Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 13

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Big Ass

Thanks to Cheer_smartie526 for editing. The story is much better now.

Note- I was not certain about the category on this one, if you think it should have gone somewhere else let me know. I will try to do better next time.


Nancy stared at the screen of her smart phone as she walked towards her house. The screen displayed a map with two dots on it. One dot was at her house, the other dot was moving towards it. She, or rather her phone, was the moving dot. A smile of satisfaction spread across her face. The software was working exactly the way she wanted it to. It was hardly revolutionary; in fact similar technology had been around for a while. The difference was her program could not be turned off by the user. That feature would keep everyone honest. She dialed Rick’s number. As usual he answered on the second ring.

“Would you like to play a game?” Nancy asked, setting her phone down and pressing the Bluetooth headset into her ear.

“What did you have in mind?” Rick replied.

“A game of chase, but with a twist.”

“Everything with you has a twist. Tell me how it will work.”

“We both go for a run, you start from your house, and I start from mine. If you catch me, you fuck me,” Nancy said as she climbed onto her bed. Just talking about sex with Rick was a bit of a thrill.

“But I’m going to catch you away from your house, out in public,” Rick said, sounding a little confused.

“Exactly,” Nancy replied, her lips curling into a grin. It was time to raise the bar again.

“I’m not sure I want to get arrested for public indecency.”

“Well, then you better catch me in a private place.” Nancy replied.

“How will I know where you are?” Rick asked.

“We can track each other on our phones. You will know where I am, but not where I am going. And there is one more thing.”

“I am almost afraid to ask what it is,” Rick groaned. The thought of sex in public was making him uneasy. He wondered what else she was going to add.

“You won’t be the only one chasing me.”

“So I am going to racing against some other guy to find you?” Rick asked.

“No, the other person is a woman. If you see a guy on top of me kick his fucking ass.” Nancy answered.

“I’m still not sure this is a good idea.”

“You are the one that wanted to get some cardio in. Don’t worry, the route I have in mind has some pretty secluded spots,” Nancy assured him.

“So who is the other person?” Rick inquired.

“You don’t know her. She will be wearing a purple shirt and black shorts. Don’t worry so much about her, worry about catching me.”

“What if she finds you first?” Rick asked. Against his better judgment he had already decided to agree. The throbbing erection in his shorts probably had something to do with his decision.

“Then you get to watch, not bad for second place.”

“Okay, I’m in. When do we start?”

“In one hour. Oh, and I would suggest that you wear something loose fitting. You don’t want to look like a pervert running around with a hard on,” Nancy said as she disconnected the call. Without a pause she dialed again. The call was answered on the first ring.

“Trinity, how are you?” Nancy said.

“I’m good. How is my favorite lesbian in denial?”

“I wanted to let you know the game is on. My boy toy has agreed to play. We start in an hour. You need to wear a purple shirt and black shorts so he can recognize you.”

“Okay,” Trinity replied, “does he know not to join in when I catch you? Because when I do you are all mine.”

“Correction, Trinity, *if* you catch me, he is pretty fast. And the rules go both ways. You don’t get to join in either, even if he begs you to,” Nancy instructed, briefly imagining being taken by both of them. It was an unlikely fantasy. Trinity did not like to share.

“I think I am better motivated. You have no idea how long I have waited for this,” Trinity said.

“We shall see. We start in one hour, actually 58 minutes. I will set up the link with your phone right before I start.”

“See you soon,” Trinity said, and the call ended.

Nancy turned to her computer and began typing in the codes and other information to link the three phones together. The phones would use towers to determine location, the tall buildings along part of the route made a mess of GPS signals. Minutes ticked by. Nancy uploaded the codes and then went to her room to get dressed. She chose a white front zip sports bra, short shorts and ankle socks. She slipped off her skirt and panties and pulled her shirt over her head. Just thinking about the game had made her nipples hard. She stepped into her shorts, and then bent over in front of the mirror. She wanted something that provided easy access, but covered enough for her to run through the park without causing a disturbance. These shorts were perfect.

Rick dug through his drawers, looking for a shirt that hung low enough to cover his crotch. He found an old basketball jersey that would work. He held up two pair of shorts, trying to decide if lined or unlined would be more comfortable. He had never run with an erection before. He picked the shorts with the liner. He did not know how long the run was going to be, but more than a mile with no support would probably be painful. He looked at the clock, Travesti somehow 47 minutes has passed. He quickly dressed and headed to the door. His phone beeped, acknowledging an incoming message. He glanced at it, Nancy had sent two pictures. The first was a full length photo of herself, probably so he would know what she was wearing. The second was the bottom of her shoe. She had a pair of the barefoot shoes that fit her toes like gloves. Rick starred at the picture for a moment, wondering why she sent it. He did not have a foot fetish. Then it dawned on him that he might be looking for her footprint on some of the dirt trails in the park. Rick looked at his phone again. It was time to start running.

Trinity located the appropriate top and shorts. She stopped to look at herself in the mirror, imagining Nancy’s hands on her naked body. The two of them had fooled around a little bit to satisfy Nancy’s curiosity, but had never fulfilled Trinity’s desires. Trinity stroked her perky B cup breasts, fantasizing it was Nancy. With a shake of her head Trinity focused on the task at hand. She did not want her competition to get a head start. She pulled on the shorts, forgoing panties. Trinity selected a black front zip sports bra and a tight fitting purple top. The last thing she picked up was her camelback pack. In addition to the water bladder it contained pepper spray and a stun gun. If this game got out of hand she was prepared to end it. Once she had her shoes on she sat by the door, watching the minutes tick by.

Nancy picked up her last accessory, a small waist pack containing her phone, pepper spray and a Smith and Wesson 442 revolver. Her route was in a safe area, but she wanted to be prepared for anything. She clipped a whistle to the outside of the pack and headed out the door, right on time. Nancy pulled her phone out and glanced at the display. Three dots appeared on the screen, all converging towards the center. She was headed for City Park, and the others were on a course to intercept her there. The park had a winding maze of interconnected running trails. Some were wide paved pathways and some were narrow dirt paths through the woods. Some of the trails were not on any map. She noticed the dot representing Trinity seemed to be going faster than the other two. Nancy felt a little anxious about including Trinity in this game. She wondered what Trinity had in mind, if it would be more of the casual, playful touching the two of them had engaged in previously, or if it was going to be something hard core. Nancy wondered how Rick would react to seeing her with another woman.

Rick maintained a medium pace. He did not see a reason to arrive at the park exhausted. He suspected Nancy would spend some time in the crowded areas, taunting her pursuers, so there was no rush to get there first. He wanted to have energy to sprint after Nancy when she was in the more isolated parts of the park. He wondered what his competition looked like. He wondered if he should let her catch Nancy so he could watch the two of them. As he approached the park he began to see other runners. He looked for a woman in a purple top. Depending on where her start point was, she might already be in the park waiting for Nancy to arrive. Rick glanced at his phone and it confirmed his guess. Both Nancy and his competition were already in the park. As he approached Nancy’s indicated location his other guess was confirmed. He saw Nancy; she was in the middle of a small group doing some kind of stretching exercise. It appeared to be a combination of yoga and martial arts. He considered joining the group, but instead decided to sit down and stretch on his own. His vantage point on the edge of the group allowed him to look for the other woman.

Trinity had been waiting at the park for a few minutes before Nancy jogged by. Trinity watched Nancy join a group doing some kind of exercise. When Nancy bent over to touch her toes Trinity watched the fabric of her shorts pull tight on her ass. The material was completely smooth, not even the tiny ridge of a thong appeared. Trinity felt a thrill knowing that only a wispy scrap of fabric kept Nancy from being half naked. Trinity sat down on a bench, quickly scanning the crowd for Rick. She had seen a few pictures of him, but was not sure she could pick him out of the crowd at the park. There were quite a few young men that fit his general description milling about, watching the group exercising. She made note of each one, wondering which ones would begin running once Nancy left. Her gaze returned to Nancy. Trinity admired her friend’s long legs. They were well toned. It was easy to imagine gently stroking them. They were bare from ankle to just below her buttock.

Neither of her pursuers was being very stealthy. Nancy had seen Trinity waiting at the park. Rick had arrived just after the morning group stretch had started. Nancy was still thinking of how difficult she wanted to make this game. She was much more familiar with the park than either of the people chasing her. There were many unmarked trails that would not appear on the phones. Rick and Trinity would be forced to guess their way through the maze, or crash through the brush if they lost sight of her. When the exercise ended Nancy slipped into the middle of a group of runners. She glanced at the display on her phone. Rick izmir Travesti and Trinity were still stationary.

Rick scanned the group as it broke up. Three gaggles of runners had formed, all going in slightly different directions. Even with the tracking software on the phone it was hard to see which group Nancy was in. He shifted he eyes from one to the other. There was no shortage of attractive women in each group, which distracted him from his main mission. A blonde woman with breasts that overwhelmed her bra caught his attention. With each stride the woman’s D cup tits bounced up and down. Rick fully expected the bra to come apart at the seams.

From her vantage point Trinity saw Nancy join a group of runners. She took off in pursuit. The group formed a long line and Nancy was near the front. They began to skirt the edge of the duck pond. They were running along a boardwalk with a rail on one side and the pond on the other. Trinity increased her speed and began to overtake some of the runners. She was close enough to Nancy to see her muscles flex each time she took another stride. Trinity smiled, once again thinking of the way Nancy’s legs would feel.

Suddenly a group of kids that had been feeding the ducks turned to leave. They swarmed onto the boardwalk between Trinity and Nancy. The group of runners slowed to a brisk walk as they navigated through the children. Trinity watched as Nancy pulled away and turned onto a wooded trail.

Rick was dividing his attention between Nancy running along the lakeside boardwalk and a small group of coeds stretching right in front of him. None of them were as attractive as Nancy. Rick’s fantasy with the coeds was interrupted when Nancy flashed by, catching him flat of foot and hard of dick. He stretched his jersey over his erection as he stumbled to catch up with Nancy. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed another woman on the boardwalk. She was tall, really tall. She was probably over six feet. She ran with long graceful strides like a gazelle. Rick changed his mind as he watched her weave through the crowd. She ran more like a cheetah. She was clearly chasing something or someone. Then he noticed her purple top. It was his competition. He knew he should be running after Nancy, but he could not take his eyes off the woman. As she approached he could make out more details. Her breasts were no more than average size, probably a B cup. She was wearing a sports bra, which probably made them look smaller than they actually were. She was wearing a ball cap and sunglasses, so it was hard to see her face. What he could see pleased him. Her hair was tied in a ponytail that bounced behind her as she ran. Her skin was tan, the type of golden tan that was the result of many hours spent in the sunlight. Her limbs were well muscled. She sprinted past him but Rick saw her in slow motion. He noticed that her tits did not bounce wildly, and that her ass did not jiggle as she ran down the same path as Nancy. Maybe he should let her win; she probably looked spectacular when she was naked. Finally Rick snapped out of his daze. He glanced down at his phone. Nancy was probably 400 yards ahead of him. He began to run.

Nancy alternated left and right turns as she ran through the spaghetti bowl of trails that criss crossed this part of the park. Some were wide, some were narrow. She smiled when she thought of Rick and Trinity trying to follow her through this maze. They would probably run into each other before they ran into her. Her plan was to toy with them here for a while, then head out into the open for a nice fast chase. If one of them did not catch her, she would circle back through the crowded part of the park and tease them with some stretching again. Suddenly Rick appeared at a fork in the trail 20 yards to her front. She quickly took the next turn, and then glanced down at her phone. Apparently he had not seen her; he was headed in the wrong direction. Seeing him so close by had excited her. She imagined him tackling her and dragging her into the brush. When they were alone he would ravage her. Nancy became aware of her nipples swelling under her sports bra. She focused on being the hunted, watching out for Rick and Trinity.

“We are all going in circles,” Trinity muttered to herself as she looked at the display on her smart phone. She had briefly seen both Rick and Nancy, but just as quickly had lost them. She stopped running and watched the other two dots dance around the screen. Rick was moving much faster than Nancy. Clearly Nancy was trying to wear them out so she could beat them in a sprint when she cleared the winding trails in this part of the park. Trinity leaned against the tree, perhaps she could ambush Nancy. With one quick zip Nancy’s tits could be freed from her sports bra. Trinity touched her own lips as she thought of Nancy’s breasts bursting out of the confines of her top. She glanced at her phone again. Nancy was headed back to the main park, she was making her break.

Rick noticed Nancy’s dot now moving in a straight line. She must have cleared the brush. He made his own trail through the trees and bushes, ducking under the thick branches and pushing the thinner ones aside. He was disappointed that he had not caught Nancy here. The brush was thick enough to provide a great deal of privacy. He cleared the edge Konya Travesti of the brush and saw that both women were ahead of him. There was no way he would catch Nancy before the other woman did. His only chance to be with Nancy was if she could out run her pursuer. He briefly considered tackling his opponent, but even that was unlikely given the lead she had. Rick resigned himself to watching if Nancy lost this sprint. Rick started to imagine Nancy pinned down by the Amazon in the purple top. He had to stop when his erection made it difficult to run.

The display showed Nancy that both Rick and Trinity were out of the woods with Trinity in the lead. Nancy increased her pace to a near sprint. She was enjoying the game and was not quite ready to get caught. It looked like Trinity was holding her lead. Nancy wondered what her long-legged friend had in mind. Trinity was her first bi-curious experiment. They had made out a few times and Nancy had let Trinity get to second base before deciding she was not ready to be with a woman. Trinity had been very understanding, but continued to drop some not-so-subtle hints that she wanted the relationship to go further. Nancy enjoyed playing hard to get, and Trinity seemed to enjoy her role in the “flirtationship” as well. Nancy imagined being pinned down by her friend, helpless as Trinity’s lips teased her swollen nipples.

A branch slapped Nancy in the face, snapping her out of her daydream. She looked at her phone, Trinity was gaining on her. Rick was making up ground as well, but he was too far back to do anything but watch. With a grunt Nancy broke into a full sprint. She was less than 600 yards from the pavilion, which was much too public for either of her pursuers to do anything. She could catch her breath there.

Trinity’s long legs were closing the distance between herself and Nancy, but not as fast as she expected. Trinity was surprised at how fast Nancy was. All she needed was about two more minutes and she would be on top of Nancy, literally. Her original plan was to hold Nancy in her arms and kiss her deeply. As the amount of effort to catch her quarry increased, so did the aggressiveness of Trinity’s plan. Now she wanted to tackle Nancy and pin her down. One she had Nancy immobilized she would slide Nancy’s hands under her own sports bra. Trinity wanted to feel Nancy’s hands on her own breasts. It would be even hotter if Nancy’s boy toy was hiding in the bushes watching them make love. But none of that would happen until she caught Nancy. And that was proving to be more difficult than anticipated.

Rick breathed a sigh of relief as he rounded the corner and saw Trinity and Nancy standing in a sea of other people. Both of them were bent over, hands on their thighs, breathing heavily. Rick took comfort in the fact that he could have continued the sprint for another five minutes. He watched Nancy begin to do some stretching. It was like she was showing off her body just to taunt her pursuers. Rick glanced at Purple. Again he wondered if he should let her catch Nancy and just enjoy the show. Would Purple ravage Nancy like he planned to? He wanted to grab Nancy from behind and force her on to her knees. He would unzip her top and pull down her shorts. Once she was naked and on the ground he would fuck her doggie style while he tugged on her breasts and pinched her nipples. Rick was going to fuck her with only his own pleasure in mind. After he filled her pussy with his cum he would slide his cock into her mouth and make her lick him clean. Rick bent down to retie his shoe and hide is bulging erection. He looked at Purple again. What would she do? He pictured Nancy kneeling in front of Purple with her head buried between Purple’s long lean legs. The tall woman would have two handfuls of Nancy’s hair, pulling her in tight. Rick reined his thoughts in sharply. As much as he was enjoying the fantasy, Rick forced himself to stop. He had to be ready to run at a moment’s notice, and the hard-on in his shorts would not help out.

Nancy’s eyes darted between Rick and Trinity. Rick seemed much more focused than he had been at the last stop. He was even ignoring a group of coeds that were clearly trying to get his attention with revealing stretches. Nancy watched the traffic on the main road through the park. It was heavy enough that it was worth waiting for the signal light to cross. She stopped her stretching and began a slow jog towards the intersection. She saw Rick and Trinity begin to move. Nancy looked at the traffic light again. The don’t walk sign was on, but the light was still green. When it turned to yellow she sprinted full out across the street. Just as she stepped over the opposite curb the light changed, stranding her pursuers on the opposite side of the road. Rick turned up the street and continued running. Trinity watched the traffic, waiting for a big enough break to dart across the intersection. Nancy began running at a brisk pace into the other side of the park. She glanced at her phone. Rick was already across. Nancy recalled there being a pedestrian overpass about two hundred yards down the street. Rick had found it and was trying to head her off at the pass. Trinity was on the move as well, rapidly closing the distance between them with her long strides. Nancy turned to run up a steep hill. The trail was more suited for full suspension mountain bikes to go down than it was to run up. The uneven trail and loose surface slowed her pace. She knew it would take away the advantage of Rick and Trinity’s longer legs. She turned down a side trail, ducking under a low branch.

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