Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 02

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After hanging up with Kendall, Stef felt better about her plan and giving Cole a blowjob to get him to agree to be her lab partner in advanced chem. She put the thoughts out of her head as she puttered around the house, helped her mom with some chores, did some laundry, and reading a short story for senior English lit. class. She was just about to start getting ready for her date with Cole when Michelle called.

“Hey, when are you getting together with Cole?” Michelle asked, after the initial hellos.

“Tonight. We’re going for ice cream then I’m doing the deed,” Stef said, again troubled all of a sudden by how casual that sounded.

“Tonight, huh? I still have to arrange things with Mark. Maybe I’ll give him a call and set it up for tonight too. After all, a nerd like him probably doesn’t have a date for tonight,” Michelle stated. “I can catch up with Ben then later in the evening.”

“Good idea. Best to get this over with,” Stef said.

She didn’t tell Michelle what Kendall had said about the guys wanting more in the future. She didn’t want Michelle backing out and destroying the whole deal.

“Yeah, maybe we can meet up at the ice cream parlor,” Michelle stated.

“Good deal. That way we can plan things out better for the labs.”

“Yeah, I’ll call you back if I get him,” Michelle said.

They talked a little longer then hung up. Stef decided to call Cole to make sure of the time. He answered on the second ring.

“Hello, Stef,” Cole said.

Stef sensed real anticipation in his voice. Maybe Kendall was right and he was consumed by the prospect of getting his first blowjob and not thinking about her as a slut at all.

“Hi, Cole. What time are we getting together?”

“How about I pick you up at seven?” Cole asked.

“That’s fine,” Stef said. “I’ll be ready.”

“Okay,” Cole replied.

“See ya then,” Stef said, and they hung up.

Stephanie showered, did her hair, allowing it to hang straight down, and put her make-up on. She put an elastic hair ring in her purse for later. She liked having her hair in a pony tail when she gave head. It kept her hair out of her face and free of sticky cum. The guys seemed to like watching it sway when she bobbed and holding onto it. She had forgotten one the night before with Chris but remembered now. She struggled with what to wear. This was not like a real date with Jordan or Chris where she dressed sexy to appeal to them. This was more like an informal date, so she dressed a bit more conservatively.

Stef ate a lite dinner with her family, before the ice cream, and was ready when Cole arrived. He barely made it to the door and said a familiar hello to Stephanie’s folks like he had years ago as a boy many times, then they were leaving. Stef felt awkward not knowing how her parents were taking her so-called date with Cole. She didn’t allow them to talk together much in fear they might expect her to be dating Cole now.

Cole was definitely nervous too. He talked nearly non-stop until they got to the ice cream parlor. He was funny though and had Stef smiling and laughing as he brought up recollections from their past. Her cell rang just before they entered the ice cream parlor. It was Michelle.

“Stef, we’re hooking up tonight too and will meet you guys there,” Michelle said. “Wait up for us. God, this is awkward.”

“Okay, we’ll see ya soon. Hurry up,” Stef said, and hung up.

“Who was that?” Cole asked, appearing mildly nervous, as if she might desert him at the last minute for a better date.

“It was Michelle. She and Mark are going to meet us here in a little while,” Stef said.

“Oh, good,” Cole claimed, not as nervously this time.

They entered the store and waited in the line. They discussed the different flavors of ice cream and which ones they liked best. This ice cream parlor was affiliated with a large local dairy and had great ice cream. They both ordered cones and Cole paid over Stef’s protests that she contribute. They took seats at an empty table. As they ate their ice cream, Cole again started in talking about some of their exploits from the past. They talked about sledding together, ice skating, different sports, and playing army. Stef found herself laughing constantly.

The two of them finished their ice cream and were still deep into lively conversation when Mark and Michelle arrived. After hellos, Cole excused himself to go to the restroom and Stephanie watched as Michelle and Mark picked out ice cream and ordered. It gave Stef time to think by herself. She was surprised, but had to admit she was having a good time. She had expected this to be a bore and conclude quickly after the deed. But instead, she found herself enjoying the evening so far. Michelle and Mark joined her shortly at the table just as Cole reappeared.

“Thanks for waiting for us,” Mark said nervously.

“No problem,” Stef answered.

“Yeah, thanks for letting us join you guys,” Michelle said, and she gave Stephanie a secret wink of appreciation.

Stephanie began Akseki Escort to think this was going to be a chore playing den mother to the three of them, to keep everyone happy through their little arrangement as lab partners. But Cole was already making conversation with Michelle and Mark and she had to listen back in to pick up the dialogue and join in. They had a good time talking about school and a surprising array of common things that had them all laughing. Stef found herself shocked at how good Cole was at conversation, making people laugh, and keeping them involved in the discussion.

After they had sat there for nearly two hours, and the conversation naturally lessened, it began to be obvious no one wanted to make the first move on the real reason they were getting together. Finally Stef took the lead and suggested they go for a walk in the park near her and Cole’s houses, the same park they had met at on their bikes. It was where she had planned to take him anyway and figured two couples could do it there just as easily as one. They all agreed and parted only to drive to Cole’s house.

When they arrived moments apart, they parked the cars and walked down the block to the entrance to the park. They walked and talked until they got to the park bench where Cole and Stef had first met to discuss this whole plan. Everyone seemed to look at Stef at once and she felt her stomach do a somersault as she observed them all looking at her.

“What?” Stef said.

“What’s the plan?” Michelle asked anxiously.

Stef started to say, “I don’t know…,” when Cole spoke.

“How about you guys go that way and Stef and I down here,” he said, pointing to the two forks in the path just after the bench.

One of the paths Stef and he knew led down by the small man-made lake and the other was a bike trail through the woods. It was dark now and only the moonlight lit the trails.

“There are benches along both paths every so often,” Cole added.

“Yeah, we can meet back here in an hour if you like,” Stef added.

“Sounds like a plan,” Michelle said, and she and Mark moved off down the path Cole had indicated.

He had chosen the one that led by the lake for Stephanie and himself so they started walking down the path. It was darker in the trees when out of the open fields and Stef grabbed his arm in both of her hands.

“It always made me nervous as kids when we were here after dark,” Stef confessed.

“I knew it,” Cole stated.

“You did?”

“Yeah, I could tell when you were nervous because you got really quiet.”

“I did?”

“Oh, yeah, but you were cute even back then,” Cole said.

“You thought I was cute even when we were little?” Stef asked.

“Oh, definitely. You have always been cute,” Cole claimed, with a big smile.

That smile she remembered so well from their youth. It was a warm and pleasant smile and she held tighter to his arm.

“I always felt safer with you here,” Stef said.

“Is that why you held onto me like you are now, so I wouldn’t run away?”

“I guess so,” Stef agreed with a smile.

They walked through the forest area and reached the small lake. It was a beautiful setting at night and no one else was around. The lake was deep in the park, away from any houses, and a path ringed the lake with benches spaced evenly apart. They started walking down the right side of the lake. After a while Stef could make out a bench ahead. The moment of truth was close at hand and she was suddenly more nervous than she had ever been with a guy. She could not explain it. It confused her immensely. Sex was something she normally enjoyed and took quite casually. Her nervousness grew as they neared the bench.

As they closed the short distance to the bench, Stef tensed even more. Her arms around his subconsciously gripped him in a near blood-stopping tourniquet. Cole pulled up short of the bench. Stef looked up into his face and for the first time in a long time saw how handsome he really was.

“Stef…we don’t have to do this. We can keep walking if you want to or just go back. I’ll even tell those guys we did it if you want me to,” Cole explained.

“But, Cole, we had a deal. I need to fulfill my part of it,” Stef said.

“No, you don’t! We can walk away now and forget about it,” Cole said, but Stef could see the strain in his face.

He was obviously twisted and torn by this whole thing as she was. His mind was conflicted between the desire for her, his first blowjob, and his belief he shouldn’t be forcing this upon her.

“Cole, I can’t back down on our deal,” Stef said.

“But you really don’t want to,” Cole stated, which shocked Stephanie.

“How do you know?”

“Because you’re squeezing my arm like you’re being led to the gallows,” Cole explained.

“I am?”


“Well, I’m just a bit nervous is all. I can go through with this,” Stef said.

“Yeah, but you don’t want to,” Cole stated.

“What makes you say that?” Stef Akseki Escort Bayan asked.

“It’s written all over your face.”

Stef looked at him and then pulled him to the bench. She pulled his hands down to make him sit and she did too beside him. They looked into each other’s eyes in the dim moonlight.

“Cole, you’re making this harder for me. I admit to being a bit nervous because we’re such old friends but I was prepared to do it for you and I still am. Please let me do it for you,” Stef pleaded.

“Geez, Stef, I don’t know…”

“Leave it to me,” Stef said, as she slid off the bench and knelt on the grass before him.

“But this isn’t right…”

Stephanie’s hands reached for his belt. She pulled the end free of his pant loops and started to open it. He grabbed her hands and looked deep into her eyes.

“It doesn’t have to be this…”

“Shhh! Lean back,” Stef said, pushing him back on the bench as she used the other hand to open his belt.

A new confidence consumed her. She realized she wanted to do this for him now in the worst way. She wanted to please him more than anything. Her hands popped the button on his jeans and pulled his zipper down. As she worked she suddenly realized how large the bulge was in his jeans was. She had never bothered to check him out before and even now figured he was just looking large because he must already be hard. As her hands worked his pants down, he helped her by lifting up. His package continued to look impressively large but also didn’t look hard yet either. Her fingers curved into the top waistband of his white underwear and pulled out and down. Stef nearly gasped as his flaccid cock came into view. It was immense. The biggest soft cock she had ever seen.

“Oh, my god, Cole,” Stef gasped.

“What?” Cole queried with obvious worry. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Stef said, looking at him. “It’s just that it looks so big.”

“It is?”

“You can’t tell me you didn’t know that you have a big one?”

“Well, sort of. I mean I see other guys in gym…well, I mean…”

“Oh, my,” Stef said, running her finger lightly along the soft skin of the shaft.

The head was curved under his balls from having been confined in his briefs. Stef could not see the whole thing but it began to uncurl as she touched it. With continued light rubbing the head popped out from under his balls as the shaft began to stiffen. Stef stared at it in the dim moonlight. It was enough light to see pretty good this close up. Her experienced penis measuring mind started to size him up.

“You look like six inches soft,” Stef said excitedly. “Have you ever measured it?”

“Well…I’m not entirely…”

“Come on! Every guy measures it at one time or another. What’s it hard?” Stef asked.

“Over eight,” Cole finally admitted, pride beginning to show in his voice.

“Oh, wow!” Stef said, watching it expand. It was thick too.

Stef slid her hand under the now exposed head and lifted the lengthening appendage up as if aiding it to stiffen. The touch of her hand alone made Cole moan and blood rushed into his penile tissues. As she held the impressive cock with her right hand, her index finger on her left hand moved lightly over the exposed glans. He was circumcised and the head was expanding to significant proportions. His shaft was soon stiff and poking straight away from his body. It was indeed the biggest she had ever seen in person and held. It was every bit of eight inches as he had said, and thick too.

Stef looked up into Cole’s eyes. He was hungrily looking down at her. She could read the intense desire in his face. Her finger rubbed over his little slit in the head and felt a wetness from his secretions of pre-cum. She smeared the sticky lubricant over the head of his cock. The big cock seemed to expand even more as it grew stiff as wood.

“Oh, god! You have a beautiful, fantastic dick,” Stef said.

“Thanks,” Cole hissed, between closed teeth. Her hands were driving him crazy.

“I hope I can get a lot of this into my mouth,” Stef confessed.

“Is it too big?” Cole said a bit nervously.

“We’ll see,” Stef said positively, not wanting him to feel worried at all.

Stef looked up into Cole’s face one more time before she started. His face was etched with desire and interest in her next move. She found herself wanting to please him more than any boy she had been with before. It didn’t hurt either that his cock looked downright delicious and she couldn’t wait to taste him.

Stef looked down at the head of his cock as she descended upon it. She kissed the large head getting another small taste of pre-cum and a little shudder from Cole. She knew, being his first time, he probably wouldn’t last long. Her tongue snaked out and flicked over the head drawing moans from Cole. Stef kissed and licked down one side of his cock to the base. Her hands played with his cock and balls as she used her mouth on him. She pushed his cock up towards his chest Escort Akseki to lick the underside and heft his ball sack in her small hand. His balls were the biggest she had ever seen or felt.

She sucked and licked the underside of his cock and could feel Cole trembling. She left his dick alone for a minute to play with his balls. Stef lifted them to her mouth and licked them, wetting them with her saliva. Then she took each into her mouth bringing groans from Cole. She could barely fit each ball in her mouth. She had to stretch her mouth wide to fit over each nut. When she had sucked on both balls for a while, she shifted back to licking her way up his cock.

Cole thought his head was going to come off. Masturbation had never come close to the intensity of the feelings he was now getting from Stephanie’s mouth and hands. It probably would have felt better with any girl doing this to him but the fact that it was Stephanie, whom he cared for greatly, was driving him nuts. He could feel his orgasm rising and the need to cum was intense.

Stef paid attention to Cole’s reactions. As she got back to the head, she could see pre-cum running down the side. She could feel the extreme stiffness of his rod and his balls were tightening too. His cock was impressive and made her smile to herself. As she glanced up she saw Cole with his head back and eyes closed, enjoying the pleasure she was producing in his big organ. She licked the pre-cum off his head, tasting the bland secretion, and heard him gasp with pleasure. She continued to glance up as she took the head suddenly into her mouth. It was a tight fit too.

Cole felt Stef take his cockhead into her warm wet mouth and he nearly jumped out of his skin. The pressure in his balls reached a near boiling point. He sat up slightly and reached down for Stef’s hands.

“I’m going to cum already,” he said, concerned she didn’t realize.

“I know,” Stef said.

“You better watch out,” Cole explained.

“Go ahead,” Stef told him.

“But it’s going to…”

“Cole, I’ve done this before. I know what to expect,” Stef claimed.

“Okay, but I warn…oh, fuck,” Cole said, as Stef took his cockhead back in her mouth.

Stef smiled to herself. She could not remember ever hearing him curse before. As soon as she started sucking, he growled deeply. Her fingers massaged his tight nutsack. She could feel his whole body stiffen beneath her. His cock pulsed deliciously in her mouth. Stef felt her own pussy pulse and wetness dampened her panties. Sucking cock sometimes got her off and this was one of those times. She moaned with the sweet bliss as she knowingly felt the big cockhead expand.

“Oh, damn!” Cole croaked. “Stef, I’m going to…”

It was too late if he expected her to remove her mouth, which of course she had no intention of doing. She longed to taste his cum and swallow him into her body. The first jet of hot cum blasted into her mouth with surprising force. Cole had one hand gripping the arm of the bench as tightly as he could. The other was squeezing the wrist of Stephanie’s left hand as it kneaded his balls for all their cum. The spurts of cum seemed to last forever. Stef collected her reward and wondered if he had saved himself for her. The flow from his nuts into her mouth was huge. Possibly the biggest she had ever been given. Her mouth filled to near overflowing and she had to slip off the cockhead to just the tip to make more room.

Finally the pulses changed to dribbles and then the dribbles subsided. Stef’s tongue then teased the end of the head as Cole lessened his grip on her arm. She could feel him relax some and his cock lost some of its extreme hardness. Her teasing tongue became too much for his super sensitized cockhead and he groaned almost painfully. Stef sensed his discomfort and pulled back. She looked up at his serene face with his still closed eyes and she swallowed the massive load in her mouth in one big gulp. She decided he tasted sweet. ‘Maybe he liked pineapple juice,’ she mused, as she had convinced Chris and Jordan to drink the juice now.

Stef glanced back down at the big cock in her hands and noticed a lone drop of cum oozing from the little slit. She leaned down and licked it off. Cole finally opened his eyes and looked down. Stephanie leaned back and looked up at him with a smile on her face. Her hands though stayed on him and tenderly played with the big, still semi-hard dick.

“Oh, god, Stef,” Cole gasped.

“Did you like that?” Stef asked with a grin.

“Oh, wow! That was amazing,” Cole croaked, still catching his breath.

“Glad you liked it.”

“Oh, my. You’re incredible!”

“Thanks but I think you just enjoyed it so much because it was your first time,” Stef stated.

“No, you’re sensational!” Cole said.

“Well, I try to please,” Stef offered, appreciative of his praise.

“You do! That was the most fantastic feeling in the world,” Cole exclaimed.

“Well, you have a nice dick to work with,” Stephanie said, looking back down at the impressive phallus still in her hands, which was still mostly hard.

“You think so?”

“Oh, yeah. I like it,” Stef confirmed.

“You do?”

“Absolutely! You have a beautiful big dick,” Stef claimed.

“Thanks,” Cole said, obviously pleased she liked his cock.

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