Cheer Captain

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A cell phone rang out Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” on a hot summer’s day in the mid-west. Over and over, Taylor would sing lines from the song until Savanna Breck answered the call. Savanna was getting ready for her senior year of high school and she couldn’t wait. She had been a cheerleader all throughout high school but she could not wait for senior year to start. She had a huge crush on one of the boys from the varsity football team. He isn’t the quarterback like most cheerleaders go after. He is the star kicker, Bryson Adams.

Anyway, she answered the phone.

“Hi, Coach Spencer!”

It was Olivia Spencer, the cheerleading coach. Everyone loved Misses Spencer. She teaches English at the school in addition to her coaching duties.

“Hi, Savanna.” Coach Spencer said.

“Listen, I was just calling you to tell you that you have been selected as cheer captain of the squad this year. Congratulations!”

Savanna could not hold in her excitement. She squealed like a little girl who just got a new bike for her birthday.

“Wow, are you serious? You’ve got to be kidding! I can’t believe this!”

“I’m serious. I just wanted to let you know the good news! See you next week at practice!”

Savanna was so thrilled that she called up the whole squad one by one and informed them. Most were very happy for their friend. Most.

These girls had cheered together for a couple of years now. They knew each other. Some better than others. But they have all spent time together away from school. Some of the girls had sleepovers and parties when their parents were away, whenever they had a chance.

There are ten cheerleaders in this squad. The school is smaller and everyone knows everyone. This is a tight-knit community.

Savanna Breck, the head cheerleader, has longer blonde hair. She is 5’2″ and has a beautiful set of B-cup breasts. Not too big. Not too small. Just right. Her best friend on the squad is Savannah Dawson, who has longer black hair, C cup breasts, and stands at 5’4″. Then there’s Jasmine Valentine. Jasmine is very athletic. She is a star gymnast as well as a terrific cheerleader. She is very intelligent as well. Jasmine is one of two African-American cheerleaders on the squad. She stands 5’6″ and has C cup breasts. She has straight black hair that she usually wears in a ponytail. We’ll talk about the other girls later.

Savanna invited her two closest friends over this weekend for a big back-to-school shopping trip to get ready for the upcoming school year. They needed some things. This had been tradition for the last couple of years since they could drive. Once Saturday came, Savanna, Savannah and Jasmine were loaded up in Savanna’s SUV and headed for the mall to scope out the deals on new clothes.

After a couple hours of shopping, each of the girls had a bunch of new stuff to wear for the upcoming year. They usually donated last year’s clothes to the less fortunate, or handed them down to their younger sisters, if they had any. Savanna only had a brother, Tyler. Her old clothes usually went to Goodwill.

They got back to her place and tried on their new stuff. Everything was perfect. Since no one was home on that day, they opened up the Breck Family’s wine cellar. They wanted to have some serious fun before school began, so why not have a few glasses of wine.

Jasmine popped the cork on some Pinot Grigio and poured three glasses of the wine. Before you know it there were three drunk teenagers sitting in the living room with an empty wine bottle. These girls had done this before and were lucky to have not gotten caught. Sara and Doug Breck would not be happy if they found out.

They talked about everything from how hot the boys at school were to how mean some of their teachers were and which classes they were looking forward to and which classes they were not. Suddenly, the conversation turned to the other girls on the cheer squad. One of the girls, Jasmine, was admittedly bisexual and was not afraid to be out in the open about it, well, only among fellow cheerleaders. No one else knew. Jasmine was talking about a crush she had on one of the other cheerleaders, Brenda Wu.

Brenda is a beautiful Asian girl with long dark hair, smaller A cup breasts, and stands at 5’5″ tall. Brenda has no idea that Jasmine has a crush on her but she has noticed Jasmine staring at her from time to time during cheer practice.

I guess alcohol can be like truth serum if given enough of it. Savanna and Savannah were shocked about hearing Jasmine’s crush on Brenda. They kind of laughed istanbul escort it off when Jasmine mentioned it.

“But she’s really, really, super hot!” said an excited Jasmine. “She makes me all wet down there.”

Everyone giggled.

“Well, why don’t you ask her out?” Savanna suggested.

“Oh, she’s into boys. I could never act on something like that. You guys better not say anything, I’m dead serious. You probably think I’m gross talking like this in front of you guys.”

“No, it’s not gross. Just took us by surprise, that’s all,” Savannah claimed.

Jasmine asked if they had ever been with a girl and they both said “No.”

They each wondered what it was like and Jasmine told them it was wonderful. Savanna said she would be willing to kiss a girl just to see if she would like it or not. Savannah agreed and said she felt the same way but wasn’t sure if she would actually like it. It was all new to both of them.

Jasmine then did something that no one expected and she leaned in and kissed Savanna Breck on the lips. Savanna didn’t know how to react so she pulled back at first and said “Hey, I never agreed to let you kiss me.”

Jasmine then explained “I know, but I figured it’s now or never. You’re either going to hate me forever or I’ll hate myself for not trying. You pulled away. That wasn’t a real kiss. You gotta let me give you a real one.”

“Woah, ok, I guess. I’m open to try new things, I suppose.”

Jasmine leaned in again as Savannah watched her two best friends intently. The kiss was longer this time, and more sensual. It meant something. It wasn’t just a quick peck like last time before Savanna leaned back and broke it off. This time it was real. They both felt sparks and didn’t know what to do. They didn’t know what would happen next.

Then Jasmine leaned over towards Savannah Dawson and said “You’re next.”

Savannah was almost giddy with anticipation. She couldn’t wait. She had actually always wanted to kiss a girl but was too afraid to admit it to her friends. But since the opportunity was here, she might as well take full advantage.

They kissed and Jasmine put her right hand around the back of Savannah’s head to hold it in place. There was definitely some tension here but they were too much into each other to stop what they were doing. They kissed for a good, long, while before Savanna Breck told them to get a room, then she laughed. They were highly inebriated and didn’t care anymore. Soon they were grabbing each others’ clothes and taking them off. First came their tops. Then bras.

Jasmine kissed Savanna Breck on the mouth once more then made her way down to her breasts, licking and kissing her neck along the way. She took Savanna’s left nipple in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, biting and licking it. Then she moved over to her right nipple and did the same thing until both nipples were erect and rigid. She looked up into Savanna’s beautiful eyes and said nothing. Nothing needed to be said at this point. Pure lust was taking over and it felt wonderful.

As Jasmine was licking Savanna’s nipples and making her way down to her shorts, Savannah was eyeing Savanna. She kissed her best friend for the first time. It felt better than she could ever imagine. It made her wet in her pussy. She was absolutely soaked.

Jasmine began to strip Savanna’s shorts and panties off in one fell swoop. Savanna’s legs were in the air as Jasmine tore off her garments and tossed them aside. Jasmine then shot down to her pussy and stuck her tongue out. She put her tongue on Savanna’s pussy lips and she quivered with excitement. She could barely keep from cumming. Jasmine licked up and down Savanna’s soaked pussy until she finally reached her clit. She sucked on her clit over and over and swirled her tongue around it until she began to shake and quiver violently from her impending orgasm.

“Oh my god! Unh, Unh, Unhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I’m cumming. Oh, god, you’re making me cum. Oooooooh!”

Jasmine’s face was soaked from Savanna’s pussy juice. She loved the taste of pussy. She could not get enough.

Jasmine looked over at her other friend who had the biggest brown eyes you have ever seen. She provided the same treatment to her as she did to Savanna. She started licking her nipples but this time she stuck two fingers from her left hand into her pussy. She was fingering her. Slowly at first but then she picked up the pace.

“Oh my gosh, I’m cumming!”

Jasmine quickly diverted her attention away from her nipples and made her way down to beylikdüzü escort her wet pussy. She lapped and lapped her sweet pussy juice and sucked on her clit until she too had a fierce orgasm. Savannah even squirted a little onto Jasmine’s face. Jasmine loved it. She was so happy that she got to experience this with her two best friends. No one else on earth could make her feel as happy as the two of them did. Now it was her turn to be pleasured. She wondered if they were up for it. She wondered if they were too nervous or unsure of themselves, since this is all new to the two of them.

They weren’t sure what to do so Jasmine guided Savannah down to her soaking wet pussy. Savanna just watched for a few seconds before she started sucking on Jasmine’s hard, black nipples. First, she sucked on the left one, then moved over to the right one. Jasmine was moaning with pleasure as her other friend was licking at her pussy. Slowly at first but then she started licking faster.

“Oh god! You feel so good! Don’t stop! Don’t ever fucking stop! This is so fucking good! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! FUCK!”

Jasmine had a powerful orgasm and gushed pussy juice all over her friend’s beautiful face!

“That was amazing!” Jasmine exclaimed. “I feel so happy.” Savanna looked at her friend Savannah. Both smiled and gave each other a long kiss on the lips, tasting each others’ pussy juices as they kissed.

“We need to have a sleepover,” Jasmine said.

“I don’t think we’d be getting much sleep,” said Savannah.

Later that evening, Savanna’s parent’s, Doug and Sara came home from visiting Sara’s sister and brother-in-law Melanie and Todd. They had been with them all day. Todd liked to golf so he took Doug to the course for a round. Melanie and Sara went shopping and then to visit some former high school classmates for dinner.

Sara saw the three young girls sitting in the living room watching a movie and asked them how their summer was going. Sara knew these girls as they had been to the Breck family home on many occasions. Sara and Doug were happy to see them. They ate a good meal and had a few drinks before everyone turned in for bed. Savanna had a large bedroom. Her bed was big enough for two but three would be pushing it. Instead of one girl sleeping on the floor, Jasmine volunteered to take the couch until Sara and Doug went to bed.

Savanna’s mom and dad went to their room at around 11:30 that night. Then Jasmine sneaked into Savanna’s room. The two girls were already fingering each other under the sheets when Jasmine walked in. “Hey, can I join you?” she asked.

“The more, the better.” Savanna answered.

Jasmine jumped on top of the two girls and began to tickle them both. They both started giggling. Mom and dad’s room was on the other end of the house downstairs so it is very unlikely that their noise would be heard but they made an effort to be quiet just in case.

Savanna pulled her hand out from under the covers and Savannah’s pussy where it had been. She put her fingers up to Jasmine’s mouth and soon her fingers were engulfed. Jasmine wanted to taste Savannah’s sweet pussy juice again. It had been an intoxicating aroma and tasted delicious earlier today. She couldn’t wait to try it again.

She put the two fingers inside her mouth and sucked them for a long time then she pulled back and said “Your pussy tastes wonderful, Savannah. Let me have some more.”

Savannah then lifted off her covers and Jasmine bent down and began to tongue her pussy. She was taking her time now. Enjoying. Savoring. There was nothing she wanted more than to lick her two best friends to orgasm multiple times.

As Jasmine was savoring Savannah’s pussy, Savanna Breck sat on top of Savannah Dawson’s head and Savannah began to lick her clit. She thought her pussy was absolutely beautiful. She tasted it and could not get enough. She licked and licked her nub, swirling her tongue around it and biting down ever so softly. Her pussy could not take much more. She bucked and shivered and moaned softly. She could no longer control herself. She was going to cum and cum hard.

“Ahhhhhh, oh my god, you feel so good. You’re making me cum! God, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh yesssss! Oooooooooh!”

Both Savanna and Savannah were getting off hard. Jasmine began fingering Savannah’s pussy along with licking her clit. First one finger then two going in and out, in and out. She was licking her as fast as she could with her orgasm fast approaching.

“Uhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh my god! Oooooooooh! Yes, make me cum, make me cum! Yes, this feels esenyurt escort so fucking good. Mmmmmmm.”

Jasmine’s face was shiny with sweat and pussy juice. Savannah sat up and licked her own pussy juice off of Jasmine’s face, then kissed her friend. She was loving every moment they had shared together. Then Savanna leaned into their kissing moment and started french kissing Jasmine. Then she leaned over and kissed Savannah on the lips and soon all three of them were kissing each other. It was wonderful.

Jasmine started fingering herself because she had not gotten off yet. The other girls took notice and Savanna Breck suggested a sixty-nine. Savanna lay on top of Jasmine and started licking her pussy while Savannah Dawson went to use the bathroom but soon returned with a hair brush. She used the big round handle to stick in her own pussy. She would pleasure herself while the other two girls did a sixty-nine. She stroked her pussy with the brush going slow, then faster, then she would slow down again. She would bring herself to the brink of orgasm but she didn’t want to cum until her friends had done so.

But soon enough Jasmine and Savanna were writhing and shaking like an earthquake had hit. They were losing control. Jasmine squirted all over Savanna’s face and Savanna came as well. Savannah pumped her hair brush hard in and out of her pussy. Finally, she was beginning to shake and she knew her orgasm was impending. She moaned out “Ohhhhh, I’m cumming too. Oh, here I come.” Jasmine then put her face in between Savannah’s legs and watched her orgasm. She was bucking out of control. Then, when it was all over, Jasmine licked up her pussy juice.

They fell asleep that night on soaked sheets.

The next morning Savanna had awoke at around 7:30. Doug and Sara Breck would be up soon getting ready for church. The girls would be in charge of making their own breakfast on Sunday mornings because Doug and Sara did not want to be late for church. They were going to Doug’s mother’s church in the next town over which was a half hour away so they had to leave a little earlier than usual.

The other girls were still fast asleep. Savanna had to wake them and see if they wanted to help with breakfast. She wasn’t sure how to wake them up but a thought crossed her mind. Jasmine was just lying there in a pair of pink panties and no bra or shirt. She looked beautiful to Savanna. She reached over, pulled the panties aside and put her mouth down there, feeling the warmth emanate off of Jasmine’s delicious pussy. She moved her tongue out of her mouth and started to lick Jasmine’s sweet pussy lips. She started off slowly but began picking up the pace until Jasmine slowly awakened from her sleep. She noticed what was going on and she smiled really big at Savanna as she worked away licking her glorious pussy. Jasmine put her hand on the back of Savanna’s head and whispered “Fuck me with your tongue.”

She licked for five minutes or so until Jasmine felt that all too familiar sensation. The orgasm was fast approaching. She bucked and jerked quietly as to not wake up Savannah. She felt a wave of pleasure cascading through her body as she had yet another powerful orgasm. When she was finished she looked at her beautiful sleeping friend and they decided together to wake her the same way. Jasmine climbed down off the bed and knelt on the floor. Savannah did not wear panties to bed. She had a t-shirt on but nothing else. Jasmine crawled up underneath the covers and peeled Savannah’s legs apart. She then started licking that beautiful pussy. Savanna pulled up her friend’s t-shirt and began sucking on her tits. She lowered her head on Savannah’s right breast and started sucking on it, leaving a trail of saliva as she swirled her tongue around on her nipple. Then she kissed her way over to her left nipple. That is when Savannah started to wake up. She looked at Savanna sucking on her breasts then looked down at her friend Jasmine who was really eating out her pussy good. She smiled and said “This is the best wake up call I’ve ever gotten in my life. I love you guys.”

Everyone was happy. Jasmine wanted to trade places with Savanna so they made the switch. Savanna lowered her head down on Savannah Dawson’s pretty pink pussy. She licked and licked until her best friend was cumming hard. “Unh, Unh, Unh! You guys feel so good. Lick my pussy. Oh my god. Suck my tits. Mmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmm. Oh yes!”

Her orgasm ran through her. It was fast and felt so unbelievably good.

Soon they were dressed and out the bedroom door to say goodbye to Sara and Doug as they headed off to church. Jasmine and Savannah would eat a bit of breakfast with Savanna before they each headed home. School would start tomorrow and it would be an interesting school year. One that they could not wait for.

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