Chase Goes to College Ch. 03 Pt. 03

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Author’s Note:

The following is a work of fiction. It may or may not contain characters based on persons living or dead and may or not may contain actions completed by these same persons who may or may not have lived.

The world where this story takes place is an alternate reality where sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies do not exist (nod to BusyBadger).

This is a continuation of the Ann Marie character.

A hearty thank you and high praise for the editing work and story ideas supplied by fellow author and editor JustKeepRunning. Check out his work! I quite enjoyed it.


Gina stood outside the bathroom she shared with Chase. She waited impatiently for him to come out after his shower. He nearly bowled her over as he left the humid room, still vigorously drying his hair with a towel.

“Were you waiting for me?” he asked with some irritation, “You know, there is another bathroom downstairs.”

“Yes, genius. I know there’s another bathroom downstairs.” she retorted sarcastically.

He was about to push past her and go into his room, but she stood in his path. “So, did you?” she asked while making a lewd gesture with her hands suggesting sex.

“That’s none of your business.” he stated matter of factly. Then with increasing irritation, “Why do you care anyway?”

Her leer spread to her entire face, “Because, genius. I told you she was nekkid. She obviously came here to get laid.”

He sighed with exasperation. “Not that I am agreeing with you, but so what if she did? It’s not like it’s hurting anybody.”

She patted him on the shoulder mockingly. “Just watching out for you. You always act so awkward around women. It’s like we’re a different species or something.”

“Gee, thanks sis! I don’t know what I’d do without you.” he replied sarcastically.

“Now get in there and be a man!” she exclaimed. She threw his bedroom door open, slapped his ass, and shoved him in.

He was about to respond with anger as he stumbled into the room when he noticed Ann Marie sitting on his bed, wrapped in a towel. “You’re still here?” he said with surprise. The urge to murder his annoying step sister now forgotten.

“I was beginning to wonder if you were going to come back.” she replied.

“Um, I live here. This is my room.” he replied with confusion.

She chuckled pleasantly. “Duh! I know you live here. You just took a long time in the shower. Were you hoping if you stalled long enough I would just leave?” she teased.

“No! No! I just thought maybe you had to go somewhere. We finished swimming hours ago.” he replied.

“Yes. Yes, we did. We also did something after that.” she said suggestively.

He came to her side and stood over her. “And you’re still here.”

She looked up into his eyes hungrily. “Yes. I am still here. What cha gonna do about it?” she challenged.

He lifted her chin gently, “If you stay, you’re gonna do what you’re told.” He looked purposely into her eyes. “My house, my rules. Got it?” he asked seriously.

She held his meaningful look without blinking or looking away, “Yes, sir.”

“Get up on the bed.” he instructed.

Maintaining eye contact, she climbed backward onto the bed and stopped near the middle. She waited there, supporting herself on her elbows and looked expectantly at him.

Slowly, he climbed on the bed. Starting between her feet, he worked his way upward, peppering her flesh with tiny kisses and nibbles. Unhurriedly, he explored her splayed legs as one would the most lavish of smorgasbords ever seen. Her skin pimpled like gooseflesh where his hot breath and warm kisses caressed her thighs. He explored first one side then the other with the curiosity of a child.

Her arousal was clear; her feminine aroma beckoned him to her center. He inhaled deeply, her scent was intoxicating.

She whimpered with unfulfilled need. She kept quiet, not wanting to break the spell but desperate to be satisfied. Her hands twisted and kneaded the sheet under her.

“Towel.” he commanded, no other directions. Recognizing that either the towel wrapped around her either was or would be in his way, she scrambled to remove it.

“Under your ass.” he directed simply. She was confused at first but remembered that she would be squirting later when she orgasmed – and she was hoping for a huge climax.

It took some effort, but she was able to get the towel underneath them both, hopefully in the “splash zone”, she thought with both excitement and fear.

Satisfied the towel was in the right spot, he moved like a predator until his hot breath was exhaling on her mute mouth. “Oh God!” she exclaimed, “Right there!”

Unhurriedly, he nuzzled the source of the musky aroma filling his nostrils. She cooed softly as his lips made feathery touches on and around the landscape and cavern at her center.

Arching her back reflexively, she wanted to wrestle his sandy brown hair covered head into more direct contact with the ache at her core. When Eryaman Escort his hot tongue met the folds of sensitive flesh guarding her cavern, she cried out and curled her legs reflexively around his muscular back.

As slowly as he had explored the smooth plains of her thighs, he nuzzled and caressed the landscape outside her cavern. Each of her labia was fully mapped with his nose and tongue. Each millimeter of folded skin caressed and massaged with tongue and lips. She could only moan and mutter incoherently at the exquisite torture. She ached for him to plunder her cavern, but he seemed unable to find it or unwilling to enter.

With deliberate focus and gentleness, he inhaled the fleshy inner labia one at time. With great tenderness, he suckled the wrinkled flesh. Her loud moans told him everything he needed to know about how well he was doing and how much she liked it. He suckled and nipped her labia one after the other more than once. It seemed to her that he enjoyed the activity too much. She began to fear that his extended meanderings in her valleys would be the end of his exploration before entering her prized cavern.

Just when she was about to give up hope, his joy giving lips moved to the edge of the cavern. With relief and enthusiasm, she pulled at him with her hands on his head and her heels on his back. She needed him inside her. She needed him right then. She needed him urgently.

He smiled into the wet darkness of her cavern. She had toyed with him earlier. Perhaps he would return the ‘favor’. He nuzzled the hood covering her clit. She jumped at his touch and whimpered. Clearly, she was in an excited state, perhaps over-stimulated. He tentatively used his tongue to outline the cavern opening. She relaxed slightly and moaned.

He drew a series of circles around the cavern but did not enter. She seemed to relax a little. Conserving for the onslaught he planned, he used his nose instead of his tongue as the explorer at the dark opening.

Like a cautious animal wary of a trap, his smeller nuzzled the tight ring. When the response was for her to forcibly shove his head into her core and therefore his nose into her aching pussy, he smiled again. He did like giving pleasure. He heartily enjoyed the giving and receiving of joy from a sexual partner. He savored the moment, the scents, the sensations, even the sounds of her whimpers and moans. He made a memory store and filled the first chamber.

He did not fight her as she fucked herself with his nose. He reasoned that it would not be enough to satisfy her, and she would eventually demand more.

Later, he was not surprised when she grew frustrated with her fruitless efforts and she stopped using his head like a sex toy. She simply pleaded, “Please.”

He exhaled warm breath onto her equally hot cavern and the rows of flesh surrounding the opening. Reflexively, she squeezed her thighs around him and pulled with her heels. “Please!” she whimpered.

When his tongue found the cavern entrance, she cried out, “Yes!” He gently pushed inside, and she moaned. He began to explore the cavern much as he had done the sensitive slots alongside the entrance.

She threw her head side to side, moaning as his wet muscle probed her own wet muscled cavern. He enjoyed the exploration of not unfamiliar territory. He mentally cataloged each action and reaction pair as his tongue explored the darkness.

He noticed the increase of wetness in his workspace and changed the meandering of his wanderer to a more direct assault of her treasure cave. He deeply Frenched her mute mouth. His spelunking had become more intense and more focused. The cave diver searched her living walls until the expected cave art could just be reached.

When the soft wet tongue was replaced with first one then two fingers, she was unable to hold back any more. She wailed with need, “There! Keep going!”

Smiling into her soft curly fur, he rotated his wrist until the powerful digits located the cave art themselves and began rubbing the uneven flesh in time with the mouth muscle now circling her engorged pleasure button.

Babbling incoherently, she released the head giving her head and knotted her fingers in the sheets. Her legs quaked and trembled as the tsunami built toward cresting; the building wave threatened to wash her away.

He took her to the peak but pulled back before the wave broke. She wailed in frustration. “Please! Don’t stop. I’m almost there.” she pleaded.

He climbed between her spread legs until his alter ego was at the opening he was previously plundering. “Oh, we’re not done yet.” he drawled. “Not by a long shot.”

Then teasingly, “Unless you want to stop. I wouldn’t want to make you do something you don’t want to do.” he said with a smirk.

“Please.” she pleaded, “Don’t stop.”

Laying his body on hers, he positioned his boarding party at her beachhead. Drawing his mouth to her, he exhaled hot breath along the sensitive skin below her ear before breathily warning Sincan Escort her, “Remember, you asked for this. Either you stay here and do what you’re told, or you leave now.”

“Yes! Please!” she exclaimed urgently. “Don’t tease me.”

Wrapping a hand in her long hair, he tugged as a warning. “I’ll tease you all I want. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” she replied softly.

“Put your hands over your head.” he stated. She quickly complied. “You’re about to get fucked.”

She wailed urgently, “Please! Please fuck me hard.”

Spearing her fully in a single thrust, he buried himself inside her. A grunt involuntarily escaped them both at the impact of their bodies.

He supported himself with his hands on the bed; he wanted to be above her. He wanted to watch her flesh react to the action he was preparing to unleash on her. “Look at me.” he demanded. “Keep your eyes on mine.”

“Yes, sir.” she replied demurely, fixing her gaze solidly on his piercing eyes.

Rocking his hips backward then forcefully forward, he pounded himself inside her again. Her body responded noisily: a groan escaped her lips, the slap of her flesh when it collided with his, and the quiet slosh of her full breasts hurrying toward her shoulders then returning to their more natural home.

He drank in the scene thirstily, thrilling at the favorite and familiar motion below him. Like a pair of rubber duckies in a small tub tossed around on waves, her ample bosom sloshed fluidly in time with his thrusts.

Repeating the motion, he was pleased to see the erotic reaction. He loved watching her breasts slosh back and forth as he impaled his lover. The lizard brain demanded more and more while the rational brain pondered why he loved boobs so much. Ultimately, exquisite sensations traveling from his core crowded out all rational thinking and the animal took over.

The slap of their flesh started slowly at first, each stroke a unique experience stored like a treasure. Then greed took the reins and each stroke blended into the next. The twin mounds reciprocated like pistons, the timing driven by the masculine hips thrusting and mashing into the feminine pelvis. The grunts and groans of the pair built on the fleshy noises of their coupling. The room filed with the erotic sound of their sex.

“Kegel me.” he demanded, “I’m almost there.” The speed of his thrusts increased. The slap of skin on skin grew sharper. Their grunts and groans grew louder still. She writhed under him like a trapped serpent struggling to get free. He held her hips and plowed forcefully, urgently with gritted teeth.

Suddenly he paused. He paused only long enough to lift her heels to his shoulders and quickly found his way back inside her. She moaned loudly following the change, his body penetrating her forcibly. The hot throbbing pole spearing her insides was now directly impacting the spongy spot that drove her wild.

Holding her hips like a masturbation toy, he violently plunged into her tight box with a new urgency. He grunted with the exertion of smashing their bodies together. Their bodies slapped together again and again until he started laughing maniacally as he filled her void with his discharge.

Emptying his essence into her receptacle, the euphoria caused him to lose awareness of his surroundings. Her body quaked under his while she struggled to support his weight. When he became aware again, he split her legs and laid his body heavily on hers. Both panted loudly from the sprint they had just completed.

After her breathing slowed, she grudgingly struggled to roll him off her. “Chase. You’re crushing me.” she managed to breathe out faintly.

Just about the moment she thought she might suffocate under the heavy weight of a lover, he stirred.

“You know, ever since I met you, I have been wondering what a good tit-fuck would feel like.” he shared honestly. “I could never tell you that, of course, but today we’re going to find out.”

She was about to retort when he placed a single finger lightly on her lips. “Or…” he started and looked meaningfully at the door.

Swallowing her words, she replied softly with determination, “No, I’m staying.”

He smiled broadly. He climbed off her warm flesh and stood expectantly next to the bed. Not yet catching on, she looked at him questioningly. “Trade me spots.” he stated simply.

After she stood, he sat on the edge of the bed and gently guided her head down to the sloppy meat in his lap. “Look at me. Don’t break eye contact or I’ll have to spank you.” When she didn’t protest, he offered, “Maybe you want to be spanked. Do you want that to be your treat for doing a good job?”

Wordlessly, she dropped to her knees between his. Clumsily, she found his tooling with both hands, and brought him to her lips. Tentatively bringing her taster out, she found the length in her hands and licked a ring around the hardening flesh. “How do you taste, slut?” he demanded.

“Good, sir.” she almost whispered. Etlik Escort She was struggling now, the angel on her right shoulder now loud enough to hear. When he was inside her, only the devil on her left shoulder could be heard. She knew she shouldn’t let him treat her like that.

But since her shower, he hadn’t let her cum yet and she wanted, no, needed to cum. She decided she could play along long enough to get what she needed then she would just leave.

He reached into the drawer of his night stand and retrieved a small bottle of personal lubricant. “Use this between your tits and on my cock.” he instructed.

She took the lube and squeezed lines on both breasts and along the shaft of the now erect and pulsing meat in her other hand. She smeared the generously applied slippery fluid with both hands. He expressed his pleasure, “That’s it. Now make a pussy with your tits and get to fucking me, slut.”

Eager to get back to where he was either pleasuring her or both of them, she pushed the flesh of her bosom around the erect pole jutting from his groin. With some effort, she found that she could rock her hips and get enough up and down motion to simulate the dicking she was enjoying not long before.

He moaned with pleasure. “That is so sexy watching my cock slide between your tits!”

Encouraged by the positive feedback, she put more motion into the action on her chest, twisting her chest and sticking out her tongue as the rod neared her mouth.

“This is even better than I imagined. Don’t stop!” he demanded. Hoping to send him along, she captured the head of the rod in her lips and pushed her breasts up and down instead of her chest. When she felt the quivering in his thighs, she focused her energies on pleasuring the meat in her mouth. She knew he was enjoying her treatment of him.

Releasing the slippery fun bags, she put both hands directly around the equally slippery meat pole and vigorously stroked, still holding him in her mouth. Soon she felt his response as she felt his hands on the back of her head. Her eyes teared and she struggled to get more of him inside her.

She held her breath pushed him past the gag reflex at the back of her throat until she felt him lodge in her throat. She had never given a man a blowjob like this, but she wanted to now. She held him there as long as she could.

She extracted the meat blocking her windpipe, drew in more air, and shoved the most uncomfortable thing she could imagine down the back of her throat again. She watched as he lost focus and drifted away on the journey that would soon have him spewing.

She was trying to be ready when the geyser started but ran out of air before the eruption. She withdrew the blockage in her windpipe to her mouth just as the eruption started. The thick sticky mass filled her mouth more quickly than she had anticipated. The slightly bitter creme started to leak around the seal of her lips on the head of snake she had just charmed.

Letting him slip free from her, she drew in fresh air as she stroked the last few volleys from what had just felt like a firehose in her mouth. While the first volleys had erupted like geysers, the last volleys only flowed like lava around the cone of his volcano held by the surrounding hills of her hand.

He turned his body to lie on the bed and pulled her to her side. “You can clean up later.” He threw his arm around her side and held her close, ignoring the stickiness in his crotch and her chest.

Ann Marie enjoyed the cuddling but wondered what was next. She knew that the day was just a day and tomorrow they would go back to being co-workers on different shifts. As she debated whether to try and slip out or talk to him, she felt him stirring.

Powerful arms drew her closer into his embrace until her body was mashed against his from head to toe. His face was buried in her hair, his arms wrapped around her chest, his legs nestled behind hers, and their mutual friend inflating between them.

Inhaling her scent deeply, he started kissing the back of her neck and stroking her side. Tiny cooing sounds slipped out as his fingertips just grazed the fine blonde hairs on her body.

Soon she was grinding her ass on his crotch, her arousal growing like a wildfire in a strong wind. Reaching between them, she found the one she wanted. Rubbing the meat until it was stiff and wooden, she scooted until her hand guided the friendly visitor between her thighs. Satisfied that little Chase was in the right place, she reached behind her again trying to encourage some more activity.

He purred into her ear, “Want some more, slut?” He nibbled on her ear while his hand found its way from her side to between her thighs. She moaned as masculine fingers teased the sticky, soft curls guarding her private entrance.

As if hypnotized, her hips started rocking back and forth as the invited guest knocked but did not pass through the door. He groaned with the teasing caresses of her hot stickiness against his cock. “Get on your knees slut.” he demanded.

She rushed to assume the position, eager to get him back inside her. This time! This time she was going to cum. Unhurriedly, he positioned himself behind her. Gently he guided her legs apart until her cave gaped open invitingly. She whimpered with anticipation, her pussy dripping like Pavlov’s dog with a chorus of bells ringing.

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