Catching my wife

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I recently suspected that “something” was going on with my wife. We had been married for 15 years and I thought that everything was good, yet she seemed to be secretive about her phone… perhaps a bit too much.
On one morning, my wife called me while I was still at home. Seems that she had forgotten her phone and needed a phone number for work. I picked up her phone from the bedside table and entered the passcode that she relayed. The phone opened, and I retrieved the phone number that she needed. She then asked if I could bring the phone by her office at lunch.
“Sure” I said, with a smile on my face.

While I had the phone opened, I scrolled through her texts and I didn’t see anything unusual… at first, anyway. Most of her texts were with her sister, mother, friends at work, etc., but then I noticed a text from a friend, Connie. We knew Connie and her husband, Stan, on a social level. We met them through another couple yet didn’t know them well. Stan was about 50 and his wife was a several years younger. Connie was a successful Business owner, in addition to being very attractive. There texting was pretty benign yet on a very occasions, the text from Connie simply read “kik.” I looked through my wife’s phone apps and hidden in another folder was the KIK app. I try, unsuccessfully, to open the app, yet I didn’t know the password. I scrolled through her emails and found where she originally set up the app. There was her log-in confirmation. A simple click of the link, and I was connected to her kik account. Once I opened the Kik page, I almost fell over! There was only one contact: Connie, but the pictures and juicy texts were unbelievable! The pictures were of Connie, in various poses, half undressed and others where she was mostly naked. I had to wonder who was taking the pictures as they were not selfies. I assumed it was Stan, her husband. Then I sat down and read the text. Any reply from my wife was very short and plain, but comment after comment form Connie, was loaded with graphic details where she described how sexually satisfied she was now and hoped that my wife would consider her offer.

*consider her offer?* I thought to myself, *what offer?*

After scrolling up and reading more text, it seems that Connie was inviting my wife over to Connie’s home for a little “tryst” as Connie worded the invitation. I didn’t know what to think but I also didn’t see where my wife had accepted. I couldn’t even get my head around this all. Where the pictures of Connie, plastered all over my wife’s KIK app aroused me, I never had any indication that my wife had any bisexual tendencies. I was turned-on and confused at the same time. I decided to just play it normally and see what seemed to be developing.

Over the next couple of weeks, everything seemed normal yet whenever my wife and I had sex, I couldn’t help but imagine her with Connie. It turned me on faster, I seemed to get even harder, yet I always seemed to cum quicker. My wife even noted my amplified state of arousal on a couple of occasions:

“Wow” my wife would say, “you were really worked up tonight.”

“You just really turn me on” I would reply, with a smile.

“I’m glad” she would say, but then add “maybe next time, you could not cum so quickly? I was just about to cum again.”

“One per customer” I would reply, as a joke.

After about a month, my wife told me that she had been invited to go to a book club with Connie. They met every Tuesday night, at Connie’s house.

“Connie?” I asked, trying to act like I didn’t know who.

“You know” she replied, adding an eye-roll. “Connie… Connie and Stan.”

“Oh Yea” I said. “I remember.”

“anyway” my wife continued, “They meet at Connie’s house every Tuesday night. You don’t mind, do you? Should only be a couple of hours.”

“Sure” I said, very nonchalantly. I then began to wonder what was really going on and how I would find out.

I gave it a lot of thought and figured that if my wife, of 15 years, wanted to test her lesbian urges, then I should just let her, right? The big night arrived, and my wife spent longer than usual in the shower and then dressing afterwards. As she emerged from the bedroom, I could only see her hair and makeup done a bit more stylish. Her clothing looked normal. As she leaned down to kiss me goodbye, I reached around and grabbed her ass.

“Have fun tonight” I said, with a smirk.

“It’s a book club, silly” she replied “and the book stinks”

With that she turned and walked out of the door. I was immediately hard thinking of what she might be doing with Connie.

Four hours later, the phone rang:

“Hi Baby” said my wife through the phone, “This ran a little longer than I thought.”

“I guess so” I replied. “Having fun?” I asked, perhaps a bit too excitedly.

“Yea, I guess” she replied. “It’s better than I thought. I’ll be leaving in a little bit, but don’t wait up if you’re tired. We all get talking and I know that you need to get to sleep soon… you’ve got to get up so early.”

“Okay, Maybe I will turn in” I said. “Drive safely” I added

The phone went quiet and turned off the TV, most of the lights and headed down the hall to bed. There was no way I was going to sleep, thinking what they might be doing, but I guess that I eventually drifted off to sleep.

I suddenly was aware of my wife slipping into bed beside me, sliding down and taking my cock into her mouth!

“What…” I asked, through a sleepy haze, “What.. are you….”

She released my cock, leaned up and gave me a big kiss, pushing her tongue into my mouth. It’s then that I tasted something strange on her lips….

*is that Connie’s cum?* I wondered to myself.

I went immediately hard and my wife broke the kiss and resumed sucking my cock. I was humping up into her mouth in no time and with the thought of my wife having sex with Connie, combined with my wife’s oral talents, I blasted up into my wife’s mouth much quicker than I had hoped. As usual, my wife continued to pump my cock until every drop was accounted for. In an unprecedented move, she then brought her mouth back up to mine and kissed me. As my mouth opened slightly, all I could now taste was my cum, still swirling around her mouth and tongue.

*was this to mask the taste of where your mouth had been earlier?* I wondered to myself.

Either way, in concluded, I had just received and amazing blowjob and we both lay happy and drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued……

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