Caught By My Sister

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My little sister Sarah and I have always been close to each other, best mates as well as siblings and it only seemed natural that when she got a job near where I lived she moved in with me. We got along like a house on fire and confided in each other about everything and I was glad she was around when my girl friend dumped me. Then one evening things took a very unexpected turn. I’d never looked at my little sis’ in a sexual way before that evening god only knows why though as she’s a fit young brunette with slim hips long legs and a nice pert ass.

The glow soon faded from her new job to be replaced by the dread and exhaustion I feel about my job these days. Sarah came home from work threw her suit jacket over the TV as I was watching it and slumped down on the sofa next to me

“Hey just throw your stuff any old place!” I said grumpily.

“I’ve had a hard day pay me attention.” Sarah said in her most spoilt voice

I sighed I knew she wouldn’t go away unless I humoured her so I asked what was wrong. what followed was ten minutes of her yapping on about her boss, work mates, the size of her office, the severe lack of gratitude everyone had for the work she did etc,etc,etc….

I pretty much tuned out about there as her jacket slipped off the TV to reveal the porno I had been watching before my sister came in, I had muted it so she wouldn’t hear it and as Sarah didn’t usually come into the lounge so quickly when she came home I usually would of had time to eject the DVD and put it away but not this time though.

Sarah’s voice trailed off I thought she was about to go nuts but instead she began to laugh and needle me about it like she used to do when we were kids and I was caught doing something wrong by our parents

“Danny’s watching porno, he’s not had it since he got dumped by his girlfriend nah, nah, nah, nah, nah …” This seemed to make her forget about her complaining at least.

She began to pinch me and tickle me

“What’s the matter Danny need a good seeing to?” she asked as if talking to a baby.

“Fuck off sis.” I said my face turning bright red with embarrassment.

Then the worst (or looking back maybe the best) thing that could have happened… well happened

Sarah’s eyes suddenly locked onto my crotch, she went into a stunned silence and her mouth opened wide.

I followed her gaze down to where she was looking and could have died of embarrassment right there and then. Not only had my hard on from watching the porno not yet subsided but I had unzipped my jeans and forgotten to zip them up again before Sarah had come into the room, My little sister could see a bulge pushing my blue boxers out through the open zip

Sarah brought her left hand up to cover her open mouth and I knew she would never let me live this down… ever. I quickly zipped myself up and put a cushion over my crotch.

For the first time in her entire life Sarah was speechless and to me that made it worse than if she were teasing me about it. She just sat there staring at the cushion over my crotch then she began to giggle like a schoolgirl who had seen into the boys locker room

“It’s not funny Sarah, all men do it, and it’s no big thing.” I said.

As the words came out of my mouth I knew I had said the wrong word. Sarah burst into hysterical laughter and to be honest I thought it was funny too so I laughed as well

Sarah patted the cushion and said

“Don’t you listen to the nasty man I’m sure your big enough.” She spoke as if talking to a pet

“Christ Sarah it’s not a dog” I said surprised.

“So why were you petting it then?” She asked all smart aleck like.

“Very funny sis… Say isn’t it your turn to make dinner. I’ll have that pizza I bought yesterday.” I said changing the subject.

Sarah rolled her eyes she was always trying to get me to eat more healthily

“Fine I’ll leave you and ‘Rover’ to play together.” She said as she got up and left for the kitchen.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I removed the cushion. Still noticing I was hard I wondered when I’d get a chance to relieve Isparta Escort myself. (If I only knew the answer to that question then)

Twenty minutes later we sat down at the kitchen table together me with my pizza and a beer, Sarah with her salad and glass of red wine. Under the table my erection was still raging in my jeans with no sign of going away it was the longest time it had ever been hard but with my sis there I couldn’t exactly just pull it out and toss off over her salad ( salad dressing jokes here please).

Sarah who was sitting opposite me was quietly munching away on her salad. She wore a tight fitting light blue skirt that went to about mid thigh level on her; yet wasn’t too short so she could wear it to work and a white blouse, she was sitting in the fading sunlight so it shone through the thin material I could make out the white lacy bra she was wearing. My cock throbbed in my jeans at the sight. I looked away quickly ashamed at being aroused by my own little sister. I tried to take my mind off sex by annoying my Sarah. I cut a slice of my pizza and lifted it up from the plate with one hand and wafted the aroma at her with the other

“Mmm real food Sarah, hot, yummy cheese pizza. Full of all those calories you’re so desperately trying to avoid.” I teased.

She looked up from her meal as I waved the slice in front of her and I could tell she was tempted but would she bite I wondered?

“Pizza sis, I know you like it. Just one slice, it won’t hurt.”

“It won’t work Danny I’m happy with my salad thank you very much.” She said as she turned her attention back to her meal.

I took a big over exaggerated bite from the slice and rubbed my stomach as I chewed and swallowed

“Mmmmm Sarah this is great it’s like manna from heaven.” I kept on teasing.

I could tell by her face her resolve was weakening so I waved my beer at her as well knowing she liked a drink too

“Come on sis one little bite of the forbidden fruit.”

Sarah’s resolve broke and she grabbed the beer and pizza slice from me before I could even react. She sat back in her chair and ate up the slice and washed it down with the beer

“Fuck it I can always start the diet again tomorrow.” She said.

We shared the rest of the pizza and drank a couple of six packs of beer each as a bet to see who would give up first. I won as Sarah got up from the table and staggered back through to the lounge

“I win” I shouted through to her.

“I let you; now bring the bottle of wine I opened through.” She replied.

I was drunk I had to admit it because it took me five minutes to find the bottle and stagger through to the lounge

“Glasses?” Sarah asked.

“No I wear contacts.” I replied which made me laugh.

I slumped down on the sofa next to Sarah, handed her the bottle and watched her take a big drink. For some reason as she swallowed I imagined I was standing over her and the bottle was my cock, spurting my seed down her throat, by this time I was so drunk I couldn’t really be bothered to stop my cock from springing to life again. Sarah passed me the bottle and I took a drink as she fumbled down the side of the sofa for the TV remote control

“Time for my TV show to come on.” She said.

As intelligence goes my sis isn’t the brightest spark when sober but drunk she’s about as bright as a blackout and the silly cow somehow hit play on the DVD part of the remote instead of the channel she wanted to watch. Up came the image of a guy taking some blonde bimbo doggy style on the floor of a church of all places Sarah began to giggle

“Oops silly me.” She slurred

Sarah was about to turn the DVD off when a wicked smile spread across her face

“I know let’s watch this instead” She slurred

“What? It’s a porno sis” I replied.

“What’s the matter Danny? Afraid Rover might mess your boxers?” She giggled as she eyed the bulge in my jeans.

Great I thought now my little sister has a pet name for my cock that was all I needed.

“Hey I’ve never cum early in my life before and never Isparta Escort Bayan will.” I told her trying to protect my male pride from her teasing.

Sarah looked at the screen just as the man shot his load over the blonde’s ass

“Well that’s a waste of cum. I mean if your gonna fuck a girl you might as well have the decency to spurt inside her.” She said

I was surprised and a little bit more aroused by her words I’d never heard Sarah talk like that

“It’s called a cum shot Sarah Your meant to see it, it’s a turn on.” I told her

“Well I knew that.” She said trying not to sound too naive.

“You’ve never seen a porno?” I asked suddenly realising.

My sister shook her head. A chance to corrupt an innocent I drunkenly thought. I took the remote from Sarah and unmuted the sound just in time for the next scene to start

“Well sit back and watch sis.” I said.

Sarah did as I said and we watched together as the scene started started. It was set in a school classroom with a male teacher talking alone to a ‘schoolgirl’ who was obviously over eighteen the plot was the girl was behind on her studies and the teacher offered to give her ‘tuition’. Soon the girl was on her knees sucking the mans long hard cock like a pro. Out of the corner of my eye I watched my sister as she shifted in her seat she was obviously turned on by this but sitting next to her brother made her a little uncomfortable so I handed her back the wine bottle and she began to drink it as she watched. Soon the ‘schoolgirl was bent over a desk and the man was pushing up her pleated skirt and ripping off her panties

“Please sir not too hard” Pleaded the girl but you knew she’d be ignored

I looked back at Sarah, she was now rubbing a finger over her left nipple which still lay covered under the thin blouse and her bra, she licked her lips as the man entered the ‘schoolgirl’ from behind and began to fuck her hard. Inside my jeans my cock was straining at the material wanting to get out, I knew my sister could see the bulge so I put a hand over it as if to cover it up but really as an excuse to touch myself.

As the porno progressed Sarah unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse and slipped a hand in and pulled out her left breast so she could tease her nipple with her fingers, I couldn’t believe how turned on she was making me, I began to rub my crotch slowly to see if Sarah would object but she didn’t so I turned my head to get a good look at what she was doing. Her earlier uncomfortable ness had obviously disappeared as she looked me in the eyes as she said

“Let me play with rover now.”

Her right hand went to my crotch, unzipped my jeans and pulled out my rock hard cock

“Ooo Danny you’re so big.” She said as she moved her fingers over my length.

This was wrong we both knew that but at that moment we weren’t going to stop for anything. We leaned toward each other and kissed passionately. Sarah was no beginner and was as good a kisser as any girlfriend I’d ever had but she soon broke it off as she had another idea in mind

Sarah took off her blouse and led me back into the kitchen

“I’ve always wanted to fuck in here.” She said as she cleared the table with a swoop of her hand

I bent my little sister over the table and began to kiss the back of her neck and shoulders

“But I’ll bet you never thought it would be your brother you’d fuck in here though huh?”

She laughed and pushed her hips back making her ass rub against my cock, it felt so good.

“Please sir not too hard” She said imitating the porn star on the DVD.

I needed no further encouragement and pushed her tight skirt up over her ass revealing a white lacy g-string and her pert little ass, I ran a hand over it

“Fuck sis you’ve been hiding this from me all this time?”

I pulled her G-string off and Sarah spread her legs enough to reveal her shaved pussy and puckered asshole. I lifted one of her legs up onto the table and got down on my knees ready to lick my sister out, the smell of her quim was Escort Isparta intoxicating I ran my tongue along the length of her pussy lips and flicked her clit with the tip which made Sarah quiver and purr with pleasure. The taboo taste of my sisters’ pussy was like no other I’d ever tried maybe it was because she was my sister (or the beer I’d had) but she tasted like honey. I tongued her pussy for a few minutes until Sarah’s whole body began to shake and quiver and she was moaning wildly with pleasure as she began to orgasm, I clamped my mouth over her hole and pushed my tongue as far inside her warm wet cunt as I could just in time for her to climax and flood my mouth with her sweet juices. Once her orgasm had subsided I stood back up and leaned over so we could kiss again, she lapped her tongue at her own juices that covered my lips. I took her bra off and turned her round, her breasts weren’t too big or small but just the right size and her nipples were rock hard, I squeezed them between my fingers before sucking on them

“Oh Danny that’s so good, suck my tits.” Sarah moaned.

As I sucked on them Sarah undid the button on my jeans and pushed them and my boxers off my hips so she could slowly wank my ten inch cock and rub my balls

“I want you in me” She whispered in my ear as she rubbed the tip of my cock along her pussy lips

“I’ll fuck you soon enough….” I teased “… Now get on your knees and suck my cock.”

Sarah got down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth, her warm wet lips glided effortlessly over my length until she felt the tip hit the back of her throat with inches still to go

“Not such a big mouth after all then huh sis?” I teased

But my sister was never one to turn down a challenge

“I’ll take it all Danny don’t you worry.” She said looking up at me with a devilish grin as she put my cock back in her mouth.

She moved herself so she was sitting open legged on the floor and low enough for my length to go down her throat.

Being deep throated by your younger sister for the first time is quite an experience the little minx was more experienced than she let on and was sucking my cock as if she were a porn star. Sarah would lick my entire length then take me all the way down her throat before slowly letting my length back out all the time playing with my balls with one hand while playing with her pussy with the other.

All too soon I felt my cock about to explode but I desperately wanted to fuck my sister good and proper as afterwards this might never happen again so I got her up onto the edge of the kitchen table and opened her legs wide and took in the view of her bald cunt glistening with her juices. It was at this point that a little common sense entered my drunken brain

“Should I get a rubber?” I asked her.

“Don’t bother I’m on the pill.” She replied rubbing her pussy invitingly

Without further delay I placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her love hole and slowly eased into my little sister, we both moaned in unison at how good it felt. My sister was tight but wet enough to allow me to fill her to the hilt with little difficulty; I felt my balls rub against the skin between her cunt and asshole and took that as my cue to start fucking Sarah at a steady yet firm pace. Sarah lay back on the table rubbing her tits and moaning softly, as I began to speed up the pace I also began to rub my sisters clit which made her body begin to shake and her groans become louder

“Fuck me Danny fuck your little sister.” She urged.

I didn’t need any urging though I was soon fucking Sarah as hard and as fast as I could, my balls began to tighten as they slapped against her and I knew I was going to cum in minutes so I quickened the pace I was massaging her clit at and Sarah closed her legs around me. Soon enough we were both coming my cock twitched inside her as I shot spurt after spurt of cum into my sisters pussy and her cunt muscles clamped round my shaft as Sarah orgasmed. I collapsed on top of her gasping for breath from, my exertions and I could feel Sarah’s chest heaving for air as well, my cock was now waning inside my sister but I didn’t pull out, I wanted to be inside her a little while longer. Sarah put a hand on the back of my head and stroked my hair

“Rover’s well trained I see.”

We both began to laugh. It was then I knew this wouldn’t be our only time together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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