Caught Fantasizing at Home Ch. 04

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I had just finished blowing Jake – or, in reality, Jake had just finished fucking my mouth – when I saw the man in the doorway stroking his cock. It took me a second to understand what was going on. I remember thinking I had seen Jake waving at this guy earlier but why was he there in Jake’s bedroom doorway? And what did Jake mean by “you’re just in time”? For that matter, what did he mean by “I told you he’s a natural cocksucker”? When did he tell him this? Why would he tell anyone? This was supposed to be a secret. I mean we never actually agreed to that but didn’t that go without saying?

I looked at Jake with a confused and shocked expression. Jake was looking at this man – at Tommy.

“Dude, drop your drawers and let my personal cocksucker have at it!” Jake said nodding at me.

Wait – What? I was not his personal cocksucker I thought indignantly. I mean, I agreed to suck his cock whenever he wanted and – oh shit! I had agreed to be his personal cocksucker.

But that didn’t mean I was going to suck off his friend. I never agreed to that!

In the seconds I sat there dumbfounded on the edge of the bed, staring at Jake, I noticed that Tommy was shaking his legs out of his underwear and loose pants. With his pants off, I saw that Tommy’s cock was not as long as Jake’s. But it was thick. Tommy had a fire hydrant for a dick. And a very large ball sack.

Like most men, I had measured my cock and I know it was about five and a half inches long (I got the half inch forcing the ruler deep into the skin at the bottom of my cock – but that still counted, right?). Tommy’s was similar in length – maybe six inches long. It was fat. It was thick. My mind was searching for ways to describe it. It looked like a soda can. Well, maybe not that thick. But it was girthy. It was circumcised and the head was no thicker than the body. His cock wasn’t perfect like Jake’s but it nothing to be ashamed of.

“See, it’s like I told ya. This fucking guy can’t help himself. He sees a cock and he gets all doe -eyed.” Jake said.

I realized that I had been staring at Tommy’s cock while Tommy had removed his clothes. I hadn’t said a word since I saw him in the doorway. In my mind I had been reading Jake the riot act while in reality, I was sitting there staring at Tommy’s fire hydrant penis. I shook my head to clear my mind. Did Jake tell Tommy that I would suck his cock? Who else did he tell? I was shocked and outraged. And, I realized by my hardening cock, turned on.

I had watched countess porn movies over the years where men had sucked many cocks. I had cum to hundreds of MMF, gay blowjob, bukakke, and oral gangbang films. Each time imagining that I was the cum eater. That I was the one cleaning the creampie out of the woman. That I was the one sucking all the cocks and getting load after load shot into my mouth and on my face.

Now here I was about to give a guy I had never met before a blowjob – my second of the day. The fourth of my life.

What? Wait. …About to give a blowjob? Why am I thinking that? I don’t even know this guy. I don’t escort bayan have to do this just because Jake told him I would. I didn’t agree to suck this Tommy and his juicy fat penis with its heavy balls. Oh God, did I just think of his cock as juicy?

I felt the cocklust coming back to me. I remembered that, in my moment of cock induced passion earlier that morning, I did in fact tell Jake that I would suck anybody’s cock for him.

I felt my own cock get hard. I looked from Tommy’s cock to Jake and then to Tommy’s cock. I swallowed as saliva formed in my mouth.

Jake said “Yeah man, be a good cocksucker and swallow tommy’s cock! Or at least try!” He laughed. Tommy brought it up to my face. “You know you want to make that cock cum in your mouth you little cumslut”.

Tommy placed the warm head under my nose and against my parted lips.

Tommy jeered “Man, I bet you’ve never sucked at fat cock like mine before.”

He was right. I had only sucked Jake’s.

“You know you want to try to fit this fat stick in your mouth. You can’t help yourself! Come on dude, do it. Blow me, man.” Tommy ordered as he wetted his fat cock head against my lips.

Again, he was right. I did want to try to fit it in my mouth. I couldn’t help myself.

With his cock head rubbing on my open lips, I looked up at Tommy. Tommy wasn’t nearly in as good of shape as Jake, but he had a flat hairy chest and a reasonably attractive face. I didn’t care though because my point of interest was already in my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and licked under his circumcised head while never removing my eyes from his.

Tommy smiled and said “There we go.”

I wanted to look at his cock while I sucked it but I remembered that when my wife Marcie sucked me and made eye contact, it was a real turn on so I looked in Tommy’s eyes.

“Fuck his mouth man! Fuck his mouth!” prodded Jake. But I moved to hold Tommy’s dick in my right hand and caress his balls with my left while running my tongue in circles around his cock head. Tommy was happy to go where I wanted him to go.

“Relax, dude. Tommy said to Jake. “You got yours. Everything in due time, man.”

I kept swirling my tongue around his cock head, making it wet. Making it drip with my saliva. I started running my tongue and lips over the sides of the shaft and down to his pubic hair and back. I was making love to this cock. Kissing and sliding over it as I jacked it with my hand. I licked the sides. I licked the bottom. I left no part of that shaft unlicked, unkissed, or unattended.

It was so thick; so fucking thick. I loved the feeling of the soft smooth skin sliding over the hard, thick core. I squeezed it tight in my now wet, slobbery hand. It felt so good and hard; so solid and yet so smooth. I let it go and then I put my fingers under it and I flexed my them causing his shaft to bounce and lightly slap against my palm. Solid and hefty. It was a nice cock. God, what a nice cock. I bet, with those balls, it’ll cum so much.

Then, regaining eye contact with Tommy, I opened altıparmak escort bayan my mouth as wide as I could and slowly squeezed my lips over the head. Since I had gotten it so thoroughly wet, it slid in easier than I had anticipated. Had his cock been any thicker I would not have been able to fit it in my mouth. As it was, my lips were stretched tight around the whole head and I imagined how good that must feel to him. I flicked my tongue or I tried to but there wasn’t much room in my mouth. I bobbed on him a bit like this, moving the base of my tongue against the sensitive base of the glans. I bobbed and slobbered on this fat monster. I pulled it out of my mouth and licked some of my saliva off the head before it dripped. I then slid him back into my mouth. Bobbing my head and twisting my neck and sucking for a while, I was slowly able to take more and more of the cock in my mouth – but only about half of it. As I bobbed and pushed I realized that there was no way I could fit it in my throat. The physics didn’t allow it.

In any case, Tommy was loving this. The more I bobbed and shifted my tongue, the more he moaned.

“Unh, Unh, Uhn, Yee-esss.” Tommy grunted as he put his hands on my head. “No one has ever fit me in their mouth before. This dude! Awww man – so good”.

I wrapped my forefinger and thumb around the base of his cock and jacked while I bobbed. With my other hand I tried to gently pull his balls from his body; to gently squeeze and knead them. I wanted to suck them too but I sensed Tommy wouldn’t let me remove his cock from my mouth.

Tommy tightened his grip on my head and started thrusting his hips. The thrusting became faster and I decided to let him drive at this point. As Tommy tried to fit more of this soda can in my mouth, I looked up at him. His eyes were closed, his teeth gritted shut, and he was in ecstasy. I was too. My cock was throbbing and I dropped my hand from his shaft to mine and started stroking it. I would have smiled if my lips weren’t wrapped so tightly around his member.

I shifted my gaze to Jake and saw that he had his phone in front of him and was filming me. Fucking Jake! Filming me getting my face fucked by a huge thick cock. I must have looked like a mess with remnants of Jake’s cum and my saliva all over my face and this thick cock in my mouth. I wanted to watch myself and masturbate to this movie. I wanted to tell him to let me see myself! As always at this point of my cocklust, I wanted to suck my own cock and shoot my own cum in my mouth. I wanted a cock in my other hand too. I wanted cocks. And cum. I looked directly at the phone. What would Marcie think? I didn’t really care. Cocks and cum were my world at this point. Look at me, I’m a cock worshipping slut!

Tommy was making some headway in his assault of my throat. He was able to fit more of his cock in my mouth – maybe four inches or so but nowhere close to all of it. His cock head pounded the entrance to my throat relentlessly even though it could, in no way, penetrate.

“Gak, gak, gak, nilüfer eskort gak.” Was the sound I made with his thrusts as I tried to breath. He picked up the tempo and the sound became “gakgakgakgakgak” as I got closer to losing control of my gag reflex.

Tommy’s hands on either side of my head tightened along with his increased tempo. He was truly fucking my face as he slammed his cock repeatedly into me. I was almost dizzy with the lack of air and the motion of my head as he slammed it into his fat dick.

I could make out the phone there in my face, a blur next to Tommy’s cock. And then I gagged suddenly as Tommy started cumming. He shot some cum into my throat and, with his cock still pistoning in my mouth as I tried to breathe, I gagged. My gag reflex pulled me back and Tommy released his right hand from my head and allowed his cock to be coughed out of my mouth. He grabbed it with his free hand and mimicked the fast motion my mouth stopped providing. He shot a glob of thick cum onto my forehead since I had lowered my head, gagging.

“Ahhhhhh- ahhhhhhh” he moaned hoarsely as he pulled my head up by my hair and spurted a white jet across my nose and cheeks. I coughed and sputtered as he shot three small jets of his sperm on my face and mouth.

Tommy shoved his cock back through my lips and held my head there as he shuddered. I was able to stop coughing and hold him there as cum dribbled into my mouth.

“Jesus Christ!” laughed Jake. “That was the best fucking facial ever. Better than porn!”

I turned my head slightly toward Jake, Tommy’s softening cock head still in my mouth. I saw him pinch his fingers on the screen, zooming in on my cum-covered face.

After a moment of holding the head of tommy’s cock in my mouth, I felt some of tommy’s thick globs of cum start to slide down my face. Looking directly at the phone, I let his cock fall from my mouth, and caught the globs with my hand. I then smeared them on my hard cock.

The cum was only warm compared to my hot pulsing dick but acted as a surprisingly efficient lubricant for my fist. Instead of moving my skin over the hard core of my cock with my thumb and fingers, like I normally do when I masturbate, I slid my fist over the slippery cum coated cock. I started pulling on my own balls as I did this. I could hear the wet suction sound as I pumped Tommy’s cum up and down my cock, working it into a white foamy mess. Tommy wiped some cum from my cheek and fed his cum coated finger into my mouth. As I eagerly sucked his cum and finger, I dropped over the edge. A strong liquid shot of cum spurted from my cock with surprising force followed by another lesser shot. I kept pumping and watched cum dribble out and mix with the frothy cum on my dick. I mixed my cum with Tommy’s on my sensitive head and kept jacking my already softening dick.

I glanced up at Tommy and then Jake and saw him swing the phone down to my sticky white dick, which was slowly pulsing as the blood left it.

Jake brought the phone to my face and mocked me to the eventual audience. “Ladies and Gentlemen, meet my world champion cocksucker!”

I had gotten facefucked and had sucked a stranger’s cock today. Both were two longstanding fantasies of mine. I was somewhat overwhelmed. I snorted and laughed at myself as, looking at the phone, I realized that, far from humiliated, I felt strangely proud.

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