Catching More than I Bargained For

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“Fuck, it’s hot,” Chris said.

“It’s fucking hot,” I agreed.

It was easy to hear that he was as frustrated as I was. At 26 and working as project managers, a good work/life balance is hard to achieve. It seems like problems only happen outside of “normal working hours”. Both of us finally had a free weekend to pound the banks in search of bass and the fishing sucked. Work had been tough lately we were excited to finally get out. The weather, however, was not cooperating. Forecasts looked good all week, and our spot needs the wind blowing up against the banks to bring the baitfish shallow. The wind forecast didn’t pan out. As a result, the bite is super slow. Not even a handful of catches between the two of us.

The lake campground we were fishing has a big section that is closed to camping because it floods regularly. Since its been closed for years, the road has been mostly wiped out. The concrete campsite pads and picnic tables are hidden in the trees and brush now, falling apart in disrepair. It has this post-apocalyptic feel, which makes me enjoy being there regardless of the fishing. All that makes for less fishing pressure, though, so I go there quite often.

Having little luck after three hours in the summer sun, we decide on a couple more casts before heading home. His honey-do list is calling and I’m hungry. So, we move along bank toward the parking lot.

A couple of small coves and a couple dozen casts later, I feel the familiar thump as a bass inhaled the jig I was bumping along the rocky bottom. A few heart thumping seconds and I land a decent largemouth. A quick photo and release, our spirits temporarily lifted. The excitement makes it tough to keep moving, but we press on into the last cove before parking lot. A hill rises and falls in our path, so we’re still not able to see the cars.

Suddenly, a pair of large dogs bust out of the brush from behind, and Chris about leapt into the water. Startled, he wants to head out because he doesn’t trust random dogs. We reel in and start walking, keeping some distance from the overly excited but friendly pups. I notice a shirtless guy up above, watching us.

“Must be his dogs?” I wonder aloud.

I look up at him and nod.

He throws up a half-smile and winks.

I quickly look away, an odd flush and flutter rippling through my stomach.

“The hell?” I mumbled breathlessly.

Normally I’m quite confident in any situation. Almost nonchalant to a fault. I’d consider myself 100% straight, even if I prefer porn with good looking, well hung men. Especially when the guy/girl ratio tips to the dicks! But something about this man and this situation has me twisted up. I’ve always loved the outdoors and constantly daydream about sneaking a camp in this closed section. Living naked a few days and fucking the chick(s!?) I coerce into coming with me constantly.

The guy chuckles a bit, breaking my thought process. He seems to notice my discomfort, and he is definitely taking some pleasure in making me uncomfortable.

He has to be ten years my senior, shirtless and tan, in the manner of a man who spends a lot of time at the lake and on the water, he stood watching us walk away. His hair was dark brown with sun-lightened highlights. Well-built, he stood about six foot, maybe more, a hunk of a man who laughs a bit, and I can feel his gaze as I leave.

Despite myself, I can’t stop my head from attempting a sidelong glance back over my shoulder like a hottie in a short skirt had just passed me.

My imagining his gaze was not just imagined.

My cheeks heated when I saw that he was watching me. Just standing there, legs shoulder width apart and his toned arms hanging casually, in these tiny, loose, bright blue shorts. Bulging provocatively in front, they were a less-than subtle indicator of what hides beneath. I swear my 1/2 hard cock would drop out the leg!

He pushed his hips forward, and his cock head became clearly visible.

“Fucking turn away!” I think wrenching myself back into line.

“What is going on right now? Too much sun. That’s gotta be it.”

Shoring myself back up, Chris and I top the hill and make the short walk to the cars.

“Welp, that was mediocre,” Chris said as he closed his tailgate.

“You caught more than I did,” I replied.

“Yours was way bigger,” he said, dejectedly.

“Ha! That’s what she said!”

With a chortled laugh, Chris opened the door to leave. I dropped my sunglasses in my passenger seat. My gear stowed, i prepared to leave but my feet were oddly slow.

“You heading home?” Chris asked.

“I don’t know, I may go try a few more casts,” my reply sounded hollow to me.

Laughing, Chris said, “one measly fish and you’ve got the fever! See you later man,” he said.

I waved and climbed into my car, but the keys stayed in my pocket. The image of his dick printing on the thin fabric of his shorts burned in my mind.

“I’ve got the fever all right.”

Chris’ truck rumbled off, and I sat.

“Could I really see his dick through those shorts, or was it all in my head?”

My own cock twitched at the thought.

“Why do I care? What the fuck, man?”

“Because I want to see it. If he didn’t want people to see, Konya Escort why wear that?”

The battle raged aloud to an audience of none inside my car. Without too much of a fight from my more sensible side, the inner voyeur and the increasing strain in my shorts won out. If I wasn’t free-balling, I’d be very uncomfortably snug in my boxer-briefs. I climbed back out of the car, and grabbed my baitcaster.

“Have to appear like i’m not trying to spy on him,” I assured my conscience.

I walked quietly back over the hill and to the cove where his dogs jumped us. Trying not to draw his attention, or that of the dogs. I made a cast and looked up where he was before. Seeing nothing, I moved another cove down. A couple of half-assed casts later, I hear something above and to my left. Turning up, I spot him sitting on a dilapidated picnic table.

Again, he was watching me. Again, I could feel it in the pit of my stomach.

“I’m supposed to be peeping him, not getting stared down,” I think. “So much for being sneaky, idiot” I reprimand myself.

I sigh and turn back to my “fishing”.

Moving slowly along the bank as casually as I could, I got closer and closer to him. Sneaking another glance his way, I excitedly see that he has finally stopped staring at me.

I crane my neck trying to get a better view. He sat with his legs splayed out and his arms reached behind him, holding him upright. I could almost see the front of his shorts from my angle and I leaned over sideways.

His head swings my way and I practically give myself whiplash snapping back toward the water. Another flash of heat rises on my face. I know I’m bright red.

“Why am I acting like a twelve-year-old, afraid of talking to the hot girl in class?”

“Why am I equating a dude to that?”

I hear him shuffling around on the table, and I have to fight myself from making another attempt at sneaky peek. Taking a few steps to the side, I launch a cast out into the lake. I risk a look and see he’s laid back, one foot up on the table, the other dangling on the far side. His head now rested on the table looking skyward. The position had his legs spread wide, and the bright blue drew my attention.

The guy had found a rather secluded table, he couldn’t be seen from the water unless you were standing were I was currently. staring like a moron. The dogs are playing in the lake 20 or so yards away. They splash away without a care in the world. I look back at the table, he has opened his nicely muscled legs wider. The view is exactly what I was hoping for. I can see his whole body is built quite nicely. Well defined pecs and abs, a lot like the guys I enjoy watching in porn.

Looking back down I notice his bulge is visible, tenting out the front of his shorts. I imagine I can see the ridge of his head. I realize he’s staring right at me.

“Busted me!”

He smiles knowingly and opens his legs wider still. I can see a definite tan line in the slight gap at his thigh! I feel a tingle run down my spine to settle in the head of my cock, which stiffens. Blushing and getting gooey inside, I turn away.

“Pussy,” I call myself under my breath.

I cast again, barely cognizant of the lake or where my lure wound up. That fleeting flash of pale skin was all I could see in my mind.

My thoughts drift away and I’m watching scrambled cable porn at my grand parents’ house with my cousin and best friend. We’re staying over to go fishing the next morning. Horny and extremely frustrated teens not seeing more than flashes of tits, or sometimes an ass. We stare transfixed and psychically willing the signal to clear enough to actually see something. All trying and failing to hide that we are rubbing aching dicks under thin sheets. The knowledge that all three of us were playing at the same time served to increase the sexual tension. A big, veiny, hard cock appears out of the fuzzy lines, headed for a pair of distorted red lips, my own dick jumps and throbs harder in my hands.

“Whoa!,” I think, confused. “That was weird. I want T&A?! Not that!”

A year or two later we’re staying over again, and we find betamax porn tapes in the closet, looking for the .22 pistol my cousin swears is on the top shelf. We hook up a player in the back bedroom, and watched 80’s porn all night every time we stayed over. And let me just say we fished a ton that summer.

My thoughts fixate on my favorite scenes, which always had the nicest dicks. One in particular that my buddies always fast forwarded through (to my dismay) was a solo guy jacking into a blue pair of panties. I always watched that scene when they’d fall asleep. Silently and swiftly masturbating to a second or third nut of the night. Another favorite, was an extreme close up of a hot cheerleader chick slowly sliding the jock’s spandex workout shorts off his huge member, which was already throbbing and the tip glistens with precum. She licks from balls to tip and slurps up the juice. I stifled a gasp and came all over myself the first time we saw it. My best friend gave me a sideways glance as I forced myself not to shudder and moan aloud. I know he could see the wet spot blossoming over my barely hidden cock.

“You’re gonna lose that!”

Startled Konya Escort Bayan out my reverie, I realize I’ve been standing here for a couple minutes, frozen outside of current reality.

“It’s real rocky there… eats lures.” he said.

“Thanks,” I say aloud, and lift my rod tip to retrieve. “Snagged. Damnit”, I mutter.

“Told you, haha!” He chuckled.

I walk back and forth along the bank, trying to free the jig, all to no avail. Snap!


He laughs again.

“Guess that ends my day, I left my gear in the car,” I said as I turn to leave and look up at him to see he has laid back on the table again.

His arms up behind his head, legs wide, my gaze drifts down to the bright blue. This time, I can see it all. Soft meaty shaft hanging down along a full ball, stretching down in the mid-day heat. He’s uncut and thick.

I froze in my tracks.

The spectacular sight I was transfixed on had to have been premeditated. The view was perfect. The sun shining directly on his package, lighting up the object of my deepest desire like treasure. My mouth drops open.

“Got your phone?”

In a stupor I can only manage a dry, gasping “huh?”

“Take a pic, it’ll last longer hahaha!”

Beet red. I can feel the heat in my cheeks for the millionth time today.

“Come here, boy.”

Mesmerized. My mouth still hanging open, I tremble slightly at the thought of complying.

“Come get a closer look, I can see you staring.”

Reaching for my face, it dawns on me that I left my polarized sunglasses at the car!

“Fuck! He can see me staring at his barely clothed crotch!” I think in total embarrassment.

My cheeks burn, my stomach flutters, and yet, my feet shuffle in slow motion toward him. I zone out as I inch closer…

I’m staying at bff’s in sleeping bags on his floor, playing truth or dare…I know lame with only the two of us. Still teens and still sexually lacking, our horny minds have to express themselves somehow. Starting timidly, but escalating quickly, we were both naked inside the bags, t-shirts and boxers tossed aside on dares.

“I dare you to get on all fours and flip your sleeping bag off for 25 seconds!” he states, commandingly.

I comply, my cock flopping at least three quarters hard under my fluttering stomach with the movement. Slipping back in my bag slightly embarrassed, but sexually charged, I ask “Get your dick hard and lay on top of your bag stroking it for 20 seconds,” timidly.

His big brown cock in view being stroked and my eyes never left it. My own penis felt like it was so hard it would shatter if touched. From there my dares tended to gravitate to getting his cock out on display for more and more time, while he seems to always have my bubbly ass in view and eventually spread wide.

Later, the internet makes porn access easy and free. I focused on blow job vids as the few times I’d been sucked by my girlfriend always left me wanting more head! Eventually you run out of tame content as a horny teen male and wander farther and farther. I started watching group vids, loving all the extra dick when the chicks are outnumbered! Sporadically gay vids pop up in search results and I skip them in terror. MMF videos are fun, slightly more intimate than larger groups – wait did that guy just touch the other guy’s leg? I think? No, uhh? Holy shit! he’s grabbing his ass while she sucks both poles. One buff man leans down and engulfs the other’s dick.


I came.


I had just discovered bi porn and i loved it. I’d found my kink. And then I buried it from the extreme religious Bible Belt world I lived in. My feet hit the edge concrete of the table’s pad, and The lake-tanned man sat up, breaking me out of my thoughts, slamming me back to the present reality that I was only a few feet from him and he was in control.

“Well? Come on, boy. I know you want it.”

“I do, I want it! I don’t. I’m a pussy. I want to touch it, feel it grow in my hand. I want to turn and run! My brain encourages and betrays me at lightning speed, warring for my future as either a coward, or what? Idk, a bi man? A gay man?

No. A cocksucker.

No other title applied, and my hesitation waned. I want to taste this man’s dick. my feet found their power and slowly, I near the table. Eyes transfixed by the thin vibrant fabric that gift-wraps his cock.

“You know what to do, and it ain’t just standin’ there, boy.” He grumbles.

I quiver and melt at being called “boy” by this man I’ve never met, and he has me under his spell.

“Down,” he commands.

I obey. My knees land on the rough concrete of the picnic table’s base. Eyes level with a strange man’s package, still wishing I could see more, see farther up the leg of those tiny shorts.

“Good boy” he smiles.

Placing one foot on the corner on each side, he lifts his hips from the table. My pulse rises along with the bulge of his cock, as it strains against the thin blue fabric.

“Well?” He questions my existence.

I reach out and touch his knees. A spark of static zips from fingertips to brain and down to my balls. My cock has softened with my nervousness. Sliding slowly forward, I Escort Konya feel the fabric of the shorts, silky and light, and then the waistband. Like I’ve peeled the tiny panties off my girl at least hundreds of times before, I hook my fingers behind the elastic and start the trip toward my chest. Feeling completely out of body, I pull. Working the waistband down, having to pull harder to pop them over his ass, and the front hangs up, caught on his thickening penis. His pubes visible over the top of the waistband, my mouth starts to salivate in anticipation. Lust taking over I lean forward, breaching the barrier at the point of no return.

“Do it.” I think. “Mmmmm, fuck yes!” My shoulder demon and angel agreeing for once.

He sets his bare ass on the table, and my nose meets his navel. He smells incredible. All man musk and slightly of Irish Spring. Underlying it all is the unmistakable sent of his balls, smelling like mine when I’m worked up and wanking. I moan softly and my lips pucker on his skin. I love to kiss my way down to my girl’s wet lips, and this is no different. My tongue trails saliva as I kiss and lick along his waistband, from one side of his stomach to the other leaving a glistening trail across his pubic hair. I lean back a bit and notice a darkening area at the head of his cock. My hands work in concert to slide the shorts down ever farther, the base of his hardening shaft breaks into view and I moan aloud.

He chuckles, “I knew it. I would’ve bet $10k you were a cocksucker by the way I saw you check my package when you first saw me, boy.”

I shudder and moan again. And my lips finally find their true target. My tongue slips out and across the base of his shaft and I taste my first cock. Barely containing myself, I swipe his shorts down. His straining cock flips up and hits my chin with a soft, wet thud. This time, he moans. He brings his knees together and I slide his shorts to the ground. Legs spreading again, I sense a slight coolness under my chin, and reach up.

“Wet, slightly sticky? Precum!”

I roll my finger in it and quickly suck it into my mouth.

He chuckles. “Good boy. You know your place.” He nods and looks back at his hardening dick.

Thicker than mine, and growing slowly up his stomach, I lean forward again. His scent pulls me in, I think I’ll never get enough! Staring full of lust at his large smooth balls, hanging far from his shaft. His asshole barely visible underneath those full spheres. My hands fall to my thighs, gripping the fabric of my shorts to keep from freeing my own cock. I look up into his smirking eyes, and take his left ball in my mouth. His eyes roll back when I swish my tongue. Quickly and gently, brushing the bottom of his nut. I love when my girl does that to me, using her prowess as my guide. I suck and pull back, letting it fall from my mouth with a light pop! I repeat on his right ball, this time I place my hands on his ankles, and slowly let them climb. Up and up they go. Back and forth my tongue flicks, until they meet at his stiff cock. Whimpering softly, again I pull and suck and his ball pops out. I gently lift his sack and my tongue reaches out flat and licks between his nuts. Around I slide, my tongue trailing my copious spit as I ring his sack.

“Fuck, I love this!” I think with glee!

My hands find his engorged prick, and it feels spongier than I thought it would, lightly squeezing his shaft and it has give, but springs back on release. Still licking his huge balls, savoring the lightly salty taste of his sweat and the heavy scent of his musk, I allow my hand to slide up toward his head. The motion makes him twitch slightly, I can feel his sack pull up. Never having seen or touched an uncut cock in person, the feel was fascinating. Where my cock smooths out and tapers narrower before quickly flaring out, his is more evenly cylindrical. I can feel his wide head under his foreskin and I loosely flick my encircled hand over it several times. Letting his balls free of my tongue bath, I move up and watch my hand -wrapped around and stroking my first cock- as I pull his foreskin down. It slips down over the rim, his fat head shines, wet with excited precum.

His breath hitches slightly. A few tiny bubbles trail down in a shallow river of precum.

My lips part and my tongue slides between them.

Up and down I work his hood making his precum froth a bit as I pinch tighter over the top of his head at every upstroke. His hips buck lightly, adding some thrust.

“Suck me boy” he breathlessly commands.

I, as I should, obey.

Finding my stride now and feeling him stiffen more in my hand, I lean forward and slide my tongue along the precum trail. Salty and delicious, it feels slippery. I swear I saw the frontal lobe of my brain because my eyes rolled back so far. I moaned loudly and my free hand squeezed and pulled at the front of my pants. Slowly I gathered all of his delicious offering, cleaning the head of his amazing dick. Again, his hips can’t stay planted on the table top. Bucking up at me and bouncing his head all over my lips. I kiss his slit, pursuing my lips around it. My tongue flicks quickly and lightly over the end of his penis. Spongy and hard at the same time, I revel in the taste and feel. Opening a little wider and down I slide! My first cock is inching deeper into me, my body is screaming and flush with excitement. My dick strains painfully against my fly, but I ignore it and focus on my prize. The crown of his head pops through my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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