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“Ha! That knight is mine. Oh, and I believe that’s ‘check’.”


I sighed as I looked across the table at the girl sitting opposite me. If I’d known she’d be this good at chess, I probably would have thought twice before playing against her — especially with the added stipulation that she had decided to implement “in the name of fun”; each time one of us had a piece taken by the other, we had to remove an item of clothing. Strip chess, if you will.

Thank God I decided to wear a lot of layers… I thought to myself.

“Come on then,” she teased, smirking and waving her hand at me. “Take something off.”

Groaning, I took a sip of the very strong vodka and coke that I had made for myself. It seemed entirely possible that I could lose this game after all. As it stood, I was down to my t-shirt and boxers, whereas she sat in her underwear and fishnets. My jeans, socks, necklace, wristband and hoodie lay in a discarded pile along with her corset, skirt, choker and high heels.

Truth be told, neither of us actually seemed too bothered about our current and increasing state of undress. We had, after all, been seeing each other for about a month now. Some people may have thought that such an occurrence meant that our relationship was moving a little on the fast side, but once again, neither of us cared much for such opinions. It obviously felt right to us, and at the end of the day, when it came down to a relationship the only people it concerned were those involved in it.

I pulled my t-shirt off over my head slowly and let it fall to the floor, the latest victim of our little game, and brushed my hair back out of my eyes to look at her. She smiled wickedly.

“There’s a good boy…” she purred softly.

I smiled back at her despite my earlier mock protests at having to forfeit more clothes. She was beautiful — everything I had actually sought in a partner, both physically or otherwise. Long dark hair reached down past her shoulders to about the level of her chest. Her eyes were blue, but not just any blue; a perfectly unique shade that stood out from any others, pale and full of spark, emphasised by both her dark eyeliner and a pair of frameless glasses, drawing my attention there almost effortlessly. Her figure was slim, slender whilst still retaining her identity as a woman, and her long legs seemed almost to go on forever. Her lips shimmered with a faint layer of gloss, and her fingernails glistened black with polish. She wore two silver rings on the forefinger and middle finger of her right hand, and further gothic jewellery usually adorned her neck. She was pierced, too; a scaffold in her right ear and a ring in the left side of her nose. When she was actually dressed, she wore clothes of a very attractive style, usually things like corsets or lace with denim skirts and tights. Today she had been wearing the heels, but usually she could be seen wearing New Rock boots that came to just below her knees. It wasn’t just her appearance that had attracted me to her, although she did express a lot of things that I personally found to be extremely pretty. Her personality, too, had drawn me to want to be with her. She was feisty; fun. Someone I could have a genuine laugh and a good time with. The kind of girl that wouldn’t take shit from anyone, who would stand up for herself. And of course, there was her taste in music. She was a “metal” girl through and through, and that suited me more than fine.

I myself also erred on that side of the spectrum. My own hair reached the bottom of my ribs, brown and wavy. Although a lot of people didn’t seem to like this, she had a made a point of the fact that she did. My eyes were also blue, but of a more piercing, icy variety. I usually wore fairly baggy jeans and band shirts and hoodies of some variety — the ones I had been wearing today before we had started to play had been Iron Maiden merchandise. The necklace my best friend had bought me for my birthday one year was typically always around my neck and I also wore two rings, although mine were on my left hand and gold instead of silver.

“I thought you told me you were crap at this?” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“Well maybe this time I had something to actually play for,” she responded, looking me over.

I blushed slightly, finding myself unable to take my eyes off her. Her smooth pale skin contrasted perfectly with the black of her lingerie, which was patterned with white hearts in a way that I found to be incredibly cute. My mind couldn’t stop thinking about how her skin would feel on mine. I got the feeling that she could tell this, that she knew me well enough to pick up on what I was thinking. At that moment she left her seat, walking slowly and deliberately around the edge of the table towards me. I made to stand up, but she shook her head, pushing me gently back into my own chair and moving around to stand behind me, leaning in right down close to me. Her lips brushed my neck. Her breath was hot on my ear. Her almanbahis hands reached around to slowly stroke my now bare chest.

“Your move…” she whispered, her soft words sounding sensual and erotically-charged.

It was safe to say that for my next “move”, I wasn’t really thinking about the chessboard anymore. I took her hand and pulled back around so that she stood in front of me where I sat, kissing her stomach softly while stroking my hands up and down the sides of her body. She smiled down at me from her higher position and moved so that her long legs were on either side of me as she straddled my lap, facing me. She traced a nail down my neck with a giggle, making me shiver slightly. She pressed herself against me, softly at first and then gradually increasing the pressure and the contact between us as she moved her hips in a circular motion, moaning softly as she felt my excitement and longing for her beginning to grow as I got more and more turned on by her actions, thrusting upwards partly out of instinct as I couldn’t help but respond. She smiled her sexy smile again, moving her hand up to the waistband of my boxers as she leant down and licked my neck.

“I think it’s about time these came off…don’t you?” she murmured.

I nodded. How could I not? There was no way that I could say no to her, and nor would I want to. She was the most desirable human being I had ever set my eyes upon, and I was lucky enough to be able to call her mine. She fulfilled everything that I could ever ask of her.

Without hesitation, she got up from my lap and pulled my boxers down my legs and off completely, casually throwing them to one side. I gasped as she stroked one hand up my length, teasing me with her fingertips. I felt myself stiffen further at her touch and she smiled wickedly, wrapping her hand around me and starting to pump it slowly up and down, winking at me as she did so. A moan escaped from between my lips before I could stop myself. She knew exactly how to get to me and exactly what I liked. With her free hand, she gently scratched her nails down my chest, leaving red trails in their wake and eliciting further uncontrolled moans from within me. Following this, she ran her tongue along the marks in a catlike fashion, the softness of her action combining so pleasurably with the contrasting sting of her scratchmarks. I could hardly take this anymore. The way she was winding me up was making my lust for her unbearable. I wanted…no, needed to be inside her.

“Want to fuck me yet?” she purred, obviously picking up on how I felt.

My response to this was to pretty much yank her pants down, sliding one of my own hands between her legs, determined to make her need me as much as I needed her. Her pussy became wet as I rubbed and stroked it softly, working my fingers against her and then entering her in a rhythm that was rewarded with the sounds of her own moans.

“Ah! D-don’t stop…” she breathed, the motion of her own hand getting faster on my cock, her excitement driving her almost wild in her actions. My hand and fingers moved faster as I pushed them deeper and harder inside of her, her moans and gasps increasing in line with this. I wanted her, so fucking badly, almost desperately. However, she apparently wasn’t done with getting warmed up yet. With her eyes never leaving mine, she slowly went down to her knees in front of me, between my legs as I sat in the chair, looking up at me and running her tongue over her lips.

“I’m going to make sure you don’t ever forget tonight…” she said with a wink.

My hands tangled in her hair as I felt her tongue circle the tip of my cock, closing my eyes in pleasure as I felt her flick it teasingly over me before running it up and down my whole length. One of her hands moved to play with my balls, rubbing them while her other hand gripped my cock as she started to toss me off again while also continuing her licking actions. There was definitely no way that I was going to forget this. I gasped loudly as she suddenly took my cock in her mouth, sucking the tip whilst also continuing to lap at me with her tongue like a cat. I pulled her hair reflexively, the feel of her mouth on me making me want her more and more. She sucked harder, bobbing her head up and down, and I noticed that she was touching herself too whilst sucking my cock — this only increased my own satisfaction at the current situation. I arched my back with a moan as I felt a slight sting that I loved, realizing that she had used her teeth to softly bite me.

I expected nothing less, considering how kinky I had discovered her to be.

She stopped sucking but continued to move her hand on my cock, reaching into her bag which lay nearby with her free hand, pulling something out and holding it up so that I could clearly see it.

“Let’s make this a little more interesting, shall we?”

I looked at what she was holding and found it to be a tube of bubblegum flavoured gel. I smiled.

“Sounds like fun…”

Standing, almanbahis giriş she took my hand and helped me to my feet, instructing me to lie down on the floor. I did so, and then she was on top of me in such a way that her pussy was above my face, with her own face pointing towards my cock in the sixty-nine position. The next thing I felt was a cold sensation that quickly turned to warmth as I felt my girlfriend applying the gel to the area between my legs, completely covering it, ready for whatever she had in mind. When she was done, she passed the tube of gel back to me, and I squirted a large amount into the palm of my hand, massaging it into her pussy and hearing her squeals of delight as I did so. When we were both ready, we began to pleasure each other simultaneously, our acts of oral sex enhanced by the gel which she had provided. A pleasing feeling of heat spread through me as I felt her tongue and mouth working on me again, the sounds of her sucking and licking really turning me on. My hands moved to her arse as I licked slowly at her pussy, the taste of her wetness mingling perfectly with that of the bubblegum in my mouth, and I moved my tongue faster, licking all over her and running it across her clit before pushing the tip of it inside her, feeling her hips move up and down with a drive beyond her control as she rubbed her pussy against my mouth with a sense of urgency, her pleasure mounting in line with my own as her lips enveloped my whole length again and again as she increased her speed, pausing and removing her mouth only to tell me what it was that she wanted to do to her.

“Finger me too…I need your fingers inside me while you lick me out…”

As I continued to enjoy the flavour of her, I slid two fingers deep inside her pussy, using both my hand and my tongue to give her what it was she had asked for. My other hand continued to stroke and squeeze her arse, pulling her down lower so I was able to move my tongue deeper within her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes!” she cried, the sounds slightly muffled by my cock in her mouth, yet still audible.

We continued in this way for a while, each of us essentially teasing the other with our mouths as much as we could to build the excitement for what was yet to come and sure to follow. Finally, she rose and stood over me, leaning down to kiss me, biting my lip.

“Back in the chair, now. I want to ride that cock of yours.”

I nodded as best I could. Sitting down again, I placed my hands lightly on her hips and lifted her up and back onto my lap. She threw her arms around my neck and pressed her lips to mine in another passionate kiss that I eagerly returned, feeling the wetness of her pussy rubbing against my cock. I deepened the kiss with a smile, pulling her even closer and pushing my tongue gently into her mouth where it entwined with her own. Her kisses moved to my sensitive neck, my moans becoming louder and she also licked and bit there, and I reached around her back to unhook her bra and slide the straps down her delicate shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor with the rest of our clothing. The fishnets, however, she could keep on.

I squeezed her now-bare breasts, lowering my mouth to kiss and suck at each nipple in turn, running my tongue around them, savouring the noises of enjoyment that she produced in response. I didn’t want to wait any further, moving her position slightly so that she would be more comfortable and pressing myself up against her entrance, loving how she felt against me, pulling her downwards. She cried out in satisfaction at the deepness of my initial entry, and I moaned again myself at her warmth and wetness, at how good her pussy felt around me, at how much longing I had for this girl.

“Mmm!” she gasped as I began to thrust properly, my hands moving over the curve of her arse as I bounced her on top of me. It didn’t take very long at all for her to take control; it was all too easy for her to do so with our current positioning. I didn’t mind that, though. It was nice to mix things up a little and I would have my way with her in return — that was almost guaranteed.

Her hips moved with perfect timing as she rode on my cock, sliding herself up and down effortlessly, her wetness aiding the process significantly. Her motions sent waves of ecstasy through my body. She had always been so amazing at this, always knowing exactly what to do to both give and gain the maximum amount of gratification for both of us during our encounters. To tease me further she leant back a little arching her body to give me a better view as she reached down with one hand to caress her clit as she continued to fuck me, her breathing rate increasing she played with herself with my cock slipping in and out of her — a truly exciting vision for my eyes. I felt her get faster, driving herself down harder onto me, further sounds coming from her every time she did. I was unwilling to give her complete control though, moving my own hips in time with hers, almanbahis giriş creating a perfect pace between us, every thrust up that I made countered by her pushing herself back down. I felt my orgasm beginning to build but I was far from ready to finish just yet. I lifted her off of me again swiftly, grinning as her eyes went wide with surprise and clearing the table of the chessboard and the pieces with a sweep of my arm. She mock-pouted at me, folding her arms.

“You ruined the game!” she said in a childish voice.

“Somehow, I don’t think you’ll mind too much. Turn around.”

She obeyed, but in doing so even managed to make that simple action increase my desire. Her movement was slow and deliberate, and she wiggled her arse slightly while looking back over her shoulder at me. “Like this?” she asked, then leaned over the table, spreading her legs, reaching back between them and slipping her fingers into her pussy. “Or is this more like what you had in mind?”

“Oh…that’s perfect…” I whispered, moving behind her and grinding my crotch against hers as she continued to finger herself, her face flushed and lips parted slightly, her breath coming in short bursts. I gripped her waist with one hand and pulled her hair with the other as I re-entered her again, causing her to arch upwards and move back against me, unwilling to let me take over completely. This was always how it was; each of us would still exert some form of control even if we happened to be the one currently in a position intended to be submissive. Once again, her soft moans reached my ears as I fucked her from behind, burying my cock deep inside her pussy on each thrust, harder and faster as we continued, the rhythm becoming more aggressive and her pleasured sounds increasing largely in volume and the frequency of their occurrence. I reached around with both hands as I continued to fuck her, playing with her breasts with one hand while stroking and rubbing her clit gently with the other, being rewarded with her pants and gasps of enjoyment.

“Harder! Fuck me harder!” she cried, thrusting herself back onto my cock with greater passion.

Eager to please her and wanting to get her off as best I could, I drove my cock deeper into her pussy, as deep, hard and fast as I could go, her moans practically becoming screams — screams for me.

“Ah, yes! Just like that! Mmm!”

I reached down and lifted one of her legs up onto the table so that I could fuck her deeper still with every inch of my cock, each thrust inside her pussy sending wave after wave of ecstasy through my entire body, and I shivered in anticipation of her making me orgasm.

“Put me on my back…” she breathed, looking over her shoulder again. “I want to be dominated.”

I didn’t need telling twice, swapping our positions for the second time that evening, turning her around to face me again and lying her down onto the top of the table. Before I could do anything else she had wrapped her beautifully long legs around my waist, using them to pull me close to her as she kissed and bit at my neck forcefully, no doubt intending to leave her mark on me. She lifted her hips up eagerly, reaching towards my cock with one hand and inserting it back inside her, unwilling to wait. I obviously wasn’t going to even pretend to resist, thrusting inside her once again, looking down into her eyes, my own no doubt filled with lust as I grabbed her arms and pinned them down to the table above her head, smirking as she playfully struggled against me. I continued to fuck her roughly whilst she was helpless to try and back control, moving my mouth to suck and bite her neck before licking down between her breasts, kissing and sucking her nipples again, feeling them stiffen with her excitement. Her moans became almost frustrated as she struggled harder, trying to break free and no doubt regain some sort of advantage in the situation. I eventually gave into her and released her hands, although I continued to fuck her. Her eyes danced with wild fire as I let her free, and she immediately leaned up and sank her teeth into my neck, thrusting her hips upwards at such a rate that I barely needed to move my own body at all. Her nails raked down my back as I screwed her, and I would not have been at all surprised if she had drawn blood. It hurt slightly, and I loved every single second of that pain, completely caught up in the rapture of the moment. She unhooked her legs from around my waist and lifted them right back and up onto my shoulders, giving me a perfect view of me moving in and out of her, and of her supposed submissiveness.

“Yes! YES! FUCK ME!” she screamed. “Harder! Faster! I want you to cum for me!”

Her dirty words added even more exhilaration to the proceedings. She was so wet and tight, such a turn-on. Everything about her was sexy. The way she looked, the way she moaned, the way she both gave orders and took them, the way she moved her hips. Everything.

As I felt myself no longer able to hold back I withdrew myself from her, spraying my cum up all over her body and chest, covering her breasts and torso, watching as some of it ran down over her stomach as she lay beneath me, looking up through satisfied eyes that glowed with mischief.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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