and set the cups on the table next to Caroline. She repeated what Caroline had done, pouring two cups onto her breasts. Because they were so small Caroline’s breasts were almost completely covered in pudding. Sarah wasted no time and began licking. She was much quicker about it then Caroline had been, managing to lick off all the pudding in under a minute. Then Sarah kissed Caroline passionately and pushed her tongue into Caroline’s mouth.

Caroline sucked on Sarah’s tongue before pinning it down. Sarah tried to fight back but Caroline kept her tongue pinned down. She moaned into Caroline’s mouth instead. When they broke their kiss, Caroline hopped up on the table. Sarah grabbed more pudding and poured it down Caroline’s legs. She watched as it slowly moved down those heavenly long legs and delicious feet. Sarah began licking the pudding, looking up at Caroline the entire time. Her radiant smile was enough to get Sarah excited.

Sarah dropped to her knees, licking the rest of Caroline’s legs before starting on her feet. She licked sloppily, leaving saliva all over Caroline’s feet. Sarah wasn’t quite as patient as Caroline was and she was eager for more. Sensing this, Sarah’s blonde goddess rose up from the table, Sarah kneeling at her feet in a position all too familiar. Caroline laughed, her voice melodic as usual.

“Come on sweetie,” she called.

Sarah followed eagerly as Caroline grabbed the keys to Sarah’s Mustang and walked into the garage. Along with the Mustang Burdur Escort Bayan in the garage was Sarah’s Silverado, with Caroline’s Impala parked outside the house. Caroline opened the door and turned on the engine as Sarah sat on the hood. Vibrations from the engine filled Sarah’s pussy. She braced herself and turned to nod at her love, who revved the engine. Sarah moaned loudly. Caroline revved it harder and Sarah almost lost her balance. Next came a succession of smaller revs that brought Sarah to the edge. When she least expected it the hardest one came and Sarah came with it.

“Fuck!!” she screamed, cumming all over the hood of her shiny red Mustang.

Caroline helped Sarah off the hood and licked up her lover’s cum.

“Hehe wow,” Sarah said softly.

They traded places and Sarah started with revving the engine really hard. Caroline turned to look at her through the windshield. Sarah smiled innocently and Caroline couldn’t help but smile back. Sarah kept revving the engine over and over without pausing. She knew it would probably get her into trouble but she was feeling adventurous and wanted to misbehave. So she continued until Caroline moaned and came. Sarah quickly shut off the engine and hopped out of the car, helping her girlfriend down. Then Sarah licked up all of Caroline’s cum.

Caroline left the garage briefly and returned with another set of keys. She opened the back door of Sarah’s Silverado and waited. Sarah padded over and put her foot on the step, helped up and into the truck by Caroline, who soon joined her and closed the door. Sarah laid back, her head near the other door, one leg on the floor and the other lifted up, her foot resting on the seat. Caroline lowered herself between Sarah’s legs and started licking. Her tongue travelled over Sarah’s slit as the younger girl moaned. Sometimes she couldn’t believe that she had met someone so incredibly perfect and she was only 18 to Caroline’s 22.

Caroline’s tongue entered Sarah’s hot, waiting pussy. Her tongue then danced up and down within her lover, moving fast and hard. Sarah played with her large breasts as she moaned again and again. Her blonde goddess was always so good at making love to her. The tongue inside Sarah started swishing left and right, moving so fast it touched both sides of Sarah’s pussy within scant seconds every time it moved. Sarah couldn’t take her eyes away from her love as she was eaten out with such skill that she felt like she would shatter into a million pieces.

“Goddess Caroline…” Sarah breathed aloud.

She hadn’t meant for it to come out so that Caroline would hear it, but she had. Caroline didn’t mind it Escort Burdur at all though. Her one secret was that she was terribly vain on occasion. And lovemaking was one such occasion. Her tongue changed attack patterns again, this time swirling in small, tight circles. Sarah threw her head back, very nearly hitting it on the door behind her. She tried to hold out longer but the pleasure of sweet release convinced her to give in. With a loud scream, Sarah came hard as an intense orgasm ripped through her body.

After licking up all of Sarah’s cum, Caroline crawled forward and lowered herself for a kiss. They kissed hungrily, Caroline’s mouth practically devouring Sarah’s lips. Sarah kissed back as best as she could but mostly she was content to let her love do as she wished. It would always be that way. The two became lost in their kiss, the interior of the Silverado seeming to disappear. It was only them right now, just Caroline and Sarah together. The kiss became deeper, more passionate and loving as it continued. Sarah was sure she was going to cum just from kissing.

When Caroline pulled away Sarah caught her breath but couldn’t help looking sad. She had been enjoying their kissing very much and if she had to be honest about it, she wouldn’t have minded if she had passed out. It would be kind of hot, Sarah decided. That made her feel better and she smiled softly. Caroline laid back as Sarah had done, with one foot on the floor and the other on the seat. Sarah crawled over purring, a habit she sometimes had. She lowered her head between Caroline’s legs and lapped at her clit like she was a kitten drinking water.

Sarah’s tongue moved furiously, licking up a storm. She licked Caroline’s clit up and down, she licked left and right. Her tongue was everywhere on that clit and coming from every possible direction. And it came hard and fast. Caroline would cum hard and slow, Sarah thought to herself, suppressing a giggle. For variety she decided to randomly bite down on her lover’s clit in between her furious licking. Several minutes later Caroline still hadn’t cum and Sarah decided she needed a taste of her lover’s pussy anyway.

Sarah pushed her tongue into Caroline’s hot pussy and started licking. Then she decided to thrust her tongue in and out like she was using a strap-on(although Sarah was always on the receiving end of those). It was something Caroline had taught her and Sarah found it fun. She went as hard and deep as she could and was eventually rewarded with the treasure she had sought. Caroline came all over Sarah’s tongue. Sarah licked it all up obediently and then licked the rest.

The two lovers stepped out of the Silverado and Caroline shut the door. Then they both stretched slowly, checking each other out. They had done so much already today and it wasn’t even noon yet. Next would be lunch and then after that…


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