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Flashing Boobs

Snug Harbor Lodge is an in-demand fishing location for many anglers, mostly Americans.

Year after year the return clientele keep the lodge booked to capacity during the open season on trout, bass, pickerel, pike and muskies.

The lodge is located on the rocky shore of Georgian Bay in the Thirty Thousand Island district.

It is composed of the main lodge building with sleeping and eating accommodation for twenty-four guests at a time.

A week at the lodge all-inclusive costs fourteen hundred dollars Canadian, a five hundred dollar deposit required by each February to reserve a booking.

My husband Steve looks after the operation of the fishing part of the operation while I am in charge of housekeeping and feeding our visitors.

Each year we hire several students to help around the place, young boys to look after the boats and girls for housekeeping and working in the kitchen.

Steve and I have our own year-round accommodation in a cozy log cabin Steve had built himself the first year we owned the property. The students bunked in a couple of cabins set back behind the main building.

Trophy fish were not the sole attraction to Snug Harbor Lodge. We discovered early in our venture guys on fishing trips are looking for one thing, a good time!

The abundant availability of prize-winning fish is the number one drawing card but fishermen on vacation are also looking for booze and pussy. It was our intention to make both available.

Steve looked after the booze. Each week he would take the pickup into Parry Sound and load up with boxes of spirits and cases of beer.

Pussy was my department. At twenty-seven I was a fine looking redhead standing five foot six with a body built for comfort. My 40DD boobs drew just as many customers as did the small mouth Bass.

In addition to myself one of the students I employed was a sex machine. Bonnie Baxter was a well-built blonde attending Muskoka College studying nursing. Bonnie had a boyfriend but augmented her income by doing the one thing she loved, fucking.

Between Bonnie and myself we had no trouble keeping a dozen guests happy.

It was an ideal setup, charges were entered on the guest’s credit card and it would go thorough the lodge’s books just as any other transaction. The government got their taxes, the guests got their dicks wet and Bonnie and I were rewarded for our efforts.

As I said, most of our clientele were “regulars’. They were well aware of the extra services we provided. Every night after a day’s fishing the guests would congregate in the lodge’s large Trophy Room to relive the day’s adventure over a glass of their favorite brew and perhaps select Bonnie or me to help them relieve the day’s tension.

Some nights Bonnie and I would put on a brief performance dancing for the guys and stripping down just enough to get their blood flowing. When we were gaziantep bayan escort down to just the minimum we would adjourn to one of the bedrooms to service a willing customer.

How did my husband feel about dozen of guys fucking his wife you ask? Each winter we spent two week in the luxury of a Cancun resort during which time Steve got to sample some of the lovely Senoritas.

It was mid-June and the weather had been great. Guys were pulling Bass out of the water almost as fast as they could cast.

We had a party of eight businessmen from Michigan booked for the week. They had flown in to Parry Sound for a week of R & R at the lodge.

The guys were an older, forties, fifties and perhaps sixty-year-old group of lawyers and judges looking to vent the frustrations of a winter of the seamy side of life.

“The Michigan guys want a gang-bang.” Steve said.

“Get Bonnie to do it, that’s a young girl’s game.” I answered.

“They asked for you.” Steve insisted.

“O.K. But it will cost them!” I gave in.

“No problem.” Steve smiled, “You can use the cabin tonight.”

Occasionally we used our cabin to host wild parties such as gangbangs. The participants felt more comfortable away from the other guests while defiling their prey.

Eight guys would mean another thousand dollars in our Cancun account.

I had gotten away from gangbanging; like I told Steve it was a young girl’s sport. Three or four one on ones a night or the occasional threesome was about my heavy now that I had gotten over the novelty of how many guys were willing to pay to fuck me.

I run a completely safe operation. I was tested and certified by Doc Jenkins every three months. All my partners were required to use condoms unless they had proof they were clean. I was using contraceptive pills so needn’t worry about pregnancy.

The use of condoms was hard to enforce during gangbangs but fortunately all the Michigan boys had evidence that they were safe to use me bare cock.

The guys arrived at our cabin at around nine o’clock. I had spent an hour relaxing in the Jacuzzi in preparation for my workout. It was a bit overwhelming to see the eight men file into my living room knowing there were all here to fuck me.

They were first-timers for me, which made me a bit more apprehensive. I was comfortable with the regulars knowing what made them happy. It was strange how different men had different things that turned them on. Sometime it was something as simple as swallowing their cum or talking like a dirty slut to them while riding their cock.

I had chosen my gown according to the occasion. A floor-length white see-through number that veiled but did not hid the evening’s treats.

We mingled together for a few minutes while everyone got to know each other. Several of the guys said how they were looking forward to fucking a Canadian gal.

The music was playing in the background and everyone had a drink in their hand when I dropped my gown to the floor. That was the signal for the fun to begin.

Steve had set the room up for the guys to enjoy me. Unnecessary objects were cleared out of the way and a mattress placed on the carpet in the center of the room. This is where I was to be sacrificed.

I scanned the room out of curiosity to see who was willing to pay to help fill me with cum. There were two Negroes, an East Indian and the remainder where Caucasians.

Two were grandfatherly types who had introduced themselves as judges. The East Indian chap, Mohammed, owned a car rental company. The two black men were attorneys and the other three were court employees.

One of the judges approached me first. We kissed and his hand went to my pussy. As his fingers explored my love box his other hand freed his cock. He slid into me standing while the others watched.

My hips began thrusting onto his cock as more hands started fondling my naked body. Soon hands were all over me, groping my breasts and spreading my butt cheeks to examine my tight brown starfish.

The judge sank to the mattress with me, his cock still filling my pussy. We settled into a constant fuck as I felt cum raining down upon me.

It was not uncommon for those waiting their turn to jerk-off on the busy whore.

The judge’s experienced cock felt good in me. No rush, he just slid in and out, enjoying my tunnel gripping his meat. A glob of sperm landed on my face.

As I wiped my face clean I felt the judge discharge inside of me.

Seeing he had climaxed the others heckled the judge for their turn. Reluctantly he got off of me dragging his spent cock from my pussy. Another soon to his place filling the void His Honor had left between my legs.

The second cock slid into my wet hole with ease and soon I felt another pair of balls snuggled between my open thighs.

I looked into the eyes of my replacement lover and saw it was Mohammed. His cock was thick and pleasantly stretching my vagina as my legs wrapped around him embracing him in a scissor lock of love. My hips rose up to take the maximum amount of his cock into me.

“Fuck me!” I moaned as Mohammed’s cockhead kissed my cervix.

Experience had taught me that a good gangbang slut keeps as many cocks busy at a time as she can. I opened my mouth wide indicating it was not being used.

In seconds another cockhead ventured into my open mouth. My lips sealed around the shaft of flesh welcoming him into my head.

Steve had taught me the finer points of sucking cock. How guys liked to feel my tongue painting their shaft with my saliva, dancing teasingly on the head while sucking all the juices down my throat.

The cock started sliding in and out of my lips, skull fucking my face.

Two cocks were experiencing my body whilst other’s e\ejaculated onto me, we were off to a good start.

I was aware that gangbangs usually involved multiple penetrations and knew my ass was not going to escape the evening’s activities unscathed.

Getting fucked in the ass is hard on a gal, getting several cocks in her ass is plain hard work. Still, a thousand bucks is worth having a sore asshole for a couple of days.

Over the next hour all eight cocks visited my pussy and mouth as each guy took his turn emptying his balls into me.

My tongue and throat were coated with the salty mucus and between my legs was a swamp of overflowed jism. I felt like a real gangbang whore.

Then they decided to flip me over on the mattress.

I lay on my stomach with my legs spread, my bare butt awaiting the invasion.

They approached me from behind so I had no idea who was about to fuck my ass first.

I felt the cockhead pushed between my buttocks and pressed against my last defense, my tightly puckered sphincter. My asshole yielded with sufficient force and the cock begins to enter me.

The pain was easygoing, as I had been anally violated many times before. I felt his balls pressed between our bodies as he fully penetrated me.

My ass was an old hand at having cocks rammed into it. It soon opened to allow the cock to comfortably move in and out.

One after another I felt them pump their cum up into my bowels.

After about the fifth cock had cum in my ass there was a pause and commotion behind me.

Oh my God, they were trying to put two cocks in my ass at the same time!

My sphincter allowed the first cock in no problem. The second cockhead squirmed into my stretched dirt chute alongside it. In one immediate thrust both cocks were driven into my ass.

I screamed with pain as I did the impossible, I had two good size boners stuffing my asshole.

I heard laughter and cheering as the two cocks began to move inside of me. My ass felt as if it was going to split open with the load.

“Fuck that ass!” someone yelled as both cocks jostled inside of me.

I wondered how many wives would allow their asses to be ripped apart by a couple of hard dicks grinding her like a piece of raw meat? Steve was lucky having a slut for a wife.

When the cocks finally spurted their man juice into me I could almost feel it sizzle as it coated my burning asshole.

Thankfully the guys abandoned the two cocks in one hole idea and spent the remainder of their time with standard double penetration, one cock in my cunt and the other in my painful asshole.

The season at Snug Harbor stretches from May until November during which time over a hundred guests get to dip their lines into the productive waters of Georgian Bay and most into Bonnie or my pussies.

I promised my eighteen-year-old niece we would hire her for the summer when her school year finished next summer. Sarah is an attractive redhead and she will allow me to spend more time with my husband.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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