Catherine Ch. 14

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I live for the moment I hear that catch in her throat with our first kiss. Her breathing getting heavier with each tender touch, and caress of her sensitive places, I wait for those three words she will not say…, yet.

Catherine Chapter 14

I Knew You Would Be Trouble For Me

From breaking the kiss to the next intersection where we’ll cross to the opposite side of the street then make our way up to crossing over to the plaza at the light in front of her building. But as we get to the corner its her cell phone buzzing in her purse.

Catherine, letting go of my arm so she can hold her purse, reaches in to retrieve her phone. Pausing, she looks at the calling number, then places the phone back into her purse; the phone buzzing several more times before going silent, to just a few seconds later it’s the missed call beeps. Followed shortly with the sound of the message beeps.

An with her not taking my arm again, it’s been a cool silent walk to the traffic light where we’ll cross to the plaza, but with little or no traffic either way we could have made it easily across the four lanes without waiting, but still she stops, and so do I; wondering why she doesn’t just go ahead and quickly cross?

But with the normal cycling of the traffic light seemingly taking to long to change, it’s going over to push the button on the pole for the traffic light, hoping to speed up the change over — of course knowing ahead of time it may be useless. A television news channel investigative report showed that many of these buttons have been disabled in order to ease the traffic congestion around the plaza; so it’s just an exercise in futility — waiting being the only option. Or hoping your broken field running skills will keep you from getting nailed by some speeding SUV.

But on my way back to where she’s waiting I see she has her phone up to her ear, only listening, not speaking. Putting the phone back in her purse without saying anything, the light finally changing too, where we cross to make our way across to the plaza’s north entrance.

“Is everything alright Catherine?” Curious, because she hasn’t said anything since the phone call she purposely ignored.

“Yes Bobby, every thing’s fine.” she replies. Where she’s taking my arm now as we cross the street to walk the remaining six blocks to the train station’s main entrance.

An not being downtown this late at night I have to check the posted train schedules for the next one out that will make a stop at my station. Finding it, then turning to Catherine. “It looks like the eight-fifty, gate six, track two.” Telling her at the same time looking at my watch. “So we have a few minutes to wait.”

“That long?” As she steps into me, one arm going over my shoulder she stretches in to give me a lite kiss on the mouth. Automatically my arm going around her pulling her in tighter to me to complete a much longer kiss. Then arm and arm we go over to wait near gate number six.

“Which car should we get on,” she ask with the gate opening.

“How’s first or second sound?” Replying, where there’s only two cars on track number two anyway.”

“Any preference on first or second then,” she ask.

“No Catherine, as long as your on one of them!”

At that its her smile with a little nudge to my shoulder.

Entering the second car, where it’s just us and a few other riders this time of night, where Catherine takes a seat on the left, two thirds of the way up the aisle an slides in close to the window. Placing her brief case on the floor then me with the take out bag placing that next to it too. It’s Catherine giving me her ticket where I place it in the clip on the back of the seat in front of us.

But as I’m loosening my jacket sitting next to her. “Catherine, what are you doing this weekend, any plans?” Asking her.

“I’m not sure yet,” she says. “But I know you told me you’re going to Virginia; right?”

“Yes. I’m leaving tomorrow as soon as I can after getting home; you know, Erin’s piano recital Saturday afternoon, the invitation only one. Sort of a feather in her cap…, she’s very excited about being invited.”

“Oh, that’s right,” Catherine says. “Invitation only…, that’s pretty prestigious; I never got an invitation. We all just showed up, signed in, got a number and played what ever music we brought.”

“Well, according to Sally, they all play the same music piece, which they know ahead of time by way of the invitation and judged on how well they’ve played it. Sally tells me Erin has been practicing her little butt off!”

“Sounds like a little pressure on the young pianist.” Catherine’s remark.

“Maybe Catherine. But hopefully, with me being there, it may help in relieving some of it; lean on her dad’s shoulder some. So, you’re not sure about your plans?”

“Well, yes and no.”

“Yes, and no Catherine?”

“Yes Bobby…, there’s a guy I met some months ago through my friends on a weekend when the three of us…, as you refer to them as, “HIM,” and “HER.” were out to dinner; it Travesti turned out to be a set-up. Which, “SHE,” apologized profusely over later. It was planned as an accidental meeting at the restaurant we were going to. “HIM,” and this guy were college room mates. “

“She’s was also telling me later, that she, her husband and the husband’s college room mate have been way more than just, friends; you don’t have to guess where I’m going with that; do you?”

“No, I’m pretty sure I don’t Catherine!” Replying.

“Okay! The following Monday she calls me, apologizing all over herself; I told her it was alright. That I thought he was a really nice guy, plus a very good looking one too. Telling her I would be interested in seeing him again sometime. So with that she tells me he’s asked if she would give him my phone number and that was part of why she was calling; asking me if that was alright if she did; I told her yes.”

“Since then I’ve had several phone calls from him, the conversations, pretty much getting to know one other without actually meeting again. The main reason for that is, what he does, he’s a geologist, who works for a company that’s contracted by various mineral and oil development companies to explore some designated areas they’re interested in for just that, oil and minerals deposits; where he’s traveled all over the world for that reason. Also telling me some interesting stories of his adventures in those areas; a couple times, running for his life, he said.”

“I got a phone call yesterday, he’s in town now doing some research at the college and he wants to take me to dinner and drinks sometime while he’s here. That phone call a little while ago was him…, the message the same. Bobby I won’t say I don’t want to see him; I like him, he is a very nice guy. When I was first introduced to him I was interested in knowing him; maybe better later on too. But now there’s you…, and the way I feel about you and knowing how you feel about me,” she’s telling me.

“Catherine wait, stop, right, there! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t see him! Remember what I said? I don’t want you to change anything about yourself, or who your friends are, or see. So…, call him back, tell him yes; enjoy yourself…, catch up on…, what ever has happened since the last time you talked to him. I’ll be with Sally this weekend, spending time with her and Erin.”

“Also Catherine this too. Sally and I still care a lot about each other and of course want the best for Erin in what ever she wants to do, whether it’s her music, or some other interest. Other than not being married we’re still friends and a family.”

“Your life Catherine, your friends will always be that; yours. And yes, you know how I feel about you, no lie, no bull shit about that! So…, see your friend…, maybe you should take him to the Steak and Brew. Heck, there might even be some mobsters there this weekend…, could be real interesting!”

“You really are such a shit Swaggart…, you and your mobsters!” she says. “But no, I wouldn’t take him there. That’s only for special people who I care very deeply about!”

“So then, I should consider myself, ‘deeply felt about’, and special; huh?” Asking her.

“You sure as hell are mister! Now kiss me you bastard and get me back to your house because I’m dieing for something you do to me so well!”

It’s both of laughing, me shaking my head side to side; “Your killing me girl!”

But now it’s my cell phone that’s buzzing.

Taking it out to see the number, with a look from Catherine; it’s Erin, Catherine. Who nods her head and looks out the window.

Hey Pumpkin, what’s up,” answering the phone where I hear, “Hi daddy, it’s me!”

“Well hello me, how are you?” Catherine looks back at me where I mouth to her, “always the same, ‘It’s me.’ Catherine, with a smile, a nod of her head, turns back to her reflection and lights streaking by outside the window..

“You’re still coming down for my recital Saturday,” Erin’s voice in the phone asking me.

“Of course, pumpkin, I wouldn’t miss it for the world! I’ll be leaving as soon as I can tomorrow evening, so I should be there some time around…, say ten-thirty, eleven o’clock — okay? — I guess you’ve been been practicing too; right?”

Which I already know she would, Sally would make sure of that.

“Good! So you think you’re ready? — Hey you, don’t worry, I know you’ll do fine. — No and don’t be nervous. — Yes I know it’s easy to say but you’ll knock their socks off…, I just hope they don’t have stinky feet!”

With that Catherine looks back at me laughing, the same time I’m hearing Erin’s laughter in my ear too.

“So, three o’clock is still kick off time? — Good, so your mom, Alice and me will have plenty of time for three us to be nervous with you.”

Catherine shakes her head at me mouthing, “Don’t say that!”

Mouthing back at her, “Erin’s laughing.”

“Okay pumpkin, I love you too! Is your mom there? — Alright tell her I said hi when she gets home. Ankara Travesti How about Alice? She is? Well tell her I said hi too, and I’ll see all of you early Saturday morning. — Yes pumpkin, I love you too! — Bye, Bye.”

Not good with suppressing the sigh as I put the phone back in my jacket pocket it’s also to the feel of Catherine’s hand on my arm. Looking to see why, she leans into me placing a soft kiss to my lips. “I told you I thought you were a great dad!” She says.

“Thank you! But as I said too, I could have been better!”

“You’re doing fine Swaggart,” Catherine tells me. “I bet she understands why you did everything. And she’ll understand better, the older she gets. I only understood after my step dad was gone, how much he meant to us. Erin, she’s lucky still having you here giving her the love and encouragement you do.”

“Thank you Catherine! “I love that kid more than she’ll ever know!”

With that I get a much sweeter, much longer kiss before she lays her head against my shoulder until we feel the train slowing down where I see the familiar lights and buildings outside the window tells me it’s time to leave the train, then to Catherine, “We’re here.”

Walking back to my truck, it’s the same as this morning, except now, we have the shopping bag with our left over dinner take out. But on leaving the parking lot, “Can we stop somewhere so I can get a bottle of wine?” Catherine ask.

“Of course,” telling her. “There’s a package store in this shopping center just up the road from here.”

“Good,” she says. “I’m buying!”

“Catherine, I can buy you a bottle of wine!”

“No you won’t, because I know what I want!” She tells me.

“Alright Catherine, but I’ll tag along with you so I’ll know the next time.”

Entering the store Catherine first asking the store clerk for the location of their white wines, then following his directions, we make our way to that section where I watch Catherine pick up one bottle, putting it back, then moving on to the next. But as I’m following her, not really knowing what she’s looking for, but at the same time, noticing the various names as well the the price ranges — some of the prices are quite impressive, as in pricey! But at last she finds what she’s been looking for. Selecting two bottles, the price, though not the most expensive, is still impressive! Making our way back towards the check out where I’m asking, “Catherine, I thought you said, a bottle of wine?”

Has her looking back. “One’s is for tonight Swaggart,” she tells me. “The other is for you to keep for the next time.”

“Next time Catherine?”

“Yes Swaggart! I plan on spending a lot more time with you at your house! So just keep it chilled, not cold,” shes telling me.

Hmm, I certainly like hearing that! Not saying it out loud.

Back to the front of the store, where the store clerk has started ringing up her wine purchase is when Catherine looks to me, “Speaking of cold…, I think you also need to stock some things in your refrigerator besides beer for your friends…, like food,” she tells me. “You know Swaggart,” she goes on. “I’m not only good in bed, as you certainly know! I can cook too!”

With that she reaches into her purse for her wallet and credit card, where the look I see on the face of the clerk is, “Did she just openly say that?”

An me, who’s just as surprised with her outrageous remark about, “Being good in bed.” Finds me looking up at the ceiling, trying to hold in the laugh that’s struggling to get out.

But Catherine, just as nonchalantly as can be, holding her credit card out to the clerk who hasn’t made a move to take it until she says, “Sir, here’s my credit card.”

The clerk taking her card, runs it through the machine, handing it back to her with his, “Thank you Mis…,” Where it’s Catherine with, “Parker, Mrs…, Catherine, Parker,” she tells him, emphasizing the misses.

Putting her card back into her wallet as the clerk carefully packages her two bottles of Chablis, she looks to me, “Lets go Swaggart, I’m already horny enough from the wine I had with dinner.” And this,” as she hands me the wine package, “Will keep me that way until morning!”

This, sweet, bitch! Just got me again!

And right in front of a total stranger too. But it’s the look on the guys face behind the counter is what; dumb struck? Making it unable for me to hold it in any longer as I break up laughing; following behind her as we head for the door.

“Nice got-cha…, Mrs…, Parker! Telling her as we reach the door. “It’s going to take some real thought before I can come up with one as good as that.”

An now that we’re outside is when I take hold of her arm, pulling her back around, locking my mouth onto hers, to Catherine’s arm going around my neck kissing me back just as hard as I’m kissing her.

“You are so bad lady,” breaking the kiss, where this almost gets out. “And that’s just one of the many reasons I’m so in love with you…, Mrs. Catherine Parker!

Biting it off istanbul Travesti before, “I’m so…,” Where she looks at me a few seconds. “Bobby…, you were you going to say?” She ask.

“It’s not important Catherine.” As I lead her over to the passenger side of my truck, helping her in, handing the wine package to her, then around to get in the drivers side. But as I’m backing out of the parking spot, “What were you going to say,” she’s asking again.

Still not answering her question as I continue out of the parking lot to turn left, heading back to the road that leads back past my house. When again she ask, “Bobby…, what, were, you, going, to say…, back there?” A little more insistent sounding this time.

“Catherine…, I was about to put, MY GOD DAMN FOOT IN MY MOUTH AGAIN! Okay?”

Then realizing how sharp and snappy I sounded. “I’m sorry Catherine! I shouldn’t have come back at you like that.”

Staring back at the road with this thought; You can be a real ass hole Swaggart! But it’s the sound of her seat belt unlatching, where she’s sliding over next to me, laying her head against my shoulder.

Touching my head to hers, “You’re sitting on a seat belt Catherine, please put it on!

“What ever you say Sargent Swaggart. And I hear every thing you say, weather it’s out loud, or not,” she’s telling me.

A slow nodding of my head acknowledging what she just said…, because she knows what I almost said. Where only a few minutes later it’s a left turn signal, before making the left turn onto the road taking us back to my house.

Pulling into my driveway, first stopping by the mail box to retrieve the mail, then back into the truck to drive around the house parking in my usual spot in front of the first garage bay.

Bringing up the alarm system, setting it to occupied, then the button on the inside rear view mirror that will open the bay door, bringing on the inside and outside garage lights automatically.

Where Catherine hasn’t made a move to get out.

Sitting here in silence waiting for her to say, or do something. “Catherine.., I…, ah…,” It’s her hand on my chin that stops me from what I was about to say, turning my head to face her.

Then with a little more pressure pulling me in closer it’s her kiss so soft, it’s like a feather brushing against my lips. Follows a little more pressure, now a little harder, until my arm goes around her pulling her into me with a kiss that explodes into long hard passionate tongue filled mauling. But if it weren’t for the cold and the damn seat belts, I’d work her pants down and fuck her right here in the front seat of my truck.

Having sex with her in the front seat of this truck will happen on more than a few occasions.

“Bobby please, lets go in the house before I rape you right here.” Which has me laughing at what she just said. “Catherine, you must have been reading my mind again, because that’s the very thought I had about doing to you too.”

“Well then Swaggart, we better get us inside where it’s warmer and your bed is bigger than the front seat of this truck!”

“What ever you say Catherine.”

“Damn it Swaggart…, will you PLEASE, stop saying that!”

“What ever you say Catherine.”

Which gets me a sharp smack to my shoulder just before she unbuckles her seat belt and slides over to the other side of the seat waiting for me to come around to help her and everything else out of the the truck.

Back in the kitchen, placing the bag with our leftovers on a counter top, Catherine setting her purse on the counter top closest in from great room entrance. Along with me with her lap top and brief cases, setting them both on the island top.

“I’ll put this in the closet Catherine,” helping with her coat now. “Then I’ll get some wood from the garage, then a fire going in the fire place.”

“I was hoping you would still do that!” As she turns back to give me a kiss. “But would you put one bottle of wine in the freezer part of the refrigerator first, so it will get chilled faster, and the other in the refrigerator part, she ask. “This wine is best when it’s chilled, not cold.”

“Ah…, and what temperature is that Catherine,” asking her.

“Oh, maybe between forty-nine and fifty-five degrees,” she says.

“In that case Catherine, we could have left one bottle out in the truck, instead of carrying both in here; saving space the refrigerator, letting the cold air out of it too.”

“Swaggert! You don’t leave this…, wine,” cradling the bottle in both hands, “in the front seat of a truck!”

“Why not Catherine? I’ve left beer out in the truck and it tasted perfectly fine!”

The look I get now is like, ‘HOW in the world can you compare beer with this wine? It’s like, comparing a hot dog to a steak from Old City Steak and Brew! The wine is expensive, I did notice the sign with the price listed on it.

“Okay…, I guess I have some things to learn about wine then; don’t I Catherine?”

“Yeah, you sure do…, Conan! But that’s alright, I can teach you,” she says. “I’ve…, anyway, Jon’s a wine collector, so he’s taught me a lot about wines. Like, where the best grapes are grown, the best ways of fermenting, aging and vintages. He has quite a extensive collection; some very expensive.”

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