Changing the Oil

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Taking that first sip of coffee from his cup, Stan looked out of the front window across the street as the fellow across the street opened the wooden doors of his garage. The rear light-clusters of that superb car clearly visible in the sun-light. Stan smiled to himself.

That car was the most polished automobile in history. The bright red paintwork shone like it did when the Cadillac came off the assembly line in Detroit. The chrome glistened in the early morning sunshine. Dexter had every right to be justifiably proud of his car but Stan couldn’t help but feel a little sad. Such a superb vehicle should be driven around and enjoyed…. not hidden away in Dexter’s garage. But, struggling with a game leg, it wasn’t often that he left the house at all.

Finishing his coffee, Stan returned his coffee cup to the kitchen placing it carefully in the sink. Picking up the empty milk-bottle he opened the front door to take it outside for the milkman the following morning. Just as he dropped it into the crate he heard Dexter calling and looked. Dexter summoned him over, a gallon can of premium engine-oil in his hand.

Soon the two neighbours were discussing the virtues of over-head cams and injection systems. It turned out that, despite the beautiful car seemingly going nowhere most of the time, it was time to drain the oil from the sump, completely flush the system and replace it with new oil. Presently Dexter broke off their conversation to fetch his overalls leaving Stan to peep around the heavy wooden garage doors to admire once more that beautiful 1961 Caddy.

He was still there caressing the fine paintwork as Dexter limped into the garage, his game leg making him grimace with discomfort. Stan told him to park his weight on a toolbox for a moment. There was no way that Dexter was up to such a challenging task that morning. There was only one thing to do. Taking the overalls from Dexter, Stan insisted that it should be he that scrambles under the car to perform the tasks whilst Dexter retired to his lounge and took things easy. Besides, if the truth be known, Stan was quite looking forward to work on, or under, such a prestigious vehicle.

As almanbahis Dexter reluctantly made his way out of the garage pushing the door shut to protect his “darling” from dust, Stan took the tools he would need from Dexter’s toolbox and prepared to slip under the Caddy’s engine to release the oil-drain plug.


Dexter’s wife, Maureen, dried her hands on the front of her apron and glanced at her watch. Nearly an hour had passed since her husband had hurried outside with his overalls. She reached across the kitchen counter and flicked the kettle on to boil and retrieved two coffee cups from the mug-tree. She figured that, away in the garage, he’d be in need of a break by about now.

She sighed. If only Dexter would love her with the same passion that he doted on that Caddy with. As the kettle reached the boil she poured the water into the cups and placed her husband’s coffee upon a small tray. She untied her apron casting it aside on a kitchen chair and smoothed the fabric of her dress over her thighs.

Taking the tray she made her way along the hallway and out of the front door, her heels clicking across the tarmac as she approached the garage, one of it`s doors standing slightly ajar. She slipped inside, carefully moving along the side of her husband’s pride’n’joy to the other end of the garage before placing the tray on the workbench at the end.

“Coffee”, she called, turning to see a familiar pair of legs sticking out from under the nearside front-wheels. She stepped forward, resting her slender fingers upon the bright red paintwork of the Caddy. Raising her foot to caress her husband’s thigh with her toe. Her foot moving higher upon his thigh and then, with a naughty giggle, her shoe touched his manhood beneath his overalls.

Mischievously Maureen slipped her shoe off and, once more stroked her stockinged toe against the bulge in his overalls, her foot finding and outlining the shape of his cock beneath the material. She glanced across at the garage doors to ensure they were closed to before stepping over her husband’s thighs to press her ass against the paintwork, her toes still caressing his cock.

Her toes found almanbahis giriş a gap between the press-studs and, with just a little tug, a couple of press-studs popped undone. Carefully she continued to stroke his hardening shaft with the underneath of her foot, feeling it grow and thicken.

She grinned. It had been several weeks since Dexter had made love to her. Now an opportunity for some naughty sex had presented itself. She giggled…. nothing like a little bit of discreet naughtiness here in the garage.

Slowly she slid her ass down the shiny paintwork of the car until her fingers were able to reach inside Dexter’s overalls to find the zipper of his trousers. She pulled the zipper downwards, her inquisitive fingers moving inside to stroke his hard cock.


A groan of pleasure escaped from underneath the chassis of the car as Maureen eased his hard shaft from the confines of his overalls, her slender fingers delicate against his veiny cock. She wet her fingers in her mouth before stroking his shiny helmet. It felt hot against her fingers as she caressed him. Her pussy moistened, she knew that she had to take this beautiful stiff shaft deep inside her. Maureen stroked a little faster, giving a little giggle as a small tear-drop of pre-cum trickled from it’s eye. Another groan was heard from the darkness beneath the vehicle.

Quickly Maureen stood up, her fingers reaching for the hem of her skirt as she straddled her husband’s hips. The globes of her warm ass touching the cold metal of the Caddy as she lowered herself. Down, until her fingers could reach down between her open thighs to guide his stiffness towards her aching pussy. She moaned as she felt his glands nudging against her love-lips. She ached.

She ached for that shaft to penetrate her deep. Deftly she guided her husband’s shaft between her lips and forced her hips down to take it’s full length. She gasped with exquisite pleasure as the tip of Dexter’s cock touched the very end of her pussy. Her pussy muscles involuntarily squeezed him. She ground her heat against him, his girth stretching her so intimately.

Her fingers caressed his legs through almanbahis yeni giriş the material of his overalls as she began to ride his cock. Slow and deep, just the way she liked it as she felt his fingers caressing her ass. She smiled as she imagined a wicked oily hand-print or two on the white flesh of her ass.

Her pace quickened as her passion heightened. She could feel his shaft reaching so deep inside her and she knew that, with the urgency of this love-making together with excitement of the unusual venue would soon take her over the end. She rode faster, almost biting her lip with the intensity of the feeling in her pussy. Faster still, her ass caressing the cold metal of the car’s body work as that red-hot shaft excited her passion.

She felt her husband’s legs tense as the muscles tightened. She knew that he was close to filling her with cream and her movement quickened. Her pussy muscles began to spasm as her orgasm approached and, as she felt the cock deep inside her cunt twitch, she felt herself being tipped over the edge as her pussy muscles went crazy…. squeezing…. milking the spunk from Dexter’s cock. She felt him painting her pussy-walls with his cream as she cried out with pleasure, her pussy clenching and unclenching around him. His fingers pressing into the tops of her thighs as he grunted in the darkness under the vehicle.

She quietened, almost alarmed at the sound of her own heavy breathing. Her husband panting beneath the body of the Caddy. Almost reluctantly she stood once more, his fat cock now slackening as it slid from her wet’n’sticky pussy. She rested momentarily against the fiery red paintwork and chrome before she made her way towards the doors of the garage. She smiled as she let herself out giving her husband the opportunity to clean himself up and finish the job beneath the vehicle.

On legs still a little wobbly from her orgasm, she let herself back into the house remembering the cup of coffee she’d left in the kitchen. As she entered the kitchen to retrieve it who was there but Dexter slurping coffee in just his trousers and sweater. “But I’ve just taken you a coffee in the garage!” she said incredulously.

“Oh,” he replied. “Stan said he’d change the oil on the Caddy whilst I pottered about indoors. How’s he getting on? I don’t think he’s ever changed the oil on a girl as valuable as her before?”

But Maureen wasn’t so sure!

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