Chapter 02: Afternoon Leather

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Chapter 2 — Liz & John – Afternoon Leather

John and Liz and I became really close friends very quickly even though we were only with each other a couple of times a month. It was inevitable that we would become good friends as well as lovers since we were so in tune to each other. Every time we got together it was incredible afternoon of hot non-stop sex. Usually it would start with one of us getting a massage from the other two. Every massage ended up a totally erotic event.

On one of the more memorable afternoons I got to their house and found a note on the door telling me to let myself in and that someone would be home soon. Since I’d never been in their house alone it was a funny feeling, but obviously they trusted me. I put the champagne I’d brought in the refrigerator and decided that I’d go into the family room area. Their house was decorated with an interesting assortment of military paraphernalia including a collection of swords and knives. John’s desk was situated in one corner and as usual was fairly cluttered with some project or another. John was always writing articles or working on a book about the military. Liz added to the clutter with art project stuff or photography that she was working on.

I walked over to the desk and a big stack of pictures next to the scanner caught my eye. The first couple of pics were of historical buildings in the area. They were well done, but boring. I almost put the pictures down but decided to look at a few more. The next picture took my breath away and made my dick start to harden. It was of Liz. She was wearing nothing but a wide black leather collar, garter belt and hose, stiletto heels and a blindfold. Except for the hose, everything she wore was black leather. Liz was sitting on sort of a large black leather chair. The chair had special attachments coming out from the seat that extended out in a V. The attachments supported her legs which were spread as wide as possible. The upper part of the chair was half reclining and her body was resting against it. Her arms were extended above her head. Black leather restraints adorned both of her wrists and ankles. Padlocks had her tightly affixed to the chair extensions. Her huge tits hung down beautifully on each side of her chest. From the look of her swollen pussy lips it was clear that her shaved quim had been well used. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her cum covered pussy.

The next picture was just as erotic. In this one, Liz had a ball gag in her mouth and small clamps had been placed on her huge nipples. The clamps were connected with a small silver chain that was being stretched to its limits by the heft of Liz’s massive tits. I was totally turned on and my hardon was making a tent out of my pants. I quickly scanned through the rest of the pics. Near the bottom was a series of pictures so erotic I thought I was going to have an orgasm standing there.

The ball gag had been removed. Liz was now lying nearly flat in the chair and a very well built black guy was feeding his huge cock into her mouth. His cock had to have been at least eight inches and so fat that Liz could only manage to suck the head of it into her mouth. A very buff white dude was standing between her legs with his massive cock sticking in her pussy. His cock was extremely long but not as thick as the black guy’s. I wasn’t sure whether he would be able to get all of his huge cock in Liz’s pussy. I could see that both of the guys were completely shaven.

I heard the side door open and Liz’s voice calling to see where I was. I yelled, “In the family room.” I wasn’t sure how she would feel about me looking at the pics, but I couldn’t put them down. I was so turned on all I wanted to do was beat off. Liz walked directly to me and stood behind me.

As she reached around me she whispered “So, you seem to be enjoying our latest project”. Liz reached around me and caressed my nipple through my shirt and her other hand rested on the bulge in my pants.

As she began to play with me she said, “Your lovely cock tells me that you really like what you see.”

She had snaked her tongue in my and ear and mumbled for me to look at the next one. I flipped to the next picture. The picture had been taken from the side of the chair. The scene had been changed a bit. Liz was no longer bound to the chair, but still had the blindfold in place and restraints on. The white guy was lying on the chair on his back with Liz straddling his body face forward. His monster cock was deep in her pussy. The muscular black guy was behind Liz and had most of his fat cock stuffed in her ass.

Another guy was in this shot. He had a great build, a great tan, and long dark hair down to the middle of his back. He was standing on the back side of the chair and Liz was sucking his cock deeply into her mouth. Each of the guys was wearing a black leather hood. As I continued to look at the pictures, Liz loosened my pants and let them drop to the floor. She began to whisper what if felt like to nişantaşı escort be fucked by those huge cocks over and over again. Liz continued to describe the photo shoot as her fingers were working on my straining cock. I’d let Liz do anything with my dick.

“Look at the next one”, she said.

In the last photo, the scene had changed again. Liz’s blindfold was gone and now she was lying against some giant overstuffed pillows with her legs spread and her knees pulled up exposing her pussy. A hot looking blonde with giant tits was kneeling on the bed to Liz’s right. You could see her bare pussy lips hanging down between her thighs. She was wearing nothing but a heavy leather collar and CFMs.

The black guy and short haired white guy were kneeling between Liz’s spread legs so that the blonde could reach both of their cocks. The blonde had pumped the one of the guy’s cum all over Liz’s pussy. The long haired guy was in the picture too. He had stroked his cock and shot his load all over Liz’s face and mouth. The picture was so decadent – I couldn’t move.

Liz continued to play with my balls and I was so excited that I could barely breathe. She dropped to her knees as she breathed, “You know how I love cock.”

She sucked the entire length of my cock into her hot mouth. I couldn’t hold out and grabbed her head as I came. I could feel her continue to suck as she swallowed every bit of cum that I shot in her mouth.

Finally, Liz got up with that smile on her face and said, “You tasted delicious as always.”

She then gave me that deep cum flavored tongue kiss that I’d grown to love. After my breathing got back to normal I told her that I thought the photos were the most erotic, sexy pictures that I’d ever seen. Liz giggled and sort of bumped me with her hip.

“You’re too biased.”

The hip check almost made me loose my balance since my pants were still around my ankles. As I started to pull them up Liz suggested that I leave them off and she’d slip into something more comfortable while we waited for John to come home. Liz gave me a little kiss and headed for her bedroom. I kicked off my pants and removed the rest of my clothes and then headed for the kitchen to open the champagne.

I had just gone back into the family room with the champagne and was beginning to open it when I heard “Ahem.” I turned in the direction of the voice and there was Liz leaning against the door frame striking a pose. She had on the very same outfit, minus the blindfold, as in the photos. My cock started to rise instantly. I never got enough of looking at her tits and bare pussy.

She said, “Well, do I look as good in person as in the pictures?”

All I could say was, “You look awesome.”

I began to pour her a glass of champagne as she walked toward me. She walked like a cat and her tits swayed seductively as she moved. She had two small packages in her hands. When she was next to me at the counter, I handed her a glass of bubbly. She took a sip and set the glass down.

Then she handed me one of the two wrapped boxes and said, “I’d like you to put this on.”

As I took the gift from her I asked her about the other box. Liz just smiled, placed the package on the counter and coyly said, “That’s for later.”

She picked up her glass and took another sip and with her free hand she reached down to fondled my semi hard shaft.

“Open it, please”, she said.

I tore the ribbon and paper off and pulled the lid off. Inside was what looked to be a very small black leather thong.

“Go on, put it on”, Liz demanded.

As I took the leather from the box, I could tell that it wasn’t just an ordinary thong. I put the thong on as Liz had instructed. The leather was ultra soft and very thin. The thong was not big enough for my balls and my cock. It was made just to hold my balls. The lower portion was a pouch which was divided so that one of my balls went in each side. Just above the pouch a metal ring about an inch and a half had been sown on. It was designed for my cock to slide through the ring. It took me a minute to slide my hardon through the ring, but the look and feel was worth the effort. The tiny leather sac fit perfectly, snuggly holding each of my balls apart.

A thin leather strap ran between my ass cheeks and connected in the back to the straps coming from the ring in the front. The special thong pulled my balls up tightly against my body and my hard cock was standing straight out. Liz smiled at me and licked her lips naughtily.

“Only one more addition and you’ll be done.”

Liz leaned forward and grabbed my cock. She lubricated the end of my dick with her tongue and then began working another metal ring just over the head of my cock. I had never seen anything like it before. The ring had an extension attached to it which was bent back toward my cock and on the end was a small metal ball. As Liz worked the ring over the head of my cock she slid the metal ball into the pee hole şişli escort of my cock.

Liz whispered to me, “It’s called a cum stopper. When John and I saw it in a sex toy magazine we knew we had to get one for you. I can’t wait to see if it works.”

I didn’t know whether it would or not, but the feeling was unbelievable. I was pretty sure that we’d find out if it worked or not. Liz continued to stroke the end of my cock toying with the ring and the little ball inside my cock. The smell of all the leather in the room was unbelievably erotic and the feel on my cock and balls was wonderful. As we stood there and sipped our champagne Liz continued to run her fingernail up and down my cock.

“Wait till John sees you in that. You know that your cock is one of favorite play toys, and you look better than ever today.”

We continued to sip our champagne and entertain ourselves by playing with each other. Liz continued to toy with my cock and its special ring and I played with her bare nipples and teased her exposed clit.

“Where is everybody,” John yelled as we heard the side door close.

“In the family room sweetie,” Liz responded.

Liz continued to finger my leather covered balls as we turned to greet John. John stopped as he walked through the doorway.

“Holy crap, you two look so hot!”

John hustled across the room to us. Liz stepped toward him and gave him a big hug and a kiss. Her big soft tits mashed against John as the two of them sensually dueled with their tongues. Liz had moved her fingers to my cock while they were kissing and again used my appendage as a handle to pull me next to them. Almost immediately John’s hand had joined Liz’s stroking my hard bare cock.

As they finally stopped kissing, John said, “Well it tastes like somebody already got a blow job today.”

I just looked at him and said, “You know how much Liz loves to suck cock, and I don’t have much will power when she’s in that mood.”

John smiled and gave my cock another gentle squeeze and leaned into Liz. “I see you couldn’t wait to get our new toy out and on somebody. Or, should I say in somebody. It looks awesome and I like the way it feels too. I can’t wait to see how it works.”

John gave Liz a sly wink and a little peck on the lips.

Liz looked at John and said, “You know how much I like new toys. Especially when they’re something to use on you guys. You’re right, I can’t wait to see if it works, but it better not work too well. You know how much I love cum.”

Liz looked at John, “Why don’t’ you go into the bedroom and change your clothes — I’ve laid something out for you to put on.”

John smiled, took a sip from Liz’s glass and headed out of the room. Liz led me by my cock over to the couch and motioned for me to sit down. She went to the other side of the room to get the champagne. As she returned to the couch her huge tits swayed slowly from side to side and her nipples stuck out like pencil erasers. Her bare pussy was shiny from the juices that she was leaking.

Liz looked at me coyly and asked, “Do you like what you see?”

My cock was standing straight up and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

I responded, “Just look at my cock. You are one of the hottest chics I’ve ever been around.”

She thanked me for the compliment and then sat down beside me. Once seated, she turned and took my face in her hands and slowly drew our faces together until our lips met. I wanted to taste her and greedily pushed my tongue between her lips. I was met immediately by hers pushing against mine. I sat my glass down and began to play with her huge tits. They are so big and soft, yet so firm. Liz was running her hands over my chest and stomach and into my crotch. Her fingertips just barely grazed across my skin as she rubbed me all over.

We continued kissing and playing with each others bodies until we heard John walked back into the room. As we broke our kiss, I turned to see John. He had pulled his long hair into a pony tail and it hung half way down his back. He was wearing was a leather collar like Liz’s, a leather restraint on each wrist and ankle, and a black leather cock strap and ball spreader. His cock, which is bigger than mine in both length and girth, was rock hard and sticking straight up. His balls were spread by a strap running under and between them. His uncut cock was impressive.

Liz must have been reading my mind because she motioned for John to come over and stand between us. As soon as he was in front of me, I reached out and grabbed the back of his thighs and guided his manhood into my mouth.

Liz said, “My, what a good little cock sucker he’s become.”

I loved to hear Liz talk that way. John’s cock felt wonderful between my lips and I wasted no time in pleasuring him. I was running my tongue under his foreskin and over the head of his cock. I knew that he loved when I did that and I know that it made his cock harder when I did it. While I sucked on John, mecidiyeköy escort Liz played with my nipples and stroked my cock. Occasionally, she would reach out and caress John’s separated balls. I could tell that John was getting near orgasm and I kept up my tongue assault on the head of his cock while I jacked his cock slowly with my hand. John started to moan and Liz asked him if he was going to cum. He shook his head yes and almost immediately I felt the first gush of his hot cum hitting the inside of my mouth. I swallowed every spurt after hot spurt, but saved one little bit to share with Liz.

After John’s cock quit pulsing, I released his cock and turned to Liz. She knew what was coming and smiled. She leaned into me and we began kissing. Our mouths opened and I pushed John’s cum from my mouth into hers. The mixture of our juices tasted sweet and the smell was perfect sex. Liz pushed her tongue deep into my mouth trying to lick every drop of John’s cum from my mouth. We finally broke our kiss and looked toward John.

John’s cock was starting to soften a bit, but he had a totally satisfied look on his face. Liz said that his cock needed a bit more cleaning so she leaned forward on one knee. She pulled the foreskin back and licked the head of his cock. Then she swallowed his entire cock inch by inch. Watching her suck John down her throat was so hot. She slid his dick out of her mouth pulling gently on the foreskin as she did to expose John’s shiny cock head. She tongued all around the crown making sure she got all the cum from his cock. After a bit Liz teasingly announced “all done” and returned to the couch next to me.

Although we were technically nude, the tiny leather outfits were much sexier than being naked. The three of us looked erotic and sexy. John left the room for a minute and returned with a small bag in his hand. He reached in and handed a couple of restraints to Liz. Liz attached one to each of my wrists while John placed one on each of my ankles. Now the picture was perfect — we all were wearing wrist and ankle restraints. Liz also attached a very thin mesh lease to the loop on the cock ring that went into my dick. I don’t think my cock could have gotten any harder. I looked at Liz and then at John. They were smiling at each other. I could only imagine what might be in store.

Liz stood up and moved next to John and wrapped her fingers around his soft cock. John’s uncut cock is about seven inches long and nice and thick. His foreskin is perfect. It just covers the head when he’s soft. As Liz continued to play with his cock, the foreskin began to move back and the head peeked out. As I watched John’s cock grow Liz pulled on my leash. I stood immediately. She turned and headed across the room with us in tow. She had John’s cock in one hand me on the leash with the other.

We walked to a room that I’d never been in before. Liz produced a small key for the lock and opened the door. The room was bathed in a warm red glow. A huge oversized mattress dominated the far side of the room. It was only ten or so inches off the floor and one side was against the wall. It was covered with white silk sheets. The wall had chains hanging from various kinds of hooks and devices.

Without saying anything John attached metal locking clips to each of the restraints on my wrists. Then Liz pulled on my leash and led me over to a inclined, padded leather table. The bottom edge of the table was right at my waist height and was about two feet wide. I could tell by the frame that the height could be raised or lowered as necessary. John pulled me forward and told me to lean over the table. I leaned forward onto the cool leather.

My arms hung down over the front of the table and John secured each of my wrists to hooks on the table frame. After my wrists were secured to the table Liz unhooked the leash from my cock ring. She bent down and spread my legs as wide as they would go as John locked each ankle to the frame. My chin was cradled in a small padded support that tilted my head upward. My head was just at waist level and I was completely exposed for their use.

Liz stood behind me running her hands over my ass and playing with my leather sheathed balls. She bent slightly and ran her fingers up and over my straining cock and said, “Look how hard Gary’s cock is John. I’ve never seen him this excited and I think he’s at just the right height to suck your cock dear.”

John didn’t say anything. He moved slowly around to the front of the table with his semi hard cock in his hand. His foreskin still covered his cock head. He brought it up to my mouth and I opened to accept his uncut cock. It was a new feeling not to be able to use my hands when sucking John. I could only use my tongue and lips on his cock and I was at his mercy when it came to how far he pushed it in.

The feeling of Liz toying with my balls and asshole and John’s hard cock in my mouth was indescribable. As John filled my mouth, Liz worked her finger into my ass. She had applied a bit of lube and her finger was going deeper and deeper each time. She knew that I loved that feeling and I couldn’t get enough of it. As I was enjoying myself I thought I heard a bell ringing in the background.

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