Caught being gay part 3

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Everybody is over 18 and nobody is related. Please check out parts 1 and 2 but if not, in a nutshell my older b****** taught me how to jack off and it evolved into us jacking and eventually blowing eachother. One time after he and I came together frotting, I looked over his shoulder to see my mom glaring at me. I panicked but didn’t know for sure what she saw. He acted like he thought it was funny but I was terrified to think what she would do.
In the meantime I stayed away from home a lot more for a while because I couldn’t really face it if my mom confronted me. Coincidentally I made friends with an older guy who played with me and fingered my ass a little, and I gladly ate his cum. It was so hot and I wanted to do it again but I never told anyone, including my gay b*******. When my mom heard gossip that I was hanging around this older guy, she made a snide comment about me liking sissy play.This experience made me more curious about butt play though . I knew I wasn’t ready for getting fucked by a full size dick but being fingered wasn’t so bad. It kinda felt like my dick was being played with from the inside, if that makes sense.
The next time my b****** and I were home alone for a long enough time to put me at ease, we casually took turns sucking eachother but were in no hurry to finish. When we separated for a second to catch our breath, on impulse I stretched out on the bed, spread my legs and reached down to my butthole and started worked one fingertip past my tight hole. I grabbed my dick and started pumping and looked him right in the eye. He said that was hot and immediately leaned over and took my head in his mouth. The actions simultaneously drove me crazy. I tried to push my finger as far up my ass as I could while he sucked my cock in and out. Some of the spit from his sloppy blowjob dripped down to my ass and made my job easier. I slipped a second finger in my butt and really tried to go as far as I could. At the same time, he sucked my cock all the way down to my nuts and that was it. I immediately shot deep down his throat in the hardest orgasm I had up to that point. He took it all like a champ, lol he loved to eat cum. I thought he was moving up to share/kiss my cum into my mouth but instead he turned around on top of me into a 69 dangling his hard cock in my face, and took my still hard cock in his mouth along with whatever cum was still in his mouth! I felt great when the inside of his mouth felt chunky and gooey while he slurped on my dick, and then he started rubbing my butthole! I said what the hell and sucked him into my mouth. He stuck his finger right up my wet ass and sped up sucking my dick. I let go of him for a second to lick my finger to prepare it for his butt and quickly realized it was the same finger I used on myself. It was gross but not as bad as I thought it would be. I rubbed the brown circle around his hole with my wet finger and went back to sucking his dick. He groaned a couple times but didn’t stop punching my butt and blowing me. I kept rubbing around and up and down on the surface of his butt eventually feeling it relax. I took this as my cue and slipped my fingertip in his tight hole. I couldn’t believe how tight it was. I didn’t really know if mine was that tight before I got fingered but I could barely get one in him at first. He immediately got into it and started humping my face and backing himself into my finger. I really loved the squishy warm feeling inside his butt. I think my dick would love it in there. I think I was completely hooked on all forms of anal sex from that point on. He told me he wanted more so before I tried to stick another finger in, I moved his ass down over my face and tried to glob some spit on his asshole but it stayed on my tongue so I said what the hell and plunged my tongue in his butt. He went absolutely nuts and started jerking his hips and trying to ride my face. I remember thinking that this might be like a gay version of eating pussy so I treated it the same way in my mind while I licked his butt. I switched back and forth between fingering and licking his asshole. He had abandoned any attempt at paying attention to my dick and ass the moment my tongue touched his ass. I realized I liked the feeling of his ass inside and out so I rubbed his cheeks with my hands while I ate him. He asked me if I wanted to fuck him and I said yeah. I got up and got some lotion we used to jack off with sometimes and put a blob on my head and got behind him. I knew I couldn’t just go right in so I just rubbed the point at the tip of my head in and around his butthole until I eventually felt him relax again and started backing up towards me. I looked down at his skinny pale body while I held his hips and gently pushed the head of my dick into his hole. It felt pretty good but I could tell he was struggling with it at first. I was really into it by then so I just pushed a little bit further and it suddenly got easier. It was like once I got past the first couple inches it wasn’t as tight. I loved how it felt and started slowly going in and out and grinding my hips against his cheeks as I pushed deeper and deeper. When I got almost all the way in him I felt a flat spot inside that I was bumping into with the end of my dick every time I got that deep. And…, every time my dick touched that spot he went uh uh uh which I thought was funny but hot so I sped up. I couldn’t believe I was fucking my b****** up the ass and he’s down there loving it. I realized he was holding himself up on one hand because he was jacking himself off while I fucked him. I blurted out an honest question wow you really like this don’t you and he kinda took it for an attempt at dirty talk and said yeah fuck me. He said it really loud to. I felt his ass squeezing my cock over and over again like pulsating and it sent me over the edge. As I was shooting my cum deep in his ass he was shooting his all over the bed. I even heard shots hitting the sheets. We both said fuck yeah at the same time as we slowed down.
That was enough sex to get us through for a minute. We took turns showering and played with eachother a little in between but nothing serious. Mom came home a couple hours later and was in and out a couple times before she came and found me. She told me to gather up the sheets off my bed and put them in the washer. When I asked her why now and she yelled at me loud enough for the neighbors to hear that if I continued to be a faggot with my b****** I had to wash the scum from my sheets. I was mortified she would scream out something so terrible but apparently she talked to one of our neighbors after she got home who told her they heard us yelling out some strange obscenities that sounded like sex. While they might have no necessarily known what we were up to, my mom sure did.
I said jesus mom be quiet and she said you should be quiet to. It’s embarrassing. I was confused for a second because it almost sounded like she was telling me it was ok if I did a better job hiding it. I said mom and before I could say anything else she interrupted me and said she was really pissed at us at first but realized we were just dummies experimenting but she didn’t think we should be going so fast especially without experiencing both sides of this new world.
And started rubbing my crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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