Charlotte Ch. 02

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This story includes concepts of incest, breeding, and milk and everyone is over 18.

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Looking back, I knew how much I loved my new Daddy that first time he shot his seed in me. I knew I wanted more. To always be full of him and give him as many babies as possible.

The first month or so Daddy fucked me every day, sometimes multiple times, each time teaching me how to please him. He showed me how he could please me and how to please myself.

The first time I touched my pussy in front of Daddy I had been here about a week.

“Let’s go to the garden baby girl. I want good light to be able to guide you to making yourself cum.”

“Yes Daddy. You know I just want to please you.”

“Good. I think this will really test your obedience.”

Daddy led me to the garden and directed me to sit on a large wicker chaise with plush satin cushions.

“Sit back, lift your knees to your chest and spread your legs wide.”

I started to do just that when I saw a gardener behind him and I quickly closed my thighs.

Daddy slapped my calve and ordered me to open my thighs.

“But Daddy, there is a man behind you.”

“I’m disappointed you failed this test but have very much wanted to punish your generous ass.”

Daddy sat next to me and before I knew it I was across his knees.

“Johnathan, would you like to watch me punish my daughter?”

“Oh yes Sir, very much”

“I see your cock is hard. Would you want to stroke your cock while I punish her?”

“May I Sir?”

“If it pleases you, you may do so.”

“Charlotte, you will watch Johnathan while I punish you. You will count as I smack your ass. One Daddy, Two Daddy, and so on. Do you understand little girl?”

“Yes Daddy, I understand. I will be a good girl. I’ll do as I’m told,” hoping that would save my bottom.

“You will Charlotte, I’m sure of it. This will be mild compared to what it could be.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Thank me for teaching you to be a good girl.”

Before the words could escape my lips Daddy brought his hand to my ass. I squealed at the painful impact and I knew I still had to answer.

“One Daddy. Thank you disciplining me. I’m very bad. I prom…”

He smacked me much harder than before and as I responded I saw the gardener take his cock out.

“Two Daddy.”

“Look how hard you make Johnathan’s cock little girl. Someday I may let him fuck you but not until my seed takes. Maybe your Papa too.”

The thought excited me and I realized I was getting wet.

He struck me again, harder still that time.

“Three Daddy,” I whimpered, bahis şirketleri “I’ll be good.”

He smacked me a few more times. I was on the verge of tears when he stopped.

“Good girl. Now slide back to where you were on the chaise and do as you were told.”

I did as I was told to do. I spread my legs as far as I could.

“Look how wet your little pussy is. Your clit peeking out is so hard.”

“Johnathan, do you want to come closer and watch my daughter cum?”

Without words he stood next to Daddy at the foot of the chaise, still stroking his big cock. Daddy pulled his cock out too and as he started to stroke I felt my wetness start to slide down, coating my other hole.

“Slide your juice all over your pussy baby. Show us how wet you are.”

I did as asked and even slid two fingers inside me. I was really quite wet.

“Your little pussy, so wet and ready for cock makes me proud. Do your fingers feel good in your pussy?”

I nodded and slowly started to fuck myself. Johnathan looked like he was about to cum and stopped stroking his cock.

Daddy looked at him as though he were crazy.

“This is so amazing Sir. I don’t want to cum yet,” the gardener proclaimed.

“Fair enough.”

Daddy was still stroking his cock and appeared pleased at what I was doing. I loved the way it looked. The head was all purple and it was so very hard and I wanted him inside me.

“That’s it Charlotte. Fuck yourself good.”

Daddy’s encouragement made me so much hotter and I began to slam my fingers inside my sloppy pussy.

I could see Johnathan stroking his cock again out the side of my eye when I realized I was going to cum soon. I stared into Daddy’s eyes and fucked myself even harder, making my titties bounce.

Daddy knew I was close.

“Cum baby girl. Cum for Daddy.”

That’s was all it took. I started to spray out juices like I never had before and was worried I had wet myself another way.

“Look at my little girl squirting all over.”

I heard Johnathan groan and his cum splash on the stone. Daddy heard it too and told him he could go as he climbed between my legs and lined his cock up against my little hole.

“I will never tire of you and this sweet little pussy of yours.”

With that Daddy pushed inside me.

“Do you like Daddy’s cock in you Charlotte? Does it feel good?”

“Yes Daddy. Very good.”

I was bucking my hips into him when he abruptly stopped; his cock still deep in me. I whimpered, not wanting him to stop. I thrust up to meet him, trying to force him deeper.

“Is there something you want Charlotte?”

“Yes Daddy.”

I was whining and squirming. I just wanted to cum.

“What is it you want baby girl? Tell me exactly.”

Like a wild animal I tried to fuck him even though I was pinned by his hips.

“I want you to fuck me Daddy. bahis firmaları Please,” practically shouting.

Daddy started to slam into me and after two strokes I was cumming again.

My pussy convulsed and I couldn’t stop. Daddy didn’t either and just when I thought I would pass out he thrust his cock deep inside and held it there.

I felt the warmth of his cum and the wave washed over me again. I felt like I would never stop cumming.

Our juices started to drip down my ass and Daddy lay on top of me and whispered in my ear what a good girl I was.

He spoiled me so much from the moment I arrived and I knew I would do anything to please him.

He bought me wonderful new dresses. The bodices were nearly see through like the one Papa gave me but they always had a beautiful corset that showed off my small waist and accentuated my ample bosom. Daddy said that the bodices could easily be pulled open to feed our babies but I think part of the reason was because he could easily suckle them and touch them like our babies will.

Suck on them he did. He said if I wanted to produce the most milk he had to suck on them every couple hours. I felt so good I didn’t mind and it always made me very wet when he did it.

I instantly loved the way my nipples would tingle every time he wrapped his lips around them and how they would get so much bigger than they already were.

I couldn’t wait to have Daddy’s baby inside me and make milk for them both. He told me that I could make milk before a baby by drinking this herbal tea and him sucking me all if the time.

I got worried because the way he made it seem they would fill up right away. It didn’t and I thought I was disappointing him.

He told me to be patient, it wouldn’t be long.

He was right.

“That’s it little girl. Ride Daddy’s big cock.”

I didn’t really need to be told. I loved bouncing on his cock.

“I love when you ride me like this Charlotte. Your titties rub and bounce against my chest and the thought of me filling you with my seed makes it very hard not to cum right away.”

“Daddy, whenever you talk about filling me up it makes me cum right away.”

I barely got the words out when I felt my body stiffen, my pussy squeeze Daddy’s cock, and my nipples really start to tingle in a way they never had before.

I drove my pussy down on him and held it there. I needed him as far inside as I could get.

“Good Lord baby girl you fuck me so good. Here it is. Take my seed deep inside that sweet pussy of yours.”

I couldn’t help but bounce really hard on Daddy’s cock as he shot into me. It felt so good and when Daddy thrust up his hips into me I came again making big mess on him and his chair. He laughed, said he didn’t mind, and had someone clean it up.

Not long after that, when I had been here about a month and a half, or so, Daddy kaçak bahis siteleri was laying on my lap sucking on my nipples.

They got very hard and tingle much more than they had before that.

“You did it baby girl. You made milk for Daddy. It’s not much but I tasted you and you taste sweeter than I imagined!”

“Let me see Daddy?”

He squeezed each breast slowly a few times and little drops formed on each nipple.

I was so proud of my body and that it had made him so happy.

“You are pregnant. I am sure of it. You’ve been here awhile and not had your monthly. I know you’ve taken and I couldn’t be happier. You are going to be the perfect mother and my beautiful girl. I can’t wait for your belly to be big and full.”

I hadn’t thought of it but he was right. I should have had it.

I was thinking about being big and round when Daddy carried me to the bed we shared. He tossed me on it and grabbed me by my hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed.

“I’m going to try to make you feel as good as I do now. I don’t think that’s even possible. I’m so happy you took.”

Straightaway, Daddy spread my thighs wide and dove into my pussy.

He was only just touching my dainty lips with his tongue. Although it was barely perceptible it was the most amazing feeling.

Still, I ached and needed his mouth on me, sucking me.

“Don’t be so greedy little girl. You will get more when I decide to give you more.”

Daddy pinned my hips in the bed, spread my legs almost painfully wide, and proceeded torture me. It was torture but each time he grazed my lips, my clit, and slid inside me with just the slightest increase in pressure, I was building an orgasm that felt like no other.

“You taste delicious baby girl and I cannot wait to watch this tiny hole of yours stretch around our child like it does my fingers here. Like it does my cock.”

With that Daddy was on his feet and lifted my hips to meet his cock and at a snails pace slid inside me. Stretching me, just as he said.

Daddy raised me to sit at the edge so I could see his cock gain access to my pussy.

“Watch baby, watch Daddy fuck you.”

I wanted to cum. Needed to cum. I wanted to fuck him back but, as much as I wanted to go fast, there was something about the way he advanced in me.

“Please Daddy.”

“Please what baby?”

“Daddy please. Faster.”

“You’re going to have to be more specific Charlotte.”

“Please Daddy fuck me!”

I screamed so loudly I’m certain all of the servants heard me that time.

“Good girl. Take Daddy’s cock. Cum on me.”

I was watching him thrust inside me and the way he grabbed my shoulder and opposite hip, watching himself fuck me, made me spray my girl cum all over him.

“I love that you cum so hard baby. You feel so good on me.”

He slammed into me and held me tightly as I felt him fill me. The orgasm it caused was less like a wave than it was struggling to climb a mountain just to rapidly slide down the other. I erupted again and felt milk leak from me. I looked down to see Daddy had already latched on.

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