Caught by My Professor

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I sit in my last class of my second semester, once again catching myself daydreaming. I know I should be paying attention, I need a better mark in this class, but I just don’t enjoy it. It’s boring. I like most of my classes but this one just doesn’t interest me.

Just like the last date I went on. He seemed nice, but he didn’t stop staring at my tits and yet had nothing of interest to say. 2 hours of small talk without so much as a flirt or a joke, and when we went our separate ways after, he actually shook my hand. Sure, he was staring at my breasts when he did it, but we both knew we wouldn’t be seeing each other again.

Okay, stop. Focus. You need to pay attention. Look at the professor. He seems to know his stuff, maybe if you watch how he delivers it you can find some kind of interesting facts…

Wow, how did I not notice how sexy he was before? I guess I just learned to zone out in every class, but damn. Tall, solid build, strong, and when he talks he gestures a lot with his hands. Hands that I can imagine on me…

Fuck, I need to get laid. I shift in my seat, letting my legs part slightly, instantly feeling relief after sitting so tensely. I idly flick my pen back and forth, thankful I chose this seat near the front where no one can see what my hands are doing. Did I just flick my pen across my nipple? Oh, I need this.

My other hand drops casually to my side, but slides sweetly across my thigh, under the desk and pushes the hem of my skirt higher so I can dip my fingers underneath. I want to rub my pussy so bad. I don’t want anyone to know, but I didn’t wear panties today and I’m SO glad I made that choice.

Luckily the table is more of a lower desk height and I’m sitting along one edge so no one knows that my skirt has been pulled up and my fingertip is slowly circling my pussy lips, knowing they’ll be wet soon.

This is way better than listening to some lecture. I could probably cum right here and no one would know. Feeling brave, I slowly drag my fingertip across my clit, feeling the rush of breath as my body responds to the hand it knows so well. Fuck, I need to cum so bad!

Suddenly I’m jolted out of my self pleasure by the sense of someone staring at me. Oh shit, it’s the professor. He knelt down to pick up the marker he dropped and got a complete eyeful of my hand in my pussy. I quickly shift my legs and let my skirt drop back into place, but I know he’s seen it all.

Suddenly he’s striding across the room towards my seat, not missing a beat in whatever topic he was on. He finishes his point, then leans forward over my notes, pretending to assist with something I wrote and drops his voice “I see my material isn’t interesting enough for you. I’ll see you after class.” My face is pink with embarrassment, or is that arousal? His whispered voice did something to me, I want to hear it again.

Is it just me or does he have a bulge in his jeans as he resumes speaking?

I have no idea what the last 10 minutes of the class were about, although I tried. The professor didn’t even look my way for the rest of the class, and he spent most of it perched on the corner of his desk with his back slightly towards me. Why does that make me feel jealous and left out?

Finally the end of the day arrives. As he casually dismisses the class and reminds us that it’s a long weekend so no class on Monday, he meets my eye and tilts his head ever so slightly in a beckoning way. I know I need to approach him.

I gather up my things and slowly walk towards his desk, my heeled boots softly tapping on the floor. Usually a handful of students stick around (now that I think about it, it’s almost always women) to chat with him and I’m hoping that’s the case so I can buy time to think of what I’m going to say, but of course today everyone is eager to get their weekend started and before I know it, it’s just the 2 of us in the room.

He busies himself by erasing the white board of notes, and I take a deep breath and edge slightly closer to him.

“I’m sorry for not paying better attention in your class.”

When the first words leave my mouth, he seems to tense up slightly, like what I’ve said bothers him more than he wants to let on.

He pauses what he’s doing then softly replies “I know this class isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but you show up, always sit near the front, and act like you want to be here. I know you’re smart, you don’t seem like the kind who will fuck away her college education. Am I wrong?”

When he mentions the word fuck, I feel a rush of pink cover my cheeks. This time it’s definitely embarrassing, I feel like me being in this class means something to him. I feel his blue eyes waiting on my face, searching for an answer.

“I want to be here, I really do.”

With a soft sigh, I lean against the edge of his desk, placing my books beside me. I know what I have to say, I feel almost ashamed to say it though. Keeping my eyes on my skirt covered knees, I say what I think he wants to hear:

“I know I didn’t respect you or your time today, and that was wrong. I’m struggling with a lot Elvankent Escort of things right now, and I guess I got bored and tried to entertain myself instead. It was wrong and I know that.”


I don’t hear him at the white board anymore. I don’t hear him at all. Glancing up, I turn to see if he’s behind his desk, but movement on the other side of the room catches my eye. Somehow, he stepped quietly over to the classroom door and pulled it shut without a sound. He makes sure it’s locked, then takes a few long strides back to where I sit on his desk and stands just far enough away from me to maintain proprietary teacher protocol, but again I can feel his eyes on my face.

“Trying to keep a college balance of academics and a love life is par for the course for most people I see here, and forgive me for saying so, but you don’t seem to be in the same world as most people. You seem older, in a good way of course.”

I meet his eyes and can’t believe how kind they are. They’re a deep blue, and I feel like they know me somehow already.

“You’re right, I started college later than most people, but I can hold my own against the 20 year olds, I’ll have you know.” I reply with a smile.

I’m guessing he’s in his late 30s or early 40s, so he probably knows a thing or two about the 20 somethings coming on to him.

“Is that right? I suppose I saw that side of you earlier. There is still the issue of blatant disregard for the code of student conduct in my class. Even if you want to be here and you do your best, I cannot ignore what you did today.”

Interesting choice of words. He cannot ignore it. Suddenly, neither can I. Feeling naughty, I meet his eye and ask

“You cannot ignore it, or you don’t want it?”

He blinks at me. I slowly slide one hand down my skirt covered thigh, not risking anything other than making him notice my movement. He clears his throat. “Well, I’ll have you know that I expect… um… “

His words drift off as his eyes travel down my body, perched on his desk, with my hand resting lightly on my inner thigh.

“Sir? Did you like it?” I lean forward slightly, thankful I wore my best bra today, shifting my tits towards him.

He blinks again, suddenly shakes his head and without warning is standing so close to me I can feel the warmth from his body and smell a hint of cologne.

“It doesn’t matter if I liked it or not. You are my student and any activity in my class that happens without my permission is not acceptable.” His eyes are darker now, and I can sense his breath has quickened slightly.

At the words ‘my permission’ I feel a butterfly-like feeling right in my midsection and I subconsciously make a slight gasp of breath. I’m starting to feel all kinds of lust for this man, my professor. I probably shouldn’t, but it’s been so long since I had a man be in command of my body that I just don’t care. I want him. Now.

“I’m so sorry, sir. I was out of line.” I drop my head demurely, both of us fully aware I’m not sorry or demure at this exact moment. I can feel my pussy getting wet.

He closes the already short distance between us by leaning right into me. His legs are pressing into mine, and I’m nervously excited for what’s about to happen. He lifts my chin with one finger, brings my eyes up to his, and growls “Yes you were, acting like a little slut in my class. I need to discipline you.”

Then his breath is softer, kinder, as he just barely whispers “The door is locked, if there’s anything that goes too far just say the name of your hometown.”

I manage a barely noticeable nod and his hand slides across my neck, into my hair, where his fingers grab as much of it as he can.

“Are you going to be a good girl and let me punish you?”

“Fuck yes.”

“Fuck yes, sir. You will call me sir whenever you want my attention, otherwise I don’t have to even notice you’re in the room. Understand, my pretty slut?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good girl.”

He releases my hair and strokes my cheek. “Kneel.”

I slide down to the floor without a word.

“Very nice. You listen well, slut.”

I look up at him standing above me. I’m definitely not imagining the bulge in his jeans now.

He crosses his arms in front of his chest. “I want to make one thing clear. We both know you could do better in this class. Submitting yourself to me means you aren’t just going to give me your body. Going forward, I expect your mind here too. I want you to step up your work, your attention, and your assignments. I promise, it will be worth it.”

“Yes sir.” My reply is soft but I mean it.

“Good. You can stand up, if you’d like. I don’t need you to kneel, you have free will.”

I raise my eyes to meet him and tilt my chin up.

“Sir, with all due respect, submitting to you is my choice. Just like I chose to play with my wet pussy in the middle of your lecture, I’m choosing to follow your commands and you are allowed to make me yours, however you wish. I am choosing to be punished.” I lowered my eyes Beşevler Escort after speaking so he knows I am serious.

I now know why I can’t enjoy the guys I find on dating apps. They’re all immature and would have no idea what to do with a naked woman if she magically appeared in their bed. I need a man, a grown man, with experience and the ability to take charge.

“Very well. Stand, please.”

His mixture of commands with the edge of politeness makes my knees shake as I rise up to meet him.

“I’ve wanted to taste those lips since the first minute I laid eyes on them. I told myself it was wrong to want that, but after your little stunt today, I believe this was meant to happen.”

Before I am able to answer, he leans into me once again, cupping my jaw with his hand and pressing his lips to mine.His tongue is in my mouth almost immediately, and the electricity of this kiss throws me for a loop. I knew I would feel him wanting me, but there’s a softness there, something almost vulnerable, that he would risk his career to kiss me here in the lecture hall, where anyone could find us, record us on their phone, and half the world would know before we did that we got caught. This mixture of dominance and softness in him somehow makes me want him more. I press my body into his, my hands sliding around his neck, one playing with his hair. He hums his appreciation of my touch into my mouth, his tongue sliding around mine with more intensity. He presses his body into mine, wrapping his surprisingly strong arms around my waist and sliding his hands over me. Even though he hasn’t touched my skin yet, I can feel the heat of his hands through my clothes and I really want to feel what it feels like to be pressed against each other with nothing in between us.

Wanting to make the next move, I break our kiss, and he sighs softly as he presses his forehead into mine. I catch my breath enough to whisper

“Sir, I’m very sorry that I was bad in class today. I want to make it up to you. I want to show you what would have happened if you hadn’t caught me.”

His eyes flash again and that look of strong authority takes over his face.

“You think so, slut? You think you will be able to perform for me and make it all better? That’s not going to happen. You need to be punished and a punishment is what you are going to get. Stand here and do not move.”

He leaves me standing just ahead of his desk, with my back to the seats in the classroom. He walks behind his desk again, opening a drawer. He looks up at me again.

“Turn and face away from me, please.”

I immediately do so, taking a deep breath. I’m listening for sounds that would give away what he’s doing, but all I hear is the opening and closing of drawers.

He walks in front of me, standing just close enough to touch me, but not doing so. He raises a hand to my cheek, cupping my face and letting his fingers trail down my neck, softly sliding across my collarbone.

“Your skin is so soft.” He says kindly. I feel his breath on my face, the touch of his fingertips, and my pulse quickens.

“Rule one: sounds.” he continues. “You are not to speak unless you are answering my questions or following a command. You are permitted to make any sounds you wish, however you are not permitted to ask me to stop, unless it is the word we already discussed.”

I nod.

“Rule two: discretion. You will not mention what is happening here to anyone. When it is over, you will leave and I will stay here, leaving on my own time. If necessary, I will be able to create an alibi that will protect us both should word get out, but you must agree that what happens here, while mutually consensual, remains a complete secret. I have put my phone away, and I trust you will or have done the same. There will be no record of today except in our heads.”

I nod again.

“Rule three: recurrence. Should you ignore the lessons you will learn today and decide to tempt yourself again by being a slut in my class, I will not respond and will be forced to report you to the school authorities. You will not take advantage of me. Understand?”

My third nod is immediate. My heart is pounding, my head swirling. He’s so confident, so in charge, it’s making me weak with desire. I want to submit to his every will.

His strong hands come to rest on either side of my hips, and he pushes me backward, until I have bumped into the edge of his desk.

“You’re going to take all of your clothes off now, slut.” A wicked grin crosses his face. “And you’re going to tell me every step of what you’re doing, and how you’d like me to use what lies beneath.”

He lets his hands drop to his side, and steps back to watch me. “You may start whenever you’re ready.”

I assess my outfit, deciding what would be the best order of removal for each piece. I have on a short flared skirt, a tank top, and a button up cardigan. I chose a push up bra today, but as he already knows, no panties.

I decide to start with my footwear. Turning myself to the side, I bend Cebeci Escort at the waist and slide my hands down my legs, all while keeping eye contact with him. I see his eyes quickly glance at how my ass looks in the skirt as I’m bent over, and as my hand reaches my calf, I slide it back up and around and caress myself. He smiles in appreciation. I lift the back of my skirt and pull it up, exposing my bare ass, and caress the skin there again. He takes a deep breath, but before I can describe anything to him, I’ve covered myself again and my hands are heading back down my legs. I reach the top of my ankle high boots, and slide the zipper down of each one.

“Would you like to see my pretty feet, sir?”

I slide one foot out of its boot, one at a time. My short pink socks still cover my feet,

“That’s not describing how you want to be used, but I’ll allow it. Continue.” He replies bluntly.

I want to take a risk. I step forward to him while still in my socks, and sit down right at his feet. I lie back then raise both my feet in the air, sliding them up his legs. My skirt falls down around my hips, of course, and he can see everything. I pretend nothing has changed, and bending one knee, I grab my sock and pull it off.

“I’d like you to suck on my toes, sir. These pretty feet need attention just like the rest of me.”

I repeat the same action with the other leg to remove my sock. He’s tall enough that my feet barely come to his hips, but I make sure to slide both feet over the front of his jeans as I bring them back down and wrap them around his legs. He’s looking down at me appreciatively, I think the idea of sucking on my toes excites him just as much as it excites me.

I slide my hands over my thighs, towards my knees and back.

“I want to wrap these legs around you while you are deep inside me, sir.”

The first mention of us fucking causes him to take a deep breath, and he exhales strongly. I know it’s not the first time he’s thought about that, but the visual I just provided has him even more excited.

I scoot back, letting my skirt fall back down to cover me up, and swing my legs around underneath me. I’m kneeling now, looking up at him. I bring my hands to the buttons of my cardigan, slowly undoing each one while looking up at his face.

“I’d like you to kiss me, here,” I lift my chin and trace my fingers along my jaw. “And here.” My fingers trail down my neck along my collarbone. “Here, too.” I pull the cardigan off my shoulder and touch the edge of my skin. I pull one sleeve of the cardigan off with one hand, then switch and pull off the other and let the rest of the garment fall to my waist.

I raise my arms above my head.

“I’d like to feel you kiss from here,” I bring one hand back to my shoulder.

“To the edge of here.” I slide that hand from my shoulder, up my arm, and let my fingers dance around each other.

“I want to feel what it’s like to have my finger in your mouth, sir.”

He’s looking down at me, watching my every move. He keeps shifting his hands, from his sides, to crossing his arms in front of him. It’s like he doesn’t know what to do with them, because he’d rather be touching me. He let me touch him with my feet, so I decide to go a little bolder. I reach my hands up towards him, and he takes them. I use him to pull myself to standing, now in my tank top and skirt. He lets me thread my fingers through his and I pull myself closer to him. He squeezes my hands, then lets go.

“There will be no more touching, slut. This is a performance for me, not an interaction. Do not make me instigate any more rules. You will regret it.”

I sigh, making him know how disappointed I am with getting caught pushing the limits. Stepping back from him, I slide the shoulders of my tank top off one at a time, but not letting anything below my shoulders show. Without a word, I slide the straps of my bra down my shoulders, shrug out of them and quickly unhook the back of the bra and pull it out of the tank top while keeping the rest of me covered. His eyes widen slightly as he sees my nipples against the fabric of the tank top, and he nods slightly to encourage me to continue.

“You should kiss me,” I whisper as I touch my fingertips to my lips. “And then let your hands play with my hair.” I use my other hand to gather my hair in my hand. With both hands raised, my tits jut out at him, and I arch my back to show them off even more.

He leans back, arms crossed in front of him, grinning down at me. He looks like he’s just about ready to stop this and take me, so I push the limit again, but in a different way.

Without saying anything or looking at him, I stand up, pulling my tank top over my head in one smooth motion, letting my tits finally free. My light pink nipples are hard and round, and when he sees them, he licks his lips. I don’t let him enjoy the view for long though. I unzip and step out of my skirt before he can take another breath. Now I’m completely naked, standing in front of him. I walk in a circle around him, not touching him. He turns to follow me, and as I pass him I grab both my tits and rub my nipples. Before resuming my place in front of him, I stand with my legs apart and slowly slide one hand down one thigh, then pass it over to the other thigh without touching my pussy. When I return to my starting place, I lean forward and press my hands into the edge of his desk, wiggling my ass at him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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