Celeste 30 Days: Jackal

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AN: This is a side story involving the characters from my Celeste series. It’s not required to read that series to understand what’s going on here, but it would help with appearance and characterization. Quick recap: Celeste, Bartholomew and Lawrence are brothers and gods. Connor is a human who is bound by a curse to Lawrence. Celeste is a succubus and he is in his 30 day hibernation cycle.

“Come in,” Bartholomew called, but didn’t look up from undoing the lacings of his boots.

“Brother,” Lawrence stepped in and closed the door softly behind him, “I wished to speak with you.”

At that Bartholomew looked up. He lifted a brow, “What’s going on?”

“That’s what I wanted to ask you,” Lawrence gave his brother a soft smile. He walked over to his desk and leaned against it looking down at him, “you seem…I don’t know, despondent, unmotivated…”

“Ah,” Bartholomew nodded and threw his boots aside. He sighed deeply and leaned back against his chair and closed his eyes, “modern warfare is so boring.”

Lawrence cocked his head and narrowed his eyes, but before he could speak Bartholomew continued, “Do you know a person could just sit in a chair,” his eyes shot open the hazel boring into his brother’s jade, “a fucking chair Lawrence! They just sit in a chair and push a button and drones fly over and do all the work!” He huffed and shook his head.

Lawrence frowned, “I’m sorry war isn’t…personal anymore?” He shrugged not really sure what to say to that. It must have been enough, though, because Bartholomew gave him a little chuckle.

“I know it sounds inappropriate.”

His brother shook his head, “It’s fine,” he smiled, “there are aspects about my duty that others won’t understand. I just want you to feel better. I’d like to cheer you up.”

Bartholomew waggled his brows at him, “I’d let you,” he gave his brother an exaggerated once over. Not that he could see anything through the robe he wore anyway.

Lawrence glared and waved his hand at him, “Get ahold of yourself,” but he couldn’t stop his slight smile when Bartholomew laughed, “how about something you like? I can get you some of those apples you eat occasionally.”

“Hmmm,” Bartholomew closed his eyes, “how about you read to me.”

“Read to you?” Lawrence’s eyebrows shot up then pushed off the table and walked over to his brother’s bookshelf, “I haven’t done that in ages,” he perused the shelves and frowned, “well these sound positively exciting,” he drawled sarcastically, “The Art of War, Blades of Combat, Automatic Rifles, Your Body As a Weapon: the skill of hand to hand combat, Genghis Khan and his Empire, World War II Planes, Illegal Weapons From Around the World, Medieval Torture Devices and Justice, The Campaigns of Alexander the Great…” he sighed.

With a soft laugh Bartholomew stood, “Try the bottom row, I’m going to get comfortable.”

Lawrence knelt down and looked over the last shelf. He started to smile when he realized these books were all fiction, written by both humans and gods. He pulled one out and held it up, “Jackal?”

“Oh my,” his brother rolled his eyes and tossed his shirt away, “Balta gave it to me. They said the main character reminded them of me. I don’t know though, I never read it.”

“And I’ve never heard of it,” He took the book then stood and made his way over to the bed and settled himself over the covers, back against the headboard.

Bartholomew joined him, in nothing but rust colored boxer briefs, laying down perpendicular to the bed, his head in Lawrence’s lap. He smiled up at him, “You can get comfortable too you know.”

Lawrence raised a brow, “I am quite comfortable. That’s why I wear these robes.”

“Okay, whatever,” Bartholomew rolled over onto his side and pressed his cheek into his brother’s warm thigh.

Lawrence reached down and stroked his brother’s silky blonde hair than began reading.


After a long time Bartholomew huffed, “This is ridiculous! That character is nothing like me!”

“Ehhhh,” Lawrence wiggled his head minutely.

“Seriously?!” Bartholomew sat up and leaned over his brother, “He’s a brute!”

Lawrence slid his eyes over and chuckled, “Brother, you can be…quite scary at times…”

“Says the man who almost razed my room to the ground a couple days ago?” Lawrence looked away at that, but his brother kept talking, “You are the scariest of all three of us when you get mad!” He shook his head, “I can’t believe Connor stayed,” his tone changed to one of awe, “I expected him to run out of the room, but apparently he’s fearless!”

“No no,” Lawrence looked over, heartbroken, “he was terrified. I saw it in his eyes, his hand was shaking when he touched me,” he lowered his head, “I…I was just…”

“You care about him,” Bartholomew’s voice was soft with understanding. He touched Lawrence’s chin and lifted his head to look him in the eye, “we all knew that. No one is holding your reaction against you. I still stand by my words though. He is fearless. Or bahis siteleri at least very confident. Living with gods, forging friendships,” he smirked and his look became a bit lascivious, “seducing you…”

Lawrence pursed his lips and pulled his head back, out of Bartholomew’s grip, “What makes you think he seduced me?”

“He’s got you wrapped around his finger,” Bartholomew leaned in closer and whispered into his brother’s ear, “or do you always spread your legs so enthusiastically.”

Lawrence blushed, “Bartholomew…” he warned.

“What?” The blonde kissed the edge of his brother’s lips, “I’m not judging you. You looked utterly beautiful…surrendering like that.”

Lawrence took a deep breath then turned his head slightly. Bartholomew didn’t move so their lips touched. The close proximity made his eyes flutter close. He could feel the shift in the air and he was impressed with the ease that Bartholomew could move the conversation from playful ribbing to flirtation. He had to swing the mood back around to one of comfort. That’s what he had come here for, not…whatever this was. So he whispered, “Bartholomew…let me read.”

His brother ignored him and gave him another chase kiss to the corner of his mouth, “Has it always been this way?” He asked, his breath warm against his brother’s skin. He caressed along his cheek with his lips until he reached his ear. He gave it a gentle bite, “Do you always bare yourself to him? Let him enter you with his fingers and tongue. Does he always fuck you like that?”

“What are you…” Lawrence let out a shaky breath then gasped when his brother drew his earlobe into his mouth, “Bartholomew?” He pulled back, his eyes a bit wide. Gradually, awakening arousal began to prickle over his skin.

“I didn’t lie,” Bartholomew blinked slowly, seductively as he placed his hand on Lawrence’s strong thigh and squeezed, “when Connor held you open for me…do you remember what I said?”

“Yes,” Lawrence was trembling now.

Bartholomew grinned, “Tell me.”

Lawrence closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip but his brother kissed him anyway. His breath stuttered, “You said you wanted to fill me.”

“With what?”

He had no idea what was happening. Why was his brother aggressively flirting with him? He pulled back, confusion on his face, “What are you…” he felt Bartholomew’s hand slide up his thigh. “I am not Celeste!” Still, he felt his cock twitch in reaction.

“I am well aware,” Bartholomew looked amused and with his other hand he cupped his face, “shhh,” he cooed and stroked his cheek with his thumb, “why do you think I can’t desire you as well?”

“What game is this?” Lawrence whispered.

Bartholomew pulled him close and pressed their foreheads together, “No game. It truly was that time. Seeing you like that,” he nuzzled their noses together, “now then,” he licked Lawrence’s upper lip, “fill you with what?”

Lawrence let out a shuddering breath and felt compelled to answer, “Your cum,” he pulled back, the words making him feel excited and shameful. He dropped his gaze.

“No. Look at me.”

A tingle rushed through his body at the command. When his jade eyes looked upon his brother’s face he could see the unapologetic lust there. He gasped softly, “We can’t…”

“Hmm?” Bartholomew leaned in and kissed him again, but when he tried to slip his tongue between his lips Lawrence turned his head away.

“We can’t,” he repeated, “Connor.”

“Connor set all of this into motion,” Bartholomew’s hand had never left Lawrence’s thigh. He moved it, ghosting over his brother’s semi erect member, “he’s the one who started it, fingering our brother in our presence. Who had no qualms when you followed Celeste into the shower. Who showed me your hole in invitation. Who delighted in watching you get drenched by our brother’s lively cunt. And you think he’d care if we kissed a little bit?” He looked truly confounded, but he had increased his pressure on his brother’s cock anyway, rubbing it over his robe.

“I don’t know…things are different now…” He reached down and stopped Bartholomew’s hand. When his brother squeezed his erection in response, he let out a soft moan.

“Things have been different,” Bartholomew leaned in, “for quite some time,” he took his brother’s lips once more and this time when he prodded with his tongue Lawrence opened up for him.

They kissed slowly, savoring the new sensation. Lawrence would let out cute little whimpers and moans that were driving Bartholomew crazy. The god of war released his brother’s cock and slid his hand up Lawrence’s body. When his fingertips grazed a nipple and he heard a sharp intake of breath he went back and pinched it. Lawrence groaned into his mouth.

“Oh?” Bartholomew panted against his brother’s lips, “You’re sensitive here,” he watched his brother’s face as he pinched the nib again. His face warmed at seeing how pleased Lawrence looked. His eyelids were drooping, his mouth parted as he let out that cute whimper again.

Bartholomew canlı bahis siteleri played a bit there, rolling the tip and pulling it until it was stiff. He flicked it and heard Lawrence moan and saw his hips began to roll. He rubbed over the nipple quickly and Lawrence’s back arched.

Suddenly Lawrence’s eyes shot open and his features looked concerned. He pushed Bartholomew’s hand away, “We can’t! I…” he was trying to catch his breath, his body was primed now, silently begging to be touched some more. He ignored his libido, “I can’t do this to Connor.”

Bartholomew opened his mouth to speak but there was a knock at his door. He leaned back fully, hands in his lap as he called out, “Who is it?”

“Connor! I’m looking for Lawrence is all!”

Bartholomew smirked then whispered to his brother, “Should I let him in? He’ll see that impressive hard on of yours…” he saw Lawrence’s panicked expression but knew this would be the best way to gauge the human’s reaction to this situation. So he raised his voice and called, “Come in! It’s unlocked!”

Connor swung open the door and smiled, “You’re in here!” He closed the door and bounded over to the bed. His eyes fell immediately to Lawrence’s erection and he furrowed his brow, “Oh…am I…am I interrupting?”

“Nope,” Bartholomew shook his head, “but not from a lack of trying on my end,” he glanced at Lawrence who was blushing now.

Connor sat at the foot of the bed, there was no footboard so he crossed his legs and leaned forward to maintain balance. He looked from his lover’s crotch to Bartholomew’s face, “Well, you were obviously somewhat effective,” he shrugged.

“I couldn’t,” Lawrence spoke suddenly, “it…I mean…”

Connor frowned, “What?”

“He means he kept stopping me,” Bartholomew reached up and stroked Lawrence’s cheek.

The human’s right brow rose. Lawrence had pleasured Celeste in the shower. And while Connor had worried he had crossed some line when he pleasured Celeste before the big meeting Lawrence made it clear he wasn’t upset by it. Obviously, they didn’t need the other in the room to enjoy Celeste. So what made Bartholomew different? He decided to ask, “Why?”

“Because it didn’t feel right…” Lawrence looked at Connor sincerely, “to do something…behind your back…” he huffed, “It’s just that we never really talked about anything. I don’t know what I’m allowed to do.”

Bartholomew and Connor both gave Lawrence a bewildered look, but it was Connor who spoke first, “Do you mean…” he took a deep breath, “I don’t want to read this wrong…do you mean…you were afraid of making me angry?”

Lawrence nodded, “I…” he looked at his lap, his erection was finally starting to subside.

Connor had never seen the god look so at a loss for words. Lawrence was the more levelheaded of the three brothers. He always had an answer for everything. He was thoughtful and honest and always composed. This bashful, unsure Lawrence was actually a bit unnerving.

Connor sighed, “Yes, this is new…for all of us…I know I didn’t have a plan that day I asked Celeste to change his body. I was just curious. I didn’t actually intend for it to escalate,” he lifted his hands, “not that I regret it, because I don’t, but yeah. You’re right. No real boundaries have been established. But…I think…with them…” he was starting to feel unsure himself now, but he pushed on, “I don’t really care? I trust you and I think…we have something…” he worried his bottom lip for a moment and the brothers let him take the time he needed to gather his thoughts. Finally Connor looked up, “different?” He started to wring his hands together, “Like…I mean,” he sighed, “I don’t see Bartholomew or Celeste as a threat or obstacle to what we’re building. Unless, I’m just reading us wrong.”

“No,” Lawrence was quick to reassure him, “you’re not!”

Connor smiled and Lawrence gave him a shy little smile back. Bartholomew found the exchange adorable and he leaned over and whispered, “What did I say,” he nuzzled Lawrence’s neck, “fearless.”

Lawrence turned his head to look at his brother, but before he could respond Bartholomew gripped his chin and kissed him strongly. Lawrence’s eyes grew wide and he looked over at Connor, but his human was merely smirking. Relieved, Lawrence closed his eyes and kissed his brother in earnest.

Bartholomew moaned, Lawrence, now that he was invested, was a damn good kisser. He found his hands roaming Lawrence’s body. They were all over: his face and chest, thighs and arms, then finally back to his groin. Lawrence lifted his hips a bit and Bartholomew took that as an invitation to start rubbing him again. It didn’t take long, and Lawrence was hard once more. He was as well, pressing against his boxer briefs, dangerously close to popping out the slit there. Bartholomew worked his hand until he found the fastenings of Lawrence’s robe, he pulled it away from his thigh and was surprised when his dick sprang forth.

“Fuck,” he licked Lawrence’s mouth, “no underwear.”

“Never,” canlı bahis Lawrence panted and heard Bartholomew curse before he kissed him again. He felt his thigh being tugged and he realized what Bartholomew wanted, so he opened his legs. He felt another pair of hands and opened his eyes. He saw that Connor had leaned over and was hiking up his robe further so all of his thighs and most of his belly was exposed. But then his lover sat back again and Lawrence shivered in arousal at the realization that Connor just wanted to have a better view. His body flushed a bit as his pleasure grew, knowing he and his brother were about to put on a show for his lover. Bartholomew was right after all; Connor was confident as fuck.

“Look at you,” Bartholomew’s hazel eyes were taking in his brother’s body, “hiding all this beauty under these robes,” he wrapped his hand around Lawrence’s erection and began to stroke, “Connor’s been a lucky man huh?” He watched as the tip of Lawrence’s cock dribbled precum from the head. He gathered it onto his fingertips then reached down and smeared it over his brother’s puckering asshole. He hummed, “I can feel you twitching here. You like having your ass played with, don’t you?”

Lawrence bit his lip and it was then that he realized that Bartholomew was just a talker in bed. And while he wasn’t being nearly as vulgar as he was with Celeste his words were still having the same effect. They complimented his ministrations to rachet up his pleasure to enhance both of their experiences. He let out a whine and Bartholomew chuckled.

“Fuck,” Bartholomew lifted his hand and pushed two fingers into Lawrence’s mouth, “there you go. Get them nice and wet for me pretty.”

As Lawrence licked and sucked his brothers digits his bright jade eyes were on Connor. He could see he was hard, but he wasn’t touching himself, just watching. Lawrence felt sexy. Being the center of these two men’s attention was overwhelming yet wonderful. He rolled his hips and watched as Connor’s eyes shifted to look at his waving cock and exposed hole. He let out a little desperate noise and Bartholomew withdrew his fingers.

Lawrence was kissed again as Bartholomew worked to slick and open him up. Lawrence was trembling, trying to relax and give him entry. There was movement on the bed and both men gasped and broke the kiss when they felt wetness. They both looked over and saw that Connor had leaned forward again, on his hands and knees. This time he had his mouth open and was drooling onto Bartholomew’s questing fingers. With even more spit as lube Bartholomew was finally able to breach his brother’s backdoor. Lawrence sighed as Bartholomew hummed and Connor sat back with a smile on his face.

“Shit that’s tight,” Bartholomew watched his two fingers slide in and out of his brother, “clutching so strongly,” he curled them and felt his brother jolt. He smirked, “there it is,” he chuckled has he began to stroke the bundle of pleasure nerves he had discovered.

Lawrence was moaning and gasping for breath. His whole body languid with arousal. His eyes were closed and his head was thrown back. He reached down and gripped his own cock and began to stroke himself. Bartholomew watched closely, he didn’t want his brother to get himself off. He felt Lawrence’s inside began to squeeze harder and he tsked.

“No, not yet,” He pulled Lawrence’s hand away from his cock and went back to stroking inside of him slowly. Drawing his fingers almost all the way out before sinking them back in all the way to the last knuckle.

Connor moved again, this time to stand beside the side of the bed. Lawrence opened his eyes and looked up at him, his lover’s hardness right at his nose. He leaned over and wrapped his mouth around it and sucked it through the silk pajama pants he wore. Connor rubbed Lawrence’s face for a while before removing the tie from his hair and watched as the god’s gorgeous chestnut locks cascaded down around his shoulders and back.

Connor pushed Lawrence’s mouth away, “Give me room,” he whispered then got back onto the bed, forcing the gods to shift so he could get behind Lawrence and settle the god between his legs. He wrapped his arms around Lawrence’s midsection and watched from this angle, with his chin on his shoulder, as his lover got finger fucked by his brother.

The god of war looked up and locked eyes with Connor. He smirked a bit then pulled his fingers from Lawrence. He lifted his hand and leaned over. Lawrence looked up as his brother’s hand passed over his line of sight, unsure of what was going to happen. Connor knew what Bartholomew wanted though, so he lifted his head and parted his lips. Bartholomew’s smirk turned into a full smile as he watched the human lick and suck at his fingers. Lawrence was still looking up and his eyes went wide, surprised that he found such a show so arousing.

“I’m pretty sure he’s ready,” Bartholomew spoke with a thick voice full of desire, “can I fuck him now?”

Lawrence blinked, realizing that his brother was asking permission from Connor if he could enter his body. He shivered, aware that Bartholomew had assumed that he had already completely surrendered to him. So now he was looking for Connor’s metaphorical blessing.

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