Chaperoning the Swim Team Ch. 02

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Big Dick

I want to thank everyone for the feedback after the first part of this series. I hope that I have continued it in a satisfactory way. Again, this chapter is more taboo than incest, but I keep it in this category for continuity sake. A culminating chapter will make its debut in about a month, end of november. As always, I appreciate feedback and thank you for reading.


Despite my various anxieties, I fell asleep almost immediately, having been worn out by the twins, Jane and Janet, after Lexi had started me off earlier in the evening with a blow job. A blow job I received while I watched my daughter Ashley being pleasured by her swimming teammate. a blow job that made me cum while clandestinely watching my daughter cum.

I was supposed to be here as an unintruding chaperone to my daughter’s college swim team get together. After one day I had had sexual encounters with three of them.

I fell into a restless sleep, unable to fully process all that had happened and all that I hoped and feared might happen. The dreams were sexual in part, my late wife grinding on top of me whispering with a wanton grin, “You want to fuck her, don’t you?” In my dreams I resisted saying yes. I knew who she meant, who she was taunting me with.

When she was alive it was exactly the kind of thing she would do. Teasing me with my own obvious desires, enjoying how it made me squirm, how hard I got as she urged me to delve into my fantasies. Of course, now I was teasing myself, a victim of my own unconscious.

I woke with a start as a loud knock on my bedroom door kept the dream reaching any kind of climax.

“What?” I growled, irritated at having been woken after a night of poor sleep and agitated from the dream. The door crept open and Ashley, my daughter, walked in wearing leggings that hugged her well toned legs and a sweatshirt that hung low enough to keep my eyes from my own daughter’s ass. I blinked hard clearing the cob webs from my head.

“Geez, dad, I guess you didn’t sleep well.” She stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. “We didn’t keep you up, did we?”

She was sheepish and awkward with me in a way she wasn’t normally. Maybe Lexi and the twins had told her about our adventures, or maybe it was just the kissing contest that should never have happened. I patted the bed next to me and gave out a sigh.

Hesitating with her head bowed a bit, she moved toward me and took a seat. I patted her knee and then quickly pulled my hand away.

“Look Ashley, about last night…” I started but didn’t quite know where to go.

Continuing to look away she finished, “It was stupid to make you do that.” Turning to me with eyes welling up she finished, “I’m so sorry.”

I pulled her into a hug. “Don’t worry about it, I’m sure it seemed funny and exciting to tease me that way. It’s just that…”

She pulled back and looked up at me with the sweetest eyes, “It’s just awkward now and I don’t want us to be awkward.”

“We’ll be fine,” I gave her a reassuring smile followed by another hug. “I’ll just lay low today and by tomorrow it will be like nothing happened.”

Letting out a little sigh she sat back and gave me her usual smile. “I’m glad, and the place will be quiet and you can take it easy today.” Then she hugged me again and rested her head on my shoulder before adding, “After you get the tree.”

“The tree?” I turned my head toward her and realized suddenly that our faces were uncomfortably close.

“Yes daddy,” she affected her best little girl as she always did when she wanted something. “You can’t have Christmas without a tree.”

I sighed, knowing I was powerless in the face of those pleading eyes. Besides, getting out alone would be welcome. “Okay,” I agreed, “I’ll head out and get one. But you girls will have to decorate it. I’m not touching it.”

She let out a little squeal of delight before kissing me on the cheek, “Of course, we’ve already started decorating the house.” She jumped up and headed to the door but then stopped and looked shyly at the floor before saying, “And be careful, I told them not to, but the girls have put up mistletoe everywhere. I think…” she looked at me and blushed a bit, “I think the contest last night might have given them ideas.”

If only she knew. I wondered how long it would take for one of the twins to bring up last night as part of their constant bickering. Lexi would probably keep quiet, but in some ways she was more dangerous.

In that moment in the light of the morning with a slight hangover it dawned on me that Lexi had said she’d wanted to blow me for a long time. Was this planned in some way? She certainly seemed in charge of the kissing contest. Sighing to myself I thought, I’m much too old for the ins and outs of college girls and their machinations.

After a quick shower in my en suite at the cabin I pulled on a pair of jeans and a heavy flannel shirt. I remembered seeing a homemade sign advertising Christmas trees for sale an exit back on the highway. That was likely the best bet Kars Escort for collecting the required tree.

Slowly opening my bedroom door I poked my head out and assessed the situation. Everything was quiet, no sign of the girls anywhere. I crept down the hallway, noticing the mistletoe that hung in every doorway in the cabin. Ashley wasn’t kidding when she said they had gone a little crazy with the stuff. I felt like a rabbit trying to avoid traps.

As I moved through the house toward the front door I relaxed a bit. No sign of anyone, they must have gone out. There was a small hill nearby and we had some sleds, so maybe they went out to enjoy some snow sports.

As I passed the door to the living room, however, I learned that assertion was wrong. I glanced out, and through the living room, through the sliding glass doors to the deck, I could see the twins were getting in the hot tub and assumed that’s where all of the girls were.

My conversation about Ashley’s bikini came back to me when Erika suddenly came up from behind me in a revealing two piece of her own and pushed past me into the living room on her way to the deck.

She stopped a few steps in front of me and turned back, “Oh, hello Alex,” She turned and smiled at me. Her hands on her hips as if she were posing for me.

I couldn’t help my eyes as they traveled over her toned body mostly on display, only barely covered by a yellow bikini. Her breasts were fuller than the twins, perfectly shaped and pert. The yellow of the bikini contrasting nicely with her dark skin.

I forced my eyes back to hers. “Hi Erika,” I said flatly, “Sleep well?”

She wet her lips with her tongue and my heart beat a little faster as I realized the last time I saw that mouth it was causing my daughter to orgasm.

“I was a bit restless after last night.” She moved back toward me. “How about you? Are you okay?” Her hand went to my chest and lingered there as she looked up at me seductively. “We weren’t very nice to you.”

“You were nice to me,” I said honestly, remembering how she gave me a simple peck to finish the contest after I realized that I had made out with my own daughter.

“Aww,” she tilted her head to the side and batted her eyes at me. “You’re so sweet. I know what it’s like to need a gentle touch. But…” she trailed off.

“But?” I asked, my heart speeding up a bit.

“But I never did get a proper kiss.” Then her eyes trailed up and I followed them to see that I was in fact standing under a clump of mistletoe.

“Well,” I managed, “I guess now’s your chance.” I paused and then began to add, “If you’re intere…” but she had closed the gap between us before I finished and pressed her lips to mine.

I wrapped my arms around her near naked body and she followed suit, and we stood in the doorway making out under the mistletoe. After the twins and Lexi, I guess a kiss, even a passionate kiss didn’t seem so bad.

Consequently, I was startled when I heard a sudden, “Dad!” from behind me down the hallway. I pulled away immediately and turned to see Ashley watching us kiss, an expression of such shock on her face.

“Ashley, I…” and I glanced up at the mistletoe and her eyes followed mine, then shot to Erika who gave her a shrug and a smile.

Ashley let out an exasperated growl with a shake of her head and then pushed past us both heading for the patio where the other girls were in the hot tub, not paying attention to the drama inside.

I made a move to stop her but Erika placed her hand back on my chest and stopped me. “No, don’t,” she said, “I’ll go talk to her, tell her it was my fault.”

“But it wasn’t, I shouldn’t have…” but she cut me off with another kiss.

“Oh yes, you should have. And maybe later… I mean,” she suddenly turned a bit shy, a side which I hadn’t seen, “I mean you seem like a man who could be gentle.”

I couldn’t process all of this right now. I was completely aroused, but also terrified that my daughter was going to never talk to me again. And if she reacted like that to a kiss then the events of the night before were not going to go over well.

“I’m going to get a tree.” I said noncommittally, “Please talk to Ashley, tell her I’m sorry.”

I pulled on my coat and stepped into the chilled air heading for my car. I felt like I was really making a mess of things.

I was on edge as I approached my car in the cold morning air, somewhere between aroused and angry, mostly with myself. This feeling wasn’t at all alleviated by the coquettish figure leaning against my car waiting for me.

“Hello, Mr. Crenshaw,” Lexi said with a coy little smile that was certainly meant to remind me that I had cum in her mouth the previous night. She wore a cute black beret from which spilled her loose red curls that framed her face.

Unable to keep my eyes from wandering over the rest of her. She had on a bright white coat that stopped at her waist. She also wore an impossibly short skirt out of touch with the temperature, with black tights Kars Escort Bayan underneath that accentuated her shapely legs. The outfit was capped off with ankle boots designed more for sex appeal than the snow.

“Lexi,” I said with an exasperated sigh, “What are you doing out here? Why aren’t you with the other girls in the hot tub?”

“Well,” she began, stepping close to me and taking my hands in hers as she looked up at me with doe eyes, “My favorite part of Christmas is getting the tree, so I wanted to come with you.”

Pulling my hands from hers I said, “Lexi, I’m really not in the mood. And the last thing I want right now is to be alone with you.”

She let out a little giggle, “Aww Mr. Crenshaw, you can’t be afraid of little ole me, can you?” I just stared at her trying to effect my best unimpressed expression as she smirked up at me, completely aware of the fact that I wanted to throw her down and fuck her as hard as I could.

“Oh don’t worry,” she finally said to cut the silence, and just then the front door to the house opened and out stepped Kate, wearing black leggings and a tight sweater that molded her smallish breasts. She wasn’t wearing a coat, but had on a scarf and knit cap over her mousy brown hair. She stumbled a bit as she came down the stairs but didn’t fall. She gave a wave, and the cold combined with her embarrassment over slipping gave a flush to her cheeks. She was the consummate tag-along freshman.

Lexi pressed her case, “See, we won’t be alone. Kate wants to come too. You don’t mind if we both come, do you?”

I rolled my eyes at her double entendre, but opened the driver’s side door and slid in. Lexi and Kate both followed suit, each of them sliding in the back seat, leaving me alone in the front. I didn’t worry too much. Regardless as to what kind of temptation Lexi, or even Kate, wanted to offer, we were going to be outdoors in sub freezing weather. What could possibly happen?

The sun was out despite the cold as I steered the car back to the main highway and down to the exit where I had seen trees advertised. The girls had moved close together and whispered conspiratorily in the backseat. Every now and again I would glance at them in the review mirror, but as far as I could tell, nothing untoward was happening, despite their incessant hushed tones punctuated by giggles.

The tree lot was mostly picked over when we arrived. With only three days until Christmas, most people had already had trees, and the one’s on the lot had been sitting out long enough that their needles were beginning to brown and fall off at the slightest touch.

The lot attendant, a young man in his early twenties kept eyeing the two girls. Who could blame him? I certainly kept looking them over despite myself. But he was a bit too country for them, wiry and gangly with bad skin. His look was almost hungry.

“Mr. Crenshaw these trees are horrible,” Lexi said with a pout.

“Maybe they have some others in the back or something?” Kate added hopefully.

“How about it?” I asked the greasy kid tending the lot, “Is this all you have?”

“All we have that’s cut,” he answers. “If you want you can take an ax over there and walk through the grove. But anything you cut, you buy, and I ain’t helping.”

Letting out a sigh I grabbed the ax and headed in the direction of the grove. The girls followed suit; Lexi giving the attendant a dirty look at his lack of helpfulness.

We traipsed through the snow for a while, looking at various trees and debating about which one we should pick. Before we knew it, we were pretty far from where we started and the girls were getting cold, dressed more for appearance than the weather.

I noticed a cabin up on the hill. Most were abandoned this time of year being typically used in the summer tourist season. I directed the girls to follow me and we made our way to it. Luckily there was an obvious fake rock with a key in it, and we entered the cabin. It was cold, but I quickly built a fire and the three of us huddled around it.

“There,” I said, “That’s better isn’t it? We’ll warm up and then go and finish our task. Should easily get back by late afternoon.

“Mr. Crenshaw,” Lexi looked up at me, her arm around a shivering Kate, “I think she might need more than the fire, she can’t stop shaking.”

“Just give her a minute,” I knelt on the floor on the other side of the girl and wrapped my arm around her as well. We sat like that for a while, huddled together, helping Kate warm up. She leaned her head on my shoulder and then suddenly kissed my neck.

I pulled back but I heard Lexi’s voice behind me, she had moved to the couch and was sitting with one foot on the floor and the other flat on the cushion, her skirt falling just enough between her thighs to cover her crotch as she looked at us. “Mr. Crenshaw,” She said, her eyes lidded, “Kate has something she wants to show you.” When Kate hesitated, Lexi added, “Well, go on… you know you want to.”

I wasn’t sure what was coming, but I figured it Escort Kars was something sexual. And sure enough Kate pulled off her sweatshirt to reveal a pink bra covering her firm breasts and revealing her toned stomach. I glanced at Lexi and rolled my eyes, but she just giggled mischievously and nodded back for me to watch Kate.

When I looked back, Kate was leaning back into a bridge, her flexible form nearly making a circle as she leaned backwards before throwing her legs up and over and landing in a split.

Kate smiled broadly as she looked at me, her arms out in a finishing pose. Somewhat confused and not sure what else I should do, I applauded.

“Kate’s going to try out for gymnastics even though she hasn’t really competed before,” Lexi said matter of factly.

“Well I thought it was impressive.” I added. “You seem, um… very flexible.”

Kate smiled coyly and then turned her abdomen away from me, and her legs, which had been one out in front and the other behind suddenly jutted out to either side of her, nearly perpendicular to her body leaving me with a nice view of her tight and shapely ass in her leggings. She leaned forward and rested on her elbows and then looked back over her shoulder at me through her hair which hung in her face.

“Do guys like this kind of thing?” She asked with a naivete that was much more sincere that Lexi’s false innocence. “It makes me hot to think guys get turned on watching me.”

Before I could say anything, Lexi spoke from where she watched on the couch, “Why don’t you check and see how turned on Mr. Crenshaw is.”

I gave Lexi a sudden look that was meant to be reprimanding, but turned out to be a bit fearful. Standing up I said. “No, that’s okay Kate, we really should be…”

But Kate had turned her self around and was crawling toward me in the most seductive way, her mouth turned in a hungry, crooked smile, and as she reached where I stood , she ran her hands up and over my thighs.

“You see Mr. Crenshaw,” Lexi announced suddenly standing and walking behind me, resting her chin on my shoulder as she looked up at me, “Kate is a bit young, but… well, as you saw last night, she’s quite experienced with her mouth.”

Kate lowered my zipper and undid my trousers, eagerly fishing out my rapidly hardening cock. She begin stroking it in her small hands as she looked up at me from her kneeling position.

“He saw that?” Kate asked her eyes going wide. “Does that mean he also saw…?”

“Mhmmm,” Lexi purred.

I knew what they were talking about. I couldn’t get the image out of my head. My daughter Ashley laid back, legs spread while her teammate Erika brought her to orgasm with her tongue.

“Oh my god,” Kate said, suddenly bobbing her head down on my cock before pulling off, “I’d explode if I thought my dad ever watched me cum like that.” And then she began sucking me in earnest.

“Kate…” I groaned, unable to form the will power to force myself away, “We shouldn’t…”

“Shhh,” Lexi hissed and then nibbled my ear, “Just enjoy her, Mr. Crenshaw, she’s got a quite talented mouth… everyone on the team knows that.” She tugged at my ear with her teeth and helped undo the buttons of my shirt as Kate bobbed up and down on my cock. “And I do mean everyone.”

I moaned at the implication and my cock twitched in Kate’s mouth eliciting a muffled giggle. As Lexi backed away from me and went back to observing from the couch she added, “I mean, what do you think freshman girls are for… we all take our turn on our knees, Mr. Crenshaw.”

For a girl of 18, Kate had a talented mouth, and she licked and sucked and swallowed my cock with an eagerness I’m not sure I had ever seen. Her tongue was ever present, rolling over and around my cock, lapping at the underside of my shaft.

She cupped my balls in one small hand and gave them just the right amount of pressure as her other hand firmly held the base of my cock. It was wet and slippery, and she made lewd slurping and sucking sounds as she got me as hard as I had ever remembered being.

I heard a moan from from the couch and saw that Lexi had peeled off her tights and had leaned back, one leg up and draped over the back of the couch, the other foot on the floor as she languidly rubbed her bare and glistening pussy watching her younger friend giving exquisite head.

“Okay,” Lexi said slowly, “That’s enough, I think he’s ready.” Kate sat back on her folded legs as Lexi motioned me to her. “Kate’s been getting boys ready for us all year… not that I mind doing it myself… bu then you know that already… don’t you Mr. Crenshaw?”

I moved toward her spread legs leaving Kate and my trousers behind. The freshman was nice, but it was the redheaded vixen I wanted, and apparently she wanted me.

As I knelt between her lithe, spread legs, I hovered over her, holding myself above her with one hand, and guiding my cock into her wet folds with the other.

“I’ve been wanting this…” she mewled as I slid into her, “forever.”

I had wanted it forever too, and the feeling was overwhelming as her body welcomed me like it had been designed to accommodate my cock. Her young cunt gripped me with perfect pressure and just as I sunk the last measure of my cock inside her, I felt my head brush her cervix.

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