Changing Marriage Ch. 03

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Tera was absently reflecting on her erotic tryst with her husband the previous evening when Alexa sauntered into the coffee shop and took the chair directly across from her.

Alexa smiled and said, “Hey!”

Tera greeted her back, “Great to see you Alexa.”

As they faced each other around the tall skinny table they were but inches apart. Alexa inquired, “So, what is new on the domestic front, Mistress?” She flashed Tera a knowing smile and raised her eyebrow in anticipation of the response.

“Ooooh….lots to tell, Alexa. Wait till you hear what happened last night.” Tera went on to share the details of the evening before sparing virtually nothing from the highly interested psychologist. When Tera finished, Alexa smiled approvingly and embraced her friend’s free hand with both of hers. She squeezed them with the enthusiasm of the co-conspirator that she was.

After a few follow up questions the conversation took on a new thread as Tera planned to inquire of her friend if she had been following her on-line story. Tera valued her friend’s opinions but she had another reason for introducing it into the discussion as in part she was using her stories to be a guiding force that would ultimately pave the way to a new life style with her husband, Jim. She didn’t realize this initially as originally she was using her stories to live a vicarious existence through the creation of a character but once she was on to the real life hidden fantasies of her husband new meaning was assigned to everything she would write.

She asked, “So, Alexa, have you been keeping up with my latest stories?”

Alexa paused while her face gained a confident expression before she smiled and said, “I sure have Tera. The recent chapters have been quite riveting.” Pausing, “And, if I didn’t know you better I might think that the author had a bit of a crush on beautiful psychologists.”

Alexa let this hang for a second as she watched for her friend’s reaction. She wasn’t disappointed as Tera’s face flushed a bit before her hand went to her face to lightly rub her skin that apparently had started to itch.. “Alexa, are you trying to embarrass me? Well, it’s working, you know!”

Both of the women shared a generous if not somewhat nervous laugh. Well, the nervous portion actually belonged to Tera as Alexa always poised and in control just continued to observe her friend. She didn’t miss the body language that Tera made available as she assigned much more credence to what she saw rather than what she heard.

Tera didn’t quite know what to say next and at this point Alexa decided she would rescue her friend as she had accomplished her goal of planting the seed of something very provocative and forbidden in the mind of her best friend. “I’m just messing with you, Tera. But, on the other hand, I might be giving you an idea for your stories, too.”

There, Alexa had put it right out there as food for thought for Tera. Tera didn’t have to do anything right now and if she chose to explore this taboo idea she could do it in the safety zone of her writing. Alexa knew this would appeal to her friend and give her time to digest the wicked notion of being attracted to her best friend.

Tera said, “Well, I just might take you up on that Alexa. You’ll just have to keep reading my story to find out what happens.” Tera seemingly finding her equilibrium once more, smiled at her friend to indicate that she could handle it. That confirmed to Alexa that she had penetrated Tera’s thoughts without doing any damage to their existing relationship. Alexa sort of wrinkled her nose back at Tera and the conversation moved back to Jim and the impending strategy to put in place next.

However, while the two women discussed Tera’s next moves Tera was mildly aware of unusual sensations in her body that she couldn’t quite assign a cause to. She felt a tingle down below and at the same time she was sensing a higher level of excitement that usually accompanied their devious planning and plotting. She was too distracted to know exactly what was happening so she resolved to ponder it on the way home.

The two women concluded the preparation for Tera’s next steps with Jim and the conversation drifted toward plays, books that they were reading or were about to read, and a dancing class that Alexa was taking. To a casual observer it would be very apparent that the two women at the tall skinny table were very closely linked and, at the very least, emotionally and intellectually intimate with each other. Tera with her lighter hair and fair skin highlighting her natural beauty and the more striking dark haired Alexa were certainly eye candy for anyone walking into the coffee shop, or for that matter, looking into the window as they passed by.

The women gathered their belongings and gave each other their customary hug good-bye. In doing so Tera couldn’t help but be reminded of her earlier feelings when Alexa and her were discussing her stories. While there was nothing overt in Alexa’s embrace Tera couldn’t help but let her imagination wrap around the notion that Alexa was a deeply sexual aksaray escort creature that was for the first time in her life stirring something inside of her. As she headed to her car she found herself not thinking so much of her plans for Jim rather she was reviewing Alexa’s comment about a crush on beautiful psychologists. It was all a little too much for Tera as she considered herself purely heterosexual so she dismissed any more thoughts regarding Alexa and began looking towards her next encounter with Jim. This felt much more safe and in her control.

Later that evening at home Tera decided to pursue the seduction of her husband to new and deeper levels of submission. After the previous evenings events she no longer doubted her ability to completely subjugate Jim to do her bidding. After changing out of her work clothes she slipped into a halter top and a very short pair of white shorts. For her feet she had on a pair of 2 inch strappy sandals that just a little more height to herself while bringing just enough attention to this part of her body.

When Jim saw her in the living room he suggested that they watch a movie before going to bed. Tera had other ideas and wondered if he was in the mood to just chat for awhile. After last evening, Jim anticipated this conversation was coming and acquiesced to Tera’s preference for the rest of the night. At Tera’s suggestion they retreated to their bedroom and took a seat on the small couch.

“Jim, did you enjoy last night? You know, when you did my nails and then made love to me afterwards?”

“Yes, I did enjoy it Tera.”

“Tell me about the parts you liked the best.”

“Um, I’m not sure. All of it I guess.”

Tera realized that Jim wasn’t quite ready to pour out his heart so she was going to have to walk him through this part. Actually, she didn’t really mind, as it gave her the opportunity to extend his seduction at a pace that she was fully controlling. “Alexa says that couples that talk about their intimate feelings are the ones that have the best marriages. Do you believe that’s true, honey?”

“Um, yeah, probably. It, well, seems like a good thing. You know, the communication part and stuff.”

Poor guy Tera thought, he’ treating this like he’s at work and it’s an office meeting. “I’m talking about the intimacy part, darling, where couples let each other know what they like and enjoy. This is the part that Alexa says is missing from most marriages. She says that while couples may have difficulty in the beginning if they can make it through the first part that it will open up new doors and avenues that seemed impossible earlier. And, Alexa is pretty smart about all of this stuff, you know?”

“No question, I don’t doubt that she knows what she’s talking about. And, I think it probably is a little easier for women than men. I know I could probably be more forthright, I guess.”

“Why honey, is there anything that you hold back that you’d like to tell me?” Tera didn’t expect Jim to open up here but it was important to start to create a safe environment for him to be comfortable if she were to get him to fully embrace the new ideas she was entertaining.

“Um, nothing in particular. There is probably not too much to say that I haven’t already told you.”

Yeah, sure, honey is what Tera wanted to say but she knew her man was doing the best that he could. Affectionately she said, “Jim, honey, can you tell me the parts about last night that excited you? You know, which things really turned you on?” Here she offered a little nervous type laugh belying the fact that she was not the least bit nervous.

“Well, I definitely liked the oral sex. It was fun seeing you so excited, Tera.”

Tera continued to coax her husband on, “What about the pedicure that you gave me? Alexa says that it’s perfectly normal for men to get excited when they attend lovingly to the woman in their life. You know, giving them their personal attention in a very loving way. Did you enjoy that part?”

“I guess I did, Tera. Although, it’s sort of embarrassing in a way. You know, giving my wife a pedicure…..I’m not sure how I feel about doing that. I mean, you do have beautiful feet and everything, but I don’t know.”

There thought Tera, he just took a huge step towards admitting his foot fetish. She was very cautious with him when she said, “Oh, I guess that’s pretty common, honey. Alexa says that is one of the top three turn-on’s for males….a woman’s foot.” Tera had no idea where foot fetish ranked on the turn on top 40 chart but she wanted Jim to feel normal, at least at this stage.

“Really, I didn’t know that. Well, maybe I don’t feel so bad, then. Still, it doesn’t feel quite natural to me, or at least it leaves me a little uncomfortable.”

“Oh, sweetie, don’t ever feel that way. Do you have any idea how special it makes me feel when you give me a pedicure? Or, if you were to shave my legs?” Tera paused for a second as she watched Jim’s reaction. She noted that he didn’t seem to retreat from her last statement. “Because it’s kind of sexy paying attention alsancak escort to my body isn’t it? I do have a nice body, don’t I?”

“Oh, god, Tera, you are gorgeous. I practically wor….”, he stopped himself before he finished his statement and picked up with, “I just think you are beautiful.”

“Thanks, honey. That makes me feel very special. I just adore you, you know that?” Tera gushed at her husband and wrinkled her nose in a cute and special way, a way that always seemed to melt Jim’s heart. Jim may have turned a little red when Tera told him these things. She pressed on, “Sweetie, as sort of a treat for me, would you consider shaving my legs tonight? It would make me feel like such a queen! Oh, would you…just for me?” Tera beamed at her man and fluttered her eyes twice.

Jim hesitated briefly but he couldn’t really think a reason to turn his wife down. And, after all, she did ask so nicely he figured he could at least go along with it one time. “Sure, if I can do your nails I’m sure I can handle some shaving. I mean I do this everyday, anyway?”

Tera recognized that Jim was more vocal when he was at the height of his excitement the previous evening so she knew she would have to recreate a similar scenario to get him back to that state and then even deeper. Up to now he was pretending that he had not said all those things that clearly indicated his submissive desires. Yet, if he could start to share some of his submissive feelings before he was excited it would only make it easier once she turned up the heat. She thought to herself how much she was going to enjoy the next couple of hours. She could feel herself get wet down below.

“Honey, remember when you did my nails last night how you didn’t have any clothes on?”

Jim slowly nodded.

“Well, I’d like be able to see your handsome body when you shave my legs. You don’t mind, do you?” As Tera spoke she lifted her beautiful leg up high and ran her hand up and down slowly. She angled it back and forth so that Jim could see it from a variety of subtle angles. Tera didn’t really give him a chance to answer as she added, “Ooh, they will be so nice and smooth and sexy when you are done. Are you excited, too?”

That was part of Jim’s embarrassment as he was starting to get excited. Not fully erect but enlarged enough so that Tera would not miss it. He didn’t know why but some part of him felt unmanly in serving his wife in such an intimate way; that somehow performing beauty treatments on his wife eroded his manhood. He thought back to last evening and remembered that Tera had called him a man-maid. He almost rebelled when he heard that phrase but he decided to let it go as he was too consumed with his new fetish for her pretty feet. He now wondered if she would begin to verbalize some of his biggest fears as they moved forward. Perhaps more compelling at the moment and this took Jim away from his set of worries was that Tera did have beautiful legs. He had never commented on them to her before but whenever he had the opportunity to stare at them he always took it. Sometimes he felt funny because he knew he was staring too long but he wasn’t real good at expressing his inner desires to Tera so he’d always kept his lust for her legs to himself.

Jim did manage to respond back to his wife, “Yeah, I’m kind of into it, too, Tera. You have very pretty legs.” Finally, he at least shared one of his inner fantasies even if it was a rather tame statement.

“Oh, thank you honey. A girl always likes it when her man compliments her, you know.” Pausing, she added, “Now, sweetie, I want you to go in the bathroom and bring out the portable wash basin and the new sponge. First, fill it with warm water. My shaver is right next to it. I have a special soap, too. Let me know if you can’t find it. And, bring one of those big fluffy towels. OK?”

Jim nodded and got to his feet and headed towards the bathroom.

“Don’t forget the clothes, honey?” Tera laughed after she reminded him so quickly of the way he was to be present with her. She liked the idea of keeping her clothes on while he was naked in front of her. In essence, she would repeat much of the scenario of the previous evening as she would sit up high in her chair, or maybe her throne would be a better way to put it, and Jim would be naked on the floor servicing her legs and whatever else she decided that she wanted done to her. Once Jim got into a bit she planned on introducing a bit of humiliation into the act. But, first she wanted him excited.

Jim returned and under Tera’s direction set everything up so that he understood the sequence for moistening her legs with the sponge, how to apply the special soap, while the rest would be pretty natural for Jim since he shaved himself everyday. Tera noticed that Jim’s penis was larger than normal and beginning to point up a bit.

“Ooh, my handsome man-maid is extra big tonight. I think he likes this job.” Tera giggled a bit here to lighten her statement but Jim flushed, anyway. “Are you ready to begin? You do know the proper way to begin, amasya escort don’t you?”

“Um, sure, I’m ready….but I’m not sure about the proper way to start, Tera.”

“Well, honey, since you are focusing on my pretty legs don’t you think you should gently kiss them before you start? That makes sense, right?”

“Sure.” Jim started to lean forward on his knees but Tera stopped him.

“First you need to ask.”


“Of course, silly, ask permission! Permission to kiss them! You know that!” Tera giggled a bit as if Jim was experiencing an oversight of the most obvious nature.

Naturally, Jim had no way of knowing this because Tera had never mentioned it before. Jim thought about protesting this permission requirement but something about Tera’s tone instead of pushing him back was drawing him in. He found he actually wanted to comply with her requests. In his excited state he did recognize that he was capitulating to virtually everything that Tera was asking of him. Yet, he made no effort to stop it.

Jim could see his penis straining up as it was virtually fully erect. There was no way to hide this from Tera so he finally decided to just not even try. “May I kiss your legs, Tera?”

“Is that the best you can do, Jim?”

“May I kiss your beautiful and shapely legs?”

Tera beamed at Jim, “Yes, my wonderful man, you may!”

Jim’s first kisses were planted squarely on Tera’s sandaled feet. She couldn’t believe that he started there and it thrilled her to the core. He did this not because she asked him but because he wanted to. Tera could practically feel the relationship bending and turning as if to form a new yet undefined shape that would be dramatically different from what it was as little as three days ago.

Jim’s adoration of his wife eventually took him up one leg and then Tera directed him to do the same with the other. When he reached the top of her shorts of the second leg he paused not knowing what Tera expected of him next.

“That was so nice, my husband. You did that so lovingly. Did you enjoy worshipping my legs? Hmm?”

“It was wonderful, Tera.”

As Jim stared at the crotch of her white shorts, Tera spread her legs open wide so that Jim could use his imagination on another part of her body. “Kiss it. But, first ask me for permission to kiss it.”

Tera wasn’t asking at this point but by now Jim knew the protocol. “Can I kiss your beautiful pussy, my goddess?”

Clearly, Jim was getting into things and feeling a little less inhibited. “How bad do you want to kiss this pussy, my maid?”

“Please Tera, please allow me to kiss your beautiful pussy.”

“Very well. Bring your mouth and put it right where you think my pussy is…there…yeah, right there. Now, before you kiss it I want you to breathe in deeply. That’s it, breathe in through your nose. Isn’t it wonderful? Now, you can kiss me there one time.”

Jim complied by placing a single kiss on Tera’s shorts. He was amazed at how turned on he was from such a simple gesture. The fabric was enforcing the denial of something that he longed for yet this only heightened his lust for his pretty wife.

“Jim, baby, would you like to look at it? Would you like to look at my pussy?”

Jim nodded, “Oh, yes.”

“Tonight you can look, but no touching. Understand? No touching tonight.”

Tera slipped off her shorts and underpants. She took her yellow panties in her hand and placed them on Jim’s face with the gusset right over his mouth and nose. “See how excited you’ve made me, sweetie? I’m all wet, aren’t I?”

Jim breathed in deeply to savor the aroma of his excited wife and with that breath he could feel his erection grow just a little larger, if that were possible. As he prepared to take another Tera removed it from his face and redirected his attention back to her pussy. She spread her legs wide, obscenely wide, and asked Jim, “Would you like to shave my pussy tomorrow night, honey? Would you like that?”

“I’d love it, Tera.”

“Well, if you’re a good boy maybe I’ll let you. Will you be a good boy for me tomorrow?”

Jim nodded his head and then feeling his composure slipping blurted, “But, Tera, I need to come. I need to come tonight. I’m practically bursting from the last two nights of excitement. Couldn’t we…couldn’t we just…make love tonight?”

“Oh, my husband, you are so focused on coming and penetration that you miss the nuances of making love. If you could….. Well, all right, I’ll let you this time. You can stroke yourself. Yes, stroke yourself and then come all over these pretty legs that you so dutifully shaved for me. Mmmm….would you like to shoot your cummy all over your wife’s goddess legs, baby? Is that what you want?” Tera had an almost lecherous smile on her face as she gazed down on her dependent husband.

Jim couldn’t answer but he could nod his head. He felt embarrassed that he was so willing to come in such a vile fashion but he started stroking, anyway. As he was approaching his climax Tera strategically interjected, “its okay to cum on me, baby, but when you do you’re going to have to clean it up. You understand that, don’t you? You’ll have to do it with your mouth.” At this stage Tera became even more assertive, “Yes, my man-maid, it will be your job to lick every drop off of me with your tongue. Understood?”

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