Carol’s Mom

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Carol had just left to pick her Mom up from the railroad station and I am quite pleased. Her mom Janice and I have always gotten along quite nicely, and I always enjoy having her over. In her early sixties Janice is nicely endowed so far as boobs ass and hips. Her hair is long and gray with a lot of highlights as she brushes it every day.

Her style of dress is a skirt and blouse and kitty heels, which as I understand don’t go over an inch and a half, and those shoes are usually in black or red patent and look quite nice. Carol thinks it is sweet of me at times when Mom leaves her glasses on the coffee table or in the kitchen and I’d always clean them for her with a biker’s bandanna.

I like the kind of glasses she has, narrow oval; half-square and half-moon in silver or gold. Sometimes they hang across her ample boobs and with the room light glimmering in those glasses, yup that always gets me hard.

We have been married ten years now, we have no rug rats so it gives us plenty of time for an active sex life.

Piano and riding a motorcycle are the things I really enjoy while Carol’s thing is sketching in charcoal and water-color painting.

Carol and Janice just got back and Carol tells me, “Mom will be staying for about two months.” and I have no problem with that.

One day while I was working, Carol was looking for some Christmas decorations and found a box of my old stuff in the garage. Who knows why she had to call me at work but she did.

“Harry, I just found this box in the garage, You won’t believe what is in it.”

I doubted it was a box containing nice chunks of twenties or fifties in nice thick packages like steaks, but the way she spoke, you’d think she found gold. I began to remember what was in that box. old magnets and telephone magneto’s. It began to dawn on me that what she was so excited about were a number of large bra’s with a nice selection of lady’s half-glasses with very nice glass beaded neck chains rolled up inside.

I wondered why I began to collect lady’s glasses and neck chains and my mind went back to the second floor of Defiance Bleachery one Wednesday afternoon.

After what Ruthie did for me with her pair of gold half-moon style glasses, that did something to me I liked very much and would never forget.

It probably happened after I told her how hot she looked in them as she read the Taunton Gazette during lunchtime. I asked her why it was I had certain feelings down south when I saw her in half-glasses.

“Oh really, like being aroused?”


“That is not uncommon, I can show you why you might be aroused at noontime.”

“So Ruthie, you’re not mad?”

“No I’m not mad, it means you think that at her age she looks pretty good.”

“Well yeah, I thought that for a while now.”

“Well, you wait till lunch time when everyone goes out to cash that big check.”

We found a quiet spot while everyone was out cashing their checks at Fernande’s or Henry Dion’s store by the tracks. Ruthie told me to drop my pants. She was wearing a nice pair of gold half-moon style glasses also.

She wrapped the beaded chain for her half-square style around me and stroked my balls with those sparkling glasses, then jerked me off so the lens of her glasses were smothered in my warm thick cum.

It was so erotic to see her lick my man sauce off her glasses and somehow I knew I’d always have a passion for them, funny how one can know that.

She told me she was getting some eye work done and would no longer need glasses for reading and would I like to buy her glasses and neck chains? which I did want to and a week later I had a few dozen very nice styles of lady’s half-glasses with beaded chains.

Getting back to Carol asking me about what was in the box Mostly guy stuff I’d imagine, green glass insulators for wires, real old magnets and old telephone magneto’s and a few large bra’s rolled up with lady style half- glasses and glass beaded neck chains.

“Yeah I remember that now, must have been over twenty five years ago.”

“Harry. . .I think it is so sweet about those glasses and beads, did you have some sort of fetish way back then? I mean it is a part about you I never knew about. Where did you get those bra’s. . . they have to be for a large lady. Is this why you like keeping my Mom’s glasses nice and clean?”

“Whoa Babe, one question at a time.”

I am thinking of Mom, she is a large woman, not fat but just big and her ample boobs have always been a source for my fantasies. The bra’s had to be Ruth’s, she was well busted. I am feeling a bit odd as my past is catching up with me, rather quickly too, I might add.

“Yeah I think that is a possibility.” I say sheepishly and hope it is the end of the subject.

“We can talk it over later on . . . Harry.” I know what that means, pillow talk. Oh yes, the subject of rolled up bra’s; half-glasses and beaded neck chains would never die in this house.

While Carol and Janice were fixing up supper, I was fixing up that old phone magneto. I have a few more abidinpaşa escort of these down in the cellar, in the oak box with the ringers as well. One of the other things I like to do at times is to buy old electrical antiques and I think I can lay my hands on a few of the old Bonnie & Clyde phones known as candlestick with the receiver hanging at the side.

“Supper’s ready.” Carol hollered out into the attached garage.

Damn, these two ladies can cook, a meatloaf to die for, mashed with onion and garlic and yes string-beans with ham hocks.

“So Harold” asked Janice. “How did you come to collect ladies half-glasses, beaded chains and bra’s?”

“Carol, why did you have to tell Janice?”

“So that’s why my glasses are always nice and clean. Thanks Harry, does cleaning my glasses ever get you hard?”

“Damn, this supper is delicious.”

A few hours later up in the bedroom, Carol says, “I could start wearing glasses for reading, been wanting to but what’s out there is not my style. Too cheap and big, I like what I saw wrapped up in those bra’s.

“They are nice glasses, Carol I don’t even think one could get them a drugstore back then”

“Harry, Would you like to see me wearing half-glasses and have them hanging from a nice glass beaded chain?”

“Yes, I think you could look very hot or a touch of being sophisticated, maybe like a dominatrix telling me what to do. . . sexually speaking.”

This is a nice surprise for me, I know what she means as well. The glasses at drugstores are too funky, three or four different colors to a pair makes them look as cheap as they are made.

“So Harry, do you get hard when you clean Mom’s glasses for her?”

“Yeah I do, guess I’m still thinking about Ruthie.”

“Who’s Ruthie?”

“A woman who worked at a mill in my department, she showed me the glories of older women and their half-glasses.”

“So that’s why you have a thing for older women.”

“I really like your Mom, Carol, but frankly speaking I thought it rude for her to ask, ‘Does cleaning my glasses get you hard?”

“Mom can be a wee bit crusty at times.”

“Like stale bread.”

“Oh don’t be mad at Mom, She hasn’t had it since who knows when, Maybe there’s something more in what she said and I have no problems with that.”

“You mean me feeling nice down there when I clean your Mom’s glasses?”

“I like it that you get those feelings cleaning Mom’s glasses, have you ever done anything with them?”


“Well what do you think of this, I could get them, she’s probably sleeping now.I can get you off and have you cum them, then you might really have some feelings for my Mom.”

“That sounds so wild, Carol.”

“Harry could you have a sexual interest in Mom? be honest now.”

“Yeah I could be, she is the kind of woman I would go for.”


“I like the way she looks, plenty of ass; hips and tits and she has a nice sunny way about her as well, and I like the way she cooks.”

“Typical guy, thinking of his belly.” Carol says with a funny grin.

“Go get those bra’s with the glasses, I can’t keep reading this print.”

I took the two rolled up bra’s with the half-glasses and glass beaded chains in them and gave them to Carol. She was reading a paperback, Bonfire of the vanities’ and yeah the print is like size eight. Carol is wearing a nice pair of narrow gold ovals with a purple glass beaded chain slung over the back of her neck and she looks so hot.

“Harry, after I get you to cum all over Mom’s glasses, I’ll put them back with the jism all over them. I’d love to see what she makes of that and hear what she has to say, what do you think?”

“Oh that is SO wild, I have no trouble with that idea, but why?”

“I did not go for her asking if cleaning her glasses got you hard.” I love her but she should have known or at least thought you were just being the sweet man I so love, it was very rude.”

Carol comes back into the room wearing her mom’s gold half-moon style glasses with a pearl beaded chain, takes them off and dons the glasses she wore before she left the bedroom. Carol wraps the pearl beaded chain of her Mom’s glasses around my cock and begins to drag those half-rounds all over my cock.

It feels so nice and with my feelings about her Mom’s glasses I blew my load all over them, three good ropes of the stuff, mom won’t be reading through these in a hurry.

“Carol, you are so happy with this bit of messing around, what if your Mom likes what I did to her beloved glasses and beads and wants me to do a thing or two for her?”

“Oh that’s o.k. many think it isn’t but that’s because it’s all done on the sneak, I want you to satisfy my Mom, who knows maybe in the fullness of time, we will be doing a 3-some.

“Sounds good.”

“Harry, get up early and take a bike ride, be back round noon time o.k.? I’ll be out. I want to see how Mom handles this, so what ever she wants, do it for her.”

“Anything?” I asked with my eyebrows up and totally surprised.

“Yes, adana escort anything.” just don’t let her get the idea I know it.”

Sure enough I am up before the rooster crows at the break of dawn and around six thirty I’m sixty miles away and as much as I am enjoying the ride I have to wonder how my mother in-law is going to feel when she finds her glasses have been covered in my man sauce.

Since I left without eating, I found a waffle house and went in for a breakfast sandwich and cup of coffee and Carol calls.

“Oh hi Carol, yeah I’m down in south Venice, she knows? what did she say?”

“It was so strange and yet funny, I heard Mom get up and I knew when she’d be in the living room so she goes in puts down her coffee and grabs her glasses, from where I was I could see the goo all over them. She stared at them for twenty minutes!”

“And?” I ask.

I left without saying a word I left a note saying I’d be back at ten but would have to go out and work from eleven thirty to two thirty, so that can give you two a little time to mess around.”

“So Carol, she has no idea you saw her staring at the glasses I came all over?”

“That’s right. . . So be there at noon time and who knows what will happen.”

The sounds of a neighborhood were drowned out by the throaty roar of a Harley Wide Glide as I pulled into the driveway. I come into the house and Janice is looking very hot, a black pleated skirt; three inch patent black heels; a well filled white blouse with ruffles and a v neck. Janice has her gold half-moon style glasses hanging across her ample bosoms and the light of an end table lamp is seen in them and I am getting hard.

I am sitting on the sofa with a cold can of Coors in my mitt and Janice gets up from her chair and sits next to me. She is smiling with her eyes.

“I had the nicest morning ever. . .Harry. I got up and got my coffee and came in here to read my story and my glasses were so messed up. Was it nice. . .?”

Her voice was very friendly as if to say “Thanks for what you did to my glasses.”

“Yes Janice it really was, why do you think they are always so clean at times? when they hang across your bosoms and the light of a lamp shines in them, I don’t know why but it gets me so hard.”

Janice is unbuttoning her blouse, the beauty of her boobs are staring at me.

“Take off my bra. . .Harry?”

“Janice, I am married to your daughter.”

“Harry. . .she won’t mind.”

“So, you have no trouble messing with me, knowing your daughter is my wife?”

“Oh Carol knows I need some tube steak, she won’t mind.”

“As much as I’d love to, I can’t do this.”

“How’s Carol gonna feel when she finds you came all over my glasses and pubic hair between my pearls!?”

Janice seemed to be suddenly pissed. Since Carol knows, I decide to give in under the guise of not wanting to hurt Carol.

I knew Carol would like that idea but Janice doesn’t know it.

“Well, in that case Janice, I admit I was wrong, no sense in hurting Carol. What do you want me to do?”

“Think of something hot and erotic, after what you did to my glasses, I am sure you can come up with something.”

“So you only have one pair, Janice?”

“No I have another pair in my purse.”

“Good, get them, I just got an idea.”

By now she has her bra off and those two puppies are looking great, they have to be a forty four D.her nipples are already large, red, and hard.

Janice has those sweet half-round glasses at the end of her nose with the dainty pearl beaded chain hanging from them.

I am on my knees and I take her gold half-square glasses with the purple chain of glass beads and start dragging them across her nipple as I lick and suck her other nipple.

Janice is softly moaning and I know she is really enjoying this.

“Oh Harry, damn this is nice. I often wondered why you didn’t just tell me what my glasses do for you. Do they make me look serious?”

“Yeah Janice I love that serious look, alsoI see you’re not wearing kitty pumps, what a higher heel does for those legs is nice.”

“I love that you pay attention to what I wear. Could my heels do something for you?”

I was so horny, I took her gold half-square style and wrapped the beaded chain around my cock and started to beat off as I gazed at Janice’s killer tits and before I knew it, I blew three ropes of man sauce all over her glasses.

“OH Harry, I want to lick your cum off them.”

And she did.

“So you like my patent black heels too?”

“Yeah, that sexy glossy black leather does something. Makes you look sort of bossy.”

“Would you like to be dominated. . .Harry?”

“I could like that.”

“Well, if I were your domme, you’d have to do as I say, you do know that. . .right?”

“I think the idea of being dominated really says it all.”

“I am glad you love Carol enough to be a sex slave.”

This is something new, like I have to do what she says or she’ll tell Carol what I did to her glasses.

“What adıyaman escort are you saying. . .Janice.”

“What I am saying is, ‘If you don’t want Carol to know you came all over my half- glasses, you’ll have to be my sex slave.”

That is straight forward enough I thought to myself. The whole thing is funny and wild, She thinks Carol knows nothing of this. I’ll tell Carol during the so called time for pillow talk, see where she wants this to go.

Supper was good but there was a very weird feeling at the table. Carol knew her Mom found out something but Janice wasn’t saying anything, We knew, everyone knew something but no one was talking.

Later up in bed, Carol asks, “What in hell’s goin’ on here?”

“Your sweet lovely Mom is blackmailing me, that’s what.”


“Uh huh I came back at noon time sat down with a cold beer in my hand, Janice gets up and sat next to me on the sofa, tells me what a nice morning she had and asked if I enjoyed it, to which I said yeah, you in glasses gets me so horny or words to that effect. Then she sort of gets mad but it, like the rest of this whole joke is a ruse.

“We talk about domination and it came down to me being her sex slave if I did not want Carol to find out I came her half-glasses.”


“She starts undoing her blouse an wants me to take off her bra.”

“No,” says Carol in a voice that didn’t know if she could believe it or not.

“Janice, I’m married to your daughter and she said ‘Carol won’t mind.”

“I asked her, ‘Janice do you really wanna do this, cause hard feelings with Carol?”

“Oh don’t worry, she likes it hard.”

“Well, Mom is something else, the little minx.” Said Carol.

“Janice, as much as I love the looks of your body, I can’t do this to Carol.”

“She hits me up with, “How’s Carol gonna feel when she finds out you came all over my half-glasses with your short curly hairs in my beaded neck chain?”

“Go on and do whatever she wants you to do, I don’t mind and you are always nice to her anyways, which makes me feel really nice. Go ahead and fill her up.”

“Oh I so will.” I replied, happy that I will be able to give my mom in-law what I have been wanting to give her for quite a while now, It’s all good.

“Someday I’ll tell her I knew all about it, that it was staged, me getting her glasses and getting you off on them as you had that fetish, how I thought it would be ‘so wild’ to let you enjoy your fetish with Mom’s sweet little half-glasses as you called them and leaving them with cum all over them just to see what she would say, how she would handle the situation. You can decide, you don’t want to do what she tells you anymore, than she will tell me what was going on all the time and I’ll just say, ‘OH Mom, I knew that, He got so horny seeing you in your glasses, I thought it would be funny if he came them, just to see what you would do.”

“I do have to say your Mom’s bra’s do something for me as well.”

A large grin was seen on Carol’s face, “You want to cum Mum’s bra?”


“Oh Harry, that would be something, her putting on her bra and feeling your man sauce all over her nipple., Might just as well cum in her heel, see what she says about that, Boy oh boy trying to blackmail you.”

“Carol, I could blast everything she has, see what she makes of it.”

“Yes and Harry, I will help you cum everything, I was willing to share you but not done out of ultimate sneakiness.”

“I was really surprised myself.”

“I am kind of miffed she would blackmail you but wait till she finds, this whole thing was just a ruse, so she could enjoy a bit of sex, that I knew just what was happening all the time.”

“Oh Carol, this is gonna be so good.”

“You know what will blow her mind, Harry?”

“Tell me.”

“Next time, take her sexy black hi-heel, walk over to her and blow a load all over it, inside and out. Then say, ‘How do you like this Janice?”

“Oh yeah Carol, I am sure her eyes will be as big as dinner plates.”

“Harry, that will send her over the top, she will have to say something to me about your beating off on her things. She will probably tell me what you did to her reading glasses. I’ll just say, Oh I think it is as cute as your perverted idea of blackmailing him

“I’m feeling rather horny now, Carol, go get her bra and heels.”

“O.K,” and she did. She came back with her Mom’s bra and black patent kitty pumps and Carol wore a nice pair of small gold ovals with the beaded chain as she jerked me off into her Mom’s bra, I blew a few good ropes smack into the left bra cup, yup her Mom would have her son in-laws cum all over her left nipple, The nipple closest to her heart.

“Oh Harry, what’s Mom gonna say when she puts this bra on?”

“About the same as she finds the toes end of her heel covered in cum, I can’t wait!”

“I can get you off with her heel in the morning, Harry. Oh yes she will find a lot of things are about to be considered your sexual playground.”

“Your Mom’s got six weeks of having her things jismed with my fetish.

“You know Harry, this bra just might go missing before Mom leaves in seven weeks, what do you think of that?”

“I think it is nice that we can have a good time with your mom’s bra, also to get even for the blackmail.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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