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Two years ago I did something very uncharacteristic of me, I answered an ad in the local paper for interviews for women to be in porn moves. I don’t know what I was thinking but I had just broken up with a boy friend that I hoped might develop into something more permanent. I was very blue and needed to be wanted again by men. Anyway I called the number and I was told to be at the address in the ad at nine the next morning.

When I awoke the big day I almost didn’t go but I thought – why not? I got in a sexy black dress that was very short with the hemline just a few inches below my pussy. It had a big V in front and so I couldn’t wear a bra with it but my C-cup size didn’t droop and so I was comfortable with the look. I decided that panties were not needed, after all it was an adult audition. If I raised my arms above my shoulders you would see my shaved gash and if I bent over for any reason, you would be looking at my ass and gash.

When I got to the door of their suite at a very nice hotel in town, I almost backed out again, but I told myself if I have come this far, at least see what is beyond the door. I rapped and a man told me to come in. As I entered the large suite I saw that the living room, which was very large, contained at least five large sofas and several large covered chairs that looked very comfortable. The room was covered by a soft wall-to-wall carpet of white and at a beautiful fire place was a nice dining room chair. The man in charge asked me to sit there. There were five men in the room, two large black men who were running video cameras on large tripods and wheels, two men who adjusted the lights and the director who told the others what to do. He interviewed me while the others filmed or adjusted lights for the cameramen, although each man was carrying a hand-held video camera.

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I carefully sat down and only exposed myself while I crossed my legs. The director, Bob, commented on my lack of hair and lack of panties and said that I was starting off on the right track. He asked me very personal questions; did I fuck black men, did I suck pussy, did I swallow men’s cum, did I masturbate, how often, how often did I want sex, did I take cock in my ass, had I ever had more than one man in me at a time, and, of course, my measurements. I started off very embarrassed but Bob was so witty and fun that after just a few minutes I was telling him all of my secrets. He told me that in porn films I had to do whatever the director wanted and he asked if there were things I wouldn’t do. I told him I wanted no pain but I liked everything. When I first entered the guys were watching on the huge television set in the room, a big busted blond with two black men in her pussy and ass and a white guy in her mouth. They all had at least ten inch cocks and were ramming them into her hard and fast. It sounded like she was having continuous orgasms and Bob asked me if I would like to be doing that. I said in a soft voice that I would love to have that done to me although I have never had a black man in me. He asked me if I was wet and I shyly nodded yes. He asked me to open my legs and show him my cunt, as he put it. I slowly spread and I was shook-up to see that I had made a puddle on the chair I was sitting in. I guess that’s why they had a wooden chair. Bob thought it was a very good sign that I was hot to trot. He told me to take off my dress and when I did so I was left with a necklace, a watch and shoes. By now every man, including Bob, had an obvious hard-on and I was surprised to see that there were three more men in the room now, a black and two whites and they also were hard. Bob had me walk around and meet each man while the cameras filmed me. I started off feeling strange but by the third man, I was loving walking nude up to a man and letting him shake my hand and feel my breast or pussy or ass cheek. One of the big cameras in the room was now displaying what it was aimed at and they turned on three more smaller TVs so that all the cameras were showing what they were aimed at. They were all aimed at me as I walked around and so I could see myself from the front, back and sides as I greeted everyone. With the big TV set aimed at my ass, I bent over and put my hands on my ankles showing my ass and directly below my asshole, my bald pussy, dripping with moisture was on display too. I loved it!

Bob said that I was a natural and that he would like to film some fucking and sucking to see how I react. He had everyone remove all clothing. One guy had a sweatband on and he made him take it off. When he said naked, he meant naked. He told me to kneel on one of the large footstools that were all over the room and one of the black camera men, who was originally filming me, came over and sat on the footstool. He pulled me over and then put his ten inch cock into my pussy. God it was wonderful! One of the new white guys came over and put his cock in my mouth. That was also wonderful. Finally the new black guy came over and slowly put his nine inch very thick cock up my asshole. When he was all the way in, I had my first of at least two hundred orgasms of the day.


I was whining and gasping about how great a fuck I was getting so that very soon thereafter, they all came in my holes. I had a fantastic final orgasm as they pulled out of me. Bob quickly got another three men to fill my voids, as he put It, and they were quickly plowing into me and I continued to orgasm. I noticed, from time to time, that all the cameras were pointing at me as I was getting fucked from all angles, and even I thought I looked pretty good. The second three guys were all black and I was surprised that I could take that much meat without a problem. I had more intense orgasms with this trio than I had ever had in my life and I made a note to myself to get better acquainted with black men. When the second three came in me at about the same time, the remaining two men asked where I wanted their cocks. I told them that I wanted each man to cum in my mouth, ass and pussy and anything they had left over they could put in any hole they liked. I said that I was not going to keep score but I would like to have all of them in each of my three holes.

The camera kept running and I kept getting fucked. I ended up taking all of them in my three holes with some getting a little more than others. When the cameras stopped, there was seven hours and fifteen minutes of hard fucking on the machines. I don’t remember all of it, but what I remember was how I was on an orgasm high for as long a time as the camera was on. I remember cumming at a rate that never stopped and I was constantly cumming. I couldn’t take much of that kind of pleasure and I guess I fell asleep. When I woke up, the guys and equipment were gone, even though it was only four in the morning, and I got dressed feeling very sad and whorish. I found a note from Bob who named me the next porno queen but he and his guys had to leave town or be thrown in jail. He said that the film he had of me and his guys was sexier than any movie he had ever seen and he thanked me for saving them.

I had no idea where they were from nor did I ever hear anyone’s last name. I was very depressed that they were completely gone. Not because they jilted me, or anything like that. I wanted more of the most fantastic sex that I had ever had. I really moped around for weeks afterward and none of the men I knew were of any interest to me. I wanted a lot of big cocked men to use me anyway they wanted for six to ten hours.

I eventually tried a few black bars in town and met three black men who shared me with their friends but the electricity that I felt at my one great gang bang wasn’t there. If any of the original guys read this, please contact me. I’m ready!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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