Cherie’s Turn

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Due to some nice notes, we’re visiting Eden’s family again — this time her Aunt Cherie. I suggest you read “Anniversary Party” and “Eden Gets Hers” for a better understanding of these characters. Enjoy! ~~BrettJ


Cherie Whitney woke from a sound sleep and was momentarily startled to see the man slumbering beside her. Then she remembered the night before and smiled, running her fingers over his strong, muscular back. It had been a long time since a man had shared her bed on a regular basis. Since her ill-fated marriage, she’d kept her sex partners almost exclusively women. She wasn’t quite used to seeing a man there yet.

Cherie wasn’t complaining, it was actually a welcome change of pace. She ran her hands all over Bryce’s strong, large back, enjoying the differences between him and the many women who had shared her bed over the last number of years. Bryce shifted slightly, but remained asleep, she remembered that part of his back was one of his erogenous zones.

Cherie’s harem of lovers for many years had been mostly women. Since her first experience with another woman, her gorgeous sister Patrice, the appetite for her own sex had been insatiable. She loved the smell, taste, texture and feeling of holding another woman in her arms. She loved the way a woman moved during sex and loved to just watch women move, period. Cherie loved the fact women could indulge themselves in so many varying looks, casual, classy, sensual, trashy, Cherie enjoyed all of them. Her own sister was a Class-A beauty, but put Patrice in slinky lingerie and it was a whole new ball game.

Bryce moved a bit more in his sleep and Cherie felt a sense of satisfaction she hadn’t known in a long time. Had they really been seeing each other for over two months? They’d been together since her niece Eden’s birthday party — if one could call it that. It had been an all-out orgy, a bacchanal, it had also been Bryce’s birthday — Bryce was Eden’s uncle on her father’s side. Both Cherie and Bryce were like-minded, passionate, sometimes-kinky adults and had “clicked” immediately on meeting.

They had both enjoyed Eden’s sexy young body at that party and a few more times over that weekend. Cherie really enjoyed watching the large, powerfully built man fuck the pretty, auburn-haired 25-year old, Eden was a sensual little temptress and it was a truly beautiful sight to watch her having sex. Bryce told Cherie he thought seeing her and his niece together was one of the most erotic sights he’d ever witnessed. Looking over in the mirror and watching herself and her niece at play, she wouldn’t have disagreed with him.

One of the remarkable things about her new lover was his skill at pleasing Cherie. She’d been with men before and on rare occasions, enjoyed a raw, hard fucking. It wasn’t that way with Bryce. He took the time to make love to her entire body, he made love softly, tenderly, he took time to enjoy her body and all its subtle nuances. Bryce would stroke her where she needed to be stroked, kiss her where she needed to be kissed. When she wanted it harder or faster, that’s what she got. Bryce seemed to be able to pick up on her signals, he paid careful attention.

She couldn’t tell, because it had been so damned long, but Cherie thought she just might be falling for the handsome, older writer. She was daydreaming when she saw his brown-green eyes open.


“Hey, yourself. Good morning.”

“It is now.” Cherie snuggled close. “Today’s the day.”


There was a minor, yet very attractive, obstacle in their way, blocking them from going any further. Bryce had a daughter, a izmir escort sexy blonde named Kristina, Eden’s cousin. Cherie had met the beauty at the party and found her attractive, but she didn’t get a chance to really speak with the girl or become intimate with her. Kristina had to return to University, but now they were on a small break and today, she and Cherie were meeting for lunch. Cherie felt as if she were auditioning for his daughter’s approval, but she had no objections to meeting the sexy blonde and winning her over, by whatever means necessary.

“I love my daughter — but she can be a bit possessive,” Bryce had warned her. He had told Cherie about their past — Kristina had become her father’s lover on her 18th birthday, with her mother’s blessing — at the time. When Cherie proved to be a much better fuck then her sexually aggressive mother, Melissa had grown jealous and they’d had bitter wars. Bryce tried to assure his wife that he loved them both, but Missy wasn’t having it. She insisted he stop fucking Kristina, but Bryce could no sooner do that than stop breathing and Kristina stubbornly dug in her heels. He and Missy broke up, she found herself a girlfriend and it had taken a few years, but everything was now amicable. Kristina didn’t mind her Daddy having lovers; she just wanted to make sure they knew the score. No one was coming before Kristina, not ever again.

Cherie wasn’t too worried, because she found Kristina very attractive. She was always at her best when there was something to be gained and she wanted to get close to Kristina — very close.

She made a quick breakfast for her and Bryce and sent him on his way, he had a deadline anyway. After a shower, she went to her closet to decide on what she would wear. She opted to go for vamp, a low-cut red blouse, black miniskirt and red stiletto heels and a black PVC jacket; she used a liberal amount of mascara to highlight her blue-green eyes and had her naughtiest lingerie underneath it all. Should she succeed in her quest, she wanted Kristina to enjoy some eye candy.

She decided it would be good form to be there a bit early and made her way to the Italian Restaurant they’d agreed on. She was nicely surprised to find Kristina was already there and seated. She looked at the brown-eyed blonde and smiled. Kristina was a nice bit of eye candy herself.

In a gauzy rose-colored blouse with a tiny bra underneath, a short pink skirt that matched and pink stilettos, Kristina was a blonde, tanned vision of loveliness. She broke into a broad smile when she saw Cherie, the two women hugged and Cherie thought her heart was going to burst. She hoped to hell they’d get along, because this blonde cutie was so desirable, so yummy!

They sat down and the slightly-taller Kristina crossed her long legs. She caught Cherie looking and winked. “Daddy says my legs are my best feature,” Kristina smiled.

“You have lovely legs, but the rest of you is gorgeous. What a beautiful smile you have, it highlights your whole face,” Cherie complimented her companion.

“Why, thank you. Men don’t usually notice my smile, they’re looking … elsewhere,” Kristina giggled.

“Most men are idiots. A smile says a lot and yours tells me you’re a sexy, friendly young woman. I hope I’m reading you right. Anyway, shall we order?”

Kristina nodded and they ordered a nice sized meal and split a Caesar Salad. Food was one of Cherie’s vices; she was pleased to see it was one Kristina shared. Talking, they found they had many others in common, including being feminine. “I love being a girly-girl and I love alsancak escort looking at pretty girls,” Kristina commented. “I’ve got to tell you, I can hardly take my eyes off you, I can see why Daddy is so smitten.”


“So, do we sit around here all day making small talk or do we do something about it?” Kristina asked.

“Oh, do something about it, most definitely,” Cherie said, her face breaking into a wide grin. They leaned over the table and shared a warm, lingering kiss, not really caring if they made a scene. Cherie and Kristina asked for the bill and paid, their cute redheaded waitress gave them both a wink — Cherie made a mental note to return to the restaurant and check her out some other time, she was a cute little pixie with a dynamite ass.

Kristina had taken a cab, so they took Cherie’s car, a classic red MG she had owned for years. On the drive home, Kristina’s hand was on Cherie’s knee and she moved it ever-so-slightly on occasion, getting Cherie all worked up.

Once at her Condo, the kid gloves came off. Kristina pulled Cherie to her and kissed her fiercely, with a knowing, probing tongue. Cherie’s hand reached up under Kristina’s tiny pink skirt and found no panties to impede her progress. Kristina’s brown eyes danced as she said “I took them off in the Ladies Room at the restaurant. I knew 5 minutes after you walked in I wanted you. God, I’m such a perverted slut, doing this with my father’s new girlfriend.”

“We’re both sluts, you naughty little bitch, I’m fingering my boyfriend’s daughter’s cunt, after all,” Cherie sighed. She licked a finger clean. “You taste delicious angel, let’s go into my bedroom, I want all of that I can get.”

“Lead the way, gorgeous,” Kristina said as Cherie took her hand. They walked into Cherie’s bedroom, she lit a few scented candles and they sat on the bed, kissing and stroking each other’s hair. Kristina’s young, tanned body was one of the sexiest things Cherie had ever seen, she wanted to explore every nook and cranny and she slid the tiny pink skirt off. The gauzy top followed and then the bra, perfect round tits sprung free and Cherie began sucking them, hearing a tiny “oooh” from her new playmate. Kristina’s nipples were just like her outfit, pink, pretty and perfect and Cherie just let herself enjoy sucking on them. Working her way down the girl’s perfect torso, she looked at one of the prettiest, shaved cunts she’d seen in years. Her mouth watered, Cherie couldn’t wait to taste this perfect little morsel. The instant her lips came into contact with Kristina’s cunt, the girl arched up and made her pussy more accessible to Cherie’s licking tongue. Cherie took full advantage of that and began licking more ardently; Kristina was delicious and very receptive to her lickings and caresses. Cherie just put her entire self into pleasing the pretty blonde and from the groans Kristina was making, that was just the kind of attention she wanted.

“Oh God, you brunette lezzie bitch, eat my cunt, eat my pussy, that’s it, that’s what little Krissy likes, do that, more, more!” Kristina hissed as Cherie’s tongue sought out her deepest recesses. Kristina had only been with a handful of women in her young life, but enough to know Cherie was a phenomenal lover. She hoped when her time came, she’d be able to return the favor and make Cherie cum the way she was cumming herself.

Kristina felt herself explode, she’d almost never cum this fast, she was almost exhausted, but damned if Cherie was going to be one up on her. She pulled the brunette close and began kissing her sweetly, slowly buca escort getting her undressed, but savoring each pretty article of clothing and lacy underthing and how she was sure that Cherie had picked them out just for her pleasure. Well, Kristina was very pleased and she made sure to let Cherie know it with her loving kisses and slow strokes of her heated, silk-soft flesh, until Cherie was a molten puddle of desire. Kristina dove in for the kill, applying her lips right on to Cherie’s cunt and eating her with full mouth and tongue. Cherie howled in joy, her body thrashed about the bed as her boyfriend’s daughter made oral love to her with a skill very few women possessed. It was like every nerve ending was on fire, wherever Kristina touched, Cherie’s body was ablaze. As if reading each other’s signals, they just lazily drifted into a sixty-nine and began going at each other like a house on fire.

Cherie hadn’t had too many partners in her years who got to her this much, father and daughter seemed to be cut from the same erotic cloth. It was such a turn-on to be able to enjoy both of them and she was pretty sure Kristina wouldn’t have any further issues with her and Bryce.

“Well, isn’t this one of the sexiest sights I’ve ever seen.”



“I came over to see how your lunch went and how my girls got along,” Bryce smiled as he walked over to the bed and kissed his girlfriend and then, his daughter.

“Very well Daddy, we’re just having dessert!” Kristina giggled. “Cherie’s absolutely yummy, isn’t she?”

“You both are. Might you have room for a little extra filling with that dessert?” Bryce grinned. His daughter began unbuttoning his shirt as fast as she could while Cherie just watched with amusement. A threesome with a father and daughter was one of the few things she’d never done; she had girl-fucked Eden and screwed her brother-in-law Blaine as well, but never at the same time.

“Fuck your daughter, Bryce darling,” Cherie purred suggestively. “I want to watch her sexy body impaled on your fucking big cock, do that for me, won’t you?”

Bryce nodded and watched the luscious blonde he adored climb on top of him. Even after all these years as lovers, Kristina’s beauty still took his breath away, she made him feel like he was her age, not twice that. He looked over at Cherie and somehow sensed she was going to be a part of their future, she wasn’t intimidated by Kristina and Kristina kept beaming every time she looked in Cherie’s direction.

“Oh God Daddy, you always feel so good, don’t stop fucking me, don’t ever stop fucking me and being my lover, all right?” Kristina groaned as she moved all over her father’s massive frame. She looked exquisite while fucking, more sensual than perverse, Cherie wondered how anyone could see something this beautiful and think it was wrong?

“Cherie love, please join us, I want us all to be together from now on, is that okay with you Daddy?” Kristina asked as she pulled their lover close and kissed her, running her fingers through Cherie’s thick, auburn locks. Cherie moved over to mount Bryce’s face.

“Of course lover, anything my girls want,” Bryce responded before his girlfriend’s pussy cut him off. Cherie felt her boyfriend’s tongue dancing along the groove of her cunt and his daughter’s hands on her tits and it just all seemed perfect. She was actually considering making some kind of permanent arrangement with the twosome, this was just too good to ever give up. There were lots more possibilities beyond this as well. Her and Eden and Kristina, her and Patrice and Kristina, her and Eden and Patrice and Kristina, Bryce and her brother-in-law with the four women, all her other little girlfriends, oooh, including that yummy little waitress — it just made Cherie’s mind explode with happy thoughts and as she skyrocketed into orgasm, for a little while, she couldn’t think of anything but how happy she was.

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