Changing Pt. 1

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This is my first full length erotic story. If it is well received I will add more parts to it.

Part 1: The drug that started it.

It was the end of the school day… December 22nd… The start of winter break. I came from my classes, carrying my khaki messenger bag stuffed of school books, pens, pencils, etc. Within no time at all, one of the usual… nuisances of my school day came to my side, like me, the boy was a senior, John was his name… he stood 6 feet and 2 inches tall, his shaggy brown hair fell into his eyes, though today he had it all stuffed into a flat brimmed hat with a psychedelic pattern that covered the surface area of the hat. John had somewhat tanned skin and hazel eyes as well as a slim figure. He had dressed himself in a v-neck, green t-shirt, a pair of snugly fitting blue jeans, his usual black shoes, and a zip up brown hooded jacket. He placed a hand on my shoulder and stepped up to my side before speaking in a noisy voice.

“Why are you rushing? Trying to run away from me?” He chuckled before breathing into his palms, the air filling with a cloud of warm vapor from the heat contacting the frozen air. “Brr… Fucking cold…” He complained.

“Why wouldn’t I try to get away from you…” I murmured to myself, turning my gaze to the ground as I turned to walk through the school’s wire fence, around the back. It was the route I usually took, the route that would lead off to a busy road that led into downtown. The road had shops and food places on both sides that were popular locations to visit. I ignored the other students that we walked passed as they were all standing around, smoking, bullshitting.

“Hey, I’m coming over tonight just so you know!” John leaned on my shoulder.

“Who says…?”


I sighed. I wouldn’t bother to fight him, since he wasn’t someone i’d win in an argument with.

I wish I could say that the rest of the walk was silent, but John went on about…. whatever the hell it was that he was talking about. I simply reached into my bag and buried my face into a book as we walked. I was used to walking while reading… I could watch the ground and I knew my way home….

We finally made it to my home… more like my apartment… My only parent, my mom, was away on business until the 30th, so it’d only be John and myself for the evening… I unlocked the door, swinging the painted door open for John and myself to enter the living room. The apartment was fairly simple, white paint on the walls… a blue couch, a single Television set with cable box, 4 TV trays that we ate at, a small kitchen, 2 rooms, and a single bathroom. My poker oyna room was in the far back, my mother’s the master bedroom on the right. I set my messenger bag down on the single couch then walked back into my room where the walls were painted blue, my queen sized bed in the back right corner, covered with a blue comforter, the bed facing a small TV on the back left side of the room, and a laptop on a TV tray sat next to my bed. I then sat on the bed and laid back on it, closing my book after folding the corner of the page and setting it aside. I then felt a second weight on the bed, John. He stretched a bit, setting his backpack by his feet before turning to me.

“Hey… I got something I want you to try.” He smirked and poked his index finger against my cheek. “It won’t hurt but it may be a little weird to experience.”

I sat up and glared at him. “You’re not going to rape me are you…?” I joked.

“Pff… that’s not in the plan.” John chuckled and reached into his bag before pulling out a bottle of pills, 30 of them to be exact, each pill about the size of a bean. “I just want you to take these for a month.”

“Uhh….. why….?” I looked at the bottle, skeptical to taking some random bottle of pills.

“Well… rather… you’d HAVE to take them for a month… if you started taking them and stopped… There are supposed to be…. side effects… such as insanity, depression, suicidal thoughts, so on.”

“So you just want me to take some random drugs… for a month… no sort of explanation… no… nothing.”

“Pretty much. Don’t worry, I’ll reward you for it, and you might even like the pills!” He grinned like a moron.

“Is there any chance I’ll win this argument….?” I sighed again and stared at him, still quite reluctant.

“NNNope..” He smirked and tossed the bottle to me at which point I caught it and looked at the pulls with a concerned expression. They had no description, just an odd logo written on the side and top.

I opened the bottle of pulls and took out a single pill, staring at it.

“Go on, take the pill!” John grinned and watched carefully.

I then tossed the pill back in my throat and swallowed it down, feeling it slipping down my esophagus and into my stomach where it began to dissolve at an unnatural rate. I suddenly felt a pain in my stomach and gripped it, gasping a bit. “Ouch, fu– You said it wouldn’t hurt!”

“Don’t worry. It’ll be over soon!” John smiled as the pain grew until I simply couldn’t take it any longer, my body falling back as I fell into unconsciousness. my dreams were… odd… it was like I was floated before I felt a canlı poker oyna warm… pleasurable sensation fill me, cover me… consume me… Everything felt… moist…

I slowly opened my eyes, my body trembling and twitching. I noticed it was dark.. though, the light was on… I felt a chill that was rather… unusual… a chill that I only felt when I was… naked…

These thoughts floated around in my head until I felt a familiar weight sink onto my bed just behind my curled up form, then a hand, a warm hand begin to touch my side.. My bare side. It moved in a slow manner, up then back down my ribs. I felt the hand begin to touch between my legs, fingers touching my penis… It felt… overly sensitive. I wanted to move, to stop the unfamiliar touching… but my body simply wouldn’t react. I then tried to speak, by my throat felt dry… my lips not moving… my tongue not moving.

The hand then left my body, allowing me to relax.. at least for a moment before I felt something moist begin to spread my anus… fingers were penetrating me, moving around my insides before I felt them withdraw. I heard John’s voice as he sat behind me, spooning me as he began pressing something hard against my ass, pressing in passed the ring of muscle. “Now that you’re all clean and lubed…” Cleaned..? What did he do before this??? H-he couldn’t be.. I tried to turn to look at him, but it was no good… I suddenly felt him wrap his arms around me as he suddenly and quickly thrust his hard dick into my rectum, shoving deep. the size was… incredible to say the least. “God damn it… you’re so damn cute when you sleep… I just can’t resist…” He spoke softly into my ear, kissing my neck softly. I felt his tongue licking along my neck, up to my ear and down to my shoulder. He then blew cold air where he left my skin moist, causing me to shiver a bit before I felt his hips begin to withdraw before thrusting his cock back all the way in and withdrawing again, repeating the process over and over again. I could feel him beginning to sweat as this went on… the minutes ticking away… it must have been an hour of his abuse of my anus before he groaned and thrust one more time. I felt a flood of warm fluid pumping into my ass, as well as an intense tingling from his cock pressing against my prostate, leaving my own penis twitching and cum pooling down onto the bed. Finally, he withdrew from my ass. I began to prey he was done until he grabbed my shoulder and turned me to lay on my back. Finally I could see him. His face glistened with sweat, his chest heaving as he panted. He noticed I was awake and smirked.

“Did you enjoy that?” internet casino He then brushed his finger against my face and grabbed my jaw to open my mouth as he straddled my face to press his dick against my mouth. I finally felt my muscles falling under my control and immediately closed my mouth, turning away. “N-No! Stop…” My voice was strained. It was difficult to speak. I tried to push him off but couldn’t quite find the strength to do so.

“Stop? You didn’t complain before. Hell you even came.” He smirked as he rubbed his dick against my cheek. “Don’t you want to taste your ass on my dick, taste my cum? Besides you can’t move… and if you don’t… I’ll just fuck your ass again. See, that medicine is to change your gender, turn you into my perfect girlfriend. If you stop taking it, your mind will stop working. The pill is already effecting you, though will take about a month for the hormonal changes to be complete, and when it is, you’ll fully be a woman, even able to bare children. the secondary effect of the pill is to keep your mind stable during the process, without it, you may end up whoring out your body even if you don’t want to.”

I didn’t know what to say, just staring up at him…. How the hell would any of that even be possible… and… why…? Why me???

“You’re so fucking cute… I just had to make you mine… make you my little girlfriend… make you my wife. I made a wish and the gods sent me an angel with this drug, just for you. So, you can suck my dick and do what I ask, or I can take the pills and you can turn into a slut.”

I stared up at him, wanting to just cry… I then turned to face him again before reluctantly opening my mouth again.

John smiled before stroking my cheek again. “Good girl~” He then pressed his penis into my lips and against my tongue. it tasted sweet and salty… an odd combination… It didn’t take any time at all for him to grab my hair and thrust his cock down my throat, beginning to fuck my throat like he had fucked my ass. The muscles in my neck were still relaxed enough that I somehow managed not to gag. It surprised even me, causing me to stare at him in surprise. He moved his hips quickly in his cock sliding almost out of my mouth before slamming it’s way back in to the depths of my throat. I heard him moan and groan, seeming to enjoy it. I felt dollops of salty sweet precum drip onto my tongue before being painted down my throat with his next thrust. Again, time ticked away until finally… another half hour passed and he slammed into my throat so deep my eyes rolled back and his balls pressed against my chin before I felt more warm fluid begin to dump into my stomach, my eyes closing slowly the lingering taste of cum filling my mind before a rolled back into unconsciousness.

Part 1 end.

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