Caught with My Pants Down

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I’ve been friends with Cindy for almost six years. I was a bridesmaid at her wedding two years ago and we have had a close relationship that hasn’t been adversely affected by her marriage. In fact I find her husband Ryan charming and likeable in his own right. And he’s never tried to hit on me, which is a first for any of the men I’ve known in Cindy’s life.

I’ve never understood why so many of her men hit on me. I understand that I’m attractive, 174 centimetres (about five-eight American readers), 54 kilos, brunette, slim figure with small B cup boobs. I’m told I have something of a pixie shaped face with naughty eyes and a cheeky smile. But Cindy is quite different. Blonde, 157 cm (about five two), 50 kilos with C cups that turn heads largely because she wears tops that reveal her deep cleavage and full roundness. She’s bubbly where I’m more reserved, gets giggly drunk after two champagnes compared to my deep, dark ramblings after ten bourbons, dances at the drop of a hat whereas I need to be drunk and dragged onto the dance floor.

Is it a case of opposites? Men confuse me…but they please me at times too.

A few weeks ago she told me that she was heading off for an Avon salesperson love in. A weekend in a coastal resort and after a few days of badgering (and she confided to me that she promised naughty sex), Ryan had agreed to tag along. Knowing him as well as I feel I do I suspect he was willing to go at the outset but held out for the promise of naughty sex. The thought brought a smile to my face. So Cindy rang me and asked if I could babysit for them while they were away. Her babies being three Siamese cats that I called Huey, Duey and Louey and she called something else. I have no love for cats, but I love Cin and so I agreed. They’d be gone for three days, leaving Friday morning and returning around midday Monday.

So on the Saturday morning I drove across town with the top of my VW convertible down, enjoying a rare day of winter’s sunshine and singing loudly, (and badly) to Muse. I like music the way I like my alcohol; strong and long winded. I arrived at their rather spacious MacMansion in a fine mood, parking in the courtyard at the rear of the house as Cin said I could, intending to give my baby a bath once I had checked the health and mental well being of her triplets. I lived in an apartment block with only undercover parking where washing was strictly verboten. The chance to give the VW a good wash and wax without racing the timer on a coin operated car wash was too good to pass up.

The key was in the peg basket as promised and I let myself in to confront the mewing, rubbing and hissing that always greeted me on arrival at their place. Why her cats, in fact all cats, took a shine to me was as mysterious as Cindy’s men. Maybe that was the issue, I didn’t like them so they tried hard to change my mind.

Changing the kitty litter was one of the more disgusting experiences of my year and I made a mental note to ask for an extra bottle of bourbon as payment if I was asked to do this again. The cat food wasn’t on the kitchen bench but in the pantry…alongside Ryan’s favourite tinned sardines, which made me smile again. Gourmet cat food…all the way from Thailand I noted. Fed, the cats left me alone as I retrieved my small bag from the car and walked through to the spare room that had been my night’s retreat more than once. I changed out of my jeans and top and into a pair of running shorts and a green bikini top. Dressed this way I could get as wet as I wanted, clean the car and then get changed for the drive home.

I was humming Muse’s “Knights of Cydonia” as I walked back through the living room, but stopped suddenly when I saw the screen saver was on the huge LCD television that dominated the room.

‘Hello?’ My voice sounded loud and I almost jumped. ‘Is someone here?’ I waited in silence. ‘Ryan, Cin?’ I walked halfway up the stairs to the landing and called out again, wondering if they had stayed home and were still in bed. A quick tour of the house told me that no one was home.

Returning to the living room, I found the remote control was sitting on the coffee table beside the sofa and pressed the power button. Instead of turning off the tv, the DVD player below it lit up and came to life. The remote was one of those multi function devices that drive me insane. I stared at the remote’s screen trying to decipher the symbols, when Abba’s “Dancing Queen” quietly filled the room. I looked at the screen to see an image of Cindy and Ryan dancing their bridal waltz, and written underneath was “Wedding Video — the Director’s Cut”. I had seen the video more than once, their wedding had been a heap of fun. In the bottom of screen in the corner was another word — “Extras”. My copy of the DVD didn’t have this choice.

I used the remote to select “Extras”, and after a momentary delay two pictures appeared, one of Cindy in a minidress and high heels, the spray of her blonde hair obviously captured mid-dance, Escort Sefaköy the other of Ryan in a pair of bike shorts, his rather nicely muscled body covered in what appeared to be a sheen of sweat. He was big on exercise. Underneath Cindy’s picture was “Dancing Queen”, and underneath Ryan’s “The Happy Groom”.

Curious I sat on the sofa and selected Cindy’s picture only because it was the default one. Dancing Queen started up again, this time to the moving image of Cindy in her mini-dress. Her hair was somewhat mussed and I could see by the slight stagger as she walked through the doorway and into shot that she had been drinking. In fact I was guessing that she had just arrived home from a big night out. The minidress was jade green and with the black strappy heels she looked like Jezebel the Temptress herself.

‘Oooh I love this song babe!’ she squealed, then fell against the wall.

‘Well dance for me babe.’ Ryan’s voice was much louder, revealing that he was the cameraman. For the next minute I watched with a wide smile as Cindy danced with growing confidence to her favourite song of all time. Even as drunk as she was she could dance with the best of them, as though the part of her brain that controlled dance moves was hidden behind a membrane that was somehow impervious to alcohol.

‘Strip for me Cin!’ And before I could react she had slipped the top of her mini dress off her shoulders and bunched it down around her waist. Her breasts were barely encased in a flesh coloured, strapless bra and they bobbed and swayed with every step. My smile was gone now and I suddenly felt like an intruder. But I watched on, as unable to stop as those bystanders drawn to the scene of a car accident by the unexpected and loud crash.

‘Yeah honey,’ Ryan called in encouragement, and in response she turned her back to him, and me, and shimmied the dress down over her hips and kicked it free. Her butt was tight and peach shaped, clad in a pair of green knickers that matched the dress. It was a very nice butt. She turned back to the camera and looked into the lens, and out at me, with a look of supreme self confidence that revealed her full sex appeal. I felt my nipples harden under the sheer material of my bikini top and didn’t need to look down to know that they were protruding.

She danced for maybe thirty more seconds before reaching back to release her bra, and I reached for the stop button. But I froze, hating myself but wanting to see more. It appeared that Cindy had been to at least one strip show in her life, which I found hard to believe, but after releasing her bra catch she clutched it to her breasts with one hand, squashing the flesh upwards, while her other hand flailed her golden hair outwards and as she danced with ever more provocative thrusts of her hips.

‘That’s my dancing queen!’ Ryan shouted. She flung the bra at him then, both hands behind her head and her chest pushed forward along with the green triangle that covered her sex. Her breasts sagged a little, given their size and the fact that they were natural, there was no possibility that they wouldn’t. But it was a soft gentle sag and her nipples pointed straight ahead. Her stomach was flat, with well defined but feminine muscles that surprised me, given that dancing at clubs once or twice a week was all the exercise she took.

‘Get it out baby,’ she yelled, her breasts swaying as she did. She began to prance again, turning her back and wiggling her butt at the camera, pouting over her shoulder, then straightening her legs, bending forward and looking through them at the camera, her hair falling to the floor.

Then she rolled her knickers down, her stance revealing her hairless sex and I gasped, feeling my own sex tingle in desire. She threw them on the floor, and stood in another aggressive pose, hands on hips dressed only in her high heels.

‘Nice,’ she smiled and at that moment the camera dipped forward and I was looking at an initially blurry image of an erect cock. The auto focus snapped into action and I gasped as I realised that I was looking at Ryan’s erection, his thumb and forefinger stroking his length — all on the giant LCD tv that made it look two feet tall. But it was big, I could tell from the ratio of the width of his fingers to the length of the shaft.

Then the camera lifted and Jezebel was standing there, Dancing Queen no more as the song faded out and instead of supreme confidence she wore a look of unbridled lust.

‘I wan’ you in me babe,’ she murmured, stepping closer and cupping her breasts. Then the image faded out and I was left in silence with the “extras” menu back on the screen. My whole body tingled and I realised that I was panting a little. It was as much from the raw sexuality of what I had witnessed as well as the voyeuristic element of my situation.

I hesitated for what felt like minutes, but was probably not more than thirty seconds, before selecting the image of Ryan. I wanted Yenibosna escort bayan to see more of him now, and was feeling a sense of disappointment that he hadn’t hit on me. Not that I would’ve responded in a positive way, I valued my friendship with Cindy far too much to have ever given more than a polite cold shoulder to the advances of her men.

I wondered if I was about to witness the reverse of what I had seen, or the continuation, but in fact it was neither. Cindy and Ryan’s bedroom appeared, the camera positioned somewhere in the corner looking across the bed and into the walk in robe and their en suite. I stared in rapt fascination as Ryan appeared in the doorway to the bathroom brushing his teeth, glancing towards the end of the bed where I knew they had a television. His hair was damp and tousled and he was wearing only a white towel, and it was a safe assumption on my part that he had just finished showering. The towel was drawn tightly around his slim waist and my eyes were drawn to his prominent bulge. His upper torso was tight and muscled without being overdone. I wondered if his legs and buttocks were smooth and hairless as was his chest.

The tingling started up in my body again and I squirmed in anticipation. It appeared that he was unaware of the presence of the camera. He turned and disappeared back into the bathroom, presumably to rinse, and I admired his equally shapely back and shoulders. Cindy had done well for herself.

When he reappeared the towel was gone. His penis hung slackly, swaying due to its length and his movement. A small animalistic growl found its way out of my throat and at that moment the triplets decided to pay me a visit. I felt very guilty then, as though they would tell on me when Cindy returned. On screen Ryan had fished a pair of satin boxers from his bedside drawer, slipped them on and reclined on the bed to watch the telly. I hit the pause button.

I shooed the cats from the room and locked them in the kitchen. Their prying, all knowing eyes were too much for me, and I couldn’t relax whilst in their presence.

I hit play and sunk down onto the sofa again, and as if on cue Cindy emerged from the walk in robe.

‘Oh wow!’ Both Ryan and I spoke at the same time. This time the blonde bombshell was wearing a crimson negligee that allowed considerable cleavage and heaving bosom to be on view, tucked tight around her small waist and fell to her knees whilst revealing the full length of her legs due to the waist high slits in the side. Her hair was curled on her head in a series of plaits held in by pins and clips. She was gorgeous.

‘Turn the telly off Ryan,’ she said. ‘I think I might be more interesting than some car race.’

Ryan complied, flicking the remote up and then placing it on the bedside table. Cindy walked towards him, stopping alongside his knee.

‘Do you want me to be a good girl tonight…or a bad girl?’

‘A bad girl,’ Ryan responded, sounding a little out of breath already. His boxers were beginning to rise.

‘Well I’m your bad girl.’ She moved a little closer now, her breasts threatening to fall out of their flimsy prison. ‘So tell me what you want me to do.’

‘Kneel,’ he said almost straight away. ‘No, on the floor,’ he added as she went to climb on the bed. Cindy did as she was told, her eyes holding his the entire time. I knew then that Cindy had placed the camera and had done something to hide it from his view. She had worked the angle well.

‘Suck my cock,’ he murmured and at once she freed his almost full erection from their satin confines. She broke her eye contact then and lowered her mouth to his length, engulfing almost half his considerable length; I estimated that it had to be eight inches long; and beginning a languid sucking action. As she did she looked across the room and straight into the lens of the camera. I almost came at that and realised where the title of “The Happy Groom” had come from. I squeezed my thighs together, then pinched my left nipple, before deciding that with the cats locked up I was guaranteed my privacy. I pulled my bikini top up off my breasts so that it sat above them, then pushed my shorts and panties down and over my feet, kicking them to the side. Spreading my legs I began to rotate the tip of my forefinger over the sensitive bud of my clitoris, sending showers of pleasure through my abdomen and belly.

I squirmed as I watched Ryan thrust his hips upwards wanting more of Cindy’s mouth. She was taking all but maybe the last inch or two, her hand tightly gripping the base. She continued doing this until Ryan arched his back, then she pulled off suddenly.

‘Oh no, don’t stop!’ His voice was rough and ragged.

‘You can come in my mouth later,’ she promised, ‘but I need to be fucked first.’

‘Get up here,’ he said and she slid on top of him, their mouths mashing together and their bodies tangling into a passionate knot of lust. They Halkalı escort rolled over so that Ryan was on top and Cindy pulled her legs up and out and I watched as his length, rock hard now, pushed into her. Then their union was hidden from my view as their flesh slapped together.

‘Tell me a fantasy,’ she gasped.

‘What one?’ He gasped back.

‘Its your night, you pick.’ He slowed down and then slid from her body, his cock slick and shiny and bobbing as he squatted back between her parted thighs. He reached out and began to stroke her clit with his thumb and Cindy’s reaction told me she liked it. I squeezed my clit and felt the buzzing, then slid my middle finger into myself, feeling the wetness enclose me and draw me in. I added my forefinger and used my other hand to stimulate my clitoris.

‘I’m going to pretend you’re Alex,’ he said.

‘Oh fuck yeah,’ Cindy gasped and threw her head back. I froze. Me? He did say my name.

‘I’m going to fuck Alex very hard from behind, punish her little slut body.’ Part of me was horrified, but I suppressed it knowing I’d deal with that later. Most of my body wanted to come, my brain wanted to watch, so I wasn’t stopping now.

Cindy sat up and in one motion pulled her negligee up over her head, revealing that tempting naked body once again. Ryan flipped Cindy onto her front and at once she pushed back and up to accept him doggy style. As she did so she turned slightly to make them mostly side on to the camera. As he entered her she thrust back and looked into the lens again.

‘Fuck Alex for me Ryan baby, fuck her hard, I want her to come on your big cock.’ She stared out of the screen and at me as she spoke. And as he fucked her. He grunted his agreement and gripping her waist began to pound into her mercilessly. I came then, wrapped around my own fingers and as I did I rolled sideways on the sofa.

Ryan was standing in the doorway from the garage slightly behind where I sat. Not on the screen, but in the room where I was sitting, watching him fuck his wife while they pretended she was me. He was sweaty, wearing a pair of running shorts that were stretched tight in a pyramid formed by his erection.

‘Oh fuck!’ I screamed and rolled onto the floor scrabbling for my shorts and trying to pull my top into place.

‘No please!’ he yelled. ‘Don’t stop, please don’t stop.’ I stopped, pushing my front against the sofa to hide my naked form from him. We stared wide eyed at each other, but I lost when I couldn’t resist looking at his bulge.

‘God you’re a good fuck Alex.’ He spoke from behind me. From his bedroom, but without the picture showing me Cindy wrapped on his cock I could easily imagine it was me. I shuddered.

‘Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her,’ Cindy chanted breathlessly.

Ryan’s eyes didn’t leave me, then he simply pushed his shorts down, letting his monstrous cock free.

‘Can I sit next to you and watch?’ He didn’t wait, he simply walked in around the front of the sofa and stepped past me to sit at the other end.

‘Ryan, we can’t…’

‘No, not with each other, but to ourselves.’

‘No contact,’ I said.


‘Fuck her tight cunt Ryan, she’s gonna cum!’ Cindy was loud and I had to watch, so I returned to the sofa. I knew I should have grabbed my clothes and left, but I couldn’t. I was compromised in so many ways that Ryan sitting on the other end of the sofa stroking that magnificent member hardly seemed to matter.

Cindy was squealing, grunting and squirming as Ryan rode her like a bucking bull. As her orgasm subsided, Ryan pulled out of her and sat on the bed.

‘Suck my cock Alex,’ he ordered. At once Cindy turned and lay in front of him, lifting her head to take his swollen tip into her mouth that was now smeared with her lipstick.

‘Oh,’ Ryan murmured, the real Ryan. His hand was lazily pumping his shaft and I found it too easy to go back to twiddling my own clit. We sat there for the next few minutes as Cindy gave him head, until he pulled free again and instructed her to roll onto her back.

Ryan slid up her body, and they began to sixty nine, him thrusting into her mouth and his mouth clamped between her legs. Cindy used her hand on his abdomen to stop him thrusting all the way into her throat. Her breasts bounced as he fucked her mouth, his buttocks, which were hairless incidentally, flexed as he moved.

I could feel another climax approaching, and went over the edge as Ryan lay on his back and Cindy impaled herself, facing the camera and looking at me again. Her hairless lips revealed everything as she stretched easily to accommodate his girth. They fucked for only a few minutes before Ryan announced he was going to come. The on-screen Ryan that was.

‘On your knees Alex,’ he ordered and she slipped off the bed, again facing the camera. Ryan knelt before her, but on the bed so his cock was right in her face. She reached up and began to stroke it using well practiced movements.

‘Yeah, yeah, yeah Alex, take it on your face, in your mouth you little slut.’ The real Ryan grunted and I could see his hand speeding up. I glanced at him and saw his face was red and his eyes glued to me. On a whim I slid from the sofa and crawled along the floor, kneeling before him.

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