Catching my wife, Part 2

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My wife seemed extra horny, and I certainly benefited from her mood. The blow-job was amazing and where I wanted more, she managed to completely drain me, physically and mentally and we both drifted off to sleep. The next morning, few words were spoken yet I was crazy with curiosity as to what happened the night before at Connie’s “book club”.

“How did it go last night?” I asked.

“Oh” my wife replied “It was actually more fun than I had imagined”

“I guess so” I replied “What time did you eventually get home?”

“Close to midnight” she responded “I stayed to help clean-up”

“Well” I said sarcastically “I sure enjoyed how you cleaned up once you got home.”

“You did, huh?” my wife replied. “Well, you own me one later” she added with a wink and then headed out the door for work.

A few day later, I once again, had the opportunity to look at my wife’s phone. While she was taking a leisurely bath, I quickly scanned her stored pics and found nothing. But when I opened her KIK account, there were texts from Connie with a few pics. I immediately looked at the pictures and saw more revealing pics of Connie, this time wearing very exotic lingerie and in a more dominant stance. One even showed her proudly holding a rather large dildo and another showed her playfully licking that same dildo. I couldn’t help but wonder where it had been, prior to Connie licking it and found myself very hard! I read the texts but nothing was very incriminating. The texts just confirmed that my wife enjoyed herself and plans would be made for another visit. I put the phone away.

Two days later, my wife announced that Connie was hosting another book club the next evening. I played coy.

“Already?” I asked, seeming slight disinterest.
“Yes” my wife replied “It’s every week… sometimes at Connie’s and other times someone else will volunteer.

“hey” I thought quickly “you guys can have it here sometime if you want.” I saw this as an opportunity.
“Nice of you to offer” my wife replied, “But as the new one, I need to feel more comfortable first.”
I might have looked disappointed and then she changed the subject to something less interesting. But for the next 24 hours, I couldn’t get the thought of my wife and Connie off my mind. The next night arrived and my wife, once again, took a bit longer than usual as she prepared herself. Once she was ready, she gave me the usual peek on the cheek and said,
“If last week was any indication” she said, “don’t wait up. I know that you’re alarm goes off early.”
“Will you wake me” I asked excitedly, “Like you did last week?”
“Perhaps” she said, with a bit of a smile. “Depends on how I feel.”
With that, she waved and walked out of the door.

I turned in with no word from my wife at around 10:15pm. I naturally had difficulty falling asleep but eventually did.

At some point in the night, I was awakened as I felt the bed shift. I was half asleep as I felt my wife straddle me. Her thighs were on each side of my waist as she began to slide her VERY wet pussy up and down the length of my semi-hard cock. I hardened quickly and she adjusted my cock so that it was on my tummy, pointing up toward my chest. She was now sliding her almost-dripping pussy against the underside of my erection and looking down at me with more passion on her face, in her eyes, then I had seen in a very long time. I grabbed her hips and hung on.
“grab my nipples” she said softly, almost as she panted. I did as she requested.
“Pinch them!” she now demanded, in a more serious tone. “Hard.”
I did as she asked, and she closed her eyes and slide her soaked pussy with more determination against my very stiff erection.
“HARDER” she yelled… “Twist them you Son of a Bitch!”
I had never heard her like this but was very caught up in the moment and pinched and turned her hard nipples.
“…. and don’t you dare cum yet!” she growled through her clenched teeth.

Her orgasm was approaching, as was mine, yet I managed to hold mine off as she screamed out and climaxed on my throbbing cock. That was all it took and my cock throbbed and erupted as I shot my load all over my stomach.

As we both calmed, she slide down and licked up my cum that was splattered all over my tummy. She then, as last time, slide up and kissed me full on the mouth and, as before I tasted my own cum drain back into my mouth. I tried to pull away and break the kiss, but she was persistent, pushing down on my mouth even harder as she now gripped my ball sack, as though to offer me some motivation NOT to break the kiss. Once she was satisfied, he lifted off me and retreated to the bathroom and then I heard the shower. I lay there in shock.
*What is going on? * I thought to myself… *but then again, the sex IS amazing…*

My wife eventually returned to bed, slide into the covers, wished me a good night and her breathing slowed as she drifted off to sleep.
I eventually drifted off to sleep as well.

To Be Continued…

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