Cheating, Lying, and Revenge Pt. 07

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This is a story about life, love, and a cheating wife. Not the most far-fetched idea, but it was worlds away from where we started. This is our story.

(Note to readers: I am a new writer, only two months attempting this. I had thought excepting comments from readers would help me become better with constructive criticism, but with the poor excuse for humans on this platform, that was not to be. It has gotten to the point where I cannot tolerate their vile putrid comments that I will no longer accept comments on my stories. I apologize in advance, as I’m sure this will take me longer before I become anywhere near proficient at this art, but it’s the only avenue I see. Thank you for reading.)

Cheating, Lying, and Revenge

Part Seven

I’m finally let in on the set-up and plan

Morning came and it was to be a busy day, but I was more curious about how Julia got along all night. I checked her account, and she was up to $1980.00 in what I was now calling her “Fuck Me Account”. That means she was just short of 100 visitors for the night. I checked the video log and it seemed she attracted a bachelor party of over 20 Men, and various groups of Men ranging from 3 to 15 Men at a time. She was now laying over the metal desk totally out of it, and cum dripping from everywhere. Her being covered in it made me decide to use the old pick-up rather than the car to go get her.

I had an hour and a half before I had to bring her home and get her ready for her trip, so I called Geoff and asked if he would mind keeping Shea for two hours, which he said he was happy to do so. Of course, he was happy to help me, leaving a semi naked young whore who wants to learn to please men with her body with him for two hours? I just told Shea to be really nice to this man because he was helping me with some important things, and she just smiled.

I dropped her off at Geoff’s place, then went to retrieve Julia and she was awake but worn out. I unchained her and told her she needed to get ready for her trip to Dayton, and once again she asked me if she shouldn’t stay home this time. I gave her the choice of going in her trip or remaining in the warehouse for the next five days, and she decided to go. I brought Julia through the pool house to clean up there and helped her get in the outside shower. After cleaning her up we went into the house and I helped her pack, although she hid the underwear and bras she was packing. I slipped that second phone that only can call me into her bag as Geoff advised I should do and made sure it was turned on. She did her makeup and hair, dressed in business attire, and went through with the whole lie about Dayton Ohio. I just snickered silently, not knowing exactly what was going to happen, but I knew Geoff, and this was going to be life changing for them all.

I dropped her at work where she was to meet her cohorts and head for the airport together. Although she tried to put in a good face to them, she was worn out and completely docile, but they didn’t seem to mind as I saw one of them feeling up her tits from the rear-view mirror as I drove away. I thought to myself, enjoy them now, this will be your last rodeo scumbag.

I returned to Geoff’s and walked into his office but didn’t see Shea, so I asked where she was. I heard a muffled sound and Geoff just pointed under his desk. Of course, he took advantage of that situation and put her to work, but what the hell is wrong with sharing a whore between friends. I sat down and waited to see what Geoff had planned.

“Well, you’ve kept me in the dark for some time now, are you going to tell me how this will play out?”

“It’s going to work out like this. There are three local contractors on the airline manifest going to Tampa Bay with your wife and company and staying at the same hotel. I have ALL the rooms equipped with audio and video, and the main penthouse suite is completely covered along with the pool and hot tubs. These people think they are untouchable and will talk openly about everything.”

“Are we going to be able to catch Bill Easton in this web also?”

“He’s already at the airport waiting for the rest of them. We’ll get his worthless ass also.”

“OK, then what did you get for us to use, and are we going to get them all fired over this?”

Oh Please, do I appear that pedestrian to you? I’ve been in the company’s computers for a week now. I have much more than just what we get on this trip, I have a paper trail that goes back years, and unfortunately your wife is prominent in a lot of it. But the company Beylikdüzü Escort isn’t even the grand prize, The golden ring is Wilfred Annandale Rowe, and we will own his ass, his company, and his old money.”

“How did you get into his company and get all the proof you need?”

“I spoofed your wife’s phone and sent John Morgan a message that she couldn’t wait for the trip, along with a naked Pic of her that was on her phone. The dirty old bastard could resist seeing her with her legs spread, even though he sees it all the time. I hid a worm in the picture, and I was in as soon as he opened it with a company computer.”

“How long do we wait before springing the trap?”

“Probably a day or two, I just want confessions from Easton, Morgan, and the rest of their dirty crew, then I take the whole load of trash out, or should I say you do.”

“I get to be the front man in all of this?”

“You wanted revenge, and you’re going to exact it and watch the old man cry. Go home and take care of your fabulous cocksucker and use some of that money Julia earned overnight and take her out.”

“Yeah, and remind me to never piss you off?”

“Just don’t fuck up my addition. I need that space just the way we agreed.”

“You got it, and any other special items you want that aren’t on the plans. Come on Shea, we’ve got things to do.”

Shea and I left to return home, and she was acting especially playful along the way. I watched her playing with herself while we drove, and I warned her against getting me worked up while we were in public. Wearing just a short dress that buttoned up the front, with those buttons undone was more than I could take, so I pulled into a car wash to clean my truck. While waiting for it to go through I put her on all fours and fucked her from behind as the Men working there watched every minute, running alongside the truck as it went through. It didn’t take me long and I had come in her pussy before we got to the end, then she just sat there scooping my cum from her pussy and slurping it off her fingers. I then had her lean over to clean me as we drove out and heard an applause from the workers there.

We arrived home for a quiet day watching and waiting for the idiots to incriminate themselves and the company. Geoff had set up a web page where he would post clips of things done and said, so I could see it in almost real time, but I still didn’t know his entire plan. What I did know is that he hated the owner of this company, and apparently had good reason to, and was going to do as much damage as he could. As for us, Shea just stayed glued to my cock with her mouth when we weren’t fucking, and I wasn’t complaining one bit.

“So how did you like your time over at Geoff’s this morning?”

“Well, I did as you told me and was very nice to him.”

“Was sucking his cock the only thing you did for him?”

“Oh no, he fucked me twice, once in each hole, then put me under the desk to suck him clean, and that’s when you came back. I’m sure there is quite a puddle under the desk where I leaked on his carpet, but he didn’t seem to mind.”

“Well, you know your holes are very talented and I can’t blame him for making use of you.”

“He was nice to me and not rough at all, so I didn’t mind fucking him.”

“Then your body has had one busy day today. Why don’t you go soak in a the tub and join me in bed afterwards?”

“That sounds like a good idea, get cleaned and ready for you tonight.”

While she bathed, I made us a small meal and we ate and drank before going to bed. I checked Geoff’s webpage and he posted one scene with John Morgan openly telling two contractors that they had unlimited free use of Julia and two other women there from the company, after they signed up with the Rowe corporation. Bill Easton was in the background ass fucking Julia and bragging about how good her asshole felt. I knew he was lying, as her ass had been stretched the entire night before, and there was no way could have tightened back up that quickly. But lying was the least of what these people did, and we were going to catch them all in our trap.

Two days past while Shea and I did everything you could imagine, her improving in her techniques making it more enjoyable to fuck her. She was becoming a whole lot more than just a slut or whore, she was growing into a woman who enjoyed using her own body to please a man. She had become practiced in vaginal sex, exercising those muscles, and making them stronger, along with learning to be an Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan anal virtuoso. I was becoming infatuated with her and her willingness to perform any act to please me, and I was considering never sending her back.

Then I received the call I had been waiting for, it was Geoff and he wanted to see me. I had Shea put on an elastic tube top and a short skirt that was as short as a cheerleader’s outfit, and an A-Line cut. Over the past two days, Shea had learned how much she enjoyed masturbation as we drove, and she made sure she didn’t wear anything that got in the way of her fun. I on the other hand, loved to watch her Cum as we drove around town, she was just so damn beautiful when she orgasmed. It became such a regular activity for us that I started carrying towels in the back seat, and she knew to put one in the seat every time we got into the car. This ride was going to be no different, and I wasn’t going to complain.

When we arrived at Geoff’s, Shea and I took a seat and she looked at me with questioning eyes.

“Go ahead, I want this man happy”.

She stripped off her skirt and top, so she was just in heels, walked around the other side of his desk and crawled underneath it waiting for him to slide his chair in.

“I’m starting to enjoy your visits more and more my friend.”

“I doubt that has anything to do with me Geoff. Now what news do you have for me?”

“Well, we got more than what we needed, and more than what I had hoped for. I have John Morgan selling company services for public contracts with you naked wife sitting next to him, and they’re all promising extreme sexual favors in return for them signing with the Rowe corporation and it was done three times, once with each contractor.”

“Fantastic I think, but what do we do with it now?”

“You have an appointment at 9:30am tomorrow with the old man, along with your IT specialist.”

“And what do I say to him?”

“I’ll do all of that, you just pick me up at 9am sharp.”

“So, I’m not supposed to say anything?”

“No, you’re the outraged husband of a wife who his company is using as a whore to sell consulting contracts. You’ll know what to say, when to say it, and how to give him every bit of outrage you have as it goes along. Trust me you don’t want this scripted; you want it genuine.”

“How bad is this going to be?”

“Worse than that old bastard, or any of his minions ever imagined, I promise you that. And you must leave your friend at home for this, dress respectfully, and do your best to be the offended party.”

“And you’re going to be my IT guy even though you’re a computer genius?”

“Just you wait and see, you won’t recognize me, and neither will he.”

Alright, I’ll leave it on your hands. Come on Shea, grab your clothes and let’s go.”

Shea got dressed and we left, her playing with herself the entire time we drove. (God, I love true sluts.) We stopped at the drive through of a local burger joint to pick up lunch and she never stopped, as the kid in the drive through is telling all his friends, I am sure. I figured we would have lunch and could explain everything that was happening to her. After we finished her entire disposition changed.

“Does this mean I don’t have to go back to my parents’ house?”

“As far as I am concerned, you can stay with me for as long as you choose to be.”

We had our meal and talked about what the future might hold in this new scenario, her now knowing that she’s not being sent back. I was taken back by the depth of the questions and then reasoning coming from this nineteen-year-old that had been abused much of her teen life, but she was honestly worried about her future.

“Can we talk seriously about some things?”

“Yes, of course. What’s on that mind of yours Shea?”

“If you’re going to be alone now, and I don’t have to go back to my parents, is there a long-term plan for me in this place?”

“I don’t have a planned laid out if that’s what you’re asking. So far, my plan was to find out what you want, and see if we can do it.”

“Up until you came and got me, my life was just a series of abusive moments. You have showed me how to take something that was forced upon me for the enjoyment of others, and you’ve showed me how to enjoy it.”

“Do you mean sex that your father forced you to have?”

“Yes, but not just that. I went practically nowhere; my mom knew what was happening and not only didn’t try to stop it but treated me like crap because of Escort Beylikdüzü it. You showed me how to enjoy having sex, you showed me how to get some satisfaction by treating my mom the way she treated me, you even showed me how to explore sex in a way I had not thought possible before.”

“Alright, I can see all that coming from where you were and to where you are now. But what exactly are you asking me?”

“Well first I want to be anything and everything you would like me to be. If you want me as your private girl, I will be that. If you want to share my mouth with your friends, I’ll do that too. But if you want me to be an all-out whore for you, and anyone you choose, to use I will fill that role. Just let me know what you want me to be, and I’ll do it.”

“How about this Shea, you be whatever you want to be. Yes, I am enjoying having you here and having sex with you, but I don’t own you, nor do I want to. This was to be temporary and now it’s a wide-open situation where you will be making some choices based on what you want.”

“And what happens if what I want isn’t what you want, what happens to me then?”

You tell me what it is that you want, and I try to make that available to you. I’m not sure I understand what it is that you’re asking me yet. Just come out and say it, I won’t get angry with you.”

“Being here with you is the first time I can remember that I felt like someone really cared about me, and I want that to continue, forever if possible.”

“Do you not feel loved and cared for now?”

“Oh yes, don’t get me wrong. I feel great the way we’re living right now. But your wife…what happens to me?”

“You don’t have to worry about her, she’s not coming back here.”

“I know that, and that’s what worries me.”

“I don’t understand Shea, why would she not coming back worry you?”

“Well, she was having sex with a bunch of people. I’m pleasing Geoff and who knows who you will ask me to be with in the future? Do you end up getting rid of me then? Do I end up like her and you move on to so done else?”

“Shea, come here and listen to me carefully. My wife was screwing everyone she could, she was doing it behind my back, she lied to me about it, and having sex with Men for money was her only goal. That is not the case with you, and I think you can see the difference. What I once felt for her isn’t gone, it just isn’t important considering the things she has done. Plus, I had to endure the embarrassment of my friends telling me my wife was a lying whore for anyone that walked into the room. We, like everyone else, had a relationship based on certain things, and she ruined all of that. If I ask you to take care of Geoff or anyone else, two important things must happen. First, you must want to, you’re not my sex slave to farm out to just anyone. And second, I know about it, it’s not done behind my back. Do you understand the difference?”

“Yes, I think so. But what do I do then, do I stay at home and wait for you every day, do I become your housemaid, do I become your wife at some point?”

“Shea, you can become whatever you want, and as far as my wife, we have a long way to go before either of us must worry about that. I will support you in anything you want to do, if it doesn’t mean you turning into a lying whore like my wife. Anything else we can talk about and work out. I know this is all happening fast and can be confusing, but we can work through almost anything if we do it together.”

“Yes, that sounds great, but if you’re not happy with me, please tell me and I’ll do my best to make it better.”

“You don’t need to worry Shea, I don’t see you doing anything to make me unhappy, but if something comes up, I’ll tell you about it.”

“Great, but there is one more thing I need to ask you. Tomorrow is a big day for you?”

“Yes Shea, tomorrow is a big day.”

“Well then, I would like to come with you. I’ll dress however you think is appropriate and keep my mouth shut, but I would like to be there with you.”

“I don’t think it would be a big problem if I brought you as my personal assistant, but we need to go get you a matching skirt and suit jacket, with a conservative blouse to go along with it. So, let’s go shopping dear and please stop worrying, everything is just fine.”

We bought her a satin ivory blouse that buttoned to the neck and had a long tie to out into a bow at the collar. A suit with a mid-thigh pencil skirt and matching jacket cut for a woman’s shape but not slutty, three-inch black conservative heels and a small leather clad planner for her to take notes like she was an actual assistant. I called Geoff to make sure it would not be a problem and he was good with it, so we were all set for tomorrow and closing Geoff’s trap on all the vermin.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day, and I can’t wait to see what he had planned.

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