Cat and Dog

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Please enjoy Cat and Dog, and if you missed it, go back and enjoy my second-newest story, Firecracker.

Both of the stories are stand-alone, but I may ad chapters in the future.

I see nothing in the near future, but stories have surprised me before. I wrote File 66 in three days, so don’t give up hope.

All Characters are 18+*

When I got home, a small sleepy dark head peered from around the corner.

“Eric?” He whispered.

“I’m here Cade.” I murmured.

When I closed the door behind me, Cade limped into the hallway. He was missing his left foot below the ankle, and he had to hobble, using an old steel crutch of mine. His soft black ears were perked up from the sides of his skull, and his soft brush of a tail was wagging furiously.

When Cade finally reached me, he hugged me as tight as he could, still trembling slightly from wagging his tail. “You’re home.” He whispered, clinging to me with desperate love.

I glanced up from the trembling puppy and I saw Sergei.

He was long and lanky, in comparison to Cade’s sturdy young body. His arms were thin and frail, his legs long and graceful. His hips swayed like a girl’s, and his long orange tail lashed at the air.

His pale green eyes flicked away from me as soon as they landed, and he walked away. “You’re home.” He murmured softly. In every appearance, he was disdainful and taciturn, but I could hear him purring.

Cade had his missing foot, and the burns on his hands and buttocks. Sergei had long shallow cuts all down the backs of his slender thighs. Sergei had the deep shiny scars on his shoulders.

Both of them were Somatics. And both of them had been badly hurt.

And I would protect them both for as long as I could.


Sergei rarely spoke, so I looked up in surprise. He was sitting at the table with Cade and I. Eating his food. Roasted chicken and salad. He was avoiding the salad. As always.


Cade ignored us. He was busy licking his plate. Normally I would have reprimanded him. We had plenty of food, and he could have just taken seconds, but I was intrigued by Sergei, who spoke so little.

“Why did you take us in?”

Cade dropped his plate with surprise and it slipped off the table and broke into fragments on the floor.

Cade was down in a moment, frightened tears falling down his round distraught face. In that moment, he was too stressed to speak, so he just whimpered like an animal. Whining with fear and shame while trying to gather up the broken pieces, cutting his fingers in the process.

“Cade… Cade…” I spoke softly, and tried not to move quickly. “Just leave the pieces… I’ll get them.”

I reached for a piece, forgetting to move slowly, and he flinched away, dropping all of the pieces again and making them break more. I felt a prickle of annoyance, but I smothered it, and just tried to calm Cade down.

Sergei dropped down to all fours and wrapped his arms around Cade’s shoulders. The puppy flinched, but went still after a moment. Sergei just held him and nuzzled him very gently. Cade started to cry. At first the tears went down his face while he ki’yi’d like a dog. But then human sounds accompanied his embarrassed frightened tears, and he calmed down.

I carefully picked up all of the pieces and threw them in the trash. Then I got the first aid kit from the closet, and went back to the kitchen floor where the two boys were still holding each other.

“Let me see your hands, baby.” Cade hiccuped and held out his hands. I carefully wiped and bandaged three small bleeding cuts.

“All better, see?” I murmured, holding up my hands. He held up his hands and smiled weakly, his eyes full of love.

Sergei’s large triangular ears twitched, and he looked at me like he was trying to study me.

After the tearful and messy incident with the plate, I started a movie.

I sat in the middle of the couch. Cade curled up, resting his head on my lap so he could still watch the screen. I petted his hair and his soft crumpled ears as I watched. Sergei was slightly more aloof. Curling up in the corner, but still lashing his orange tail playfully in my direction. Smiling when I swiped at it jokingly.

Halfway through the movie, and Cade was asleep. His snores were soft and snuffly. I nearly jumped with surprise when aloof Sergei changed positions and leaned against me. Resting his head on my shoulder.

I could feel his bony shoulder nestled into my side. I could feel him purring.

I moved slowly. I didn’t want to upset him. I stroked the top of his head, petting his soft hair and soft velvety ears. He didn’t recoil. If anything, he purred more.

It was nice. It was very nice.

“I can’t figure you out Eric.” He whispered. His voice was soft and halting.

I put the movie on mute. Cade sniffled and stirred, but I continued to pet him and he settled again.

“What do you mean?”

It was probably the most words that Sergei had ever strung together at once. I listened carefully. He was normally so quiet. Sakarya Escort It was almost like it hurt him to talk.

“I’ve always been alone. When I was born, there was a man who raised me, and I thought he loved me, but all he wanted was my body. To sell it. To play with it. To take pictures of it and brag about how successful he had been with making the perfect Somatic.”

He bristled with anger and hurt. I carefully rubbed his shoulder, feeling the tense muscles there relax very slightly.

“He created Cade too, although I didn’t know it at the time.”

I didn’t know that either. It explained a few things.

Sergei snuggled into me. He had never been much of a snuggling type, but now I doubted I could untangle him if I tried.

“When you took us in… I wanted to leave as soon as I could. I thought you just wanted to sell us. Or maybe fuck us.

He was quiet for a moment. “It’s been a year Eric. What do you want from me? What do you want from Cade?”

His tail coiled up around his knees and went still. He held still, leaning against me. “We both owe you. I know that. But you better not hurt him. He trusts you.”

I looked down at Cade, snoring quietly on my lap. I ruffled his dark hair as he slept, and his ears twitched.

“You two don’t owe me a thing.” I murmured, petting Cade as he snuggled in with me.

Sergi leaned away from me. Watching me closely with his pale green eyes. His ears flattened against his head and his eyes narrowed.

“Don’t lie to me.” He hissed. “You know that we do.”

I remembered the first time I had seen those eyes. Surrounded by dirt and filthy matted hair. Desperate and vicious. In the face of a malnourished and frightened boy.

“Maybe you do. But I’m not a loan shark. I don’t want anything from you two. I just wanted to keep you safe.”

Sergei relaxed slightly, but he was still tense. “Nobody does anything out of the goodness of their hearts. However you might put it, you’re doing this for a reason.” He reached out to touch Cade’s soft ear. “And I want to know why, and what you expect in return.”

“I wont let you hurt him.”

I was quiet for a moment. But curiosity got the better of me. I had housed these two for almost a year, but I still knew very little about their life before.

“How long were the two of you together before I knew you?”

“Two years.”

Cade stretched and yawned. “Eric?” He whispered sleepily. “Eric? Can you get my back?”

“Sure thing.”

Sergei flicked his eyes to me, biting his lip. He was so prideful sometimes, he never asked for what he wanted.

“I’ll get you too.” He gave a little nod, as if that was expected, and then he watched the movie. But I could hear him purring.

Cade’s turn first.

He handed me the brush and stripped out of his shirt. During the day he wore a baggy t-shirt of mine that hung all the way to his knees. He lay down on the couch, and I smiled at seeing his little wagging tail right above the hem of his briefs. His tail was a little less than a foot long, curled up and fluffy. The fur was soft dark brown.

He yawned and stretched when I scratched his ruff. He hummed softly with pleasure, twitching as I scratched the area well.

Cade had a trail of slightly coarse fur from the base of his neck to right about the middle of his back. The fur was dark brown like his hair, and it made a slight ruff, that itched constantly. I took the comb and ran it through the fur, using long slow strokes that made Cade wiggle and melt with how good it felt.

I looked up and Sergei was swishing his tail impatiently, though he had a small smile on his face watching Cade. It was hard not to smile when Cade was in a good mood. I brushed his ruff for a minute or two, but Sergei was getting impatient.

“Come on little fella… It’s Sergei’s turn.”

Cade huffed, but moved with a good-natured smile. He always seemed so happy. That’s why the incident at the table, and others like it, were so devastating.

I looked down at Cade’s legs. At the delicate curve of the tendon connecting his thigh to his calf. At the one small scratched-up foot, and at the other leg which ended in a soft fleshy stump about four inches from where his heel would have been.

When I had found them, that wound had been old, but still infected. A dry black crust covering it. Sensitive to the touch, and oozing dark pus where the scab cracked.

Sergei carefully lay down on the couch, and slid out of his shirt. He kept on a pair of pajama pants. He had a modicum of modesty that was lost on Cade.

The ruff between his shoulder blades was softer and shorter, but still thick. In places, fur didn’t grow because of fat pink welts. He had a crude burn on his shoulder. Somebody had tried to brand the letters AF into his skin. The letters were crude and almost indistinguishable. He had never told me about them. There was a lot that my two wards had kept quiet about.

He moaned softly as I pulled the brush through his short fur. The fur was clean now, but when I had first found them, the Adapazarı Escort fur had been dirty and filled with fleas. Cade’s ears had been filled with plump ticks, and he had been nearly comatose.

Sergei didn’t like being this vulnerable. Cade had submitted to being scratched and petted and brushed nearly right away. Sergei had only come around a month or two ago.

He relaxed on the couch. It was one of the few times that he could be relaxed.

After brushing them both several times, I protested that my arm was sore. Sergei sniffed and took the brush from me. Cade wiggled into his lap, giggling. Cade hugged Sergei, and Sergei applied the brush to Cade’s ruff while Cade rested his head on the cat’s shoulder and made happy little cooing noises.

I felt like I was invading something private. Especially when Cade shivered and kissed Sergei on the side of the neck. I excused myself to go to the bedroom. I wasn’t needed here anymore.

I glanced back, and I saw both of them staring at me.

“What is it?” I asked. Feeling self conscious. Cade looked down quickly, surprisingly shy for him.

Sergi just blinked slowly, and kissed Cade on the forehead. I knew that I had missed something, but I just kept going to the bedroom. If it was important, they would tell me.

I stripped down to my boxers and slid under the covers. I cradled my hard cock in my hand and stroked. I hated myself for it, but it was Cade’s cute little ass I was imagining. Imagining that I was fucking him deeply while he wiggled and moaned for more. I stroked faster, and I imagined Sergei riding me, his long scratched thighs flexing as he bounced.

They were fragile. I didn’t want to hurt them. I would never hurt them. But they were so beautiful, and I hadn’t had any company other than them for a long time.

The door creaked and I stopped stroking myself. The door opened, and in the light from the hallway, I saw Cade standing there. His ears were perked up.

“What’s wrong baby?” I had left them less than five minutes ago, they couldn’t be finished. I slid my boxers up over my raging erection.

“Nothing.” He yawned, and limped into the room, slipping under the covers before I could stop him. This was new. Cade and Sergi always slept together on the couch bed.

Sergei slipped in after him, quick as a flash of light, into the room, under the covers.

This was very new.

“What’s going on?” I asked cautiously.

Sergei carefully inserted himself between me and Cade. His eyes were wary. When were they not?

“Cade wanted to sleep in here tonight.” He said softly. Nothing else. No more of an explanation.

I couldn’t finish my stroking now. But my cock wouldn’t wilt. I could feel how tense Sergei was, though we weren’t even touching. I moved further to my right so they would have more room.

Cade wiggled over Sergei and snuggled frankly into my side. He had always been so open with his emotions. Always ready to snuggle. He yawned loudly, and growled slightly at Sergei, who tugged on his sleeve.

I tensed up. I didn’t want Cade to brush against my erection, and I was worried. They never fought. Why was Cade growling at Sergei?

“Boys.” I admonished quietly. “What’s going on?”

Cade snuggled in tighter, and I let out a tiny strained moan as his slim thigh slipped between my legs. I could feel his leg pressed against my groin. I tried to squirm away a little, but Cade just held on tighter.

“Cade!” Sergei hissed. I could see annoyance and real fear in Sergei’s eyes. “Leave him alone!”

“Don’t wanna.” Cade mumbled. His ears were trembling and flat against his skull. I quit resisting. He was pressed fully against me. He could feel my erection, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Instead, I petted his hair, and tried to calm him down. He was obviously distressed somehow.

“What’s wrong, Cade? Did something happen today?” I thought about the plate, but it couldn’t have been the plate. He had gotten over the plate. I wondered. Was it possible that Sergei had scared him, or hurt him?

I looked over at Sergei’s concerned wary face, and I discounted that possibility as well. Sergei was trembling with distress. He was so worried about something. Maybe he thought that Cade’s clingy behavior would make me angry.

“Cade.” I whispered. “Please let go. You’re making Sergei upset.”

Cade flinched. “Sergei’s always angry. He doesn’t want me to love you. But I do. I do love you.”

Sergei hissed softly. The leg that Cade had thrust between my legs, it was his injured leg. I could feel that soft fleshy stump against my calf.

“I love both of you, Cade–“

I was going to continue, but Cade interrupted me. “No! Not like brothers, not like friends. Like this.” He touched me between my legs, and I breathed harshly, going stiff. He was touching my stiff cock through my boxers. Not with his nudging leg, but with his hand, squeezing and feeling.

I couldn’t handle it any longer. I pushed away, as gently as I could. Cade broke his grip and Sergei grabbed at Serdivan Escort him, holding him closer.

“I can’t love you like that. Sergei loves you like that.” I whispered. My cheeks felt so hot and ashamed.

Sergei couldn’t handle it for another moment. He whispered, but I could still hear him.

“They made you take too many groups in the Bad Place. You don’t need more than one. I love you. I can take care of you.”

“What is the bad place?” I asked. The question felt numb on my lips, but I was curious. I couldn’t help it. I just wanted another piece of the puzzle.

Sergei was very tense. Cade just looked confused and sad.

“We left the Bad Place. We’re not going back.” He hugged Cade tight to his chest. “Never going back.”

Cade spoke up. “I love you Sergei. I love Eric, too. Is that bad?” He started to cry.

A mess. This was such a mess. I wanted to bolt like a coward.

“I don’t want to hurt either of you.” I whispered. Soft and flat. I reached for a discarded sheet and wrapped it around my waist, to hide my traitorous body.

Sergei’s eyes softened for the first time. He pinched Cade’s ear. Making Cade yip softly with pain and surprise.

“You shouldn’t do that to him. Look how nervous he is.”

“Don’t pinch Cade.” I muttered, my cheeks flushing slightly.

Sergei firmly wedged himself in the middle of the bed. “You can come back. I’m sorry.”

Cade was pouting, his question unanswered. I felt the tension in my chest melt away and I sighed and got back into the bed. I kept my back to the center, so I wouldn’t feel awkward.

I could feel their body heat, but Sergei didn’t touch me all night.

The boys started to sleep in my bed. It was a big bed, but still pretty crowded. Sergei got a little less tense about Cade sleeping next to me, and sometimes I woke up with him snuggling into my back.

It was driving me crazy.

On the streets, unlicensed Somatic sweeps were increasing, and becoming more brutal. I saw fewer and fewer of them on the streets.

A simple internet search brought up dozens of disturbing entries. I wondered what the bad place could have been.

I skimmed through the entries. Hideously deformed men and women mewling on gurneys, or floating in formaldehyde. Articles about a wealthy man who had created Somatics, kept them in cages, and then released them into his estate to hunt them with a rifle. Fetish sites and costume parties. Scientific uses.

Somatics had no legal rights, no rights as a human being. They were often used for test research, harvested for organ transplants, or simply created for cosmetic purposes.

I hesitated. I saw a young girl that was disturbingly beautiful, and startlingly similar to Sergei. She couldn’t have been more than twelve. She had soft black ears poking from her long black hair. Her eyes were a bright unnatural orange, and she had white whiskers coming from her cheeks. Sergei didn’t have whiskers, the girl must have had them implanted.

The headshot was just one of her pictures. The others had her nearly naked. Tastefully covered with an arm or the corner of the armchair she was posing on.

Her going price was four hundred thousand, but the bidding was still ongoing.

The name of her creator was Ramon Gregori.

I shuddered with disgust, and clicked back to the search page.

After hesitating for a moment, I searched Somatic, AF. After the brand on Sergi’s shoulder.

I clicked on the top link, and the images assaulted my eyes.

A girl with wings for arms cowering in a corner, tied up tight with a leather harness with blood dripping down her thighs. Two cowering young girls, covered in fur and melted wax. A cat-boy, not like Sergei, with his flat human face, but with a muzzle and fur on his face. The cat-boy was being fucked with a massive studded dildo through the bars of a tiny cramped kennel.


A pornographic site. I ignored the demand for a fee, and I clicked on the link that merely said, ‘Location.’

The next page was stark and white. Without the awful background pictures. It had an address from the other side of the city.

I held the mouse over the button that said ‘models’. Then I clicked out of the internet and closed my laptop, feeling filthy.

I flinched when the door opened. Feeling that same horrible panicky guilt that I had felt once when my father had walked in on me masturbating.

Cade was there. Dressed in a baggy band t-shirt and his underwear. Scratching one ear with his thumbnail, and leaning heavily on my crutch.

“Is it time for school?” He asked.

“Yeah.” I muttered. Rubbing the bridge of my nose between my ring finger and thumb. “Time for school.”

Cade went first. Sergei was watching with a look of complete concentration on his face as I handed Cade the little whiteboard.

“Time for the spelling test.” I murmured.

“Can I do it?” Sergei asked quietly.

I glanced at him. It was the closest to humble that Sergei would ever be. Biting his lip, looking determined and scared.

At some point, Cade had learned his ABC’s. He was reading at about a third-grade level and I helped him with vocabulary and spelling every week. Sergei was struggling to link simple three-letter words together. He was a little better at math, but I could tell how much it galled him.

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