Catch Me if I Fall

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Me, Shantanu and Riya had joined our company 5 years back. Actually, there were more but we are the ones left now. Shantanu and Riya were in live in relationship for the first two years and then they got married. I was one of the witnesses for their court marriage.

Shantanu is very handsome and very good at talking to girls, unlike me. Even I had crush on Riya, well everyone did. She is very fair, tall and most important extremely confident. She is from convent and her English is no match to others. I loved hanging with her, going on movies, Friday night pubs and what not. But Shantanu got her. Almost a year back, I got married to Priyanka. She is not that good looking and nothing like a convent girl. She is typical Marwari graduate girl. I was just glad that she wears jeans and tops and was not completely traditional girl. Priyanka is also fair, chubby, her breasts are big and milky but she is very shy in bed.

One Friday night, me and Shantanu were having rum and were very high. Suddenly we started discussing our sex life. As it turned out, Riya and Shantanu had lost steam in their sex. She was not getting excited as before and he was also getting bored of her. Hearing all this, I also confessed that we hardly have sex as Priyanka is never ready. After a few more pegs, we ended up showing our wives naked to each other. Fuck Riya was so hot! I loved her small tits and the confidence in which she was looking at the camera. I can see Shantanu was enjoying busty Priyanka. And a stupid idea popped up, Shantanu said he can try and convince Riya for swapping. I was sure Priyanka will never be ready but I thought why not try.

That night Priyanka was not happy seeing me drunk. She never liked the smell. But I was horny as hell, all I could see was naked Riya. I forced her on bed and removed her salwar (pants). I inserted my hand inside her blue panty and started fingering her. I was imagining a blow job by Riya, Priyanka was very bad at blow job. Priyanka was still holding her nose and moaning. That was enough for me. I removed her hand from nose and gave her a very big kiss, almost eating her face. I sat on her face next. My dick was hard and I really wanted a blow job. She opened her mouth and took it in. But after a few minutes she was pushing my dick away. I was very high and just could not take it. I slapped her hard.

‘Dekh Priyanka, tere baap ne 3 betiya che. Why did I marry you?’ (Your father has three daughters and why did I marry you?)

She was shocked and tears rolled down her eyes.

‘Speak. I cannot stay in this marriage like this. I need very good sex. Be a good wife and do everything I tell you to do or go back to your father’s house’

I slapped her even harder, I was too drunk to control myself.

‘Other people are doing it in balcony, anal is normal, vip escort group fucking. And I can’t even fuck my wife. I will need a divorce Priyanka, I want a modern girl who is open about sex.’

I slapped her for the third time and little bit of blood came from her lips. She started sobbing like anything but listening to divorce had shaken her up. Suddenly she wiped her tears away, removed her top and panty. She was kneeling in front of me, opened her mouth and said

‘Galti ho gayi. I am sorry. Do whatever you want, I will never say no now but don’t speak of divorce. Let’s enjoy… I can do anything you like.’

I felt very bad looking at her bloody and sobbing and wanted to say sorry but I saw my window.

‘I want us to fuck with Shantanu and Riya’

We reached their flat around 7. It was a long weekend and we were about to make it a very dirty weekend. Priyanka had waxed all her hair, even down there and was wearing a long kurta and salwar. She was wearing a new bra and panty, both black and transparent. She had applied make up and was making every effort to look beautiful. Shantanu opened the door for us and let us in. He was so happy seeing Priyanka. Inside I saw Riya, she was sitting drinking rum. She had made no special effort at all. She was in shorts and a white top. I could see her creamy thighs and she had kept couple of buttons of her top open. She was so damn sexy! She had tied her long hair as a pony tail. We sat on the floor with Shantanu and Riya.

Shantanu – ‘I know this is awkward. So, let’s break the ice first. I mean rum and ice.’

Even Priyanka drank. There was some soft music and we all started feeling dizzy after a few drinks. Shantanu and Riya rolled paper and made a joint. It was around 10 by then and we all had relaxed a little. I saw Priyanka looking at Shantanu indirectly and him passing her smiles. Riya was busy drinking and rolling, she had not given me any indication or hint. We all passed the joint around. Priyanka coughed for the first time but she did not back out. Shantanu and Riya were kissing now once the joint was finished. I started kissing Priyanka too. This was the first time we were kissing outside our home. I could see she had no senses, her eyes were all red and little moist.

Suddenly Shantanu came close to Priyanka and started moving his hand on her ass. We broke our kiss, I saw some hesitation in Priyanka but Shantanu said something in her ears and she smiled. He is good with ladies. I looked at Riya and she was smiling at me. I was thinking about my move when she suddenly started dancing.

She opened couple of more buttons of her top. I could see her bra now. It was pink and old. I got such a hard on at that moment. Riya came close to me and started smooching me. I had dreamed şirinevler escort of it for 5 years, shagged to it for 1000 times but this was happening for real. Riya’s mouth was on my mouth and my hand slowly on her breasts. I wanted to move to bedroom but she was not stopping.

Shantanu’s hand was inside Priyanka’s salwar and he was crushing her huge breasts. She was making sounds I had never heard before. I was glad she was enjoying it now. Riya was in her panty and bra. Both were mismatched, old and dirty but made her look so sexy. My hand was inside her panty and I can sense the heat coming out. This was one lucky night. Suddenly she pushed me away. I was startled and scared, did I do anything wrong? She went to Shantanu and grabbed Priyanka by arm. She took her away from Shantanu. Now we both were sitting with our backs against wall and girls were in the middle of the room.

Riya started kissing Priyanka. I started pre-cumming just looking at it. Shantanu was all smiles and was drinking his rum. Riya was tall and sexy, Priyanka was short, fat and looked sexier with her. Priyanka slowly started responding back and they started smooching like crazy. Riya removed Priyanka’s salwar and kameez. Now both the girls were in their bra and panty. She made her sleep on the floor and removed Priyanka’s panty. Priyanka was so wet, her panty had so much liquid in it. Riya slowly removed her panty too. She had hairs on her pussy. It was surprising but she did not seem to care. Next moments, bras were off and we were watching two sexy women rolling on each other.

Riya slowly inserted her two fingers in Priyanka’s pussy and started sucking her boobs. Shantanu looked at me, he was all naked.

‘Let’s join dude, what are you waiting for?’

When we both went there, Shantanu gave his cock in Priyanka’s mouth. She did not push it away and was eager to swallow it all. Riya was on her knees too with my cock in her mouth. She was amazing, going back and forth. Rolling her tongue over my tip in her mouth. I had no idea blow jobs can be so amazing. I was about to come. It was becoming very difficult to control. She took my entire dick in her mouth and was looking up at me, all smiling. I suddenly pushed her away and took deep breaths to avoid early ejaculation. She seemed to know what was happening and smiled again.

Priyanka was making loud moans. Like never before, Shantanu was fucking her full speed and I knew the floor below was all wet. I spread Riya’s long and smooth legs. She was ready to take me in. I started sucking her small tits, they were very easily and completely in my mouth. Slowly I inserted my cock in her. It was much easier, her hole was not all that tight. But it was wet, I felt my cock was soaked in rain and it was burning hot inside. elit escort Suddenly she contracted her muscles and her pussy was like holding my cock tight now. This was amazing, I did not know girls can do it. I started fucking Riya. Priyanka was busy getting rammed. I was going slow. Shantanu had inserted some fingers in Priyanka’s ass now. He was saying something in her ear and she was all giggling.

I started speed fucking Riya. I was slapping her small tits and god she was cumming, she was very rich on juices. Priyanka and Shantanu got into doggy. I think he had inserted her ass. I could see tears in her eyes, and she was not just moaning but crying too. He was going slowly in her asshole. He slapped her ass hard and she shouted back. I did not realize that I had stopped fucking Riya. All I wanted to do was now fuck Priyanka, she looked so hot.

‘Do you also want to take my ass?’ Riya kissed me and I came back to my senses. Riya got into doggy position herself. She spat on her hand and rubbed it all around her asshole. I had never done anal, and was worried about smell that might come afterwards but Priyanka was getting her ass ravaged and I had to do the same. I slowly inserted in her asshole. She made sounds showing pain but soon was going back and forth herself. Riya is such a slut.

So Riya and Priyanka were facing each other in doggy and slowly getting pounded in their asses. Riya was kissing Priyanka in between. Riya’s small boobs made her look like a small college girl but Priyanka’s huge tits were swinging back and forth. She was still crying but no way stopping. Shantanu increased his speed and now Riya was begging to stop. I did the same. I was going fast and deeper in Riya’s ass and she started making loud noises. I was worried neighbors might hear us but she was enjoying it. We drilled their asses for next 10 mins. Shantanu had started slapping Priyanka and spitting on her, she was giggling in between. I did the same with Riya. Suddenly Shantanu came in Riya’s ass. And she dropped on the floor, still crying and smiling.

I too started cumming, Riya suddenly turned around and took my dick in her mouth. She took it all in and I knew I can not hold it in longer. I cummed in her mouth and she let it drool on her tiny tits. I had no strength to stand anymore. Shantanu was panting and sleeping, I also slept on the floor.

Both the girls went to bathroom, cleaned themselves and came back to us. Both were back in bra and panty. Priyanks sat with Shantanu and Riya on my lap. We all were happy and smiling. I think we rolled one more joint and I passed out. Riya and Shantanu did not sleep at all. They were playing with Priyanka as far as I can tell. I saw Riya giggling with Priyanka and Shantanu when my eyes closed. I opened my eyes after a while, I think Riya’s complete hand was in Priyanka’s pussy and they were kissing.

Next morning, I woke up to a scream. I looked around. Riya was sleeping in her panty, Shantanu was in his bedroom I think. I ran towards balcony and looked down. I saw Priyanka’s naked body on the ground, blood was streaming out from her head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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